Quillbot Lifetime Deal 2024: Does Quillbot Really Have a Lifetime Offer?

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Looking for a Quillbot lifetime deal in 2024?

My guide tells you everything you need to know.

You’ll learn whether that lifetime deal really exists, and how to grab it.

Let’s go!

Quillbot lifetime deal guide for 2024
Quillbot lifetime deal guide for 2024- learn how to save money on a premium Quillbot subscription!

Does Quillbot Have a Lifetime Deal in 2024?

Quillbot doesn’t have a lifetime deal in 2024.

If you search their official website, helpful documentation, FAQ section, and learning center you’ll see they don’t mention anywhere the possibility of getting a lifetime deal on Quillbot.

But if you search on Google you might find 2 distinct types of websites:

First, there are a handful of AI-generated spam websites with auto-generated content that supposedly offer a lifetime deal on Quillbot. All you have to do is click their affiliate link…

It’s a scam, as I’m sure you realize.

These bloggers want you to click don’t their affiliate links so their cookie is placed on your computer. And if and when you buy in the future, they’ll get an affiliate commission from Quillbot.

Second, there’s also a group of sites that offer premium Quillbot cookies to download. Supposedly all you have to do is download the latest Quillbot cookies, install a certain Chrome extension, and perpetually use Quillbot for free.

This is also a scam because the premium cookies method no longer works, and could potentially be illegal as you’ll basically be stealing the service.

Here’s an example of such a website.

a supposed Quillbot lifetime deal offered by a fake website
a supposed Quillbot lifetime deal offered by a fake website

Right below you’ll learn the real way to save money on a premium Quillbot subscription.

What is the Best Alternative to Quillbot’s Non-Existent Lifetime Deal?

The best alternative to Quillbot’s non-existent lifetime deal is to take advantage of their pricing strategy to get a premium Quillbot license with a discount.

Namely, you can buy Quillbot monthly plan and that one comes without any discount, so you’ll pay full price. However, if you buy a 6-month or 12-month Quillbot plan you will get either a 33% or 58% discount on the plan you picked.

Here’s Quillbot’s pricing strategy:

Quillbot planMonthlySemi-annuallyAnnually
Quillbot Free///
Quillbot Premium$19.95/mo$13.33/mo ($79.95 billed every 6 months)Best Value
$8.33/mo ($99.95 billed every 12 months)

Note: Quillbot also offer a coupon code you can get to get a further 20% discount on Quillbot’s yearly plan. The coupon you can use at checkout is GOPREMIUM.

Try Quillbot today!

Quillbot Lifetime Deal 2024 FAQ

Quillbot lifetime deal 2024 FAQ
Quillbot lifetime deal 2024 FAQ- all your questions answered!

#1- Does Quillbot Offer a Lifetime Deal in 2024?

Quillbot doesn’t offer a lifetime deal of its service in 2024. If you see a website offering you one, and that site isn’t Quillbot.com, then you know it’s a scam and you need to be extra careful.

Lots of scammers on the web…

#2- Did Quillbot Ever have a Lifetime Offer?

Quillbot has never offered a lifetime offer, and it’s possible they never will. This is because it goes against their business model of offering a great product at an affordable price.

If they were to suddenly start offering lifetime deals, the quality of Quillbot as a product would suffer.

#3- Is There a Quillbot Discount Code I Can use?

The Quillbot discount code you can use to get Quillbot’s yearly plan with 20% discount is GOPREMIUM.

#4- Is There a Quillbot Free Trial I Can Take Advantage of?

Quillbot doesn’t offer a free trial of its services that you can take advantage of.

This is because Quillbot has a free version of their tool which is very generous and which acts as a free trial of sorts.

#5- Are There Quillbot Premium Cookies I Can use to Get Quillbot for Free?

There are no Quillbot premium cookies you can download and use to get Quillbot Premium for free.

The premium cookie method of getting a tool no longer works and Quillbot curbed that illegal practice a long time ago.

And even when the method worked, it was an abysmal service as you had to be downloading cookies multiple times per day just to be able to log in.

#6- What Other Paraphrasing Tools Have Lifetime Deals I Can use?

Most paraphrasing tools don’t offer lifetime deals, but some do.

It really depends on their business logic and for each tool it’s different.

You’ll need to check out my best AI paraphrasing tools guide to see which paraphrasing software currently offers lifetime deals, and also the real ways you can have money on one of these tools.

You also need to be agile when it comes to scoring a lifetime deal. Sometimes, a lifetime deal exists, but then the offer expires.

For example, a while back Writesonic had a lifetime deal offer for all new clients. That deal is long expired now…

Writesonic expired lifetime deal

#7- What Other Grammar Checker Tools Have Lifetime Deals I Can use?

There are plenty of grammar checkers on the market, and some of them offer lifetime deals on their services.

However, most don’t as it’s not profitable for them, especially in the long run.

These deals also expire quickly.

For example, White Smoke is an excellent grammar checker that’s affordable as it is, but a while back they had a lifetime offer where they gave a 66% discount on their premium plan. From $299.95 to $99.99.

That deal is expired now…

White Smoke grammar checker expired lifetime deal

Check out my guide on the best grammar checkers to learn more!

#8- Jasper AI is a Suitable Alternative to Quillbot. Does it Have a Lifetime Deal?

Jasper AI is a suitable alternative to Quillbot but Jasper AI doesn’t offer a lifetime deal at the moment.

They too consider it a bad strategy over the long haul and LTD is not available at the moment.

If you want to save money, read my guide on Jasper AI pricing, Jasper AI trial, and Jasper AI coupon code.

If you need to brush up on this AI tool, read my review of Jasper AI next!

Quillbot Lifetime Deal 2024 (Conclusion)

There is no Quillbot lifetime deal and the only way to save money on a premium Quillbot subscription is to take advantage of their pricing model.

So, what are you going to do?

Before deciding make sure you read my review of Quillbot to brush up on this paraphrasing tool

Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you!

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