Quillbot Summarizer 2023- Learn How to Summarize Text and Content With Quillbot (Tutorial)

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Are you looking for a tool that can summarize content for you for free?

Quillbot Summarize is the tool for you.

Learn how to summarize text with Quillbot Summarizer below.

Let’s go!

Quillbot AI Summarizer App guide

What is Quillbot Summarizer?

Quillbot Summarizer is a free app provided by Quillbot AI that can summarize any type of content you feed into it.

Quillbot can summarize your content in either paragraph or bullet point mode.

Learn below two ways to summarize with Quillbot.

#1- Summarize Online WIth Quillbot Summarizer

How to summarize content with Quillbot AI Summarizer?

  • Step #1– Pick the text you want to summarize;
  • Step #2– go to Quillbot Summarizer and paste your text;
  • Step #3– summarize either in paragraph or bullet point form.
  • Step #4– repeat the process if you’re unsatisfied with the output.

More details are below.

First, pick the snippet of text or entire blog post you wish to summarize. In my case, I will use a snippet from my Quillbot review.

Summarizing my Quillbot review with Quillbot Summarizer

Second,  go to Quillbot Summarizer and summarize your content. Pick either bullet point or paragraph form.

Quillbot Summarizer summarizing content


Third, repeat the process if you’re unsatisfied with the output. Oftentimes you need to rephrase content a couple of times for Quillbot to get it right.

Also, and this is a pro tip, Quillbot summarizes best when you feed it shorter content, i.e., paragraphs than when you feed it huge chunks of text.

Also, Quillbot Summarizer has a 1200-word limit for the text you feed it at once.

#2- Summarize Online With Quillbot Chrome Extension

How to Summarize with Quillbot AI’s Chrome Extension?

  • Step #1- install the free Quillbot Chrome extension;
  • Step #2– Pick the text you want to summarize;
  • Step #3– summarize in paragraphs or bullet point format;
  • Step #4– repeat the process until you have the best output.

More details are below.

First, go and install the Quillbot Chrome extension. It’s free.

Quillbot Chrome extension can summarize content for free

Second, pick the text you want to summarize. For this example, I’ll use a snippet of text from my Quillbot free trial guide.

Summarizing my free trial guide- one paragraph

Third, paraphrase the content using the free Quillbot extension.

Summarizing content with Quillbot Chrome extension

Fourth, most of the tie the output is excellent, but in case you’re unhappy with it, just keep summarizing until you get something you like.

Also, occasionally summarizing in bullet points gives much better results. In this case. Compare the bullet point version with the paragraph version above.

Summarizing content with Quillbot Chrome extension in bullet point mode

Quillbot Summarizer FAQ

Quillbot Summarizer FAQ

#1- Is Quillbot Summarizer AI Really Free?

Quillbot AI Summarizer is really free and it always will be.

You will never be asked to pay to use it.

#2- How Can I Summarize Content With Quillbot Summarizer?

You can summarize content with Quillbot Summarizer in two ways.

First, you can condense text in paragraphs. Second, you can condense text into bullet text.

Which one you pick is up to you but the quality between them is roughly the same.

#3- What is The Content Limit I Can Summarize in Quillbot Summarizer?

The content limit you can summarize with Quillbot Summarizer is 1200 words. This is quite a lot if you think about it as most blog articles have fewer than 1200 words.

This word limit is also practical because Quillbot is not good at summarizing huge blocks of text, and I recommend you go paragraph by paragraph for the best results.

#4- Is the Meaning Preserved When I Summarize Content With Quillbot Summarizer?

Quillbot uses its proprietary combination of NLP+NLU technology to understand the text before summarizing it. That way the meaning of the summarized text is preserved.

#5- Is the Content Quillbot Summarizer Spits Out Grammatically Correct?

The content Quillbot Summarizer spits out is grammatically correct. How could it not be since Quillbot has a grammar-checking app in its suite of tools?

If you’re worried about grammar check out my guide on the best AI grammar checker tools here.

#6- Should I use Jasper AI to Summarize Instead of Quillbot Summarizer?

You can use Jasper AI to summarize instead of Quillbot Summarizer.

Jasper AI has a “summarize mode” that can condense any text you feed into it while preserving meaning.

However, the problem is that Jasper AI is a paid tool (read my Jasper AI pricing tutorial here) while Quillbot Summarizer is free.

If you’re interested, read my Jasper AI review, Jasper AI free trial, and Jasper AI discount code guides next.

Summarizing Content With Quillbot (Conclusion)


Quillbot AI Summarizer is an excellent online summarizing tool that can help you summarize pretty much anything you feed into it.

And the tool is free so there’s really no reason not to use it.

So, are you going to use Quillbot Summarizer?

Have questions?

LMK in the comment section below!

And if by any chance you’re looking to paraphrase content instead of summarize it, check out my guide on the best online paraphrasing apps here.

Some of these paraphrasing tools are free.



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