SEMrush vs Long Tail Pro 2023- The Ultimate Guide for Today!

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SEMrush vs. Long Tail Pro Review: An Unbiased Comparison

With the right SEO tool in your arsenal, you can increase your income by up to twofold. This is literally what every digital marketer and blogger dreams of achieving. Investing in the best SEO tools will indeed have a positive impact on your traffic.

However, you can’t smile at any kind of traffic. Your goal should be to get high-quality traffic that brings only the targeted audience to your domain. This outcome can be possible if you start using a leading SEO tool!

However, the real problem here is that most people aren’t aware of how to use a premium tool and which tool is best for them. Even though tools like SEMrush and Long Tail Pro coexist in this world, you must be sure which one to invest in for your online marketing or blogging needs. If you want to find out where to put your money next, you’ve landed at the right destination. At the end of this post, you’ll be able to decide which of these two tools is perfect for your needs.

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Why Should You Start Using SEMrush?

You’ll come across many reviews and online recommendations from SEO experts in favor of SEMrush. Well, to be honest, this tool pretty much covers all your SEO needs.

It’s an exceptional tool to help you with increasing your organic traffic. SEMrush has a reputation for being considered a leading SEM tool that delivers results, as over 10 million people have already tried it.

With databases of users from different countries, you get accurate information about the keywords you are looking for and your competitors. They also have a habit of updating their databases regularly.

If you plan on beating your competitors in search results, SEMrush is the best SEO tool for you. This tool gives you in-depth information about any keyword phrase you choose, like keyword difficulty, search traffic, and CP distribution.

Pricing of SEMrush

According to the SEMrush pricing model, potential users can choose from these three paid plans:

  • Pro ($119.95 monthly)
  • Guru ($229.95 monthly)
  • Business (449.95 monthly)

If you are ready to pay annually, you’ll get a discount of up to 17% (that’s colloquially called the SEMrush lifetime deal). Also, if you aren’t satisfied with this tool, you can request your money back within seven days. No questions will be asked when you request your money back.

Free trial is also available (you can read my SEMrush free trial guide to learn more about the SEMrush trial offer)

The most significant advantage of using SEMrush

If you still aren’t sure why SEMrush is such a fantastic Long Tail Pro alternative, then here is the main reason.

SEMrush is a very feature-rich tool. It’s a modern SEO tool that can help you quickly edge past your competition in every way. Not only can you evaluate your competitor’s top keywords, but you can utilize it to analyze your website, fix on-page errors, get an estimate of the traffic of other sites, check backlinks, and much more.

To be precise, this is an all-in-one SEO ideal for all kinds of digital marketers and bloggers, to grow sales and traffic.

Disadvantages of the SEMrush tool:

The only drawback to using this tool in comparison to Long Tail Pro is the cost. SEMrush charges around $119 per month. Yet, I’d say that it’s worth every penny as you’ll get the results you want with this tool.

You can find many customer reviews on their website that highlight how useful this tool has proven to be over the years for eCommerce platforms.

Why Should You Use Long Tail Pro?

If you are fed up with using the free tool, Google Keyword Planner, then it’s time to move to get a premium SEO tool. Though Google’s keyword planner may seem helpful, the data isn’t updated, and you tend to compete with countless others who are also relying on this tool.

If you are looking for a good Google Keyword Planner alternative, then Long Tail Pro tops the list. It is a leading keyword research tool that can help you find the best keywords with low competition. That means that using this tool will require fewer efforts to rank.

Pricing of Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro also offers three plans you can choose from:

  • Starter ($37 monthly)
  • Pro ($67 monthly)
  • Agency ($147 monthly)

If you choose to pay annually, you’ll get four months free. You can also try out their trial version, which will be for eight days, and you’ll be charged $8.

The most significant advantage of using Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro helps you find a list of high-performing long-tail keywords for your overall organic traffic. These keywords will have better chances of getting ranked as you’ll be aware of the level of competition, this time with accurate data.

On the other hand, SEMrush is an all-around SEO tool. Therefore, it doesn’t precisely focus on providing a long list of long-tail keywords as Long Tail Pro does.

Disadvantages of Long Tail Pro

Though this tool is excellent for finding the best keywords, it lacks other features that are required to become a complete SEO tool like SEMrush. You can’t do site audits, look at your competitors’ backlinks, find website traffic, or spy on their main keywords with Long Tail Pro.

Why Are Premium Tools Better Than Free Ones?

To be precise, there are three main reasons why trusting premium tools over free ones is a wiser decision:

  • It is easier to find the best keywords
  • Premium tools provide you the opportunity to analyze your competitor’s strategy and keywords
  • You will also get better and more authentic suggestions when it comes to keywords and topics with paid tools.

As an SEO, you need to start by using these tools to find the best keywords for your site and to run a competitor analysis to see which key phrases they are utilizing. If you skip this phase, you may face challenges in increasing both your rank and traffic. However, this is only possible with a premium SEO tool.

How to Efficiently Use SEMrush and Long Tail Pro

  • Take a close look at “Related Searches” while finding keywords with Long Tail Pro. It’s one of the most straightforward techniques to find top keywords that’ll get you ranked and generate more traffic.
  • Use SEMrush thoroughly for competitor analyses to find out which keywords they are using and on which pages they are receiving more traffic. This will help you scale your next digital marketing plan. Also, you can use these keywords to create blogs and lure their traffic to your site by offering something better.
  • Come up with long tail keywords that are easy to rank and generate more traffic. For example, if you choose a long tail keyword like “how to create mobile apps,” as this phrase is made up of five words, it will be easier to get ranked on. These tools can help you find profitable keywords in no time.

SEMrush vs. Long Tail Pro: The Final Verdict!

After going through this blog, I’m sure you understand what each tool can be capable of. If you are still confused about which tools to invest in, then we’ll make it easier for you. Though SEMrush has proven to be a far better all-round SEO tool, it clearly depends on your budget and the purpose behind getting one of these tools.

If you want something to enhance the quality of your keyword-hunting outcomes and you are running on a low budget, then Long Tail Pro should be the tool. However, if you are ready to spend the money to get your hands on an all-in-one SEO tool, then SEMrush should be on your bucket list this season.


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