SEMrush Group Buy- Really a Viable Option for You?

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SEMrush group buy?

Is it really a viable option for getting one of the SEMrush premium plans?

Let’s find out!

What is SEMrush Group buy?

SEMrush group buy
SEMrush group buy- is it a viable option for getting SEMrush?

SEO tools group buy is when lots of people share the cost of a tool by using and abusing one premium account.

SEMrush group buy sites exist and there are sites and Telegram groups where you can join.

However, is SEMrush group buy really a viable option to get SEMrush paid plan?

Should You use SEMrush Group buy to get a SEMrush Premium Account?

SEMrush group buy Google SERPS

No, you should not.

It is not worth it, because SEMrush frowns upon it and they actively delete group buy accounts they find (and they eventually find all of them).

Group-buy SEMrush also comes with limited features because there are so many users using one account.

You will end up paying for nothing, and it is an illegitimate way to get a premium SEMrush account.

SEMrush group buy limited features

What is the Best Alternative to SEMrush Group buy?

3 good alternatives to SEMrush group buy option are:

First, is to get a SEMrush free trial. SEMrush free trial option gives you the premium account for free and at full capacity. The free trial last’s for 7 days and you can learn about it by clicking on the link you just saw.

Second, you can get a SEMrush lifetime deal. SEMrush lifetime deal is when you buy a yearly SEMrush plan and then you get 17% discount which is then applied throughout the length of your subscription.

This means whenever you renew that SEMrush subscription, you will get a 17% discount.

Learn about SEMrush pricing here.

Third, you can get a SEMrush Back Friday deal. Every year during Black Friday and Cyber Monday SEMrush gives huge discounts you can take advantage of. This is a viable option if BF and CM are close.

Fourth, occasionally, SEMrush offers discount codes to affiliates promoting SEMrush which you can then use to get SEMrush super cheap.

Who Should Take Advantage of SEMrush Group buy?

SEMrush group buy is not worth it and I want to say no one should be getting this.

However, if you have no marketing budget at all, and you don’t have a credit card to get a SERush free trial (you need a credit card to activate SEMrush free trial), then this might be worth it to you.

Just be prepared to have low service quality and your “subscription” can get cut off at any point.

SEMrush Group buy a Viable Option (Conclusion)?

In the end, SEMrush group buy is a lot of hassle and very little worth.

It’s not worth it. It is much better to get a free trial, or a lifetime SEMrush deal.

If you have any questions, or suggestions let me know in the comment section below.

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