Quillbot Grammar Checker App- Learn how to Check the Grammar of any Text With Quillbot

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Quillbot Grammar Checker is a free app provided by Quillbot AI that allows you to check for grammar issues in your text for free.

Learn below the 2 ways to use Quillbot to correct your grammar and spelling.

Let’s go!

Quillbot Grammar Checker guide
Quillbot Grammar Checker guide for 2023

#1- Use the Quillbot Grammar Checking App

How to check for Grammar and spelling mistakes With the Quillbot AI app?

  • Step #1– Pick the text you want to check for grammar and spelling mistakes;
  • Step #2– Go to Quillbot.com and paste your text;
  • Step #3– fix all mistakes Quillbot showed you.

More details are below.

First, pick the text you want to check in Quillbot Grammar App.

As for me, I’ll pick my guide on Quillbot pricing and I’ll copy a snippet of text to check.

Quillbot pricing copied snippet

Second, go to Quillbot.com and paste the copied content to check for grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

Quillbot grammar checker app fixing grammar issues

And that’s it!

#2- Use the Quillbot Chrome Extension to Check for Writing Mistakes

How to check for Grammar and spelling mistakes With Quillbot AI free Chrome extension?

  • Step #1– download the Quillbot Chrome extension;
  • Step #2– find the text you want to check for grammar and spelling errors;
  • Step #3– use the Chrome extension to check;

More details are below!

First, go and download the Quillbot Chrome extension. Once you install it you’ll be able to find the extension in your Chrome extension section.

Note: you can also download the extension directly from Quillbot.

Quillbot Chrome extension

Second, find the text you want to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. In my case, I’ll check a snippet of text from my Quillbot AI app review.

Quillbot Chrome extension grammar checker

As you can see Quillbot Grammar Chrome extension immediately found and fixed the mistakes. However, what I don’t like is that Quillbot doesn’t visually label the mistakes so you can see which mistakes are there in the text.

It’s no big deal, but I still like it more using the Quillbot app to check grammar as it clearly labels what it’s fixing.

Try the Quillbot grammar checker today. It’s free!

Quillbot Grammar Checker FAQ (Conclusion)

Quillbot Grammar Checker FAQ
Quillbot Grammar Checker 2023 FAQ

#1- Do I Need to Open a Quillbot Account to Use Their Free Grammar Checker?

You don’t need to open a Quilbot account to use their free grammar checker. Their grammar-checking app is free and their Chrome extension is also free.

#2- Is Quillbot’s Grammar Checker also a Punctuation Checker?

Quillbot’s grammar checker is also a punctuation checker. You won’t have punctuation mistakes if you use Quillbot to check your content.

#3- Is Quillbot’s Grammar Checker also a Spell Checker?

Quillbot’s grammar checker is also a spell checker. Meaning you won’t have spelling mistakes if you use Quillbot to check your content.

#4- Is Quillbot’s Grammar Checker Better Than Other Grammar Checkers?

Despite being free, Quillbot’s grammar checker is a quality product that’s on par with premium grammar checkers.

For example, Quillbot’s free grammar checker is at least as good as Grammarly’s grammar and spelling checker.

#5- Is Content Paraphrased With Quillbot Grammatically Correct?

Quillbot is an excellent online paraphraser.

The output it gives you is always 100% grammatically correct.

#6- Is Content Summarized With Quillbot Summarizer Grammatically Correct?

Content Summarized with Quillbot Summarizer is 100% grammatically correct. How could it not be since Quillbot is a premium-quality grammar checker beside it being an excellent paraphraser

#7- Is Jasper AI’s Grammar Checker Better Than Quillbot’s?

Jasper AI is not an online grammar checker. It’s an AI writing software app that can create content based on GPT-3 technology.

Jasper AI comes with a free Grammarly add-on so you get Grammarly checking your grammar when you use Jasper AI.

If you want to learn more about Jasper AI, read my Jasper AI pricing and Jasper AI review guides here.

And if you already know you want to buy this AI tool, then learn how to get a Jasper AI Premium free trial here, or get a Jasper AI coupon code here.

Quillbot Grammar Checker (Conclusion)

I invite you to Quillbot’s Grammar Checker app.

The tool is free, it works and you don’t even need a Quillbot premium account to use it.

LMK if you have any questions in the comment section below.


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