SEMrush Revenue and User Statistics for 2023

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SEMrush is one of the leading competitive research platforms online with 55+ different solutions and tools. In this post, we share the most important stats about SEMrush.

SEMrush statistics 2023
SEMrush statistics in 2023

Here are the Most Important SEMrush Stats for 2023

Key SEMrush Stats

  • 55+ tools: SEMrush initially started by offering 2 tools and now the platform includes 55 tools, and more are about to be introduced
  • SEMrush employs 1000+ workers around the globe.
  • In 2020, SEMrush’s annual revenue was $124.88 million.
  • The SEMrush platform has 471,000 active users.
  • Out of the 471,000 active users, 67,000 are paying SEMrush customers, and 404 000 are either free SEMrush users or are currently on a free trial offered by SEMrush.

SEMrush free vs paid users distribution

SEMrush Keyword Database

One of the core features of SEMrush from the start is The Keyword Magic Tool. Its function is to help users to carry out comprehensive keyword research.

Some of the information the application provides include; keyword ranking difficulty, search volume, cost per click, and search query trends.

The SEMrush keyword database has over 20 billion keywords. That is a 426% increase since 2018.

SEMRush keyword database growth trend

SEMrush Backlink Database

The SEMrush platform has a special application that crawls over 17.28 billion URLs daily collecting domains’ backlinks data.

SEMrush’s backlink database has 41.28 trillion backlinks and 1.47 billion referring domains.

SEMrush Display Advertising Database

To help users analyze competitor advertising, SEMrush tracks and keep records of display adverts.

SEMrush tracks the activities of 3.5 million publishers and 5.2 million advertisers. The advertising database has data on 310 million advertisements.

How Many People Work at SEMrush?

SEMrush employs 979 full-time staff members in different countries around the world. 640 (65.37%) of them are based in Russia.

348 (35.55%) of their employees work in product development and 308 (31.46%) work in sales and marketing.

In the US, SEMrush’s estimated average salary is $111,102.

SEMrush emplyees distribution by country

SEMrush Subscription Types

SEMrush has two subscription types. Monthly and annual billing. Customers who choose to subscribe for the annual billing get a 17% discount (SEMrush lifetime deal).

Only 22% of customers are subscribed to the annual plan. Monthly billing plan subscribers increased from 74% in 2019 to 78% in 2023.

SEMrush Tools Stats

SEMrush now offers 55+ tools –a massive increase from only 4 tools in 2012.

According to the SEMrush website, they have 55 tools but in their SEC filings, they provided 46 tools in 9 different categories.

Two platforms Prowly and Sellerly that were acquired by SEMrush are also listed among the categories.

Search engine optimization (SEO), content, and advertising research account for 60.87% of all SEMrush solutions. SEO remains SEMrush’s biggest category with 16 dedicated SEO tools.

Other categories include social media, competitive research, local marketing, and reporting.

SEMrush tools by category

SEMrush Customers by Company Type

SEMrush categorizes its customers into two types;

  • Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs);
  • Enterprise clients.

SMBs are considered to be companies that have less than 500 employees and they make the most of SEMrush customers at 94.9%. This category rakes in annual recurring revenue of $2,000 per client.

The enterprise segment which accounts for only 5.1% has an average recurring revenue of $4,200 per paying client.

It is also important to note that 30% of Fortune 500 companies are SEMrush clients.

Both SMB's and Fortune 500 companies use SEMrush

SEMrush ARR per Paying Customer

Collectively, the annual recurring revenue (ARR) per paying SEMrush customer is $2,123. That is an increase of 12.2% from $1,820 in the previous year.

SEMrush Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

In 2020 SEMrush had year-over-year growth of 40.54% with an ARR of $144.2 million.

At SEMrush annual recurring revenue is calculated by multiplying the value of all paying contracts on the last day of a reporting period by 365.

SEMrush Annual Revenue

SEMrush made $124.88 million in revenue in 2020. That was a 35.59% increase from the $92.1 million in 2019.

SEMrush Revenue by Region

In 2020, SEMrush generated $57.23 million from US-based customers and $13.16 million from UK-based customers. Accounting for 57.37% of total revenue.

Only 43.63% of SEMrush revenue comes from regions other than the US and UK.

The 13.16 million UK revenue represents a 29.15% year-over-year growth in the region.

Additionally, there has been a 35.74% revenue increase from US-based SEMrush clients.

All Time Registered SEMrush Users

The cumulative number of all-time registration stands at 7 million users.

Since 2019, SEMrush has been growing at a steady new registration rate of 2 million per year.

And over the past year, the cumulative all-time user registrations have increased by 40%.

SEMrush have milions of users

SEMrush Active Users Stats

The SEMrush platform has 471,000 active users in both free and paid plans. Out of this, 83,000 active users were added over the past year alone.

404,000 (85.77%) active users are on free plans. Marginally there is a drop in the percentage of free plan users from 86.08% in 2019.

At the same time, SEMrush’s free user base went up by 20.96% over the past year.

On the flipside, SEMrush has 67,000 active users on paid plans. 13,000 of those are new subscribers added over the past year.

That accounts for 24.07% growth in active paying users.

SEMrush active users

SEMrush Statistics (Conclusion)

SEMrush was established in 2008, and by 2010 it had grown to 1000 customers. Today SEMrush has 67,000 paying customers.

If you were looking to learn more about SEMrush, I hope this list of SEMrush stats for 2023 helped.

If you have any comments or questions about SEMrush statistics, please leave them in the comments section below.

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