Is Grammarly Free in 2023? What Can You Really Do With This Free Grammar and Spelling Checker?

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Is Grammarly free?

Is it possible to get by with the free version of Grammarly, or will you need to upgrade to Grammarly Premium to reap the full befits of this AI grammar-checking software?

Answers to these questions and more are below.

Is Grammarly Free?
Is Grammarly Free? What Can Grammarly Free really do?

What is Grammarly?

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a cloud-based tool that helps people with punctuation, spelling, grammar, and writing style while typing in Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or almost any other application you use.

Grammarly is a very effective app/AI writing assistant that has over the years proven invaluable to bloggers, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, marketers, copywriters, and others helping them create better copy, emails, blogs, social media captions, ads, etc.

Grammarly offers a free version that lets you write error-free copy, but they also have affordable paid plans with more features to elevate your writing.

The ‘Premium’ and ‘Business’ plans are the paid Grammarly plans which start at $12 and $15 per month respectively (read my Grammarly pricing article to learn more).

With these plans, you get unique features to help your writing, especially as a blogger.

Grammarly pricing plans

The paid versions come with several features, some of which are;

  • Spelling;
  • Grammar;
  • Punctuation;
  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites;
  • Tone adjustments;
  • Plagiarism detection;
  • Word choice;
  • Formality level;
  • Fluency;
  • Style guide;
  • Snippets;
  • Brand tones;
  • Analytics dashboard.

Key Features of Grammarly (Free and Paid)

Grammarly has too many features to cover in-depth here, but here’s the rundown of the most important ones.

Plagiarism checker: Google (and other search engines), hates plagiarized content and punishes sites that plagiarize other websites.

In fact, you will never rank in Google with copied content and you wouldn’t even get approved for ad programs like AdSense or AdThrive.

A plagiarism checker is a great tool that checks content originality before you publish it on your blog.

Grammarly’s anti-plagiarism tool is a great choice when it comes to ensuring that you have original content.

Note: however, Grammarly plagiarism check is a premium Grammarly feature and not available on Grammarly Free. So you will need to pay to use it. However, if you can’t afford Grammarly, you can go for a more affordable tool.

I recommend you try QuillBot. Quillbot plagiarism tool is as good as Grammarly’s and Quillbot is 2x cheaper than Grammarly Premium.

Vocabulary enhancement: Every sentence or message you write has an impact on your reader. When done right, this can strengthen your message and when not properly done, it can hurt your message as well.

Strengthening or improving your vocabulary will help your brand or business create a powerful first impression and convey ideas better.

Now, as a non-native English speaker, I tend to make vocabulary mistakes that Grammarly always finds and corrects. The way sentences are crafted, arranged, or planned is what makes your work smooth and easy to consume.

There are several ways the Grammarly vocabulary enhancer helps you enhance your articles for easier consumption. The Grammarly vocabulary enhancer can help you;

  • Create a strong first impression for your business or brand;
  • Keep your readers reading by engaging them better;
  • Position your messages and place you as an expert in your industry;
  • Increase your brand reach and attract the right traffic.

Some dos and don’ts examples in Grammarly vocabulary are;

  • Rather than change, use transform.
  • Instead of in my personal opinion, use in my opinion.

Proofreading: Proofreading is a key part of writing. Every writer needs proofreading because every piece of content will have grammar and spelling mistakes, and that’s when Grammarly comes into play.

This simply means checking your finished work for errors or corrections to make. Proofreading is what makes or breaks your write-ups. Proofreading is that one extra step that adds juice to any content.

It is part of the editing process that lets you review your work for punctuation errors, apostrophes, spelling, and quotation marks.

Proofreading your work is best done by a third party because as the writer, you tend to read or see what you meant, and not what you wrote.

This means you can write one thing but it comes out another way (to a different party). This means it’s always best to outsource your proofreading tasks to a third party.

This could be a tool (Grammarly free version) or another person (a professional editor which is much more expensive).

Grammarly free version can proofread your content

When to Use Grammarly Free and When To Switch to a Paid Version?

Grammarly paid plans are obviously more feature-rich than the free version.

But does that mean Grammarly Free is useless, or not a good choice for you?

It depends on your needs as a writer. Some people will absolutely need to get a Grammarly Premium plan, while others will be able to get by with the free version of this software.

If you’re just getting to use Grammarly and don’t plan to use it for work, then you should probably stick with the free version for now.

With the free version of Grammarly, you can still do a lot. This version lets users achieve clear and confident communication, style, and clarity improvement for your articles.

The free version focuses on ensuring that your write-ups are error-free (punctuation, spelling, and grammar) and easy to understand, which is enough for most people reading this guide.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to create high-quality, professional content, then you should seriously consider getting the paid versions of Grammarly.

This is because Grammarly Premium finds and corrects more mistakes than Grammarly Free, and the writing advice it gives is much more elaborate than what you get with Grammarly Free.

One of Grammarly’s premium plans is a must if you do content creation for a living.

Here are your 2 options.

Grammarly Premium Plan

Grammarly Premium paid plan

The Grammarly premium plan offers a variety of features like tone detection and plagiarism checker. This plan offers all the features that free users enjoy and even more.

With this plan, you get:

  • Sentence rewrites;
  • Word choice;
  • Formality level check;
  • Fluency;
  • Plagiarism checker;
  • Tone adjustments;
  • Advanced vocabulary suggestions.

Grammarly Business Plan

Grammarly Business paid plan

Grammarly Business plan also offers everything the free and premium plan users enjoy. Here’s what you get in addition:

  • Style guide.
  • Snippets.
  • Brand tones.
  • Analytics.
  • Email support and more.

If you’re serious about building a powerful brand online then you should consider going for one of the paid plans.

How Can Grammarly Free Help You Write Better Blog Posts?

More than 30 million bloggers and marketers use Grammarly to correct their writing.

I’ve been using this tool for about 3 years now and the experience has been great!

Most times, I tend to spend 1-2 hours proofreading a 2000-4000 words blog post. But since I started using Grammarly’s free version, that time has been cut by half.

Grammarly automatically checks my whole article for mistakes or improvements that should be made. And instead of hiring and paying a professional proofreader, Grammarly Free takes care of this for me.

Grammarly Free proofing content

This is even more effective with browser plugins or addons. Grammarly has a Chrome extension that allows you to easily write your articles without leaving your current browser tab.

Now, unlike most grammar correction tools, Grammarly lets you write effectively from various platforms like Google Docs, Gmail, and WordPress.

This will help you stay clear of writing errors and give you improvements (on the go) even while typing.

Also, Grammarly will help you with better formatting for your blog posts inside WordPress. Formatting your articles is very important and from experience, it plays a role in your SEO.

If your articles are properly formatted, your readers will spend more time reading your blog posts.

Common Mistakes Grammarly FREE Will Help You Avoid

Here are some of the popular grammar mistakes that Grammarly helps its users correct.

  1. You’re and your.
  2. There, there, there.
  3. Its and it’s.
  4. Using too many conjunctions (Firstly, To begin with).
  5. The and they.
  6. I have, I’ve and I’d.
  7. Doesn’t, wouldn’t, and has not.
  8. Is and are
  9. Maths and Maths’
  10. This, those and these.
  11. Will and would.

Is Grammarly Free FAQ? Your Questions Answered!

Is Grammarly free FAQ
Your questions about the Grammarly free version are answered!

My guide to the free version of Grammarly would be incomplete without me answering your burning questions.

The questions about Grammarly Free and how to use it to the fullest are below.

#1- Is Grammarly Completely and Forever Free?

Grammarly free tier is really free and forever free. You will never be charged for using Grammarly’s free version, or their other free products like Grammarly software for desktop, Grammarly Chrome extension, or Grammarly’s keyboard for Android…

#2- Does Grammarly Have a Fee?

Grammarly Free doesn’t have a fee, while Grammarly Premium ($12/mo) and Business ($15/mo) are paid plans. Learn more about Grammarly pricing plans here.

#3- Is Grammarly Free Version Safe to Use?

Grammarly Free version is completely safe to use. Neither their desktop software, or online app, or Chrome extension have ever been infected with a virus or malware and are completely safe to use.

#4- Is Grammarly Free for Students?

Grammarly Free is free for students and for everyone else as well. Their Premium and Business plans are paid tiers and students have to pay to get those. Or they can get a free Grammarly license via their universities (Grammarly edu license).

Students can also get a Grammarly discount, and if you’re a student click the link to learn exactly how.

#5- Is Grammarly Free for Military Personnel?

Grammarly Free is free for military personnel and for everyone else.

Their Premium and Business plans are paid tier and military personnel has to pay to get those. Or they can take advantage of Grammarly’s military discount.

#6- Is Grammarly Cracked Version a Way to Get Grammarly for Free?

Getting Grammarly cracked is not a way to get Grammarly for Free. Cracked versions of any software are ways for hackers to infect your browser and computer with viruses and malware.

Stay away from the hacked versions of Grammarly because they’re no way to get Grammarly for free.

#7- Is There a Way to Get a Grammarly Premium or Free?

You can get Grammarly Premium for free by taking advantage of Grammarly’s free trial offer. Click the link to learn how to get a Grammarly trial. There are multiple ways and you can get either a 7-day or 30-day trial.

#8- Can I Use Grammarly Free for Commercial Use?

You can use Grammarly’s free version for commercial use. However, depending on the writing project you might need to upgrade to Premium or Business plans to deliver your best work.

#9- Is Grammarly Free on Chrome?

Grammarly is free on Safari and also on all other browsers.

Their desktop app is also free.

#10- Is Grammarly Free on Safari?

Grammarly is free on Chrome and also on all other browsers.

Their desktop app is also free.

#10- Is Grammarly Free With Gmail?

Grammarly is free with Gmail.

Just install the Grammarly Chrome extension and Grammarly will work on Gmail automatically.

#11- Is Grammarly Free on Google Docs and Microsoft Word?

Grammarly is free to use on both Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Just install the Chrome extension and Grammarly will work automatically with both Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

#12- What are Some Other Free Grammarly Products?

Here are the other free Grammarly Apps and services.

  • Grammarly keyboard for Android – this is an application that takes over your phone’s keyboard and lets you type directly using a Grammarly keyboard with all features automatically plugged in. The Grammarly app on Android helps users improve writing grammar when they’re typing anything on their smartphone. It allows you to write your articles in applications like Google docs, Evernote, Facebook, and WhatsApp confidently, clearly, and with fewer mistakes.
  • Grammarly Chrome extension – the chrome extension is a great tool as a lot of bloggers have reported that it has saved them a lot of time and has helped them feel better about their content. The Grammarly Chrome extension gives you real-time suggestions no matter what you’re working on in your Chrome browser (platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google Docs, etc).
  • Grammarly writing app – the Grammarly writing application is an online platform that allows you to write your articles on the web. This is just like Google Docs.
  • Grammarly for desktop – this is software that offers you a writing dashboard with every Grammarly feature your account has. It is your all-in-one desktop software to use in your applications like Word, Evernote, Email clients, and more.

#13- Are There Any Other Free Grammar Checker and Paraphrasing Tools That I Can use?

There are plenty of free Grammarly checkers and paraphrasing sites and tools you can use instead of Grammarly.

There’s no room for it here, but you can read the link above to learn more about it.

Is Grammarly Free (Conclusion)?

So, is Grammarly Free?

Grammarly is a freemium tool that has both free and paid plans.

Grammarly Free is best for casual writers on the web, while Grammarly paid plans are for the pros who make money off their content on their web, and for whom absolute content quality is a must.

Depending on who you are, pick one of the others.

Have any questions about Grammarly’s free version?

Pose them in the comment section below.

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