SEMrush Lifetime Deal 2023- Save up to $900 Today!

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SEMrush Lifetime Deal 2023

Get a SEMrush free trial along with a lifetime discount on all annual subscriptions.

Save up to $900 and lock in that yearly discount permanently for the lifetime of your subscription.

With a SEMrush premium subscription, you’ll get 50+ advanced tools, in-depth competitor research & keyword research and analysis data, abundant historical data + much more.

You can upgrade/downgrade/cancel your SEMrush account anytime. You can also get a full refund if you cancel during the first 7 days.

  • Deal: a discount of up to $900 yearly for a lifetime;
  • Coupon Code: Auto-applied to my link

Get a SEMrush lifetime deal here!

Looking for the SEMrush lifetime deal in 2023?

You’re in the right place as my guide will show you how to get a lifetime deal on SEMrush’s paid plans in 2023 (Pro, Guru, Business).

Keep reading to learn more!

SEMrush lifetime deal 2023
SEMrush lifetime deal in 2023- learn how to save money on a Premium SEMrush subscription

SEMrush Lifetime Deal in Brief

You can get a SEMrush lifetime deal simply by picking a yearly plan instead of the monthly one.

By doing so you lock in a 17% permanent discount for the lifetime of your subscription.

Here’s how much you can save per year by choosing different paid SEMrush subscriptions:

  • Pro: $99.95 monthly instead of $119.95 monthly (save $240 per year);
  • Guru: $191.62 monthly instead of $229.95 monthly (save $460 per year);
  • Business: $374.95 monthly instead of $449.95 monthly (save $900 per year)

SEMrush PlansMonthly PriceYearly PriceDiscount
Pro$119.95$99.95$240 on a yearly payment
Guru$229.95$191.62$460 on a yearly payment
Business$449.95$374.95$900 on a yearly payment

Get a SEMrush lifetime deal here!

If you don’t like it you can get a refund for the first 7 days.

How to Get SEMrush Lifetime Deal (Tutorial)?

How to activate SEMrush lifetime deal in 2023?

  • Step #1– click this special SEMrush lifetime link;
  • Step #2– click the “bill annually” button on the SEMrush pricing page;
  • Step #3– Pick the SEMrush plan you need;
  • Step #4– Create your new account;
  • Step #5– add credit card details (you won’t be charged until the free trial is over.

More details are below.

Hey, it’s easy to get a SEMrush lifetime deal.

Below is the step-by-step tutorial.

First, click on this link to go to the SEMrush pricing page.

Second, Click on “bill annually”, and a 17% discount will be applied automatically.

Semrush pricing page yearly pricing gives a 17% lifetime discount
Read my SEMrush cost page for more detail on SEMrush pricing strategy.

Third, pick a SEMrush plan you want and click on “subscribe”.

Subscribe to a SEMrush plan you need

Fourth, create your account by filling in the required information, such as your email address and password.

Make sure you give an email address you use regularly because you will need to confirm your email before accessing the SEMrush dashboard.

Open SEMrush new account (add in user details)

Fifth, fill in your credit card details.

You need to add credit card info to activate your SEMrush premium subscription, but remember, taking advantage of the SEMrush lifetime deal also gives you a 14-day free trial.

So you won’t have to pay for two whole weeks and you’ll be free to use all SEMrush features as much as you want during that time.

SEMrush add billing info

And that’s how you activate SEMrush’s lifetime deal and discount.

It’s very valuable if you intend to include SEMrush in your marketing toolbox long-term, and the free SEMrush account just doesn’t cut it for you.

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Semrush Lifetime Deal 2023 FAQ

SEMrush lifetime deal 2023 FAQ
SEMrush Lifetime Deal 2023- Your Questions Answered!

My SEMrush lifetime deal page would be incomplete with a thorough FAQ section, agree?

I gathered questions from people looking for SEMrush lifetime deal and info on how to save money on a SEMrush subscription.

The answers to these are below.

#1- Can I Really Get a Lifetime Discount on SEMrush?

You can get a lifetime discount on SEMrush. By purchasing a yearly SEMrush plan, you will get a 17% discount on any SEMrush plan you chose.

And your discount will be locked in for the lifetime of your subscription.

This is even better than using a SEMrush coupon they sometimes offer which typically gives a discount for the first year only, and afterward, you’d need to pay the full price.

#2- Will My SEMrush Lifetime Discount Really Last For as Long as I Keep Paying?

Yes, the SEMrush lifetime discount that you got by picking a yearly SEMrush plan will be renewed every year for as long as you continue with your SEMrush subscription.

#3- Will I Get a Free Trial With a SEMrush Yearly Plan?

You will get a 14-day free trial of SEMrush regardless of which SEMrush yearly plan you picked.

#4- Will I Need a Credit Card to Activate the Lifetime Deal SEMrush Offers?

You don’t need a credit card to open a free SEMrush account.

You will need a credit card to activate SEMrush lifetime deal. This is because you’ll be buying a yearly SEMrush plan and getting a discount that way. You can’t buy without a credit card.

Note: SEMrush doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method, but you can use a Payoneer card if you have it.

#5- Is There a Way to Get a Bigger SEMrush Lifetime Deal?

There is a way to get a bigger SEMrush lifetime deal. The exclusive SEMrush Black Friday offer is a way to get a massive discount that you will be grandfathered in for as long as you keep paying.

However, that offer only lasts for about a week every year so if you’re reading this in January, it’s not really relevant to you.

#6- Is There a SEMrush Appsumo Deal I Can use to Get an Even Bigger Discount?

There is no SEMrush Appsuumo deal available that you can use. And there never was.

Take a look at the SERPS when I Google “SEMrush Appsumo deals”.

Not a single mention of the target query.

SEMrush Appsumo deal Google SERPS

#7- Can I Get a Bigger Discount than With the SEMrush Lifetime Deal?

No, you can’t get a bigger discount than with the SEMrush lifetime deal. At least during the course of the year.

However, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday week, it is possible to get an even better deal which you’ll then inherit for the lifetime of your account.

#8- Can I Change My Plan if I sign up for SEMrush Lifetime Deal?

You won’t be able to change your plan after signing up for a paid SEMrush plan.

You’ll need to wait for the year to pass before you can switch.

#9- Can I use Premium SEMrush Cookies to Get SEMrush for Free?

Using the “SEMrush Premium cookies” method to get SEMrush for free was a legitimate way to get SEMrush Premium for free, once upon a time.

However, that method no longer works because SEMrush now can easily detect when there are multiple users logged into the same SEMrush account.

When that happens, the original user is logged out of their account and permanently banned. This of course breaks the premium access of other users who were using the SEMrush cookie method.

Also, with this method cookies expire all the time and have to be renewed, and you can’t do everything you normally would be able with a premium SEMrush account.

It’s too much hassle and too little worth.

#10- Can I Download a Cracked Version of SEMrush and Avoid Paying for a Premium Subscription?

There is no cracked version of SEMrush. 

Web sites offering those are in reality trying to infect your site with viruses and malware.

Stay away from those malicious sites!

#11- What Other SEO Tools and SEMrush Competitors Offer Lifetime Deals?

Pretty much none of the SEMrush competitors and alternatives offer lifetime deals.


Because handing out lifetime deals is something new tools do when they’re trying to break on the market. This is not something established SEO tools do. With SEMrush being an obvious exception.

Here are the major SEMrush alternatives and their lifetime deal offerings, or lack thereof.

SEO ToolLifetime Deal
Majestic SEONo
Long Tail ProNo
Google Search ConsoleNo
SE RankingNo
Google AnalyticsNo
Answer the PublicYes
Screaming FrogNo
Yoast SEONo
Raven ToolNo
Surfer SEONo

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 Semrush Lifetime Deal 2023 (Conclusion)

Any of the SEMrush paid plans are worth the money and getting a SEMrush subscription will pay off really quickly for you when you get that sweet massive search engine web traffic.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the SEMrush lifetime offer, and if you have something to say, you can leave your comments, suggestions, and questions down below in the comment section.

Thank you!

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    • Hi Baron,
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