SEMrush Free Trial 2023- Activate the Trial and try SEMrush for Free!

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SEMrush Free Trial 2023

  • Free trial- SEMrush;
  • Trial duration– 14 days;
  • Best Used for- wholesome marketing to boost website traffic;
  • Best Suited for- anyone looking to grow their web traffic, especially marketers, bloggers and agencies;
  • Pricing- $99.95/mo (SEMrush Pro yearly plan);
  • Free trial coupon code- not available;

Description- SEMrush is the best all-in-one SEO software on the market. They offer 50+ tools you can use to boost your search engine traffic and get more leads and sales.

They’re an optimally priced SEO tool set but their pricing model makes SEMrush paid plans out of reach to some bloggers and marketers.

If you’re one of them, don’t give up on SEMrush. Instead, take advantage of their 14-day free trial and get the most out of it (note: click here to learn how to maximize your 14-day SEMrush free trial).

Activate the SEMrush free trial now!

SEMrush is packed with a range of useful SEO tools that can help you grow your online business.

And in this post, you’ll learn how to get the SEMrush free trial. There is nothing better than taking an app for a spin first before jumping into a paid subscription.

Let’s go!

SEMrush Free Trial 2023
SEMrush Free Trial 2023- learn how to try SEMrush for free before buying!

How to Activate SEMrush Free Trial in 2023 (Step-by-Step)?

How to Get SEMrush Free Trial in 2023?

  • Step #1– Click this special SEMrush trial link and go to the pricing page.
  • Step #2– Create your account and add account details.
  • Step #3– Place your order.
  • Step #4– Enjoy your 14-day SEMrush free trial.

STEP 1: Click this link and go to the SEMrush pricing page. Next, choose your plan, and then click on the “subscribe” button.

Activate your SEMrush free trial by picking a paid SEMrush plan
You can choose between Pro and Guru plans to activate the free SEMrush trial

STEP 2:Now, create your account. You can choose to continue with Google, or enter your email address and password. Make sure you use the email you have access to as you’ll need to verify your account to activate your free trial of SEMrush.

Add your info to create your new SEMrush account and activate the free trial


Note: To confirm your email address, SEMrush will send you a verification code. Enter the code in the text field, then click on the “Confirm Email” button.

STEP 3: You will now be redirected to enter your billing information. After you’ve entered the details, click on the “Place the Order” button.

Place the order and activate the SEMrush free trial

To be sure that you’re getting the SEMrush free trial, check to see that the charge is $0.00.

Also, to confirm the validity of your credit card, SEMrush will charge a small amount which will immediately be refunded. So you will spend exactly $0.00 to take the SEMrush free trial for a spin:)

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How to Cancel SEMrush Free Trial in 2023?

How to cancel SEMrush free trial in 2023?

  • Step #1– Go to SEMrush via this link.
  • Step #2– log in to SEMrush (skip if already logged in);
  • Step #3– Fill up the SEMrussh account cancellation form and submit it;
  • Step #4– Wait for someone from SEMruh to contact you with confirmation that the free trial has been canceled.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush Plans and Pricing
Read my full SEMrush pricing guide next)

SEMrush offers three plans:

  • Pro;
  • Guru;
  • Business.

The Pro plan costs $119.95/month. It comes with 3,000 reports/day, and each report has up to 10,000 results, and 1 user.

If you need more reports, then you can opt for Guru or Business. The Guru plan costs $229.95/month, and the Business plan costs $449.95/month. All the plans come with over 50 advanced SEO and internet marketing tools.

If you can, I suggest you go with annual billing because you will save 17% on your order. I call then the SEMrush lifetime deal because your account will be grandfathered with that discount. This means you’ll save money every year you extend your SEmrush subscription.

Note: the SEMrush free trial offer is available only for the Pro and Guru SEMrush paid plans. You cannot get SEMrush Business plan on a free trial. Also, you can get a refund if you cancel within the first 7 days of your free trial activation.

SEMRush Features

SEMrush is equipped with awesome tools to make your blogging life easier and rank better.

Some of these features include:

  • Keyword research (Keyword Magic): This helps you to research less competitive and more profitable keywords. All you have to do is enter your seed keyword, and SEMrush will return related keywords for you to work with.
  • Keyword research (competitor analysis): Want to see which keywords your competitors are ranking for on Google? Then this SEMrush feature is just for you.
  • Competitor backlink analysis: link building is crucial for an SEO campaign’s success. By analyzing your competitor’s backlink profile with SEMrush you can create a more powerful and data-driven backlink-building strategy.
  • Content analyzer: This feature helps you measure how well your content is optimized. It analyzes keyword rankings, backlinks, and even social shares. a great boost to your content marketing.
  • Domain vs domain comparison: This allows you to have a side-by-side comparison of two competitor domains. The report will include keywords, backlinks, traffic, and much more.
  • Local SEO: SEMrush helps distribute and manage your business information on listings. Additionally, it provides on-page SEO analysis and daily position tracking.
  • SEO audit tool: This feature will crawl a website and make suggestions to improve the on-page SEO optimization of any web page.
  • Website monetization: If you have a blog and are an Adsense publisher (CPC), this tool will help your efforts pay better. This tool has display advertising, an on-page SEO checker, and an SEO writing assistant.
  • Advertising research: This tool is best for marketers and advertisers. It helps you discover the keywords competitors are bidding on, and analyze them to make better campaigns.
  • Brand monitoring: This tool will help you track any brand mentions online. You can use this to analyze the reach of your brand, and also the sentiment behind it.
  • Social media poster: This tool will help you to cross-post on all your social media accounts and have an active social media presence.
  • Keyword magic tool: This feature offers additional filtering options that make keyword research a lot easier and more accurate.

How to Take Full Advantage of SEMrush’s Free Trial in 2023?

We often find ourselves subscribing to a free trial just for it to expire before we get the real value we wanted.

Don’t make that mistake with your SEMrush free trial.

Here are 3 ways to use your SEMrush free trial to the fullest.

#1- Keyword Research

SEMrush is the best keyword research tool in the world.

During your SEMrush free trial, you can do as many keyword searches as possible.

And then you can save your keywords in spreadsheet form and download it for later use.

Here’s an example with the keyword “SEMrush free trial”

SEMrush keyword report for the query "SEMrush free trial"

#2- Backlink Analysis

SEMrush is equal to Ahrefs when it comes to checking out the website’s backlinks. These tools both have large backlink indexes and can help you spy on your competitors and steal their backlinks.

For example, here’s the report for my site

SEMrush domain overview and backlink checker

#3- Website Audit

You can use SEMrush during your free trial to uncover all the technical and on-page SEO mistakes preventing you from ranking in Google.

If there are quite a few errors and you feel you can’t fix them in time, you can download reports and take screenshots if necessary so you can fix your problems at your own pace.

SEMrush site audit

There’s much more you can do while on a free trial, but you also must have priorities because your free trial won’t last forever.

Get the SEMrush free trial here!

SEMrush Free Trial 2023 FAQ

SEMrush free trial 2023 FAQ
SEMrush free trial  2023 FAQ- your questions answered!

#1- How Can I Get a SEMrush Trial?

You can get a SEMrush trial by clicking on this link and then following the tutorial step by step.

#2- Is There a 60-day SEMrush Free Trial?

There is no 60-day SEMrush free trial. They used to offer it but now that’s discontinued.

#3- Is There a Special SEMrush Free Trial Coupon code I Need to use?

There is no special SEMrush free trial code you need to use to activate the offer. Just by clicking on this link you will be able to get the trial on either the Pro or Guru plan.

Read my SEMrush coupon guide next!

#4- Will I have to Continue With a Paid SEMrush Subscription After My Free Trial is Over?

You won’t need to continue with a paid SEMrush subscription after your free trial is over. You’ll be able to walk away without paying. You can also forever use SEMrush’s free account.

#5- Is There a SEMrush Free Trial for the Business Plan?

There is no SEMrush free trial for the Business plan. But you might be able to negotiate a custom free trial with SEMrush customer support.

#6- Do I Need a Valid Credit Card to Activate SEMrush Free Trial?

Yes, you need a valid credit card to activate SEMrush free trial. SEMrush won’t charge you during the trial duration, but you’ll need the card for verification purposes, to prove you’re not a bot.

#7- Will I Be Able to Reuse My Card to Activate Another SEMrush Free Trial?

You will not be able to reuse your card to get a second SEMrush trial because that card will be on file with them you won’t be able to remove them. It’s to prevent fraud and abuse of their free trial offer.

#8- Can I get White-Label and Branded Reports While on a Free Trial?

You can’t get white-label and branded reports while on a SEMrush free trial. You will need an active subscription of either SEMrush Business or Enterprise plans.

#9- Do I Get Access to Historical Data With SEMrush Free Trial?

You will get access to historical data while on a free trial of SEMrush.

#10- Is There a Special SEMrush Free Trial for Nonprofit Organizations?

There is no special SErush free trial for nonprofit organizations. However, SEMrush offers a special discount for nonprofits. as they want to tap into that lucrative market.

Click the link you just passed to learn all about it.

#11- Can I Activate My SEMrush Free Trial With Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Instead of a Credit Card?

You can’t activate a free SEMrush trial offer with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency (Binance Coin; Tether.; Cardano; Binance USD; Ethereum; XRP; USD Coin; Solana.)

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not valid SEMrush payment methods.

#12- Does SEMrush Cracked Version Come With a Free Trial?

SEMrush cracked version doesn’t exist and it definitely doesn’t come with a free trial.

SEMrush is not cracked.

#13- Can I use SEMrush Premium Cookies to Activate the Free Trial?

You can’t use SEMrush premium cookies to activate the free trial. Using SEMrush premium cookies is an illegitimate way to get SEMrush and a very short-lived one as SEMrush cancels those accounts in mere days, sometimes even mere hours.

Bottom line– SEMrush free trial can’t be obtained via premium users’ cookie usage.

#14- Should I Go With Ahref’s Free Trial Instead of SEMrush’s?

Ahrefs don’t offer a free trial. They use to but now that offer is no longer available. SEMrush free trial is all that’s left.

Read my SEMrush vs Ahrefs tutorial to see how the tools compare!

#15- Which Other SEO Tools and SEMrush Alternatives Offer Free Trials of Their Services?

Here are some of the best SEMrush competitors and the table below gives a rundown on their free trial offerings to potential customers.

SEO ToolFree Trial
Majestic SEOYes
Long Tail ProYes
Google Search ConsoleNo
Google AnalyticsNo
SE RankingYes
Screaming FrogNo
Answer the PublicNo
Yoast SEONo
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SEMrush Free Trial 2023 (Conclusion)

I’m a blogger and affiliate marketer who used many SEO tools to help with his digital marketing, and I can tell you SEMrush is one of the easiest to get started with.

And it’s definitely worth the money when you consider the value you get for a reasonable price.

Take advantage of the SEMrush free trial and try all the premium features extensively before you pay.

I’d love to hear about your experience with SEMrush in the comments section below.

SEMrush Free Trial 2023

  • Free trial- SEMrush SEO app;
  • Trial duration– 14 days;
  • Best Used for- holistic marketing to boost website traffic from many referral sources;
  • Best Suited for- marketers agencies and bloggers looking to get more traffic leads and sales for their online business.
  • Pricing- $99.95/mo (SEMrush Pro yearly plan);
  • Free trial coupon code- not available;

Description- SEMrush is the best all-in-one SEO software on the market. By using their 50+ tools you can boost your search engine traffic and get more leads and sales.

SEMrush is an optimally priced SEO tool suite but its pricing model forces some marketers and bloggers to go for one of the cheaper SEMrush alternatives.

If you’re considering forgoing SEMrush for one of their competitors, make sure you stop first and take advantage of their free trial.

By taking full advantage of their free trial and downloading the reports SEMrush provides, you can potentially save money on an SEO tool (note: click here to learn how to maximize your 14-day SEMrush free trial).

Activate SEMrush’s free trial offer now!

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