SEMrush Pro Vs Guru Vs Business in 2023: Which SEMrush Plan is Right for You?

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When you decide to use the SEMrush SEO tool, you need to choose the right plan and pricing that fit your projects. Basically, SEMrush has three plans with different features capacity:

  • SEMrush Pro;
  • SEMrush Guru;
  • SEMrush Business.

In this post, I’ll provide you with a full explanation of what SEMrush is all about, as well as an analysis of each SEMrush plan and pricing.

Let’s get started!

SEMrush Pro vs Guru vs Business
SEMrush Pro vs Guru vs Business – which SEMrush plan is best for you?

Semrush Pro vs Guru vs Business- Plans and Pricing Breakdown

SEMrush Plans and Pricing

SEMrush provides monthly and annual plans in a variety of price options. There are three price levels to select from, based on the specific interests of your project, the number of users, and the additional tools you want.

Additionally, there’s a 17% discount on all SEMrush plans (SEMrush lifetime deal) if you pick a yearly subscription.

SEMrush PlanMonthly PriceYearly PriceFree Trial Discount
Pro$119.95/mo$99.95/moYes17% discount on yearly pricing
Guru$229.95/mo$191.62/moYes17% discount on yearly pricing
Business$449.95/mo$374.95/moNoperhaps, upon agreement with SEMrush
CustomPrice determined upon agreement with SEMrushPrice determined upon agreement with SEMrushFree trial availability determined upon agreement with SEMrushDiscount availability determined upon agreement with SEMrush

Below, we’ll go through about each SEMrush plan pricing in further detail to help you pick the best plan for you.

SEMrush Pro

SEMrush pro
SEMrush pro plan

SEMrush Pro is the most affordable SEMrush subscription.

SEMrush Pro costs $119.95 per month or $99.95/mo if you pick a yearly plan (one payment of $1200 for annual plan).

If you are a newbie or a blogger with a single site, this plan is for you.

This plan is ideal for small in-house groups and those just starting out with an online business.

With SEMrush Pro, you can add five projects at once, receive 10,000 report results each day, track 500 keywords, you get a competitor traffic spy tool, competitor keyword spy tool, competitor advertising spy tool, and access additional features.

Honestly, I think SEMrush Pro plan price is a little bit high for some people, but it gives features that are worth the price. It can give you all the main features to improve your website’s SEO, and you won’t need to buy a bunch of other SEO tools to do your marketing.

For example, you can find keywords for your blogs to write about, you can uncover backlink opportunities, can track competitors’ websites, and more basic features. It’s more than enough for small website owners.

SEMrush Guru

SEMrush Guru
SEMrush Guru plan

The Semrush Guru subscription is $229.95 per month or $191.62/mo if you pick a yearly plan. SEMrush Guru comes with all features of SEMrush Pro + more and is best suited for medium-sized companies as well as professional bloggers and marketers. If you are working as a freelancer, you may also use this plan.

SEMrush Guru allows you to add 15 projects at once, receive 30,000 results for reports each day, use content marketing tools, integrate Google Data Studio, and access other advanced features.

SEMrush Guru has the right price because it was developed for those who are already generating income online. It’s affordable for agencies, big brand marketers, and successful affiliate marketers.

SEMrush Business

SEMrush Business
SEMrush Business plan

The monthly cost of the Semrush Business subscription is $449, or $374.95/mo if you pick a yearly subscription.

SEMrush Business entitles you access to 40 projects and 5000 keywords every day. Choose this package if you are an agency or a large company with a large marketing department.

SEMrush FeaturesSEMrush ProSEMrush GuruSEMrush Business
Tracked Keywords (with daily updates)50015005000
Historical DataNoYesYes
Content Marketing PlatformNoYesYes
Google Data Studio IntegrationNoYesYes
Share of VoiceNoNoYes
API AccessNoNoYes

SEMrush Pro vs Guru vs Business: Which One Suits You?

  • SEMrush Pro:
  • SEMrushGuru
  • SEMrush Business…

Which SEMrush plan is the right one for you?

The answer is “It depends.” To decide which subscription fits your project you need to understand their included features. I hope you already understood the features of each plan in this article.

If you’re debating whether or not to use Semrush, and if you’re not sure about choosing the right plan, you should be aware of the following SEMrush advantages:

  • You may take advantage of a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no lengthy contracts you are bound by.
  • You may downgrade or upgrade your Semrush price plan at any moment, so don’t feel pressured by your choice.
  • There are no hidden costs or fees.
  • There’s a 14-day free trial you can take advantage of.
  • You can switch between plans during your free trial.

How to Get Started with SEMrush?

Step 1: First, to sign up for a SEMrush subscription, you need to navigate to the SEMrush homepage. If you are not currently a member or have not signed in, you will be offered a free trial right away. To get started, click the on-screen CTA.

Get a free trial for SEMrush Guru or SEMrush Pro

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and your free trial comes with some strings attached. We’re talking about the exchange of your first-party data.

Step 2: To get access to a SEMrush trial, you must first create an account. This includes giving your email address. In the future, SEMrush will try all in its ability to upsell you on its premium plans.

open a ew SEMrush account

Step 3: when signing up to SEMrush you may pick between SEMrush Pro free trial and SEMrush Guru fee trial and will be prompted for your credit card details. There is no getting around that.

To verify the existence of your account, you must provide your financial information. However, you will not be charged and your credit card is just to verify you’re a real person.

Add your credit card details to activate a new SEMrush account

Don’t worry, you won’t be immediately charged for the complete subscription. Regardless, SEMrush now has your payment information, and unless you cancel before the conclusion of your trial period, you may be charged.

Now you have completed your subscription process, it’s time to start using SEMrush tools.

SEMrush First Interface

After creating your SEMrush account, you will be sent to the SEO Dashboard.

SEMrush dashborad and initial reporting

The most significant information regarding the active project may be found here. The visuals, in particular, are quite informative since they show how the domain is progressing at a glance. You can see in the image above I got rewarded by the latest Google core update.

To ensure that Semrush obtains the relevant data, you need to connect your Google Account and provide access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

To do this, pick the menu option “Google account setup” by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Connecting your SEMrush account with Google

Connect your Google account and pick your Analytics account as well as the matching Google Search Console account in the following pop-up.

Connect SEMrush with Google

You have now created the groundwork for your work with Semrush. You can access all SEMrush tools by selecting from your dashboard’s left sidebar.

Which of the 3 SEMrush Plans Is Right for Me?

To select the best SEMrush plan for your project, you must consider lots of factors, including your needs, the SEMrush features you need, and your budget.

It is beneficial to read previous SEMrush reviews and consider the advantages and downsides of each subscription before making purchases. As a result, you’ll be able to fully understand the essential features you’ll want.

You should also think about how one plan compares to the others. For example, SEMrush Pro provides only the fundamental tools required for a startup.

But SEMrush Guru can handle larger projects for SMBs and marketing companies. If you require access to all available capabilities, SEMrush Business is an excellent solution for your project or business.

It really depends on your needs, but the bottom line is that SEMrush is a helpful tool you need to have to enhance your marketing.

SEMRush Pro vs Guru vs Business FAQ- Your Questions Answered!

SEMRush Pro vs Guru vs Business FAQ
SEMRush Pr vs Guru vs Business FAQ- your questions answered!

My SEMrush Pro vs Guru vs Business guide would be incomplete without a thorough FAQ section, agree?

#1- How Many Keywords Can I Track With SEMrush Pro, Guru and Business Plans?

With SEMrush Pro, Guru and Business you can track:

  • SEMrush Pro- 500 keywords;
  • SEMrush Guru- 1500 keywords;
  • SEMrush Business- 5000 keywords.

#2- Do I Get Historical Data With SEMrush Pro, Guru and Business Plans?

You get historical data with SEMrush Guru and Business. You don’t have access to historical data with SEMrush Pro plan.

#3- Do I Get Access to Content Marketing PlatformWith SEMrush Pro, Guru and Business Plans?

You get access to Content Marketing Platform with SEMrush Guru and Business. You don’t have access to Content Marketing Platform with the SEMrush Pro plan.

#4- Do I Get Google Data Studio Integration With SEMrush Pro, Guru and Business Plans?

You get Google Data Studio integration with SEMrush Guru and Business. You don’t get Google Data Studion integration with the SEMrush Pro plan.

#5- Do I Get Share of Voice Feature With SEMrush Pro, Guru and Business Plans?

You get Share of Voice only with SEMrush Business plan. SEMrush Pro and Guru don’t offer Share of Voice.

#6- Do I Get API Access With SEMrush Pro, Guru and Business Plans?

SEMrush API is only available with SEMrush Business plan.

You can’t access their API with SEMrush Pro and Guru.

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SEMrush Pro vs Guru vs Business (Conclusion)

That was all about SEMrush plans. Now the issue is, which plan is best for you? I hope my article helped you to choose the right plan for your project.

You can see how useful SEMrush can be for analyzing the performance of your website and that of your competitors. I use this tool on a regular basis, and you should as well.

To begin, the free version provides some valuable analytics. If you discover that you are benefiting from what it has to offer, you may wish to upgrade to the premium plans.

Finally, let me ask you, which subscription fits your SEO campaign from SEMrush Pro, Guru, or Business plan? Share your answer in the comment section, and also your experience with SEMrush, which helps new users.

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