Semrush vs Ubersuggest 2023- Which one is the better SEO Tool?

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SEMrush vs Ubersuggest in 2023

Which SEO tool is truly better?

My comparison guide below tells you everything you need to know.

Let’s go!

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SEMrush vs Ubersuggest guide for 2023
SEMrush vs Ubersuggest guide for 2023

My SEMrush vs Ubersuggest guide is the most complete and thorough review/comparison of both SEMrush and Ubersuggest on the internet.

I tested extensively both tools before writing a single word of this guide and I have years of experience with both toolkits.

I love them both, even though I think one is significantly better than the other.

Read below to see how they compare.

Here’s the TLDR version:

Free AccountTie
Backlink AnalysisSEMrush
Keyword ResearchSEMrush
Position TrackingSEMrush
User Interface/ExperienceUbersuggest
Customer SupportSEMrush

Overall, SEMrush is a better tool than Ubersuggest. However, it’s much more expensive (worth it though).

Ubersuggest is also an excellent SEO tool and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who can’t afford SEMrush. Using Ubersuggest is better than using no tool at all, and you will make more money with the help of Ubersuggest.

Note: both SEMrush and Ubersuggest offer free trials, but SEMrush offers a 14-day free trial (the best offer you can find online) while Ubersuggest gives you a 7-day free trial.

Both tools require you to have credit cards to activate the free trials.

Table of Contents

SEMrush Overview

What is SEMrush- Overview
SEMrush was launched in 2008 by a group of IT experts and SEO professionals, who wanted to leverage their expertise to bring a competitive research solution for online marketers.

Semrush has gradually evolved as one of the most sought-after digital marketing toolkits and is now a preferred choice of many marketers across the globe.

Semrush is a full-fledged SEO solution that lets you perform anything from SEO forecasting to link building and everything else in between

Gett one of the SEMrus paid plans is like getting at least 90% of all the tools you’d need to run your marketing campaigns.

I mean, SEMrush even has a social media scheduler!

Ubersuggest Overview

What is Ubersuggest- Overview
Ubersuggest by Neil Patel

Ubersuggest is a powerful SEO tool you can use for seamless keyword research, competitive analytics, and backlink analysis.

In 2017, Ubersuggest was bought by renowned entrepreneur and internet marketer Neil Patel. Back then Ubersuggest was just a keyword research tool.

But Neil invested a lot of money into it and now Ubersugges is an excellent SEO/SEM tool and a true competitor to SEMrush.

Now let’s get into comparing SEMrush and Ubersuggest.

SEMrush Free Account vs Ubersuggest Free Account- Which Tool Has Fewer Limitations?

Before I give you a deep comparison of SEMrush and Ubersuggest I need to first thoroughly review their free offers.

What value can you extract from SEMrush and Ubersugges without paying anything to them?

Here’s the deal:

SEMrush offers a forever free account.

And you can sign up without a credit card.

Here’s what you can do with it.

SEMrush featureLimitation on a free account
Keywords10 per 24h
Plagiarism checks0
Pages to crawl100
SEO ideas units10
Social profile for monitoring50
Owned social profiles10
Basic locations10
Premium locations0
Scheduled PDF reprots1
Smart Writer words0

Ubersuggest also has a free account.

Ubersuggest featureLimitation on a free account
Pages to crawl (Website Audit)150
AI Writer1 article
Chrome extension40 searches per day
Backlink research 100 backlinks
Competitors tracked2 competitors

Note: Ubersuggest lets you open an account without needing a credit card.

Does SEMrush Free Account Offer More Value Than Ubersuggest Free Account?

The biggest value of SEMrush’s free account is that it’s a forever free account that you can use without worrying about access.

You can do (basic) keyword research), (basic) link research, (basic) competitors research, on-page optimization, limited website audit, and so on.

SEMrush free account is very limited, but it’s better than using no SEO tool at all. SEMrush also boasts the accurate data you need to make the right decisions.

As for Ubersuggest, their free account is also excellent. You can do keyword research, link and competitor backlink research.

You can even do a full website audit of a very small website (up to 150 pages crawled).

Bottom line: both SEMrush’s free account and Ubersuggest’s free account are worth getting because you’ll do better SEO with them than without them.

This round is a tie, both SEMrush and Ubersuggest win.

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SEMrush vs Ubersuggest- Keyword Research

Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest are excellent keyword research tools.

Let’s see how they compare right below.

SEMrush Keyword Research

SEMrush shows you all the keywords a competitor is currently ranking for.

For example, here are the keywords bringing in traffic to one of my competitor’s sites (SEMrush Competitive Research>Organic Research).

SEMrush keyword overview research

SEMrush gives you these keyword metrics:

  • Search intent- this tells you whether a web searcher wants to buy what they need or learn something new;
  • SERP features- this tells you how crowded the SERPS are;
  • Position- where you rank;
  • Position difference- did your rank improve or decline;
  • Traffic- how much traffic your page is getting
  • Search volume- how many times per month is the query searched;
  • Keyword difficulty- as measured by SEMrush’s proprietary algorithm;
  • CPC (in USD)- how much will you have to pay when bidding for a keyword
  • Ranking URL- which of your pages rank (good for spotting keyword cannibalization);
  • SERP snapshot- see the SEPRS live within SEMrush;
  • Update time- the last time keyword metrics within SEMruh were updated;

There’s also a set of basic and elaborate filters you can use to really drill down into keyword reporting.

You can filter keywords based on:

  • positions;
  • Search Volume;
  • Keyword Difficult;
  • Intent;
  • Serp Features.

SEMrush keyword filters and metrics

Depending on your needs, this can be either an advantage or a disadvantage.

If you’re just looking to use the key metrics, the SEMrush report may feel a bit cluttered. But for someone who needs to do in-depth keyword analysis for hundreds of keywords, this can be really helpful.

All this above was examining competitors for their lucrative and best keywords, but SEMrush also offers a traditional keyword research tool called Keyword Magic.

SEMrush Keyword Magic (Overview)

SEMrush Keyword Magic tool

Here you get to enter your keyword, then see search volume and competition based on the keyword or phrase that you typed.

You can also delve deeper into the reporting to uncover questions, related phrases, and keywords about the topic.

Here’s an example for the keyword “SEMrush alternatives”.

You can see:

  • Search volume;
  • Global search volume;
  • Keyword difficulty;
  • Keyword variations;
  • Questions;
  • CPC competition;
  • Related keywords.

SEMrush keyword report for the phrase "SEMrush alternatives"

Below you can also get a SERP overview for any keyword right within the SEMrush dashboard.

All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the report SEMrush generated for that particular keyword.

This is an excellent feature that can save you a lot of time as you can easily see if the current SERP for a desired keyword is out of your reach.

For my test keyword (SEMrush alternatives) I see the SERP is relatively open for my authoritative website.

SEMrush SERP overview for a keyword within the dashboard

Another unique feature of the SEMrush keyword tool is that it also pulls Google’s PPC data. You can use this to easily gauge the profitability of your chosen keyword.

If other sites are waging a bidding war to own that ad real estate, you know getting a free listing through SEO is going to be worth it.

This is a unique feature Ubersugges and other tools simply don’t offer.

SEMrush ad history feature for keyword research

This can save a ton of time for an in-house SEO team or agency doing SEO and running Google Ads.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research

Ubersuggest started as a keyword research tool and that;’s the area they excel the most.

To start researching within the Ubersuggest dashboard go to the “keyword overview” tab.

Ubersuggest keyword research

Next, enter your keyword and select the language, and search market. For my example, I will use “SEMrush free trial”, English as my language, and the US as my target market.

SEMrush free trial query in Ubersuggest keyword research tool

Immediately below you can see the search volume of the keyword, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty and CPC (Cost Per Click) and distribution of desktop vs mobile clicks for that specific query.

Ubersuggest keyword research and keyword metrics

Immediately below you can see Ubersuggest’s estimate on how many people click on website links in the SEPRs and how many stay on Google due to various SERP features. You also see the estimated age range of typical web user for that particular query.

Finally, there’s also a section titled “keyword ideas” which is the most important part of researching keywords with SEMrush as you’re able to see all potential keywords your site can rank for.

Ubersuggest report for average keyword CTR

Here’s what the keyword ideas section looks like:

Note: Ubersuggest shows you:

  • keyword suggestions (scraped from Google Autosuggest);
  • Related keywords;
  • Questions people ask;
  • Prepositions;
  • Comparisons.

Ubersuggest keyword suggestions

Finally, at the bottom of the page, there’s a ranking URL report that shows you which URLs currently rank in Google.

This is excellent because you can see whether the current SERPS are overly competitive or not.

If yes, you’re better off targeting a different, easier keyword.

Ubersuggest shows you currently ranking sites in Google

How to Use Ubersuggest to Steal Valuable Keywords From Your Direct Competitors?

You can also use Uberssuggest to steal keyword rankings from your direct competitors.

Here’s how.

First, take the competitor URL you want to examine for keyword research. Hit “Search” and wait for Ubersuggest to populate the data.

Ubersuggest will show you all keywords your URL knows about.

You get important keyword metrics like:

  • Volume;
  • Position;
  • Estimated visits;
  • SEO difficulty;
  • Last updated.

Note: you can also select the keywords you like and save them to your keyword lists. You can also export keywords in CSV format.

Examine and export keywords Ubersuggest found

SEMrush vs Ubersuggest- Which Tool is Better for Keyword Research?

Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest are excellent keyword research tools.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of these.

Before I tell you who wins this, let’s see how SEMrush keyword tool and the Ubersuggest keyword tool compare head to head.

I’ll take a competitor URL and see the count of keywords the URL ranks for as reported by SEMrush and Ubersuggest.


As you can see, on one occasion SEMrush and Ubersuggest are nearly equal, but on the other SEMrush wins by a long margin.

Winner- SEMrush

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Backlink Analysis: SEMrush vs Ubersuggest

Backlinks remain a robust ranking signal for ranking in Google, despite the numerous algorithm updates search engines do in an effort to move away from links as one of the more gameable major ranking factors.

Marketers and bloggers need to have a better backlink analysis tool to improve their SEO scores. and below you’ll see how SEMrush and Ubersuggest compare when it comes to link building.

SEMrush Backlink Analysis

Before 2019 I used to use Ahrefs exclusively for link building.

Ahrefs was simply the best and there was no way around it. However, since 2019 I’ve switched over to SEMrush backlink checker and I haven’t looked back.

I mention 2019 because that’s when SEMrush literally 10x-ed their backlink tool.

They grew their link database dozens of times over plus improved many other aspects of their link checker app (for example SEMrush crawler bot got much faster at crawling the web).

SEMrush backlink database size

Here’s how the SEMrush link building tool works.

First, go to Link Building > Backlink Analytics and enter your target domain.

For example, let’s say I want to check my own site.

So I add it to the SEMrush Backlink Analytics tool and SEMrush gives me an overview of the analyzed domain’s authority score (as calculated by SEMrush’s internal algorithm), the total number of backlinks and referring domains, backlinks, and organic keywords. and monthly visits.

SEMrush Backlink Analytics overview report

This is just the tip of the iceberg, quite literally in fact because you can scroll down the page to get additional info about the backlink profile of the analyzed domain.

First, you can see how your backlink profile is trending. If you see a downward movement, that is a warning sign you need to speed up your link building efforts.

This is because gradually losing links and not replacing them with new ones is a negative sign to Google that the domain is losing popularity and in response, Google lowers the website’s rankings.

Beneath that, you see the new/lost backlinks and referring domains reports.

This is valuable and useful to you because SEMrush has an extremely fast crawler that can discover links almost as soon as they go live on the internet.

SEMrush link building trends graph and new/lost links and referring domains report

Next, when you scroll down you see categories of referring domains that signal relevance of the entire backlink profile, anchor text sample report (with the button to dive deeper) referring domains by authority scores, backlink types, and link attributes (follow, nofollow, sponsored, UGC).

SEMrush additional link reports

Next, you can see where the links are coming from, extension distribution, and referring ip’s distribution compared to referring domain numbers.

You want to have many referring ip’s as it’s a sign your links are not coming from PBN’s and one blog network.

You can also see a domain’s strongest pages in terms of equity.

In my site’s case my guide to power words and how to use them is clearly the strongest page on my site.

SEMrush tld and ip's report

Finally, the top pages report is worth taking an even closer look at.

top pages overview in SEMrush backlink analytics report

By clicking on the button and delving deeper you can see the pages on a domain that get the most links which either means they’re highly linkable or a lot of link building has been done on them.

Either way, it’s a clear direction for your link-building efforts.

Note: to truly measure the strength of any page you need to consider the number and power of incoming links (PageRank) and the number of outgoing links (CheiRank).

More PageRank and less CheiRank is a powerful combination.

SEMrush helps you with that as well because it shows you (see in the image below) the number of external links taking authority away from any single page of the analyzed domain.

top linked pages on a domain as per SEMrush Backlink Analytics

SEMrush Backlink tool is not just for giving an overview of the link profiles for entire websites.

Examining Individual URL’s With SEMrush Backlink Checker

You can also examine the link profiles of individual pages and that’s where the real juice lies.

Here’s how.

First, pick a page you want to inspect (I chose my “what is SEMrush” page):

Second, paste it into the search bar of SEMrush Backlink Analytics and hit go:

Inspect a URL in SEMrush backlink tool

Third, you will be presented with a top bar with various filters to turn on or off.

On the left, there’s:

  • all links– all backlinks in the SEMrush database for this specific URL;
  • active– currently active links pointing to the URL;
  • new– new backlinks that hit the page in the last week (you can also set it for a month and three months timeframe);
  • lost– lost backlinks that hit the page in the last week (you can also set it for a month and three months timeframe).

On the right, there’s:

  • all– all links regardless of meta tag designation;
  • follow– only show dofollow links;
  • nofollow– only show nofollow links;
  • UGC– only show links with UGC tag;
  • sponsored– only show links with sponsored tag

SEMrush backlink analytics important metrics shown

Below you see the links with important metrics to pay attention to.

  • AS– authority score based on SEMrush internal algorithm calculation;
  • The source page title and URL;
  • External links– number of external links on the page;
  • Internal links– number of internal links on the page;
  • Anchor and target URL;
  • First seen– when was the backlink first spotted;
  • Last seen– is the link lost, and when?

SEMrush backlink metrics

Pro tip: One excellent feature is that you can check the checkbox and export them into a list of backlinks you want to replicate.

You can export backlinks from SEMrush to a spreadsheet

Now let’s see how Ubersuggest can help you build more backlinks.

Ubersuggest Backlink Checker

Up until this point I was using a free version of Ubersuggest just to show you what you can do without paying.

However, when it comes to links, content quality and content volume matter. That’s why I upgraded to Ubersuggest Individual just to show you how Ubersuggest helps you build new backlinks

First, inside the Ubersuggest dashboard go to “Backlink Overview”.

Ubersuggest backlink overview

Second, add your domain. I’ll add my domain

Click on “Search”.

Enter domain in Ubersuggest backlink checker app

Third, wait 3s until Ubersuggest loads your results.

At the top of the page you will see:

  • DA- your site’s domain authority;
  • Referring domains: how many unique websites link to yours;
  • Backlinks- total number of links hitting the site.

Immediately below is a chart showing you how your link buildling activity is panning out. In my case, there’s steady growth which is good for my site’s SEO.

Ubersuggest backlink checker report 1

Below, there’s another chart where you can whether your site is faster gaining new links or losing them.

Ubersuggest backlink checker new/lost link report

Below, you will see two reports.

On the left, you can see the distribution of referring domains by DA (domain authority).

On the right, there’s an anchor text report. In the image below you can see the sample report, but you can click on the link to go deeper and examine your anchor text profile.

Note: here’s what Ubersuggest’s anchor text profile report looks like:

Ubersuggest anchor text distribution report

And finally, here are the links Ubersuggest found for my website.

Ubersuggest shows links and also link metrics for each backlink.

  • Source URL– URL Ubersuggest analyzed;
  • Domain Authority– as determined by Ubersuggest;
  • Page Authority– as determined by Ubersuggest;
  • Spam Score– as determined by Ubersuggest;
  • Anchor Text– anchor text of the link;
  • First Seen– when was the link first seen;
  • Last Seen– when was the link last seen.

Above the report, you can filter the link based on follow/nofollow status, and one link per domain.

Ubersuggest found backlinks and crucial metrics

Ubersuggest also lets you filter your links based on certain metrics. This is very important to when you’re dealing with huge sites that have millions of backlinks pointing to them.

You can filter links based on:

  • referring domains;
  • exactly matching;
  • domain name.

Ubersuggest backlink checker- filtering backlinks

Examining Individual URL’s With Ubersuggest Backlink Checker

Ubersuggest also lets you examine your competitors on a URL level (similar to what SEMrush can do as I showed above).

First, pick a page you want to check for links. In my case I’ll pick the post of one of my competitors.

Ubersuggest checking backlinks on a URL level

Second, scroll to the bottom of the report and see how many links Ubersuggest found.

Ubersuggest found backlinks on a URL level

Basically, Uberuggest is an easy to use backlink checker and you’ll learn how to use it in 5m.

But the key is how many links Ubersuggest finds on a regular basis.

Let’s see whether SEMrush or Ubersugges find more links on average.

SEMrush vs Ubersuggest- Which Tool is a Better Backlink Checker

Both tools are excellent, but let’s directly pit them one against the other.

First example is vs

SEO ToolWebsite AnalyzedBacklink CountReffering Domains Count

As you can see, SEMrush on average finds 30% more links and unique referring domains. This is important because when building links more data is always better.

The second example is a comparison on a URL level. I will compare my power words guide () as I know that page has a lot of good backlinks pointing to it.

SEO ToolURL AnalyzedBacklink CountReffering Domains Count

Again, SEMrush found more links and referring domains for a given URL.

Overall, both SEMrush and Ubersuggest are excellent link building tools, but SEMrush consistently finds more opportunities for you.

Winner- SEMrush

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SEMrush vs Ubersuggest- Keyword Rank Tracking

Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest have excellent keyword rank trackers as parts of their SEO toolsets.

Let’s see how they compare.

SEMrush Position Tracking (Rank Tracker)

Semrush Position Tracking app allows you to monitor both your mobile and desktop rankings for a preselected group of keywords.

To start tracking keywords, first, you must have an active project running in Semrush. Once you open your free SEMrush account, SEMrush will immediately prompt you to add a website as a project.

I already did with my site

SEMrush set up project (keywords to track)

Once you’ve set up your project, go to Project > Position Tracking > Set up.

Add your location, select the device (desktop, mobile, or tablet), and add your competitors’ domains. set up project in SEMrush Position Tracking

Next, add a list of keywords that you want to rank for.

add keywords to SEMrush Position Tracking app

Hit the “Start tracking” button to generate your position tracking report.

The report will take time to populate but once it does it’ll display three graphs showing estimated traffic, visibility, and keyword position trending.

SEMrush Rank Tracker

Next, you can drill down into keyword rankings to see how specific keywords are ranking.

SEMrush shows you:

  • Intent– search intent of the keyword
  • SERP features– Google SERP features presence;
  • Position– current position of your URL;
  • Difficulty– keyword difficulty as judged by SEMrush;
  • Visibility– visibility score;
  • Difference– the difference between your rankings day by day;
  • Volume– the amount of traffic your URL is getting;
  • CPC– Cost Per Click;
  • URL– your URL ranking.

Above these keyword metrics, there’s a header menu where you can filter keywords by:

  • keyword;
  • top positions and changes;
  • SERP Features;
  • Tags;
  • Intent;
  • Volume;
  • Advanced Filters

SEMrush Rank Tracker keyword tracked metrics and filtering system

SEMrush Rank Tracker is available on all paid SEMrush plans, but depending on the plan you have different keywords tracked quotas.

  • SEMrush Pro– 500 keywords;
  • SEMrush Guru– 1500 keywords;
  • SEMrush Business– 5 000 keywords.

SEMrush also allows you to buy additional keywords to track. The price is $60 per 500 new keywords added to Rank Tracker.

For all plans, the keyword ranking updates are every 24-48 hours.

SEMrush PlanTracked Keyword QuotasKeyword Tracking Update Frequency
SEMrush Pro50024-48 hours
SEMrush Guru150024-48 hours
SEMrush Business5 00024-48 hours

Now let’s see what Ubersuggest’s Rank Tracker can do.

Ubersuggest Position Tracking (Rank Tracker)

You can use the Ubersuggest Rank Tracker app with your free Ubersuggest account. You can track 25 keywords for free.

So, the first thing you need to do is log into your account and land inside the Ubersuggest dashboard.

Then, in the left sidebar click on “Rank Tracker” tab. This will allow you to set up your campaign and add keywords to track.

Access Ubersuggest Rank Tracker within the Ubersuggest dashboard

Next, set up your campaign and the keywords you want to track.

Add keywords to Ubersuggest Rank Tracker

Once you’ve added your keyword it will take Ubersuggest 10-15m to populate the data.

Take a look at what the report looks like.

Ubersuggest shows you:

  • Position;
  • Keyword;
  • Change;
  • Volume;
  • SD (SEO Difficulty);
  • URL;
  • Updated:

Ubersuggest keyword rank tracker report

As mentioned, Ubersuggest’s free account gives you 25 keywords to track for free.

If you upgrade your account, you get higher limits.

Ubersuggest PlanTracked KeywordsUpdate FrequencyMobile Rank TrackingNumber of LocationsData Reporting

SEMrush or Ubersuggest- Which Tool Has a Better Keyword Rank Tracker?

Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest have excellent rank trackers.

However, Ubersuggest’s Rank Tracker allows you to track limited keywords per project, even on paid plans. For example, Ubersuggest Agency lets you track the rankings of 300 keywords. Whereas SEMrush Pro, which is the basic paid plan lets you track 500kw’s.

That said, SEMrush is a bit more expensive.

I give this win to SEMrush.

Winner- SEMrush.

SEO ToolCheapest PlanMedium-Priced PlanMost Expensive Plan
SEMrush SEMrush Pro (500KW)SEMrush Guru (1500KW)SEMrush Business (5 000 KW)
UbersuggestUbersuggest Individual (125KW)Ubersuggest Business (150KW)Ubersuggest Enterprise/Agency (300KW)

SEMrush vs Ubersuggest- User Interface and Experience

User interface and experience are how easy and intuitive it is to use the tool or an app, in this case it’s Ubersuggest and SEMrush,

Take a look at the Ubersuggest interface.

Ubersuggest interface and dashboard

Now take a look at SEMrush’s interface (pay special attention to the left sidebar).

SEMrush cluttered interface

I think you already know where I’m going with this…

Ubersuggest User Interface

Ubersuggest advertise themselves as an SEO tool that’s perfect for beginners and for those who don’t have large marketing budgets.

And user interface is one of Ubersuggest’s strongest points. UI is very streamlined, simple, and easy for a newbie to use.

I remember using Ubersuggest way back when it was an independent keyword research tool and I remember how I was impressed by the interface and ease of use, and how it was very helpful for me as a total newbie.

I’m even more impressed now because Ubersuggest as a direct competitor to SEMrush have managed to introduce several new tools and keep their dashboard intuitive and easy to use.

SEMrush User Interface

Now, SEMrush… It’s a mess!

Don’t get me wrong, SEMrush is an excellent SEO and SEM tool, but I admit it looks scary the first time you log into it.

While Ubersuggest also keep their tools inside one dashboard, since there are only a handful of tools their dashboard is much less cluttered.

As for SEMrush, they offer 55+ tools and features (read my guide to best SEMrush features here) and they keep them all under one roof categorized as:

  • Competitive research;
  • Keyword research;
  • Link building;
  • On-page and tech SEO;
  • Local SEO;
  • Advertising;
  • Social media;
  • Content marketing;
  • Trends;
  • Agency solutions.

And hidden under accordions are the options to explore and use the SEMrush tools and features.

SEMrush cluttered interface and poor UX
SEMrush offers poor UX to its customers

Overall, it definitely works, but it definitely feels overcrowded.

Again, don’t forget that SEMrush offers more than 50 tools under their brand name, which means you’re looking at a dashboard with dozens of tools you could potentially use.

SEMrush vs Ubersuggest- Which Tool Offers a Better User Interface and Experience?

There’s not much to say here.

Ubersuggest’s UI and UX are beyond comparison better than SEMrush’s UI and UX.

The only thing I can say for SEMrush, given that I use their tools on a daily basis, is that by using SEMrush regularly you will quickly learn to ignore the features you don’t need and dial in on the essentials.

Winner- Ubersuggest.

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SEMrush vs Ubersuggest- Customer Support

Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest have excellent customer support and there are plenty of ways to get help if you ever need it.

Let’s start with SEMrush.

SEMrush Customer Support

There are 4 ways to get help from SEMrush if you’re ever stuck with any of their tools.

First, you can get answers to your questions via the SEMrush Knowledge Base.

SEMrush knowledge base

Second, you can contact SEMrush via the contact page (accessed via the SEMrush dashboard as a logged-in user).

SEMrush contact page within the user dashboard

Third, you can contact SEMrush via live chat.

SEMrush live chat is best for problems that you feel can be solved quickly and by a qualified SEMrush employee.

Again, from the SEMrush dashboard click on the orange question mark icon and select “live chat”.

SEMrush live chat

Then you can either search their knowledge base for answers to your questions or opt to ask a question.

Ask a question to the SEMrush staff via live chat

Fourth, you can contact SEMrush via their social profiles, especially via Twitter.

This is the slowest and most fallible way though. There’s no guarantee they’ll respond promptly. They also don’t respond to DM’s on Twitter so don’t even bother.

You’ll be labeled as a spammer if you’re too persistent.

Ubersuggest Customer Support

There are 2 ways to get help from Ubersuggest if you’re ever stuck with using the tool.

First (and best), you can contact Ubersuggest via their user dashboard. So, once oyu log in in the right conrer you will see “Help” live chat button.

Click it and ask your question.

Ubersuggest- get help via live chat

Second, you can contact the Neil Patel team via the contact page, however, the response rate there will be poor because that contact page primarily serves to receive queries related to Neil Patel’s marketing agency.

SEMrush or Ubersuggest- Whose Customer Support is Better?

SEMrush offers 4 ways to contact them to get help. Ubersuggest offers 2 ways to contact them. Overall, you will get help from both tools’ help teams.

But this round goes to SEMrush.

Winner- SEMrush

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SEMrush vs Ubersuggest- Pricing

SEMrush or Ubersuggest…

Which SEO tool is more affordable in 2023?

Semrush Pricing

SEMrush Plans and Pricing

Here we have Semrush’s current pricing plans:

  • SEMrush Pro – $119.95/month
  • SEMrush Guru – $229.95/month
  • SEMrush Business – $449.95/month

Semrush offers an extra saving of 17% if you switch to annual billing. It’s the SEMrush lifetime deal offer and worth considering if you’re going to stick with SEMrush over the long haul.

SEMrush PlanMonthly PriceYearly PriceFree Trial Discount
Pro$119.95/mo$99.95/moYes17% discount on yearly pricing
Guru$229.95/mo$191.62/moYes17% discount on yearly pricing
Business$449.95/mo$374.95/moNoperhaps, upon agreement with SEMrush
CustomPrice determined upon agreement with SEMrushPrice determined upon agreement with SEMrushFree trial availability determined upon agreement with SEMrushDiscount availability determined upon agreement with SEMrush

Try SEMrush today!

Ubersuggest Pricing

Ubersuggest pricing and cost in 2023
Ubersuggest pricing and cost in 2023

Ubersuggest’s monthly pricing plans:

  • Ubersuggest Individual – $12/month (suitable for small businesses or entrepreneurs who are managing 1-3 websites)
  • Ubersuggest Business – $20/month (suitable for small or medium-sized businesses who are managing 4- 7 websites)
  • Ubersuggest Enterprise/Agency – $40/month (suitable for scaled businesses or organizations who are managing 8+ websites)

Ubersuggest’s lifetime (one-time payment) pricing plans:

  • Ubersuggest Individual – $120/lifetime
  • Ubersuggest Business – $200/lifetime
  • Ubersuggest Enterprise/Agency – $400/lifetime

SEMrush vs Ubersuggest Pricing Plans – Which one is suitable for your business?

SEO ToolNumber of Paid PlansFree TrialCheapest PlanMost Expensive PlanDiscount
SEMrush4Yes$119.95/mo$449.95/mo17% (on a yearly plan)
Ubersuggest3Yes$29/mo$99.mo90% (on a lifetime deal)

SEMrush is much more expensive than Ubersuggest. While Ubersuggest promote themselves as a budget SEO tool, SEMrush promote themselves as the best SEO tool on the market.

And that’s reflected in pricing.

Their cheapest SEMrush plan is roughly 20% more expensive than Ubersuggest’s more expensive plan (Ubersuggest Enterprise plan).

Does that mean SEMrush is too pricey and not worth getting?

No, it doesn’t. SEMrush is a superior SEO tool to Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest can help you with keyword research, backlink, and competitor analysis.

While SEMrush can help you with competitor, backlink, and keyword research, AND everything else you’ll need to run successful marketing campaigns.

Still, this is a competition on pricing and in this area, the win goes to Ubersuggest.

Winner in the pricing category- Ubersuggest!

SEMrush vs Ubersuggest 2023 FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

SEMrush vs Ubersuggest 2023 FAQ
SEMrush vs Ubersuggest 2023 FAQ- your questions answered!

My SEMrush or Ubersuggest guide would be incomplete without a thorough FAQ section, agree?

#1- Does Ubersuggest Offer a Free Account? What About SEMrush?

Ubersuggest doesn’t offer a free account.

SEMrush does offer a free account, and it’s a forever-free account.

#2- Does Ubersuggest Offer a Free Trial of Their Service? What About SEMrush?

Ubersugget offers a 7-day free trial for Ubersuggest Individual, Ubersuggest Business and Ubersuggest Enterprise.

Ubersuggest free trial
Ubersuggest free trial

SEMrush offers a 14-day free trial.

And that is the best SEMrush free trial offer you can get today. There used to be a 30-day free trial for SEMrush, but that offer is now discounted.

SEMrush free trial
SEMrush free trial

#3- Do I Need a Credit Card to Activate SEMrush Free Trial? What About Ubersuggest Free Trial?

You need a credit card to activate SEMrush’s free trial. However, you won’t be charged until your trial is over.

You don’t need a credit card to activate the Ubersuggest free trial.

#4- Does Ubersuggest Offer a Lifetime Deal of Their Service? What About SEMrush?

Ubersuggest offers a lifetime deal on their service. Pay once and you’re grandfathered at that price for the lifetime of your subscription.

Here’s Ubersuggest lifetime pricing:

  • Ubersuggest Individual – $120/lifetime
  • Ubersuggest Business – $200/lifetime
  • Ubersuggest Enterprise/Agency – $400/lifetime

Ubersuggest lifetime deal
Ubersuggest lifetime deal

SEMrush also offers a lifetime deal. You get a 17% discount on all SEMrush plans.

Learn about SEMrush lifetime deal here.

#5- Is There a Cracked Version of Ubersuggest? What About SEMrush?

There is no Ubersuggest cracked version.

When you search for “Ubersuggest cracked” in Google and Bing, you get no relevant results.

Ubersuggest cracked version no relevant result in Google
Ubersuggest cracked version no relevant result in Google
"Ubersuggest cracked" query in Bing shows no good results
“Ubersuggest cracked” query in Bing shows no good results

There is also no SEMrush cracked version.

#6- Is the Bin Method Available for Ubersuggest and SEMrush?

The “Ubersuggest BIN method” and “SEMrush BIN method” are ineffective and potentially illegal ways of getting Ubersuggest and SEMrush premium accounts.

The method consists of you using a BIN generator to generate random BIN’s (Bank Identification Numbers) hoping one of them is not expired and will work for you.

The “X tool” BIN method doesn’t work, it never worked and it is almost certainly illegal.

I suggest you avoid it at all costs.

There are better ways to get both Ubersuggest and SEMrush.

#7- Can You use Get Ubersuggest via Groubuy Services? What About SEMrush?

Ubersuggest group buy is not a viable option because group buying SEO tool gives you tools with limited features and very tight usage quotas.

On top of that, both Ubersuggest and SEMrush actively hunt group buy SEO groups and shut down their shared subscriptions.

So group buy websites you can find in Google are not worth it.

Ubersuggest cannot be gotten via group buy websites

Bottom line: neither SEMrush group buy nor Ubersuggest group buy are worthwhile options to consider.

#8- What is the Ubersuggest Coupon Code? What About SEMrush Coupon Code?

Ubersuggest coupon code doesn’t exist.

If you search for:

  • “Ubersuggest coupon code”
  • “Ubersuggest promo code”
  • “Ubersuggest discount code”
  • “Ubersuggest voucher code”

in Google and Bing, you won’t find any relevant results.

You’ll only find some affiliate sites trying to get you to click their affiliate link.

Ubersuggest coupon code doesn't exist
Ubersuggest coupon code doesn’t exist

As for SEMrush, you can read about the SEMrush coupon here.

#9- Do Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest Offer Coupon Codes for Students?

SEMrush offers special coupons and discount codes for students.

You can go to this page on to negotiate a special discount for you.

SEMrush student coupon and discount

Ubersuggest don’t have special coupon codes for students.

Ubersuggest student discount doesn't exist


#10- Do Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest Offer Coupon Codes for Teachers?

SEMrush offers special coupons and discount codes for teachers.

You can go to this page on to negotiate a special discount for you.

SEMrush teacher coupon and discount

Ubersuggest don’t have special coupon codes for teachers.

Ubersuggest teacher discount and coupon doesn't exist

#11- Do Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest Offer Coupon Codes for Military Personnel?

Neither SEMrush nor Ubersuggest offer coupon codes for military personnel.

If you search for those in Google you will see no relevant results.

Ubersuggest military discount doesn't exist

#12- Do Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest Offer Coupon Codes for Non-Profit Organizations (NGO)?

SEMrush offers a discount for non-profit organizations (NGO).

As an NGO you’re also exempt from paying taxes on your SEMrush purchase

You can read my guide to SEMrush for non-profits next.

SEMrush for nonprofits official page

Ubersuggest doesn’t offer special discounts for nonprofits (NGO).

If you search for “Ubersuggest for nonprofits” you will sii crickets, nada!

Ubersuggest nonprofit discount code and coupon doesn't exist.

#13- Do Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest Offer Coupon Codes for New Business Startups?

Neither SEMrush nor Ubersuggest offer coupon codes for new business startups.

If you’re a new business startup looking for a cheap SEO tool, then you can take advantage of SEMrush free trial and Ubersuggest free trial offers.

It’s the best way to start with these two SEO and SEM tools.

#14- Do Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest Offer Black Friday Discounts for Their Services?

You can read about SEMrush Black Friday deals here, as for Ubersuggest they also offer Black Friday deals and discounts.

However, you need to Google to find the current deals as they get updated every year.

#15- Can I use SEMrush or Ubersuggest via Premium Cookies?

You can use SEMrush and Ubersuggest via premium cookies, but it’s not worth it.

Similar to the group buy and cracked options above, premium user cookies often don’t work, often stop working for no reason, and also both SEMrush and Ubersuggest actively hunt illegal users.

It’s much better for you to get free trials of both SEMrush and Ubersuggest and use these services that way.

Remember, you won’t have to pay a dime while on a free trial.

Ubersuggest premium cookies in google

Ubersuggest premium cookies in Microsoft Bing

#16- Do Ubersuggest and SEMrush Have Affiliate Programs I Can Join?

Ubersuggest doesn’t have an affiliate program you can join.

SEMrush does have and operates an affiliate program hosted via Impact Radius.

SEMrush affiliate program is hosted via Impact Radius.

I’m an affiliate for SEMrush, and I recommend you join as well. It’s easy to earn money promoting SEMrush as it’s an excellent SEO tool.

SEMrush affiliate program on Impact Radius

#17- Do SEMrush and Ubersuggest Have Chrome Extensions I Can use?

Both SEMrush and Ubersuggest have Chrome extensions you can use.

SEMrush has SEOquake, while Ubersuggest has the Ubersuggest Chrome SEO extension.

Download SEOquake for Chrome

Ubersuggest free Chrome extension
Ubersuggest free Chrome extension

#18- Who are the Main Alternatives to SEMrush and Ubersuggest?

The main alternatives  to SEMrush and Ubersuggest are:

SEMrush vs Ubersuggest 2023- Which SEO Tool is Truly Better? Share on X

SEMrush vs Ubersuggest in 2023: Which SEO Tool is Truly Better (Conclusion)?

Both Ubersuggest and Semrush are capable platforms that can assist you to address your SEO-specific concerns. Ubersuggest is certainly a simple, less expensive, and straightforward SEO tool that enables you to analyze and enhance the SEO scores of your professional website. It is a fundamental tool that comes with a basic set of features and capabilities to venture into the SEO world.

On the other hand, Semrush offers comprehensive SEO capabilities at a higher price, but it is justified when you compare the services you get in return. Semrush provides everything a business or digital marketing agency could ask for. It helps you streamline your digital workflow and optimize your content to avail better search engine ranking.

Although you can choose the suitable one based on your business requirements, based on the above-mentioned parameters, Semrush is a clear winner.

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