SEMrush Premium Cookies 2023- Here’s Why It’s a Bad Idea! And What to do Instead.

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Looking for legit SEMrush Premium cookies?

Want to use SEMrush without paying?

Read below to learn how to do that exactly.


SEMrush Premium Cookies guide 2023
SEMrush Premium Cookies guide 2023- everything you need to know!

What are SEMrush Cookies Exactly?

“SEMrush cookies” is a  supposedly free and legitimate method to get SEMrush Premium for free.

This was a legitimate way to get SEMrush Premium, a few years ago.

However, that method no longer works because SEMrush now has systems that can detect when one SEMrush account is used by several users from several IP addresses.

And once they detect it all free users+ the owner of a paid subscription get permanently banned.

Here’s how it worked:

  1. Go to some Telegram account;
  2. Join the Channel;
  3. You will now have access to updated SEMrush cookies;
  4. Download the Cookie Editor extension in Chrome Web Store and install it.
  5. Paste the SEMrush  Cookies in the extension.

However, as mentioned above, this method no longer works as SEMrush has caught on to it and now regularly bans those who try to abuse SEMrush cookies.

Finally, with this method cookies expire all the time and you have to renew them over and over, have to be renewed, and you can’t use every SEMrush feature that you cold with a normal premium SEMrush account.

It’s too much hassle and too little worth.

It’s better to do the thing right below.

Not working, expired SEMrush premium user cookies loaded from Cookie Editor extension in Google Chrome

Note: As I said above, SEMrush premium cookies are not a viable way to get and use SEMrush paid plan.

However, there is one use case for premium SEMrush user cookies.

For example, let’s say you only need SEMrush once to check something, for example, keyword search volume for a specific keyword, or how many backlinks your competitor has. You only need to check this once and then you won’t need SEMrush for a very long time.

In that case, the fastest way to get access to SEMrush premium is to use SEMrush cookies provided online and simply use them one time. Since my page doesn’t offer premium cookies (as I think they’re not worth the hassle), you can check the resources below.

Please keep in mind that these sites could be offline by the time you try them, or the cookies simply won’t work.


Note: make sure you have a good antivirus installed just in case. Avast is a good, free option.

2 Ways (Free and Paid) to Get a SEMrush Premium Subscription Without Using Cookies

Here are 2 proper ways to get and use SEMrush Premium.

#1- SEMrush Free Trial

By using my SEMrush free trial link you can get a 14-day SEMrush Pro free trial.

Some of the features you get:

  • Reports per day: 3000;
  • Keywords to track: 500;
  • Results per report: 10,000;
  • Projects: 5;
  • Pages to crawl: 100,000;
  • Scheduled PDF reports: 5;
  • 50 profiles for monitoring and 10 profiles for posting.
SEMrush Pro free trial
SEMrush Pro free trial- courtesy of

Note: if you take advantage of my SEMrush free trial, you’ll be eligible for a free trial during the first 7 days of your free trial. So if you don’t like it you’ll be able to get your money back, no risk.

#2- SEMrush Lifetime Deal

SEMrush lifetime deal” is a clever way to take advantage of a feature of SEMrush pricing.

Namely, according to the SEMrush pricing model anyone who gets a yearly premium SEMrush plan (Pro, Guru, Business), gets a 17% discount that’s applicable to all future renewals.

So it’s a lifetime 17% discount.

SEMrush PlansMonthly PriceYearly PriceDiscount
Pro$119.95$99.95$240 on a yearly payment
Guru$229.95$191.62$460 on a yearly payment
Business$449.95$374.95$900 on a yearly payment

SEMrush Premium Cookies 2023 FAQ

SEMrush premium cookies FAQ
SEMrush premium cookies 2023 FAQ

#1- Where Can I Find SEMrush Premium Cookies for the SEMrush Pro Plan?

Don’t search for SEMrush Pro Cookies.

They’re outdated, don’t work and you’ll just be wasting your precious time.

Instead, take advantage of the SEMrush free trial and use SEMrush for free for 14 days.

#2- Where Can I Find SEMrush Premium Cookies for the SEMrush Guru Plan?

Don’t search for SEMrush Guru Cookies.

They’re outdated, don’t work and you’ll just be wasting your precious time.

Instead, take advantage of the SEMrush free trial and use SEMrush for free for 14 days.

#3- Where Can I Find SEMrush Premium Cookies for the SEMrush Business Plan?

Don’t search for SEMrush Business Cookies.

They’re outdated, don’t work and you’ll just be wasting your precious time.

Instead, take advantage of the SEMrush free trial and use SEMrush for free for 14 days.

#4- Where Can I Find SEMrush Premium Cookies for the SEMrush Custom Plan?

Don’t search for SEMrush Custom plan cookies.

They don’t exist as you need to contact SEMrush customer support and arrange for SEMrush’s custom plan. So, the SEMrush Custom plan is not widely available and there aren’t any cookies for it to be found online.

#5- Can I Use the SEMrush Cracked Version Instead?

You can’t use SEMrush’s cracked version to avoid paying for the tool.

SEMrush is not cracked and there is no working version that can be downloaded.

After all, SEMrush is a cloud-based app and not downloadable software.

#6- Can I Use SEMrush Groupbuy to Get SEMrush Paid Plan?

You can’t use SEMrush group-buy to get a SEMrush paid plan. As I explained in my SEMrush group buy guide, these groups are used by scammers to inflict viruses and malware on gullible people and then request money from them.

Also, using SEMrush as a part of a large group or network will have that SEMrush account quickly canceled and all the users permanently banned.

Finally, many of the SEMrush features will be totally unusable with a SEMrush group buy.

#7- Is There a SEMrush Promo Code I can Use Instead of Premium User Cookies?

Read my SEMrush promo code guide to learn how to take advantage of it.

#8- Can I Download Premium Cookies of Any of the SEMrush Alternatives and Competitors?

Just like with SEMrush, there are sketchy sites offering premium cookies for all kinds of SEO tools and SEMrush alternatives.

For example, if you search online for “premium cookies” +:

You will find plenty of “interesting” results. Be very careful with what you do.

SEO ToolPremium Cookies
SEMrushOffered online, but not working
MozOffered online, but not working
AhrefsOffered online, but not working
Majestic SEOOffered online, but not working
SerpstatOffered online, but not working
UbersuggestOffered online, but not working
MangoolsOffered online, but not working
Long Tail ProOffered online, but not working
BuzzSumoOffered online, but not working
Google Search ConsoleOffered online, but not working
SE RankingOffered online, but not working
Google AnalyticsOffered online, but not working
Answer the PublicOffered online, but not working
Screaming FrogOffered online, but not working
Yoast SEOOffered online, but not working
SpyfuOffered online, but not working
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SEMrush Premium User Cookies 2023 (Conclusion)

Having read my guide now you realize that SEMrussh premium cookies are a pure waste of time and definitely not worth the trouble.

Instead, it’s far more advantageous to take advantage of SEMrush’s free trial and test the tool for free for the full 14 days.

14 days is more than enough to get the valuable data SEMrush offers without getting charged.

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