Jasper AI Lifetime Deal 2023: Does Jasper AI Really Have a Lifetime Offer?

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Looking for Jasper AI lifetime dal for 2023?

If so, you’re in the right place.

By continuing to read you will learn everything you need to know about Jasper AI’s lifetime offer, and how to really save money on a Jasper AI premium subscription.

Let’s get started!

 Jasper AI lifetime deal guide 2023
Jasper AI lifetime deal guide 2023- everything you need to know!

Here’s a simple truth- Jasper AI doesn’t offer a lifetime deal. They have never offered a lifetime deal, but they might in the future, so make sure you bookmark this guide:)

On a serious note, Jasper AI doesn’t offer a lifetime deal because it makes no sense from the business point of view.

Jasper AI team has invested and is investing millions in making their AI tool the best it can be. They need to get that money back in some way and if they were to offer a lifetime deal on Jasper AI, it’d curb their long term growth.

However,  there are 2 ways you can get Jasper AI and save money on it too.

Learn more below!

2 Ways to Save Money on Jasper AI Premium Subscription

Below you’ll learn about 2 legit ways to get a premium Jasper AI account and save money in the process.

Let’s get started!

#1- Jasper AI Free Trial- Use Jasper AI for Free for 7 Days

Jasper AI doesn’t offer a lifetime deal, but they do offer a free trial (read my Jasper AI free trial tutorial next).

By clicking this link you will be eligible to get a 7-day free trial which gives you unlimited free credits which you can use to have Jasper AI generate unlimited content for free.

Here’s how to get your free trial.

Here are the steps to activating the 2023 Jasper AI free trial.

First, go to  Jasper AI’s official free trial page.

Then click either on the central purple button or on the purple button in the right sidebar (Claim Your Free Credits).

Jasper AI free trial offer on the homepage

Second, create a Jasper AI account by using either your Google account, Gmail, or any other email address you have.

Create Jasper AI free account to activate the free trial

Third, tell the Jasper AI folks more about your business.

You can change this information at any time.

Sign up for Jasper AI free trial by giving more information

Fourth, pick a plan and get started immediately.

Get Jasper AI free trial here!

#2- Jasper AI Pricing- Save Money on a Yearly Plan

Jasper AI pricing and cost

According to the current Jasper AI pricing model, Creator and Teams monthly prices are different from Creator and Teams yearly prices. And by “different” I mean they cost more.

  • Creator: $49/mo- for unlimited words monthly;
  • Teams: $125/mo for unlimited words monthly;
  • Business: custom pricing.

Jasper AI yearly plans pricing (with 20% discount):

  • Creator: $39/mo- unlimited monthly;
  • Teams: $99/mo- unlimited words monthly;
  • Business: Custom price.
Jasper AI PlanNumber of Word CreditsMonthly PricingYearly PricingDiscount

Bottom line: if you buy a yearly Jasper AI plan you can get a 20% discount. And you also get a 7-day free trial on top of it.

This is the best discount you can get given that the Jasper AI coupon code doesn’t exist.

Try Jasper AI today!

Jasper AI Lifetime Deal 2023 FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

Jasper AI lifetime deal 2023 FAQ
Jasper AI lifetime deal 2023 FAQ- all your questions answered!

My Jasper AI lifetime deal for 2023 would be incomplete without a thorough FAQ section, agree?

#1- Is There a Lifetime Deal on Jasper AI Creator Plan?

There is no lifetime deal on the Jasper AI Creator plan.

And there never was.

#2- Is There a Lifetime Deal on Jasper AI Teams Plan?

There is no lifetime deal on the Jasper AI Teams plan.

And there never was.

#3- Is There a Lifetime Deal on Jasper AI Business Plan?

There is no lifetime deal on the Jasper AI Boss Mode plan.

However, the only way to get the business plan is to contact Jasper AI support and arrange it with them. So you might be able to negotiate a special lifetime offer just for you.

#4- Is it Worth Buying Jasper AI if There’s no Lifetime Offer?

Whether it’s worth buying Jasper AI without the official lifetime offer depends on your budget and your content needs.

If you plan to use Jasper AI full-time, then taking advantage of their free trial and their yearly prices will be worth it.

If you plan to use Jasper AI on a limited basis and sporadically then it’s probably not worth it for you.

In that case, I suggest you use Quillbot, an extremely affordable tool (the most affordable Quillbot plan is only $19.95) with many of the same capabilities as Jasper AI. Read my Quillbot review, Quillbot free trial, and my Quillbot pricing guide next.

Or read my Quillbot coupon code guide next if you already know what Quillbot is and want to save some money,

#5- Should I Go for Jasper AI Cracked Version Instead of Lifetime Deal?

Jasper AI cracked version doesn’t exist, hence it is not a suitable alternative to the Jasper AI lifetime deal.

#6- Should I Go for Jasper AI Premium Cookies Instead of Lifetime Deal?

Jasper AI premium cookies don’t exist, and you can’t use them to get Jasper AI for free.

Hence premium cookies for Jasper AI are not a suitable alternative to the Jasper AI lifetime deal.

#7- Do Any Other AI Paraphrasing Tools Offer Lifetime Deals?

The AI paraphraser market is overcrowded and with such abundant competition, some AI paraphrasing tools offer lifetime deals as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

That’s a chance for you to get a paraphrasing tool on the cheap while helping you create content at scale.

If you’re interested then proceed to read my guide on the best AI paraphrasing software on the market.

#8- Do Any Other AI Grammar-Checking Software Offer Lifetime Deals?

Most AI-grammar-checking software don’t offer lifetime deals. But a surprising number of them do. This is because it’s their tactic to attract new long-term users and paying customers, despite it being an upfront financial cost for them.

At various points, tools like Grammarly, Quillbot, ProWritingAid, Ginger Software, and others were offering lifetime deals. But they aren’t at the moment.

I suggest you check out my guide on the best AI grammar checkers to learn which of these currently offer lifetime deals.

Or you can check my Grammarly guides to learn more about this premium grammar checkers.

Grammarly pricing, Grammarly Premium free trial, and Grammarly student discount guides are worth the read.

#9- I Want to Check My Jasper AI Content for Plagiarism. Do Any of the Plagiarism Checker Tools Offer Lifetime Deals I Can Take Advantage of?

Most plagiarism checker tools don’t offer lifetime deals for their services. However, some of them do. As for which one, it’s impossible to tell as it changes all the time. Plagiarism-checking software services use lifetime deals as bait to attract new paying customers.

I keep a record of the latest deals within my post on the best plagiarism checkers.

Check it out!

#9- I Want to Check My Jasper AI Content for AI Content. Do Any of the AI Content Detection Tools offer Lifetime Deals I Can Take Advantage of?

Detecting AI-generated content is such a new field that there are still not a lot of tools on the market. However, some AI detectors exist and some of them do offer lifetime deals for their services.

Read my guide on the best AI content detectors to learn more about them.

And if you’re looking for the best AI content detection tool, then I suggest you go for Originality.ai. Originality.ai’s lifetime deal doesn’t exist, but they do offer a coupon code you can use to get a 25% discount.

To learn more about Originality.ai read my Originality.ai review, Originality.ai pricing, and Originality.ai free trial guides next.

Jasper AI Lifetime Deal 2023 (Conclusion)

Jasper AI lifetime deal currently doesn’t exist and you can’t have it.

However, the best alternative to this non-existing deal is to take advantage of Jasper AI’s 7-day free trial.

And then if you like the tool you will be able to buy a yearly plan and get a 20% discount (applicable to both Jasper AI Creator and Jasper AI Teams plans).

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