Quillbot Review 2022: Worth it? Really the Best Paraphrasing and Summarizer Tool on the Market?

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Quillbot Review 2022

  • Product– Quillbot;
  • Used for– Writing, paraphrasing and copywriting;
  • Pricing– 2 plans, Free and Premium ($9.95 per month on a monthly plan), $6.66/mo on a 6-month plan ($39.95 billed every 6 months), and $4.17/mo on a yearly plan ($49.95 billed every 12 months);
  • Free Trial– no free trial, but a forever free account is available.
  • Coupon Code- no coupon code;
  • Refund Guarantee- 72h;
  • Good for- Copywriters, Bloggers, Students, Journalists, Content Marketers…;
  • Rating– 4.5/5.

Description: Quillbot is an affordable AI-powered paraphrasing tool that bloggers and marketers use to create human-friendly, SEO-ed content 5x faster than when writing manually.

This tool is especially useful when facing a persistent writer’s block and also when you don’t need to create new content because you already found perfect content on the web.

You just need to change it enough so it becomes unique.

Quillbot is the tool for the job. It can take any article and spin it so it’s 100% unique, Turnitin and Copyscape-proofed while also being extremely readable.

I love using this tool and I’m convinced you will too.

Give Quillbot free version a whirl here!

Or keep reading my review to learn everything you need to know about Quillbot.

Quillbot review
Read my Quillbot review and learn whether this AI paraphrasing tool can help you create more content faster

Table of Contents

How I Wrote My Quillbot Review?

For full transparency, I’m an affiliate for Quillbot and if you end up purchasing a premium subscription because of my review I will get a commission at no extra cost to you.

So thank you for that:)

So, how exactly did I write my Quillbot review?

Here’s what I did:

  • Personal experience. I’ve been using Quillbot for more than 6 months. So far it has helped me write dozens of posts much faster than with my normal writing speed. I know the tool inside and out.
  • Research- I  read dozens of other Quillbot reviews to see what other bloggers are saying so I don’t miss something important; I was also curious about their unique experiences with Quillbot. And although there was plenty of hype as it’s always the case with affiliate reviews trying to convince you to buy, I was able to gather valuable nuggets of information.
  • Capterra and Trustpilot- I also consulted independent user reviews on popular user-review generators which had a profile on Quillbot.
  • A unique source and perspective- Finally, I have a nephew who’s in high school and not very good at writing in English (we’re from Serbia and he’s more of a sports guy). He asked me for help with writing something, I told him I was busy (the truth) but I also suggested Quillbot to him. He’s been using it ever since and I was able to question him on what he likes and what he doesn’t. So that’s some unique impartial judgment there as he had no idea I was writing this Quillbot review. I doubt he even knows I have a website:)

What is Quillbot (+ A Little Bit of History)?

What is Quillbot?
What is Quillbot AI Tool?

Founded  in 2017 by Rohan Gupta, Anil Jason, and David Silin, Quillbot is an AI-powered summarizing and paraphrasing tool that uses AI technology to rewrite any sentence, paragraph, or entire article.

Millions of students, bloggers, webmasters marketers and even professional journalists use Quillbot to enhance and speed up their writing process while also producing unique and valuable content that will benefit anyone who reads it.

Let’s see what makes Quillbot one of the best paraphrasing tools on the market.

Quillbot Features Explained

Quillbot features explained
All Quillbot features explained in detail!

Here I am inside Quillbot Premium and am now ready to show you how this tool works, its features, and what you can do with it.

This is the crucial part of my Quillbot review, so stay tuned!

Note: for the most part I’ll use my Grammarly student discount page as an example of text to be rewritten.

#1- Quillbot Paraphrase

Quillbot Paraphrase is a tool that lets you paraphrase content on the web to make it your own. It works best by feeding it shorter chunks of text, i.e., paragraphs.

It has 7 modes of rewriting, which basically is seven different tones of writing for producing the desired output.

Quillbot Paraphrase modes are:

  • Standard– rewrite the text in a reliable manner so you maintain meaning;
  • Fluency– ensures text is readable and error-free
  • Formal– present text in a more  professional and sophisticated way
  • Simple– present text in a way most people can understand
  • Creative– expresses ideas in a completely new way that may change the meaning of the paragraph
  • Expanded– add more detail and depth to increase sentence length
  • Shorten– strips away extra words to provide a clear message

As an example, I’ll use a paragraph from the above-mentioned Grammarly discount for students page.

Quillbot Paraphraser example

#1- Standard Mode

Quillbot Paraphrase standard mode
See Quillbot Paraphrase “Standard mode” in action! (image opens in new tab)

#2- Fluency

Quillbot Paraphrase fluency mode
See Quillbot Paraphrase “Fluency mode” in action! (image opens in new tab)

#3- Formal

Quillbot Paraphrase formal mode
See Quillbot Paraphrase “Formal mode” in action! (image opens in new tab)

#4- Simple

Quillbot Paraphrase simple mode
See Quillbot Paraphrase “Simple mode” in action! (image opens in new tab)

#5- Creative

Quillbot Paraphrase simple mode
See Quillbot Paraphrase “Creative mode” in action! (image opens in new tab)

#6- Expand

Quillbot Paraphrase expand mode
See Quillbot Paraphrase “Expand mode” in action! (image opens in new tab)

#7- Shorten

Quillbot Paraphrase shorten mode
See Quillbot Paraphrase “Shorten mode” in action! (image opens in new tab)

Quillbot Paraphrase also has 3 more features worth talking about.

These are:

  • Quillbot AI Thesaurus;
  • Freeze words;
  • Compare Mode
#1- Quillbot AI Thesaurus

When paraphrasing content you don’t need to be satisfied with the first output Quillbot deliveries. Instead, you can always rephrase it further and further to get the winning combination.

You can also use the in-built AI-powered thesaurus which lets you manually change any word for its closest synonym.

This feature works with all 7 paraphrasing modes Quillbot offers.

Quillbot Thesaurus
See Quillbot Thesaurus in action (image opens in new tab)
#2- Freeze Words

Freeze words is a feature that lets you instruct Quillbot to never change nouns, quotes, and other unreplaceable parts of your text. This is a premium feature and you can freeze unlimited words and phrases. With Quillbot’s free account you can freeze only one word at a time.

To access it simply click the “snow” icon at the top of your Quillbot paraphrasing editor.

Quillbot Freeze words
Quillbot freeze words feature in action (image opens in new tab)
#3- Compare Modes

With Quillbot Premium you also get the option to paraphrase a paragraph in one mode and then compare that output with the output from all other modes available. You can do this with a  sentence, paragraph, or even a whole article.

You can access this exciting feature on the far right sidebar (see image).

Quillbot compare modes

#2- Quillbot Grammar Checker

Quillbot Grammar Checker examines your text for grammar and style errors, and having a premium Quillbot subscription removes the need for you to buy an additional Grammarly subscription.

Below you’ll see it in action as I copied a part of my Jasper AI review, and I intentionally put some misspellings into it.

Quillbot Grammar Checker
See the Quillbot Grammar Checker in action (image opens in new tab)

#3- Quillbot Summarizer

Quillbot Summarizer is a tool that lets you summarize large pieces of text content into bullet sections or paragraphs.

This is a useful feature when you want to get the gist of long and tedious text without spending 30m to an hour reading it.

In my experience, Quillbot Summarizer is spot on when highlighting important details and I especially love the bullet points summary as it’s very clear and easily digestible.

Quillbot Summarizer
See Quillbot Summarizer in action (image open in new tab)

#4- Quillbot Citation Generator

Quillbot Citation Generator is a feature especially relevant to college and university students as they have to cite source materials all the time when writing essays, dissertations and research papers.

It’s easy, you can cite in APA, MLA, and Chicago style with a push of a button.

Here’s how.

First, take a source URL, in our case it’s a medical research paper about iron bioavailability and plug the URL and the tool will pull relevant author and other data from the document.

Then just click “save citation” and you’re done as your citation is ready to be used.

Quillbot Citation Generator
See the Quillbot Citation Generator in action (image opens in new tab)

#5- Quillbot Co-Writer

As of me writing this Quillbot review, Quillbot Co-Writer is in beta testing mode. It is a tool that uses AI to write for you, similar to what Jasper AI can do. However, as far as I could see in my testing, it can not replace AI content generators because the output is only one sentence long and the tool quite often says “no suggestions available”.

This is normal for beta mode and I”m excited with the direction Quillbot development is heading.

If Quillbot could start writing similar to Rytr, Jasper AI and ShortlyAI, that’d be an excellent addition to the core paraphrasing abilities, and an opportunity to save money as you won’t’ need a new AI writing software to help you create content.

Quillbot Co-Writer
See Quillbot Co-Writer in action (image opens in new tab)

#6- Quillbot Plagiarism Checker

In the previous iterations of this tool, Quillbot didn’t have an inbuilt plagiarism checker and you had to use Grammarly Premium, Duplichecker or Copyscape to check for plagiarism.

That’s in the past now because Quillbot Plagiarism Checker is a newly introduced feature that, as I’m sure you can guess, checks your content for plagiarism.

It works similar to other plagiarism checkers on the market. Feed it some text or entire articles and it’ll scan the web looking for duplicates.

Here’s an example from my best Minecraft server hosting post. You can see Quillbot found my example text is 100% duplicated from my already published and indexed post.

Good job!

Quillbot Plagiarism Checker
See the Quillbot Plagiarism Checker in action (image opens in new tab)

Note: Quillbot Premium lets you scan 20 pages per month when looking for plagiarism. You can also buy additional pages if you need them.

#7- Quillbot Extensions

In my experience, Quillbot is best used via their website The experience is seamless. However, some people would like it more if they could use Quillbot within their Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

And they can!

Quillbot has an official Chrome extension and it also works with Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Quillbot extensions

How to Install Quilbot on Google Chrome?

It’s easy.

First, within your Quillbot dashboard click on the Google Chrome icon.

Install Quillbot on Google Chrome

Second, add it to Chrome as you would with any other extension.

Add Quilbot to Chrome


That’s it. Now you can use Quillbot’s Summarizer, Paraphraser and Plagiarism Checker right within your browser.

How to Install Quilbot on Google Docs?

It’s easy.

First, within the Quillbot dashboard click on the Google Docs icon.

Add Quillbot to Google Docs

Second, click the “install” button.

Install Quillbpt add-on for Google Docs

That’s it.

Now you can use Quillbot’s Summarizer, Paraphraser and Plagiarism Checker right within your Google Docs.

#7- Quillbot Customer Support

There are many ways to get helped if you get stuck with Quillbot or Quillbot Premium.

First, there’s an elaborate help section where you can get answers to pretty much all questions about Quillbot you have. And even if you don’t have questions, it’s worth visiting because you can learn how to make full use of this AI tool

Quillbot help center

Second, if you can’t find an answer to your questions, you can contact support and have them help you.

They offer free email support to anyone, regardless of whether they’re paying for Quillbot or not.

Contact Quillbot support via email



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Best Use Cases for Quillbot- How to Use This Paraphrasing Tool to the Fullest

Quillbot is a versatile tool that can be used effectively in many forms of writing.

Here are some of those below.

#1- Marketing and SEO

Building out content for your blog, email newsletter and social media is a necessary task, but also a real timesuck and very exhausting, especially over the long haul and especially if you do it all by yourself.

Having Quillbot by your side makes the job significantly less painful. While Quillbot doesn’t have Surfer SEO integration like Jasper AI, it still helps with SEO because all you have to do is find in Google a ranking page for a given keyword (which means it’s already highly optimized) and then have this paraphrasing service rewrite it

Because the AI tool is so sophisticated most of the on-page SEO will be preserved thus giving you a 100% unique and pre-optimized article.

#2- Academic and Collegiate Use

Quillbot’s paraphrasing abilities help students quickly rephrase original material from various source materials.

This is perfect for students who can then write research papers, dissertations, and essays much faster.

#3-Media and News Articles

If you’re a journalist covering hot topics then you know the pain of having to cover a viral topic, but in your own words. It gets insanely hard as hundreds upon hundreds of other outlets were faster and have already covered it.

What’s hard for a human is a joke for a machine, so why don’t you let QuillBot AI paraphrase existing content into a new article?

That’s what it was built for.

#4- Easier PBN Management

I don’t do this as I don’t own a PBN, but Quillbot can be helpful in saving you money when running your PBN network.


Simple, if you use this tool to paraphrase content then you won’t need to hire writers to create content for your network. Instead, you’ll easily be able to reword entire articles and post them on your various blogs.

Yes, the content will be poor without human intervention, but that doesn’t matter because as long as the content is unique, readable, and makes sense, then the links within it will work for SEO.

So, using Quillbot can save you a ton of money and can help you run a huge private network all by yourself.

Quillbot Pros and Cons

My Quillbot review wouldn’t be the definitive resource on the web without a thorough pros and cons section.


Generous free-forever account usage- Quillbot Free is an excellent tool that can help you paraphrase entire blog posts easily. It offers the same functionalities as Quillbot Premium, with the difference being that you can use only 2 modes of paraphrasing instead of 7, and there’s a lower usage quota which makes it a bit harder and more tedious to use.

For example, there’s a 125 word limit for Quillbot Paraphraser while there’s no limit for the said tool on the premium plan.

Next, with Quillbot Free you can rephrase only 2 sentences at once,  but with premium, it’s up to 15 sentences at once.  There’s also a Quillbot Summarizer limit of 1200 words, while Premium is 6000 words. But again, the free account is going to be enough for most casual users and only power writers and bloggers will need a premium account.

Inbuilt Grammar checker replaces the need for Grammarly- With Quillbot you get access to an advanced grammar checker that’s comparable to what Grammarly can do for you. So you save money on a Grammarly subscription.

Paraphrasing, summarizing & citation generation- with Quillbot you can easily paraphrase and summarize any text on the web. Quillbot Paraphraser and Quillbot Summarizer are powerful content generation tools, and when you intelligently combine them with your creative output they allow you to create excellent content 3 times faster than your normal speed.

There’s also a citation generator which is helpful for students who need to cite their sources when writing dissertations, research papers, and essays.

Google Doc, Microsoft Word & Chrome Extensions available- for added convenience Quillbot works with Microsoft Word, Google Docs and there’s also a Chrome extension available.

User-centric pricing model- Quillbot pricing model is built to reward potential premium users. The longer plan you pick, the bigger the discount. Click here to inquire about Quillbot pricing and how to get the bigget discount.

100% money-back guarantee- there’s a 3-day money back guarantee in place which you can use to get a refund, no questions asked.


No GPT-3 AI writing like Jasper AI  ad ShortlyAI- Quillbot uses AI to rewrite existing content you feed it to it, but it cannot create new content from scratch (this is what Quillbot Co-Writer will eventually be able to do, but currently it’s in beta). It’ ‘s a different class of tools compared to, for example, Jasper AI and WordAI.

Only 2 writing modes for free accounts- Quillbot Free only gives you access to 2 modes of writing (Standard and Fluency) This is enough to get a taste of it, but also somewhat limited if you intend to use this software proficiently and over a long term ( in that case it’s best to invest into a premium license).

Manual intervention required- Quillbot is not perfect and though its output is often quite good, you do often need to replace certain words with their more casual synonyms and change sentence structure so the content sounds the best.

The strict quota for plagiarism checker- with a premium account you can only check 20 pages for plagiarism, and each is valued at 250 words of content. After that, you’ll have to buy more credits to check more content.

Privacy Policy and Data Usage- Quillbot uses your anonymized data to make their AI paraphraser and summarizer more accurate and natural sounding. They also share your info with the payment provider you used to pay for the premium subscription.

According to them:

QuillBot takes security and member privacy very seriously and operates in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. The company employs best-in-class physical, technical and administrative controls to protect personal information as well as cutting-edge security technology from Google. 

Quillbot review from Capterra 1
Click to expand (image opens in new tab)
Capterra Quillbot review 2
Click to expand (image opens in new tab)
Quillbot review from Capterra 3
Click to expand (image opens in new tab)

Quillbot Pricing Explained- What Does This Paraphrasing Tool Cost?

Quillbot pricing and cost explained
What does Quillbot cost?

Quillbot comes in 2 plans.

  • Free;
  • Premium


  • 125 word limit for Paraphraser tool;
  • 3 synonyms options;
  • 2 writing modes;
  • 1200word limit for Summarizer tool;
  • 2 processed sentences at once;
  • 1 Freeze phrase or word;
  • Google Docs and Chrome Extensions;


  • Paraphraser unlimited words;
  • 4 Synonyms options;
  • 7 Writing modes;
  • 15 Sentences processed at once
  • 6000 word limit for Summarizer;
  • Unlimited phrases and Freeze Words;
  • Google Doc and Chrome Extensions;
  • Compare Modes (only on Desktop).

Quilllbot Premium has 3 paying options and different and progressively larger discounts are available for each.

Quillbot planMonthlySemi-annuallyAnnually
Quillbot Free///
Quillbot Premium$9.95/mo$6.66.mo ($39.95 billed every 6 months)Best Value
$4.17/mo ($49.95 billed every 12 months)

Note: you can pay for the premium subscription with PayPal and also all major cards.

Quillbot Premium pricing

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Best Quillbot Alternatives- Which Tools Compare Favorably to Quillbot?

There are many alternatives to Quilbot, and most of them are lower-quality tools that are often more expensive. So I won’t talk about them.

Instead, I’ll cover the competitors that bring true value to their users, and what makes them different from Quillbot.

Quillbot Vs Grammarly

Quillbot vs Grammarly
Quillbot vs Grammarly– Which Tool is Better?

Grammarly is arguably the most popular writing AI writing assistant tool on the web. It can help you produce spotless text free of any type of grammar, style and punctuation errors.

But Grammarly is not a paraphrasing tool.

Therefore Grammarly is not an alternative to Quillbot because they serve totally different markets.

In fact, I’d say Quillbot is more value for money because with it you get an inbuilt grammar checker, while you don’t have an inbuilt paraphrasing tool with Grammarly.

Quillbot Vs Grammarly Pricing

  • Monthly $9.95 USD billed monthly
  • Semi-Annual; Save 33% $6.66 USD per month; $39.95 billed every 6 months
  • Annual- Save 58%, $4.17 USD per month $49.95 billed every 12 months
  • /
    GrammarlyFree$12/mo$12.50/mo per user seat

    Quillbot vs Jasper AI

    Quillbot vs JasperAI
    Quillbot or JasperAI? Which Tool is a Better Choice for You?

    Similarly to the Grammarly case from the above, Jasper AI is not a direct competitor to Quillbot.

    It’s because Quillbot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool, while Jasper AI is an AI writing assistant that uses artificial intelligence (based on GPT-3) to create unique content sourced from various sources on the web.

    Besides creating unique content from scratch based on 50+ templates, Jasper AI can also paraphrase, summarize and expand input content.

    In other words, Jasper AI can do everything Quillbot can, and then some.

    I still use QuillBot for paraphrasing though, because, in my experience, having used both tools, the latter consistently produces better results, at least when paraphrasing existing content.

    Still, Jasper is the best AI writing software on the market and is rapidly getting better with every iteration.

    Quillbot Vs Jasper AI Pricing

    QuillbotFree forever
  • Monthly $9.95 USD billed monthly
  • Semi-Annual; Save 33% $6.66 USD per month; $39.95 billed every 6 months
  • Annual- Save 58%, $4.17 USD per month $49.95 billed every 12 months
  • /
    Jasper AIFree trial available with 10 000 credits (words generated); no free forever accountStarting from $29/moStarting from $99/mo

    If you’re intrigued, read my Jasper AI review next.

    Quillbot vs Wordtune

    Quillbot vs Wordtune
    Quillbot or Wordtune- which tool is better for you?

    Different from the other alternatives mentioned in my Quillbot review, Wordtune is a paraphrasing tool with similar capabilities to Quillbot.

    However, Wordtune is not as feature-packed as Quillbot AI, offering only five writing modes (re-write, shorten, casual, expand, and formal).

    Similar to Quillbot, there is the free version of Wordtune which lets you use a limited set of features without paying a dime.

    But, if you want to unlock everything Wordtune has to offer, you need to shell out $25/mo or $120/yr.

    Bottom line: Quillbot is more affordable and has more features than Wordtune. So were you to pick the latter you’d b paying more for less.

    Quillbot Vs Wordtune Pricing

    QuillbotFree forever
  • Monthly $9.95 USD billed monthly
  • Semi-Annual; Save 33% $6.66 USD per month; $39.95 billed every 6 months
  • Annual- Save 58%, $4.17 USD per month $49.95 billed every 12 months
  • /
    WordtuneFree forever$25/mo on a monthly basis.
    9.99/mo billed as $119.88 / year
    With a one-time yearly payment you save 60%
    No official pricing available. Contact support for details.

    Quillbot vs Professional Human Editor

    Honestly, Quillbot can’t compete with the professional human editor. No tool can as the AI is not advanced enough.  Human editor will catch errors Quillbot will miss, and will suggest writing style improvements you won’t get from the tool.

    However, these better suggestions come with a much higher price tag. I went over to Upwork and checked the rates of some random freelance editors, and they go from $30/h to $100/h and more. And Quillbot costs less than 10 bucks per month.

    Upwork freelance editors fees and pricing

    Again, being completely honest, you don’t need a human proofreader and editor for blogging and social media activities. Quillbot there is more than enough with its inbuilt spell and grammar checkers + thesaurus.

    You do need a pro editor if you plan to write a serious book that going to be sold in bookstores and over Amazon. Then Quillbot won’t cut it.

    Some of the best alternatives to Quillbot are:

    Some other Quilbot alternatives are:

    Prepostseo: Prepostseo provides a free paraphrasing tool that allows users to rephrase articles, assignments, and blogs effortlessly.

    It paraphrases sentences and paragraphs of the input text without affecting its original meaning.

    Paraphraser.io: This online tool is one of the best alternatives to Quillbot as it helps users to paraphrase the content in seconds.

    It changes the words and sentence structure of the given content by using advanced Artificial Intelligence technology.

    Quillbot Review 2022 FAQ- Your Questions Answered!

    Quillbot review FAQ

    My Quillbot review would be woefully incomplete without a thorough and comprehensive FAQ section, don’t you agree?

    Your questions and my answers are below!

    #1- How Do I Download Quillbot?

    Quillbot is a cloud-based app. This means you don’t need to download it. Instead, you log into your free or paid account and use it right from your browser.

    #2- Does Quillbot Work With All Browsers?

    Quillbot works with all popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, Opera, and more. Just be aware that the ad blocker you’re using can interfere with Quillbot, so if have problems using Quillbot, disable your ad blocker, reload the page and try again.

    #3- Can I Use Quillbot on Mobile?

    Yes, Quillbot works on all mobile devices (Android, iPhone and others) desktop computers, and tablets.

    #4- What is the Difference Between Quillbot Free and Premium?

    Quillbot Fre and Premium are similar in features, but the usage quota is widely different.

    Take a look:

    125 words on the Paraphraser
    Unlimited words on the Paraphraser
    Standard and Fluency modes
    Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand, and Shorten modes
    3 synonym options
    4 synonym options
    1 Freeze Word or phrase
    Unlimited Freeze Words and phrases
    1,200 words on the Summarizer
    6,000 words on the Summarizer
    Faster processing speed
    Faster processing speed
    Advanced grammar rewrites
    Advanced grammar rewrites
    Compare Modes (Desktop only)
    Compare Modes (only on Desktop)
    Plagiarism Checker*
    Plagiarism Checker*

    #5- Is There a Quillbot Free Trial?

    There is no Quillbot free trial for their premium version. But there is a limited free version of Quillbot which is still more than enough for you to see if this tool can help you or not.

    Click here to learn the difference between Quillbot Free and paid version.

    #6- Does Quillbot Have a Refund Guarantee?

    Quillbot does have a refund guarantee and it’s valid for 72h/3day from the moment you’ve bought a premium subscription plan.

    You may also pause your premium subscription so you don’t get charged the following month. And you’re free to resume your plan whenever you’re ready.

    Quillbot refund guarantee
    Quillbot will refund your money up to 3 days from the moment of purchase.

    #7- Is There a Quillbot Coupon Code I Can Use?

    There is no Quillbot coupon code you can use. Websites offering one or many discount codes for Quillbot are not being honest with you.

    They just want you to click their affiliate link so they get a commission.

    #8- How Reliable is Quillbot? Can You Get Caught?

    Quillbot is a reliable tool that produces 100% unique content from the output you gave it. It not only replaces words with appropriate synonyms, but it also switches sentence length and position and thus makes it undetectable by Turnitin, Grammarly Plagiarism Checker, Copyscape, Duplichecker…

    #9- Is Quillbot Good for Paraphrasing?

    Quillbot is arguably the best paraphrasing tool on the market. This doesn’t mean it’s perfect and you will have to slightly edit its work before posting it on your website. Still, 95% of the time, the output is pretty much spot on.

    I’ve been a user for many months now and have yet to encounter a situation where Quillbot spit out unusable garbage.

    #10- Does Quillbot Have an Inbuilt Grammar Checker? Is it Any Good?

    Quillbot does come with an inbuilt grammar checker. This is an excellent and much-needed feature and also a money saver for you because it means you don’t need to get Grammarly Premium to spot your typoes, style, and grammar errors.

    #7- How Do I Get My Money Back From Quillbot?

    Quilt bot offers a 72h money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with it, you can request a refund. You can do it from within the user dashboard by contacting support.

    #8- Do You Have to Pay for Quillbot? Is it Worth the Money?

    It depends on your needs.

    If you only want to occasionally paraphrase a few paragraphs here and there, then you don’t need to pay for this tool and the free version is more than enough.

    But if you’re a blogger trying to produce a ton of content for your affiliate site, then Quillbot is worth your money and it can help you a lot, but you’ll need a premium version that comes with no usage restrictions. But it is cheap and worth it.

    #9- What are the Payment Methods Available for Quillbot Premium Subscription?

    You can pay for a Quilllbot Premium subscription with your credit card or PayPal.

    #10- Is it Cheating to Use Quillbot?

    It’s not cheating to use Quillbot. Think of it as a writing assistant helping you draw your best and most coherent prose out of you.

    It also polices your grammar, so in that regard it’s similar to Grammarly, and you certainly wouldn’t say using Grammarly is cheating, right?

    #11- Is it Legal to Use Quillbot?

    It is legal in the sense that you can’t go to jail for it (disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer though, so don’t take my word for it), but universities are very strict when it comes to plagiarism and plagiarism control.

    I suggest you consult this page to see what is considered plagiarism and what’s not, and according to the same page:

    Submissions containing text that has been altered from its original version with your own synonyms AND/OR paraphrasing software/sites (spinbot, paraphrasing-tool, articlerewritertool, quillbot, rephraser, etc.), or translator service abuse, will be considered “egregious, unmitigated plagiarism.” That means that instead of giving you a second chance, you will fail the course upon the first detection of such cheating. The incident will also be noted in your permanent academic file.

    My advice is to use Qullbot prudently and to mix it up with your personal writing.

    #12- Can Quillbot Beat Turnitin?

    Quillbot can beat Turnitin.

    That’s because Turnitin’s algorithms can’t actually detect paraphrasing. Instead, they look for similar phrases, grammatical patterns, and sentence structure.

    When QuillBot rewrites content, it makes it unique and impossible for Turnitin to detect that it has been paraphrased from some other document.

    #13- What Languages Does Quillbot Work in? And in What Countries?

    Quillbot works across the world, everywhere where there’s the internet. So it works in Brazil, India, Australia, US, Russin and anywhere else.

    However, currently, Quillbot only works with English content and in the English language (US, British an Australian standards). The Quillbot team is currently working on introducing new languages in the near future (Japanese, Malay, Nors (Norvegian), Svenska (Swedish) Tagalog, Spanish, Indonesian…).

    If you’re not a native English speaker, bookmark this Quillbot review as I’ll update it as soon as new languages are introduced.

    #13- Can You Share Your Quillbot Account With Others?

    You can’t share your Quillbot account with others. It is against the TOC. If you do and are found out, your account will be deleted and you won’t be eligible for a refund.

    #13- Is There a Cracked Version of Quillbot I Can Use?

    If you search online for “Quillbot cracked” you will find some results. However, I strongly advise you against using a cracked version of Quillbot because those are not regularly updated (even if they say they are) and they are also not free.

    By installing cracked software you’re also installing viruses into your computer.

    It’s not worth the risk, especially when Quilbot is so affordable,

    #14- What Are Some Quillbot Alternatives?

    Popular alternatives are:

    • Grammarly;
    • Jasper AI;
    • ShortlyAI;
    • Wordtune;
    • Spinbot;
    • Spin Rewriter;
    • Rewriter Tools;
    • Paraphrasing Tool;
    • Paraphraser.io;
    • Project Topics;
    • Article Rewriter Toos;
    • Spinner Chief;
    • WordAI;
    • Copy Shark;
    • PlagiarismDetector.net (this is a plagiarism checker);
    • My Assignment Help;
    • PrePost SEO.

    #15- How To Delete Quillbot Account?

    If you have a free account you don’t have to do anything and you can just leave. If you want to delete a premium Quilbot account you need to contact their support to help you.

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    Quillbot Review Conclusion and Honest Recommendation


    Quillbot is not a perfect tool. It can’t write whole articles for you. It can not paraphrase content so well that you never have to lift a finger except to string the pieces together.

    Again, it’s not a perfect tool

    However, Quillbot is and could be an effective assistant to your writing. Ever since I started using it, and since I really mastered the tool I feel like it shaved at least 40% of the time I’d normally invest into creating content.

    I’m using Quillbot Premium and with it, I produce quality content much faster and with the same quality or even higher, and that’s because the bot can paraphrase even when I suffer from writer’s block:)

    Quillbot was a great find for me and I can no longer imagine my writing process without it.

    If you’re interested at least a little bit, I strongly suggest you sign up for Quillbot Free and test this tool out. You have nothing to lose as you could potentially find a new powerful ally to your writing.


    Quillbot Review: Best Summarizer and Paraphrasing Tool?

    Quillbot paraphrasing tool is an AI-powered software that bloggers and marketers use to create both human-friendly and SEO-ed content extremely fast. Quillbot is especially powerful when your muse has left you and you feel like you can't write anymore. But, if you can't write, you can paraphrase, and Quillbot is the tool for the job. You'll love it!

    Product Brand: Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool

    Product Currency: $

    Product Price: $9.95

    Product In-Stock: InStock

    Editor's Rating:

    Quillbot Review 2022

    • ProductQuillbot;
    • Used for– Paraphrasing, writing and copywriting;
    • Pricing– 2 plans, Free and Premium ($9.95 per month on a monthly plan), $6.66/mo on a 6-month plan ($39.95 billed every 6 months), and $4.17/mo on a yearly plan ($49.95 billed every 12 months);
    • Free Trial– no free trial offered, but free-forever, unlimited-use account available.
    • Coupon Code- no coupon code required;
    • Refund Guarantee- available, 72h;
    • Good for- Copywriters, Bloggers, Students, Journalists, Content Marketers…;
    • Rating– 4.5/5.

    Description: Quillbot is an affordable AI-powered paraphrasing tool that marketers and bloggers use to build out both SEO-ed and human-friend content 5x faster than normal. Quillbot can help you write from scratch, but is especially good for paraphrasing and breaking apart that nagging and persistent writer’s block.

    Writer’s block disappears fast exit when you use Quillbot because when you just can’t write anymore, you can always paraphrase existing content on the web and keep going.

    I love using this and I hope my review showed you exactly why.

    Give Quillbot free trial a whirl here!


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