Quillbot Pricing and Plans in 2024- What Does Quillbot Cost?

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What does Quillbot cost in 2024?

Is this paraphrasing tool still affordable as it used to be?

My Quillbot pricing guide has the answers you need so let’s stop wasting time.

Quillbot pricing and cost guide for 2024
Quillbot pricing and cost guide for 2024

Quillbot Pricing- What Does Quillbot AI Cost in 2024?

Quillbot plans and pricing in 2024
Updated Quillbot pricing for 2024

Quillbot offers 4 plans:

  • Quillbot Free;
  • Quillbot Monthly– $19.95/mo;
  • Quillbot Semi-Annual – $13.33 per month, or $79.95 paid once in a 6-month period;
  • Quillbot Yearly– $8.33 per month, or  $99.95 billed once in 12-month period.

The monthly Quillbot plan is the most expensive one and I only recommend it if you know you’ll be using Quillbot for just one month.

A 6-month Quillbot plan gives you a 33% discount, and is best suited for those who need Quillbot for a few months, but not for the whole year.

A 12-month Quillbot plan gives you the largest, 58% discount and is best suited for those looking to use Quillbot long-term.

And if you buy at one price and Quillbot decides to increase the price down the line, you will keep the older lower prices for the duration of your subscription.

Also, if you use Quillbot’s official coupon code (coupon code=GOPREMIUM) you will get a 20% discount on Quillbot yearly.

Quillbot planMonthlySemi-annuallyAnnually
Quillbot Free///
Quillbot Premium$19.95/mo$13.33/mo ($79.95 billed every 6 months)Best Value
$8.33/mo ($99.95 billed every 12 months)

Visit the Quillbot pricing page today!

Quillbot Free vs Paid- Differences and Limitations Explained

Quillbot Free and Quillbot paid plans are different as you might suspect.

Here are the major Quillbot features and usage limits for Quillbot Free and Paid

  • Quillbot Paraphraser– Quillbot Free lets you paraphrase unlimited content, but the maximum number of words you can paraphrase at once is 125 words. With Quillbot Premium you can paraphrase content of unlimited length.
  • Paraphraser Modes– Quillbot Free gives you access to Standard and Fluency paraphrasing modes. Quillbot Premium gives you access to additional paraphrasing modes (Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand, and Shorten).
  • Grammar Checker- Quillbot Grammar Checker is a free tool with unlimited usage, for both free and paid Quillbot versions (you can also check out my guide on best AI online grammar-checking tools next!)
  • Synonym Slider- Quillbot Free will recommend the most common synonyms, while Quillbot Premium will recommend all synonyms it has in its vast thesaurus.
  • Freeze Words– this feature allows you to tell Quillbot not to paraphrase certain words and phrases. Quillbot Free gives you just 1 freeze word. With Premium, you get unlimited freeze words.
  • Summarizer Limit- Quillbot Free gives you a 2500-word limit on the content you can summarize; while with Quillbot Premium you can summarize up to 6000 words at once.
  • Processing Speed- Quillbot Free is significantly slower than Quillbot Premium.
  • Plagiarism Checker- Quillbot Plagiarism Checker is a premium feature and is not available on a free plan. Quillbot Premium comes with 20 pages you can check for duplicate content for free. (read my guide to the best plagiarism checkers next!)
  • Compare Modes- Quillbot Premium gives you the option to simultaneously paraphrase the content in all 7 paraphrasing modes so you can compare them and pick the best one. This option is not available in Quillbot Free.
  • Recommended Rewrites- this Quillbot feature lets you simplify complex sentences while keeping them grammatically correct.
  • Tone Insights- get insights on how your newly paraphrased content sounds to your intended audience.

Quillbot FeatureQuillbot FreeQuillbot Paid
Paraphraser Limit125 wordsunlimited
Paraphrase ModesStandard, FluencyStandard, Shorten, Formal, Simple Fluency, Creative, Expand
Synoym SliderMaximum changesMinimum changes
Summarizer Limit2500 words6000 words
Processing SpeedFastestModerate
Plagiarism Checker20 pages/
Compare WordsYesNo
Recommended RewritesYesNo
Tone InsightsYesNo

Visit the Quillbot pricing plans page today!

Quillbot Pricing and Cost 2024 FAQ

Quillbot pricing and cost 2024 FAQ
Quillbot pricing and cost 2024 FAQ

#1- Is Quillbot Free to use?

Quillbot is free to use. They have a forever free account which you can use without even creating an account.

Note: Quillbot free comes with some limitations.

  • with Quillbot Free you can use 3 synonyms mode, while with Quillbot Premium you get 4
  • with Quillbot Free you can use Standard and Fluency paraphrasing modes, while with Quillbot Premium you get an additional 5 rewriting modes (Shorten, Expand, Simple, Creative, and Formal).
  • with Quillbot Free you can use 1 freeze word while with Quillbot Premium you get unlimited freeze words
  • with Quillbot Free you have a 125-word limit for single instance paraphrasing, while with Quillbot Premium you get unlimited words in Paraphraser;
  • with Quillbot Free you have a 2500-word limit in Quillbot Summarizer while with Quillbot Premium you get 6 000 words to summarize and play with.

Quillbot Premium also has additional features that the free version lack. Click here to read about it.

#2- What are the Payment Methods for Quillbot? How Can I Pay?

There are 2 ways to pay for Quillbot.

First, Quillbot accepts all major credit cards. All you need to do is enter your credit card and attach it to your premium Quillbot account.

Every next payment will be processed through that card until your balance runs out, or you remove your card, or you cancel your Quillbot subscription.

Here’s my premium Quillbot account paid with my Visa debit card.

My Quillbot premium account is paid with Visa debit card
I paid my Quillbot premium subscription with my Visa debit card.

Second, you can use PayPal to pay for Quillbot. In order to use PayPal for recurring Quillbot payments you need to have a credit card attached to your PP account.

This is because PayPal doesn’t allow recurring payments unless you have a credit card attached.

#3- Does Quillbot Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method?

Quillbot doesn’t accept Bitcoin as a payment method, Quillbot also doesn’t accept any other cryptocurrency as a payment method.

#4- Is Quillbot Chrome Extension Free to use?

Quillbot Chrome extension is free to download and use. In fact, you don’t even need to be logged in to Quillbot to use the extension.

However, if you intend to use Quillbot with Microsoft Word then you will need to be logged in to your Quillbot account.

Do you need to be signed in to Quillbot to use the Quillbot Chrome and Word extensions?

#5- How Many Times Can I use Quillbot for Free? Is There a Free Trial?

You can use the free version of Quillbot as often as you want and need. There’s really no limit there and you will never be asked to update to Quillbot Premium in order to continue using it. There is no Quillbot free trial.

Quillbot discount code is also available and the coupon is GOPREMIUM. 20% discount on Quillbot’s yearly plan.

#6- Can I Pause My Quillbot Subscription When I No Longer Need it? And for how Long?

You can pause your Quillbot subscription for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. After that period passes, you can simply briefly activate your subscription and then pause it again.

That way you can keep your account paused for pretty much forever. It’ll never be canceled and your data deleted, especially without your knowledge and approval.

Note: if you’re not entirely happy with Quillbot, there are other AI paraphrasing tools on the market. You can check out my guide to learn more about it.

Or you can go for Jasper AI, my favorite tool on that list. Jasper AI is an AI writing software that can do everything Quillbot can, and then some. Read my Jasper AI review to learn more about it. Also, read my Jasper AI coupon code, Jasper AI free trial, and Jasper AI pricing guides too.

Finally, never forget you can use Quillbot Summarizer and Quillbot Grammar Checker for free.

You don’t even need a Quillbot account.

#7- Should I Pick Grammarly Instead of Quillbot AI? What Does Grammarly Cost?

Quillbot and Grammarly are similar tools. Both tools are AI-powered writing assistants that offer plagiarism checkers, grammar checkers and much more.

However, Quillbot is the best AI-powered paraphrasing tool on the market, while Grammarly can only paraphrase sentences, and that in its paid tiers.

Remember that Quillbot gives you unlimited paraphrasing even on its free version.

To learn more about Grammarly, you can read my Grammarly pricing, Grammarly free trial, and Grammarly student discount guides next.

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Quillbot Pricing and Cost 2024 (Conclusion)

You’ve learned how much Quillbot costs.

You’ve learned how you can save money on a premium Quillbot subscription.

You’ve learned of various ways you can pay for Quillbot.

Now you know everything you need to know.

But I have a question…

Which Quillbot plan will you pick?

Let me know in the comment section below!

And if you need to learn more about Quillbot, read my honest Quillbot review next!

Note: And if you’re worried about buying and using Quillbot because you think AI-generated content can be detected, you’re right to worry.

Read my guide to the best AI content detection software to learn more about this topic.

And if you need a TLDR version, then Originality.ai is the best AI content detector on the market. It can reliably detect all major forms of GPT-generated content (GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-4, ChatGPT, Bing Chat and Google Bard).

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