Best Quillbot Alternatives in 2024- Both Premium and Free Options Included

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Quillbot is an excellent paraphrasing tool that can also check for plagiarism, check your grammar and spelling and help you properly generate citations when writing essays and research papers.

Quillbot is an excellent tool… but it’s not the only one on the market and some other tools below can do the same and then some.

My guide to the best Quillbot alternatives for 2024 tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s take a look at them all.

Best Quillbot alternatives for 2024 (free and paid options included)
Best Quillbot alternatives for 2024 (free and paid options included)

SEMrush offers four paid plans:

Note: I wrote this guide based on my personal experience with these tools and software. The truth is that there are many more tools that could be considered Quillbot alternatives (for example Spinner Chief, Chimp Rewriter, Spin Rewriter), but I didn’t use them hence I can’t talk about them convincing. So I left them out of this guide.

My guide on the best Quillbot alternatives is divided into two parts. Feel free to use the jump links below to navigate the article better.


Table of Contents

Best Paid Quillbot Alternatives

#1- Jasper AI

Jasper AI- an excellent Quillbot alternative
Jasper AI- a super GPT-powered Quillbot alternative

Jasper AI is already one of the biggest AI copywriting tools on the market. And they have huge plans for the future as they recently raised $125 million at a $1.5 billion valuation+ plus they’re in the process of acquiring Outwrite, one of the best Grammar checkers on the market with more than a million users.

Jasper AI uses GPT-3 to help you generate any form of content, from long form blog posts using their Boss Mode to Facebook and Google ad copy.

GPT-powered Jasper AI can also paraphrase content and that’s what makes it a suitable Quillbot alternative.

I use their paraphraser to rewrite parts of my post and convert them into tweets and LinkedIn posts, and I use the Summarizer feature to write summaries of my articles and convert them into tweets and short Facebook posts.

For example, here’s how I used Jasper Summarizer to summarize my entire Jasper AI promo code article into a handful of bullet points.

Jasper AI content summarizer can replace Quillbot Summarizer
Jasper AI content summarizer can replace Quillbot Summarizer

Why is Jasper AI a Good Replacement for Quillbot AI? Who is it Best For?

Jasper AI is a tool with endless templates, features, and recipes.

I personally think they’re an excellent alternative to Quillbot specifically because of their ability to generate long from content at scale; but it doesn’t hurt that they have 50+ templates to create short form copy like Facebook posts, Instagram captions, LinkedIn posts, Twitter tweets, ad copy, email copy, and attention-grabbing headlines.

Jasper AI templates

Jasper AI also comes with a free Grammarly integration and which makes it a suitable replacement for Quillbot Grammar Checker.

Finally, I also like that there’s a paid Surfer SEO integration which allows you to optimize Jasper content before you push it live.

However, getting the Surfer SEO add-on only makes sense if you go for the Jasper AI Boss Mode plan and not the Starter plan which is more suitable for generating short-form copy.

Jasper AI Pricing

Full article- Jasper AI pricing

Jasper AI has 2 plans:

  • Starter – $29/month – for 20,000 words; $288 if you purchase a yearly plan.
  • Boss Mode – $59/month – 50.000 words; or $588 if you purchase a yearly plan.

Jasper AI also offers a generous 5-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Try Jasper AI today!

#2- Writesonic

Writesonic is an excellent Quillbot alternative
Writesonic is an excellent GPT alternative to Quillbot

Writesonic is another AI writing tool that can help you write any form of content, from long-form articles to Facebook ads and they already boast tens of thousands of paying customers.

I personally use their excellent AI Article Writer 4.0 to whip up the first drafts of my blog post in minutes.

All I do is enter my title, and a few relevant keywords so the article comes out optimized out of the box, and Writesonic generates the outline for me (which I can manually change if needed) and then proceeds to generate content for me.

Take a look at the article draft for the topic of “Writesonic free trial”. On the left, there’s a promo and outline and on the right is what Writesonic created.

Writesonic can generate articles from scratch based on headlines you feed into it. Quilbot can't do that.

Writesonic is also a fast-developing tool they currently have almost 100 templates for pretty much any short form type of content you can imagine, and they recently introduce Photosonic which is a tool that can generate imagery based on the prompts you feed into it.

Finally, the newest addition is ChatSonic which is a ChatGPT alternative that is connected to the internet and has access to the newest info.

Chatsonic by Writesonic

Why is Writesonic a Good Replacement for Quillbot AI? Who is it Best for?

Writesonic is an excellent replacement tool for Quillbot, because it can do everything that Qulibot can, and then some.

The real advantages over Quillbot are Chatsonic which you can command to write any type of content you want based on prompts, and Photosonic which can generate images for you. These are things Quillbot can’t do.

I recommend Writesonic to bloggers looking to scale their blogs with AI content. It’s one of the best AI content generators on the market.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic offer a free trial which gives you access to almost all feature and 2500 words of content to generate for free.

Then there’s a Long-Form plan which starts at $12.67/mo for 47.500 words, and the maximum plan you can get is 5 000 000 words for $666/mo).

Finally, there’s Writesonic Custom Plan for which pricing is not available on the pricing page.

Try Writesonic today!

#3- Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is an excellent Quillbot alternative
Hypotenuse AI is an excellent alternative to Quillbot AI

I first opened a Hypotenuse AI free trial account to test the tool and I fell in love with it given that at the time I was searching for an AI content generator that can generate full articles while maintaining logical threads between paragraphs and while giving the facts right (a big weakness of generative AI is that it often hallucinates and you have to fix many of the facts and stats otherwise).

Hypotenuse AI’s full blog post generator combined with their proprietary Content Detective solves that problem for me and is actually a huge time saver.

However, my favorite feature is Hypotenuse AI’s full article writer. Out of all of the Quillbot alternatives on this list when it comes to full article generation using AI, Hypotenuse AI is clearly the best.

Here’s an example of the article generated with Hypotenuse AI full article writer. As it is it’s good enough to be posted on a PBN to host a backlink. With a little bit of editing, it becomes an excellent article that can be posted on my blog.

Hypotenuse AI can write entire articles using AI

Why is Hypotenuse AI a Good Alternative to Quillbot AI? Who is it Best for?

Hypotenuse AI is a good alternative to Quillbot AI if you need to write longer form content that Quillbt is not able to do. They have Quillbot Flow feature which uses AI to write for you, but it’s still in beta and also it’s mostly manual work, almost as if you’re writing without any tool.

Besides excelling at long form content creation Hypotenuse AI also have typical templates you’d expect from an AI content generator.

My favorite for blog post creation is content rewriter and content summarizer

Hypotenuse AI templates

Hypotenuse AI Pricing

Hypotenuse AI has 3 paid plans:

  • Starter– $29/mo or $24/mo if you pick a yearly plan;
  • Growth– $59/mo or $49/mo if you pick a yearly plan;
  • Enterprise– price available on the pricing page.

Try Hypotenuse today!

#4- Copysmith

Copysmith is an excellent Quillbot alternative
Copysmith is an excellent Quillbot AI alternative

Copysmith is an AI copywriting software built for copywriters, bloggers, marketer,s and content agencies with a huge need for unique high-quality content at scale.

I started using Copysmith when it was still in beta. I remember I was impressed as back then it was a decent tool that could whip up a product description and a few most popular copywriting formulas and nothing else.

But now, when I logged back into my dormant account I saw they introduced dozens on new templates, similar to what Jasper AI and Writesonic have.

With Copysmith you can rewrite articles write product descriptions, entire articles (SEO-ed blog posts) Facebook ads, social media posts and captions…

Copysmith templates

Let’s try the content rewriter as paraphrasing is Quillbot’s main thing.  So it’ll be interesting to see how Copysmith compares.

On the left there’s a field where I can add content to be paraphrased. I take a paragraph from my Quillbot student discount page and I let it rip.

On the right Copysmith spits out several versions, all of which can be either used as they are or slightly enhanced.

And if I’m not happy with the results I can just click “generate” again and let AI rephrase the content for me.

Copysmith content rewriting feature


Overall, I’m impressed.


Why is Copysmith a Good Quillbot Alternative? Who is it Best for?

Copysmith is definitely not at the same level as Jasper AI and Writesonic and that is a good thing. Copysmith is a much simpler tool and that’s it’s advantage as so many people complain that AI tools like Jasper and Writesonic are too complicated and difficult to master.

As such Copysmith is best suited for those who need to generate content with AI (which Quillbot can’t do) and who’re looking for a simpler tool to do the work.

Copysmith is affordable too…

Copysmith Pricing

Price: $19 per month for their starter plan, which includes 75 Credits (75 credits allow you to generate ~40 000 words of content)  and 20 Plagiarism Checks per month.

Try Copysmith today!

#5- Grammarly

Grammarly is an excellent Quillbot alternative
Grammarly is an excellent alternative to Quillbot AI

Grammarly is not a content paraphraser even though Grammarly Premium can rewrite clumsy sentences for you.

At its core, Grammarly is a grammar checker, and their grammar checker is superior to QuillBot’s grammar checker, especially if you have a premium subscription to Grammarly.

Grammarly will highlight spelling and grammar mistakes, even on the free plan, though the premium plan will give you access to more advanced grammar corrections.

Similar to Quillbot, Grammarly also has a Chrome extension that you can install for free and that works on any website where you can write. The free extension gives you basic grammar and spell checker that comes with Grammarly Free, but if you’re a paying Grammarly customer (You can take advantage of Grammarly free trial offer) you will get enhanced grammar, spelling, and writing style suggestions.

Grammarly Premium also introduces a plagiarism checker into the mix for better control of your writing.

Why is Grammarly App a Good Alternative to Quillbot AI? Who is it Best for?

Grammarly is not a paraphrasing tool and as such it’s not a proper alternative to Quillbot AI. However, Grammarly is a superb grammar, spelling, and writing style checker compared to Quillbot.

After all, checking grammar is Grammarly’s core business while Quillbot Grammar Checker App is a free add-on to Quillbot Paraphraser which is their core business.

I recommend Grammarly App to serious writers who’re into publishing books online and offline, and to serious bloggers who want to police their content before it goes live on their blogs.

Grammarly Plagiarism checker can also replace Quillbot Plagiarism Checker and other premium anti-plagiarism checker tools such as Copyscape, Grammarly and other tools.

Grammarly App Pricing

  • Grammarly Free: Includes grammar and spelling checker, as well as basic writing suggestions.
  • Grammarly Premium: Starts at $12/mo per user with advanced grammar and punctuation corrections, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and a plagiarism checker.
  • Grammarly Business: Starts at $15 per user per month with additional features designed for teams, such as collaboration and integration with popular project management tools.

Try Grammarly today!

Best Free Grammarly Alternatives in 2024

These free Quillbot alternatives are some of my favorite tools. I used them all in the past and some of them I use on a daily basis.

If you can’t afford a premium Quillbot subscript or any of the paid tools I covered above, then these apps are for you.

#6- Wordtune 

Wordtune is an excellent free Quillbot alternative
Wordtune is an excellent free alternative to Quillbot AI
Wordtune is a free paraphrasing tool that helps you rephrase any content you feed it.

You can use Wordtune free of charge (it’s basically a demo of the tool), but you’re severely limited as you can only paraphrase 280 characters at once. That’s just a couple of sentences or a very small paragraph and it’s not very practical.

Here’s an example, I paraphrased a paragraph from my Quillbot free trial page.

Wordtune paraphrased a paragraph about Quillbot free trial

Why is Wordtune a Good Free Alternative to Quillbot AI? Who is it Best for?

Wordtune is a very simple tool, which is not a bad thing. Basically, all it does is rewrite and paraphrase but it does it well and is the best Quillbot alternative when it comes to rewriting content.

I recommend Wordtune to bloggers who can’t afford to buy a premium paraphrasing app. Just be aware that the free Wordtune plan gives access to 10 free rewrites per day.

Paraphrasing content inside the Wordtune editor

Wordtune Pricing

Wordtune offers one free plan and 2 paid tiers:

  • Free;
  • Premium– $24.99/mo or just $9.99/mo if you decide to pay yearly ($119.88 per year)
  • Premium for Teams– the cost of this plan is not available on the Wordtune pricing page (you need to contact their support).

#7- ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a great free alternative to Quillbot AI
ProWritingAid is a great free Quillbot AI alternative

ProWritingAid is a pro grammar checker and plagiarism detection tool.

ProWritingAid is great if you’re looking for a tool that’s not just a basic grammar checker.

It has a huge number of features that help you improve the clarity and quality of your writing (writing style; overused words; repeated words in close proximity (called Echoes); overused cliche words; transition problem detection; punctuation and spelling mistakes; diction; readability; plagiarism score)

ProWritingAid extensive features

Here’s what ProWritingAid looks like in action. I took a few paragraphs from my Quillbot review article and deliberately added grammar mistakes and misspellings.

ProWritingAid as a grammar checker is better than Quillbot Grammar Checker. Here it is fixing my grammar and spelling mistakes

ProWritingAid also offers a free Chrome extension.

Here’s an example of it working with my WordPress dashboard.

ProWritingAid works inside WordPress editor via their free Chrome extension

Why is ProWritingAid a Good Free Alternative to Quillbot AI? Who is it Best for?

ProWritingAid is not a paraphrasing tool so in that area Quillbot clearly wins. However, ProWritingAid is a superb grammar and spelling checker and Quillbot Grammar Checker can’t really compare.

I recommend ProWritingAid to professional writers who need their drafts to be pitch-perfect.

In fact, with the number of features ProWritingAid has, I can safely say it’s the best grammar checker for professional writers.

ProWritingAid Pricing

ProWritingAid costs $30/mo when you pay monthly, which comes out to $360/yr.

That’s pretty steep pricing for most people. However, ProWritingAid costs $10/mo or $120 if you pick a yearly plan.

You can also get a lifetime deal on ProWritingAid, which will cost you $399. And you’ll be a grandfather at this price.

Try ProWritingAid today!

#8- Outwrite

Outwrite is an excellent free alternative to Quillbot
Outwrite is an excellent free Quillbot alternative

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), Outwrite’s online grammar checker software can correct all types of grammatical errors (grammar mistakes, misspellings, punctuation, writing style, writing tone…) in your text.

You can try Outwrite right on their homepage, however, it’s best to open a forever free account.

Once you’re in you’ll have access to a dashboard and interface where you write your content and have Outwrite police your grammar and spelling.

Here’s an example of me checking some of my content.

Outwrite can fix your grammar and misspleling for free. It can also rephrase sentences


Why is Outwrite a Good Free Alternative to Quilbot AI? Who is it Best for?

Outwrite is a free Quillbot alternative that can check your text for grammar and spelling mistakes and that can rewrite sentences that are overly long and unappealing.

The advantage Outwrite has over Quillbot is that it does all of this inside one editor which makes the work process within Outwrite much more streamlined and pleasurable. Whears with Quillbot if you want to check grammar, you need to go to Quillbot Grammar Checker. And if you want to paraphrase you need to go to Quillbot Paraphraser. And if you want to do more than basic paraphrases and synonyms switching and with more rewriting modes you need to subscribe.

Outwrite is best for people who want to keep things simple while proving their text with a sprinkle of sentence paraphrasing on top.

Pro tip: Outwrite gives you sentence rephrasing for free, while that feature is available with Grammarly Premium.

Outwrite Software Pricing

Outwrite offers 3 plans:

  • Essential– this is a forever free plan;
  • Pro– $24.95/mo, or $9.95 if you buy a yearly plan;
  • Teams– $14.95/mo, or $7.95 if you buy a yearly plan;

Try Outwrite today!

#9- Spinbot

Spinbot is an excellent free alternative to Quillbot AI
Spinbot is an excellent free Quillbot AI alternative

Spinbot is a free content spinner and paraphraser that’s best suited for creating long form content with it. As such it’s better than Quillbot because it allows you to spin/rewrite up to 10 000 characters at once. 10 000 characters is ~1500 words which means an entire article.

Now, I don’t recommend you spin all of that at once because Spinbot’s artificial intelligence (NLP and NLU) is not that smart and you will get something that a trifle better than gibberish. You don’t want that.

Instead, go and paraphrase paragraph by paragraph for best results.

For example, here’s how I paraphrase a paragraph from my Quillbot pricing guide.

Rewriting content with Spinbot

Why is Spinbot a Good Free Alternative to Quillbot AI? Who is it Best for?

Spinbot is a good alternative to Quillbot because it allows you to paraphrase tons of content for free, and you don’t even need to open a free account. And the output you get is unique and readable and often usable right off the bat.

I recommend Spinbot to anyone who can’t afford Quillbot but still want to rewrite content quickly and efficiently.

As a bonus, Spinbot includes a free grammar checker which you can use as a perfect replacement for Quillbot’s Grammar Checker (which is also free btw)

Spinbot Pricing:

Spinbot is a free alternative to Quillbot AI.

Try Spinbot today!

Best Quillbot Alternatives 2024 FAQ

Best Quillbot alternatives FAQ
Best Quillbot alternatives FAQ

#1- Is There a Free Site Like Quillbot?

There are plenty of free sites that are like Quillbot. Some of the good examples covered in this article are:

#2- Which of These Quillbot Alternatives Offer Free Trials?

Quillbot alternatives that offer free trials are:

  • Jasper AI;
  • Writesonic;
  • Hypotenuse AI;
  • Copysmith;
Quillbot AlternativeFree Trial
Jasper AI5-day free trial
Writesonic2500 free credits
Hypotenuse AI10 free credits (1 credit=250 words)
Copysmith7-day free trial

#3- Which of These Quillbot Alternatives Offer Coupon Codes?

Quillbot offers a student discount.

Some Quillbot alternatives offer coupon codes.

Most don’t.

Quillbot AlternativeCoupon Code
Jasper AIno coupon
Writesonicno coupon
Hypotenuse AIno coupon
Copysmithno coupon
Grammarly20% off coupon code, but only to select affiliates
Spinbotno coupon
Wordtune30% discount for students. You'll need to prove you're a student or you work in some college or university.
Outwriteno coupon

#4- Which of These Quillbot Alternatives Offer Refund Guarantees?

Not all of Quillbot alternatives offer refund guarantees for their services.

Take a look at the table below.

Quillbot AlternativeRefund guarantee
Jasper AI5 days
Writesonic7 days
Hypotenuse AI7 days
Copysmith14 day
Grammarlyno refund
Spinbotno refund
Wordtuneno refund
OutwriteRefund only if you're able to prove Outwrite is not working the way it's intended.

#5- Which of These Quillbot Alternatives Use GPT Artificial Technology?

Quillbot alternatives that use GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) artificial technology are Jasper AI and Writesonic.

SEMrush offers four paid plans:

Pro tip: just be aware that if you go for a GPT-powered tool instead of Quillbot, your content will need to be well crafted with custom prompts in order to evade AI content detection tools that have sprung up on the market recently.

A good example is

If you’re interested make sure you read my review next. And yes, content paraphrased with Quillbot is largely undetectable:)

#6- Which of These Quillbot Alternatives Offer Lifetime Deals?

Not many Quillbot alternatives offer lifetime deals. This is because lifetime offers are common when a tool is just starting out on the market and they wish to offer something amazing for people to get hooked early on.

Currently only ProWritingAid offer a lifetime deal and it’s a one-time payment $399.

#7- Are All of These Quillbot Alternatives Cloud-Based? Will I Have to Download Software?

These Quillbot alternatives are all cloud-based apps.

You won’t have to download anything onto your computer.

#8- Do These Quillbot Alternatives Work on iPhone and Android?

All of these Quillbot alternatives work on both iPhone and Android. This doesn’t mean these tools have apps you’ll need to download and then use them. It just means you’ll be able to log in as if you’re using your computer.

The tools are optimized for mobile use, but the screen will be smaller (obviously).

Conclusion: Which is the Best Quillbot Alternative of all?

When it comes to generating spun content, QuillBot ain’t too shabby.

But let’s be real – given the capabilities and features, Jasper blows it out of the water. This tool is the best QuillBot alternative for churning out natural, human-sounding results. And get this – you can even create content from scratch, no article required.

The only catch is that it isn’t free.

If you’re on a budget and still want to ditch QuillBot, Spinbot and Wordtune are decent choices – just be prepared for some hit-or-miss results.

Lastly, keep in mind that no AI article rewriter is perfect, so be sure to give your output a good once-over to fix any awkward language. You can use these QuillBot alternatives until you find one that’s perfectly suitable for your use case.

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