3 Best Grammar Checkers, Apps and Software in 2023… Which One Will Be the Best Pick for You?

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Best grammar checkers and software in 2023

Looking for one?

My guide below will tell you everything you need to know.

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Best Grammar checkers and software in 2023
Best grammar checkers and apps in 2023- which software will you pick?

Best Grammar Checkers, Software and Apps in 2023

#1- Quillbot AI App- (Free, Paid; Best for Students, Teachers, and Writers)

Quillbot AI grammar checker and software
Quillbot AI grammar checker and software- best for students and writers

Quillbot is an excellent AI-powered grammar checker that you can use to banish all grammar and spelling mistakes from your writing.

Take a look:

Quillbot AI fixes grammar and spelling mistakes within its online editor

Quillbot also has a Chrome extension, which is free and which you can download from the Chrome Web Store. After you enable the extension, it will find and fix all grammar errors and misspellings that have crept in your text.

Here’s Quillbot working hard within my WordPress dashboard while I’m writing this article.

Quillbot AI Chrome extension works with WordPress

Finally, Quillbot is much more than a grammar checker. In fact, it’s the best AI-powered content paraphraser you can use to paraphrase any content you write, as you write it. For example, here’s how I paraphrased this paragraph in Quillbot.

Quillbot AI content paraphraser
Note: Quillbot AI has 6 paraphrasing modes (standard, formal, simple, creative, expand, and shorten)

Quillbote also has some other capabilities:

  • Quillbot Summarizer– summarize long form content in bullet points or paragraph format;
  • Quillbot Citation Generator– generate citations APA, MLA, and Chicago styles with a push of a button;
  • Quillbot Co-Writer– have Quillbot write content for you;
  • Quillbot Plagiarism Checker– check for plagiarism online;

Quillbot is an affordable tool.

They offer 3 subscription models and you can get a discount with longer-term subscription plan.

  • Quillbot Monthly– $9.95/mo;
  • Quillbot Semi-Annual – $6.66/mo; $39.95 billed every 6 months;
  • Quillbot Yearly– $4.17/mo;  $49.95 billed every 12 months.
Quillbot planMonthlySemi-annuallyAnnually
Quillbot Free///
Quillbot Premium$19.95/mo$13.33/mo ($79.95 billed every 6 months)Best Value
$8.33/mo ($99.95 billed every 12 months)

Try Quillbot today!

Additional resources:

#2- Hemingway App- (Free; Best for Bloggers With no Money)


Hemingway App is a free online grammar checker/software
Hemingway App is a free online grammar checker- best for peoplewho can’t afford to pay for a professional tool

Love reading the works of Ernest Hemingway?

Then you’ll love the Hemingway App, a free tool that’s supposed to make your writing as clear as Hemingway was.

Besides being a free grammar checker, Hemingway App will also ensure you don’t write long-winded sentences that obfuscate the meaning, and that you don’t write walls of paragraphs that only a masochist would read.

You’ll also be warned if your content is weak because you overused passive voice.

Hemingway App fixes passives voice mistakes

Using complicated words is a mistake most writers make, and Hemingway App is built to point them to you before you hit publish. By replacing unusual words with their simple commonly used alternatives you will make your content read and sound better and this will make it more effective.

Finally, Hemingway App will also show you adverb overuse, something I’ve been guilty of many times and you’ve probably too.

Hemingway App helps you fix adverb and complicated word overusage problems

Hemingway App is a free online grammar checker, but don’t let that fool you. The tool is powerful as it will check your text’s grammar, writing style, sentence length, formatting, readability, and more.

You can also get a paid desktop version of the Hemingway App that works even without having an internet connection.

The Hemingway App premium version costs $19.99, paid in a one-time payment.

#3- Grammarly App- (Free, Paid; Best for Writers)

Grammarly- a professional online grammar checker and software
Grammarly is a professional online grammar checker that’s best used by writers and really anyone looking to hunt down all grammar mistakes

Grammarly has its place on this list of top online grammar checkers and apps. It is the most widely used software on this list and more than 20 million writers online swear by Grammarly when it comes to defeating grammar, writing styles, and spelling errors.

Grammarly has an excellent extension that works with Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Microsoft Office, Gmail, and pretty much everywhere you type online. It is also free to download and use.

Once the extension is installed it’ll appear in your browser extension bar as the Grammarly logo and while the extension is on Grammarly will highlight all grammar, spelling, and style mistakes you made in your text.

For example, here’s a Grammarly extension working with my WordPress.

Grammarly App free extension works with WordPress

If you don’t want to install yet another browser extension, you can use Grammarly’s text editor to edit your documents.

There you’ll be able to see suggestions about the tone, style, conciseness, and punctuation of your writing.

Grammarly software text editor- showing you all mistakes you made
Grammarly text editor- showing you all mistakes you made

Grammarly is an affordable tool and you can buy monthly quarterly and annual plans.

  • Grammarly monthly- $30/mo;
  • Grammarly quarterly- $20/mo
  • Grammarly yearly- $12/mo.

Read my Grammarly student discount to see if you can save money on a Grammarly subscription. Also, my Grammarly pricing and Grammarly free trial guides are well worth the read.

#4- ProWritingAid- (Free, Paid; Best for Writers)

ProWritingAid grammar checker app
ProWritingAid online grammar checker app

ProWritingAId was the first grammar checker I discovered and used way back when. I still have fond memories of using it as it really helped me master English writing as a non-native speaker.

ProWritingAid’s features include checking:

  • writing style;
  • overused words;
  • repeated words in close proximity (called Echoes);
  • overused cliche words;
  • transition problem detection;
  • punctuation and spelling mistakes;
  • diction;
  • readability;
  • plagiarism score
  • and much more.
ProWritingAid is more than a grammar checker- many features available
ProWritingAid is more than an online grammar checker- many features are available

The same as with the other online grammar checkers on this list, ProWritingAid lets you download their app you can use on Windows and macOS, and they also offer a free Chrome extension you can use anywhere you write.

ProWritingAid Chrome extension




ProWritingAid costs $20/mo when you pay monthly, and this goes $10/mo if you purchase a yearly plan ($120 in one payment).

There’s also a lifetime deal where you pay $399 to get ProWritingAid lifetime license.

Best Benefits of Using Grammar Checkers to Proof and Enhance Your Content

When writing content for the web, you want it to be spotless. In fact, you need it to be spotless because simple typos and misspellings can damage your reputation for good.

Imagine you’re in a buying mood and looking to purchase, for example, the best grammar checker you can find online. And you go to a website and see content that’s riddled with spelling errors even the basic spell checker can easily find and correct.

The blogger who wrote that article was obviously careless and they’re definitely NOT someone whose advice you should listen to when it comes to picking a grammar checker software for your business.

Here are the key issues that a good tool should immediately flag:

  • Typos. these are basic writing mistakes every grammar checker should catch. Imagine writing god speling instead of good spelling; and gramar instead of grammar. Very embarrassing.
  • Passive Voice. Passive voice is not inherently bad but is best avoided in online writing (yes, I just used passive voice and it’s fine). Active voice makes your copy more powerful, impactful, and actionable. All grammar checker software on this list has the ability to point to flag passive tone and also suggest ways to rewrite from passive to active.
  • Punctuation. Punctuation is hard to master, especially for non-native speakers. And it is important too as one wrongly placed comma can twist the meaning of the sentence and destroy or blunt the point you’re trying to make. All grammar checker apps on this list can flag incorrect punctuation for you to fix ASAP.
  • Overused words. the best grammar checkers you can find online will tell you if yore overusing certain words in your content and will suggest suitable alternatives. There’s usually a whole thesaurus built into the app that you can use to find the best synonyms of the word.
  • Style- Some grammar checkers on this list allow you to set the style or tone to your writing, and when you start to veer off, the tool will warn you and suggest alternative words that are associated with chosen style.

What Should You Look for in a Grammar Checker (Required Features)

Here are the features you need to look for when picking a pro grammar checker to buy. Some of these are crucial, while others are a welcome addition and will make your life easier.

#1- Extensive Compatibility

You need to be able to access your premium grammar checker anywhere you are, irrespective of the OS or device you’re using.

A good example is Quillbot It’s an affordable AI content paraphraser and grammar checker that you can access via any browser, and if you install their Chrome extension you can use it anywhere on the web where you write, as long as you’re using Google Chrome.

#2- Spelling Corrections

Spelling mistakes and types within a text destroy your credibility and make you look unprofessional.

Whichever premium grammar checker you pick from this list, will be able to catch all misspellings and typos plaguing your text.

Here’s Quillbot catching all my misspellings.

Quillbot catching misspellings

#3- Paraphrasing Capability

Sometimes, you spend a lot of time fixing your grammar and spelling mistakes only to dawn on you that what you wrote is actually not good enough and that you should rewrite that part.

In those cases for convenience’s sake, your grammar checker also need to have an inbuilt paraphrasing capability.

This will save you so much time and prevent so many headaches.

Personally, I use Quillbot to rewrite my content of insufficient quality. Quillbot is the best AI paraphrasing tool on the market, it’s really affordable and it has a grammar checker app that is on par with Grammarly’s.

#4- Overall Writing Score Display

Overall writing score display helps you understand how clean of errors your document is.

A higher score indicates a text that’s clean of grammar style and spelling errors.

Two tools that offer free text scores are Grammarly and Hemingway App.

Here’s how the free version of Grammarly scores the text you fed into their editor.

Grammarly gives you a document socre for free

And here’s how Hemingway App shows you.

Hemingway App grammar and readability check

Pro tip: Grammarly and Hemingway Editor show you similar grammar mistakes to fix. However, often  Grammarly finds something Hemingway doesn’t, and vice versa. I suggest you use both tools for best results, especially since both Grammarly and Hemingway Apps are free grammar checkers.

#5- Translation Capability

Occasionally, you will need to communicate with your audience in languages other than English.

Some of the tools on this list offer inbuilt translation abilities. For example, Quillbot gives the ability to paraphrase text in German, and also check the grammar of German text.

Quillbot can check the grammar and spelling mistakes of German text

#6- PDF Capability

The grammar checker you pick needs to have the ability to check your document even when they’re in PDF format.

All tools on this list have that ability.

#7- Third Party Integrations

Third-party integrations enhance your user experience with the grammar checker and enable you to use it pretty much anywhere on the web.

All grammar checkers on this list offer extensive third-party integrations which will help you have spotless grammar on any device, within any browser, and on any program where you happen to produce any type of content.

For example, Prowritingaid alone offers integrations with applications like Google Docs, Word, Outlook, Final Draft and Scrivener, and WordPress (via its browser extension).

Prowritingaid integrations

How to use a Premium Grammar Checker for Best Results (Tutorial)

Whichever grammar checker app you pick, you’ll need to use it the right way to get the best results it.

Here are some tips to get you started.

#1- Install Their official Extension if the Tool You Chose Offers it

This will enable the service anywhere you write, and not just within the app itself.

#2- Never fix Your Grammar Mistakes While You’re Still Writing

It’s a huge mistake to be fixing your grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes while still writing your content.

This practice is a huge time suck, it breaks your writing concentration, and most importantly, any text you write will need to be edited first before you publish it.

This means many grammar mistakes will be eliminated in the editing stage as the sentences and paragraphs that hosted them also got removed.

#3- Be Consistent with Grammar Checker Usage

oftentimes it’s tedious to fix so many errors and you’ll get tempted to just sip some to get content done faster.. Don’t do this as it’ll destroy your credibility as an online content creator.

Look at the example I mentioned here JUMP LINK grammar mistakes can literally make you earn less money from your online business.

Best Grammar Checkers and Tools in 2023 FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

Best Grammar Checkers and tools 2023 FAQ- all your questions answered!
Best Grammar Checkers/apps 2023 FAQ- all your questions answered!

My guide on the best Grammarly checkers and software for 2023 would be incomplete without a thorough FAQ section.

#1- What is an Online Grammar Checker?

An online grammar checker is a tool and service that help you detect and fix grammar, spelling, writing style tone, and formatting mistakes.

Some grammar checkers are free, some are paid and the best ones are included on this list, courtesy of one called Nikola Roza:)

#2- Is it Safe to use an Online Grammar Checker?

It is 100% safe to use an online grammar checker. Most of these tools, both free and paid, use premium encryption to store your data.

You have nothing to worry about, and if you’re worried, pick a grammar checker that doesn’t store your data on its servers.

You’ll need to do some manual research and usually, the information on what data they collect can be found in their privacy policies.

For example, don’t use Grammarly as Grammarly obviously collects your user data.

Grammarly software collects and stores your data

#3- Are Online Grammar Checkers Good Enough?

Online grammar checkers are good enough for casual bloggers.
However, if you’re a pro blogger, writer, or student writing essays or theses, you will need a premium grammar checker tool.
Better safe than sorry.

#4- Which of These Grammar Checker Tools use AI?

Quillbot and Grammarly use AI to scan your text and find grammar and spelling errors. Other tools on this list are not powered by artificial intelligence but are still quality choices. Honestly, simple grammar and spellchecking don’t require a whole lot of computing power.

#5- Are Online Grammar Checkers Accurate and Reliable?

It depends. Online grammar checkers are reliable on very short texts which you can quickly proof after your grammar check is done with it. And with short-form content, they’re usually 100% accurate.

With longer-form content, you’ll need to carefully proof your content to catch mistakes that the tools missed.

#6- What is the Fastest Grammar Checker?

The fastest grammar checkers are those that offer real-time text analysis. Good examples are Grammarly and Quillbot which scan your content as you write and offer improvement suggestions.

A slow grammar checker, in this case, would be the Hemingway App because you need to manually paste the content into the editor to get improvement suggestions.

#7- What is the Most Popular Grammar Checker?

The most popular grammar checkers are Grammarly and Quillbot. Bot tools are used by millions, and arguably Grammarly is the more popular one.

#8- How Can I Pay for an Online Grammar Checker?

All grammar checkers on this list accept all major credit cards. Some accept PayPal as well. None currently accept bitcoin/cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

#9- Are There Some Online Grammar Checkers That can Also Paraphrase Content Besides Checking Grammar?

There are grammar checkers that can also paraphrase the content. First, there’s Grammarly Premium which has the ability to rewrite full sentences for better flow and maximum readability.

Second, there’s Quillbot which is a full content paraphraser that can rewrite and reword sentences, paragraphs, and even entire articles.

Third, there’s no room for it here, but you can check out my guide on the best paraphrasing tools and software to learn more about tools that can check grammar and create new content, usually with the help of AI.

Best Grammar Checkers and Tools in 2023 (Conclusion)

Grammar mistakes and misspellings happen all the time to anyone writing online. They happen to you and will happen to you unless you’re proactive.

The proactive way to solve the problem permanently is to get a pro grammar checker to fix your grammar and spelling mistakes.

Here are the best grammar checkers for 2023:

Now go ahead and grab an online grammar checker and see how your writing and editing process significantly improves.

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