ShortlyAI Review: (Free Trial+ Coupon Code Details for 2023)

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ShortlyAI Review and Free Trial 2023

  • Review of- ShortlyAI;
  • Best Used for- copywriting and writing;
  • Best Suited for- anyone writing on the web looking to scale content;
  • Pricing- $79/mo (unlimited content); yearly plan available for 2 months free for ShortlyAI premium;
  • Free Trial- available;
  • Coupon code- not available;
  • My Rating- 4.7/5.

Description- ShortlyAI is a GPT-3- based AI copywriting assistant that will aid you in creating quality content at scale, including blog posts, copywriting copy, social media posts, YouTube video scripts, and more. Even though multiple uses can be done out of GTP-3, the potential is huge and boundaries still remain to be set

You can try ShortlyAI for free by activating their trial, no credit card is required.

Try ShortlyAI now!

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Because in my ShortlyAI review I’m going to share with you a special link that will help you try ShortlyAI for free.

My review will help you decide whether this AI copywriting and content writing/editing tool is worth your time and money.

And no need to worry about the money because you can activate the free trial without adding credit card details.

And when your free Shortly AI trial ends you’ll be taken to a pricing page where you can choose to either buy a subscription or just leave.

Because no credit card is required, you won’t be suddenly charged without your approval.

Sounds good?

Let’s go!

ShortlyAI review and free trial 2023
Read my ShortlyAI review to learn how to get a free trial in 2023. Don’t buy before you try for free!

Table of Contents

What is ShortlyAI? How to Get a Free Trial (Tutorial)?

How I Wrote My ShortlyAI Review

A quick note before you begin reading my review in earnest.

I do my best to write my reviews in an honest and unbiased way. Even though three are affiliate links throughout this ShortlyAI review, it in no way affects my judgment about the tool. As you’ll see below I cover both the pros and cons and leave no stone unturned.

To write this review I spent several hours reading other people’s thoughts about ShortlyAI. I was a frequent guest on forums,  Quora, and even Reddit.

So, I gathered the info, as much as I could, and then I put it aside and dove deep into the tool personally. I bought the $79 subscription and started generating content like mad.

Everything that I learned about ShortlyAI is below, so let’s get started!

ShortlyAI is a GPT-3 based AI writing software that uses artificial intelligence to write your blog posts, guest post guides, marketing copy and ads, emails, and really anything else you want.

ShortlyAI uses AI to understand your content needs and then it writes accordingly. Your job is then switched from writer to content editor. You will also need ott add images to beautify your content before publishing it.

Shortly AI was not the first AI writing software to hit the market, but together with JasperAI, it’s top tier and one of the best.

I’ve been using ShortlyAI for the last 3 months and it has significantly shortened the time I need to push an article on my site.

What took me days to create earlier, I now create in a few hours.

It’s safe to say I’m more than pleased with ShortlyAI, and I plan to use it long term.

Note: ShortlyAI trial lasts for 3 days and during that trial period you don’t need to add your credit card details and you can use the tool 5 times per 24h.

It’s very easy to get a ShortlyAI free trial.

Here’s exactly how.

First, go to the ShortlyAI homepage and enter your email address.

ShortlyAI homepage

Second, open your free account by giving your full name and by creating a password.

Signup to ShortlyAI

Third, ShortlyAI will now onboard you. This simply means you’ll get a short intro tutorial showing you how ShortlyAI works.

Simply click on the “Next” button at the bottom to skip it.

ShortlyAI onboarding

Fourth, pick the type of content you want to start writing, and officially start your free trial.

For the next 3 days, you are free to test out ShortlyAI as much as you want:). You get to use this tool 5 times per 24h, with unlimited text generation.

Shortlyai, start writing

Fifth, Let’s try writing an article.

ShortlyAI editor- let's start writing!

To get started with ShortlyAI, all you need to do is;

1. Provide a brief about the topic want to write about.

2. Enter an appropriate keyword-rich title for your content.

3. Write the first few words of the first sentence.

4. Decide on the output sentence length. shorter and medium produce better results.

5. Lastly, click the ‘Write for me’ button to let Shortly AI do its job.

For example, let’s say I wanted to write an article about the health benefits of coffee. See below how I’d approach it with ShortlyAI.

Instruct ShortlyAI to write for you

And here’s the result. Pretty neat, no:)

Awesome results for 1m of “hard” work.

ShortlyAI output

ShortlyAI Prcing Tiers and Cost Explained- What Does it Cost?

Shortlyai pricing details
What does ShortlyAI cost?

ShortlyAI has 2 plans:

  • Monthly– $;
  • Yearly– $780/yr, which turns out to $65/mo (you get 2 months free);

#1- ShortlyAI Monthly Plan ($79/mo)

ShortlyAI monthly plan gives you unlimited word writing and costs only $79 per month. I say “only $79” because other AI writers price you by word count and it gets expensive really fast.

For example, Jasper AI costs $29 for 50 000 words, and you can blow through 50 000 words in one day.

ShortlyAI monthly plan used to cost $39, but it got so popular so fast that they had to increase the price significantly to ease the load on their servers and also invest more money into making the tool better.

My point is that since it’s such a popular tool, it’s possible there will be a price change again sometime in the future.

If you want to try ShortlyAI, it’s best to get it sooner rather than later.

#2- ShortlyAI Annual Plan ($65/mo)

ShortlyAI yearly plan is priced at $65 per month and also comes with the ability to generate unlimited content.

This plan is priced at $65 per month, but you’re charged $780 in bulk. So, you pay immediately, but you’ll get the equivalent of 2 months for free.

Shortly AI Monthly PlanShortly AI Yearly PlanDISCOUNT
$79/mo (948/yr)$65/mo ($780)$168
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6 Excellent Reasons to Grab the ShortlyAI Free Trial Today

Here are 6 good reasons why you need to take advantage of ShortlyAI’s trial offer.

#1- Write Blog Posts Quicker

Do you wish to become a more productive blogger but don’t have the time to create your own material? What if there was an AI tool that assisted you in producing unique content without requiring almost any of your time?

Yes, ShortlyAI is the tool for the job. It can write whole articles from scratch for you, with just a tiny bit of your assistance.

So, if you want to save hours of your time writing articles, let Shortly AI do it for you. It can seamlessly produce at least three times as many pieces as a human writer can. And we’re talking about very productive humans here.

#2- Command Based Approach to Write Anything You Want

The finest part about ShortlyAI is that it lets you use certain commands within your document to seamlessly create anything you want.

For example, if you use the “Instruct” command, ShortlyAI will function in the same way as Google Assistant. It’ll carry out your instructions if you ask it to make anything.

Commands Available in ShortlyAI:

  • /Instruct[Your Text Here]
  • /Rewrite[Your Text Here]
  • /Expand[Your Text Here]
  • /Shorten[Your Text Here]

#3- Write Sales Copy Using Copywriting Frameworks

Wish to write converting sales copy more easily?

Why don’t you use the “Instruct” command from ShortlyAI to write any sort of copy? It’s easy.

You can create any type of famous copywriting framework like:

  • AIDA;
  • PAS;;
  • Before-After-Bridge;
  • etc…

#4- Write YouTube Video Scripts

Are you tired of spending hours on a YouTube video script that still comes out crappy at the end?


Now imagine being able to quickly free your most innovative ideas from your head and onto paper fast.

Using ShortlyAI reduces the time needed to produce a video script from hours to mere 5-6 minutes. Simply use the “instruct” command to have ShortlyAI write the script for you.

Example: /instruct[Write a video script for “how to make money blogging”].

#5- Write Entire Books using ShortlyAI

You can even use ShortlyAI to create a complete book. To do this, you must first create a new document.

When you choose “New Document,” ShortlyAI will ask you if you want to write an article or a story.

Simply click the “Write a Story” button in the left sidebar, then choose “write for me” from the drop-down menu.

This way,  ShortlyAI will write an entire book for you from scratch.

write a book with ShortlyAI

#6- Things You Can Write With the “Instruct” Command

You can write pretty much anything you want with the aid of the ShortlyAI’s “Instruct” command.

Here’s what it can create for you:

  • AIDA copy;
  • Before-After-Bridge copy;
  • PAS copy;
  • Sales or Ads copy using any copywriting framework;
  • Blog post introduction paragraph;
  • Blog post conclusion paragraph;
  • YouTube video script;
  • YouTube video hook and introduction;
  • Article brief;
  • Blog post outline;
  • Explain anything (Ex. explain why….)
  • Marketing copy;
  • Letters;
  • Headlines;
  • Emails;
  • Write Features & Benefits;
  • Persuasive bullets points;
  • Topic Ideas for Blog & YouTube Channel;
  • Question ideas;
  • Story & books;
  • Poems;
  • Product descriptions;
  • and anything else you want.

Get a ShortlyAI free trial here. No credit card is required.

ShortlyAI Pros and Cons

My ShortlyAI review would be woefully incomplete without a prose and cons section, agree?


  • Easy to use– when it comes to usability, ShortlyAI is the best tool on the market. It’s so simple and streamlined that even someone who never used AI writing software before will have no trouble using ShortlyAI.
  • Great for generating long-form content– ShortlyAI can create very long blog posts for you, as long as you go paragraph by paragraph. Because this tool and no other AI content generator can’t produce huge articles with a push of a button.
  • Excellent human-like content generation- content that ShortlyAI generates is indistinguishable from the human-written output.
  • Generates non-plagiarized content- ShortlyAI produces 100% unique content, without spelling and grammar errors. This means you don’t need a Quillbot Grammarly subscription to produce content at scale. (Related: Grammarly free trial, Grammarly student discount, Quillbot student discount).
  • Can be used to write stories and essays– ShortlyAI is superb at writing shorter pieces, marketing copy, and paragraph-length content. But you can use it to write whole books if you want. You can also use ShortlyAI to create student essays from scratch.
  • Unlimited content generation- ShortlyAI is a unique AI writing assistant because it lets you generate unlimited content on their paid plans. No other tool lets you do that. For example, JasperAI gives you just 50 000 words on their basic premium plan (Jasper AI is however a notch better than ShortlyAI. Read my Jasper AI review to learn more about it.).
  • Free trial available– as mentioned in this guide, ShortlyAI free trial is a perfect chance to try the tool worry-free. No credit card is required.


  • May provide you with inaccurate statements and information– ShortlyAI is not perfect. It often makes up facts on the spot and these need to be fact-checked before you publish your content. This is easily done when you have experience in your niche because you will be able to easily spot glaring errors. Note: all AI writing tools have this problem, and they all work off OpenAI API. So it’s not just ShortlyAI.
  • Extensive editing is needed- just like with all AI software, you’ll need to heavily edit your piece to have it make sense and read well. This includes removing obsolete sentences, adding new ones, and swapping complicated worlds for less complicated ones. It’s a lot of work but still 10x less than writing your content by yourself.
  • No writing templates- writing templates make writing with AI ridiculously easy. JasperAI has more than 50 templates for its users. ShortlyAI has none. It’s not a big deal and only slightly decreases the usability of the tool. I’m used to writing without templates so I know, but I also know people who love them and can’t write without them.
  • Limited free trial- ShortlyAI free trial lasts for 3 days and you can use it 5 times per every 24h. That’s unnecessarily complicated and restricting. It’d be better if they had, for example, a 10 000 word limit for the free trial period.
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Who Should Use ShortlyAI? And Who Should Not?

ShortlyAI is best suited for people who:

  • Anyone who writes content on a daily basis;
  • Anyone who needs to save time on content creation;
  • Anyone who doesn’t know how to quickly generate content;
  • Anyone who is stuck with a  9-5 job, but still wants to build an online business based on content;
  • Anyone who wants to write difficult ad copy quickly. With ShortlyAI creative bottlenecks are no more;
  • Anyone who wants to save money on hiring expensive copywriters and freelance writers;
  • Anybody who wishes to boost the quality of their content without sacrificing content generation speed.

Don’t use ShortlyAI if:

  • You require content templates to make your job easier- Use JasperAI instead (5-day, 10 000 credit Jasper AI trial available);
  • you can afford to hire a quality freelancer to write your content. High quality freelancers are better than any AI writing software.
  • you enjoy writing your own content;
  • you run an amateur blog and you don’t care about making money from your site. Then take it slow and enjoy the ride.
  • you don’t care about scaling your content and are satisfied with your blog’s growth pace as it is.

Best ShortlyAI Alternatives for Having More Options on the Table

There are many alternatives to ShortlyAI, and many more are flooding the market. But not all of them are better than ShortlyAI, or even equally good.

I picked those that do provide value to their users and they are below.

ShortlyAI vs Jasper AI- Which Tool is a Better AI Software?

ShortlyAI is one of the best GPT-3 content generators on the market. I can’t say it’s definitely the best because I haven’t tested all AI software on the market, and because recently Jasper AI exploded in popularity.

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis AI) is also a GPT-3 AI content generator that is gaining momentum fast and many consider it the future number #1 AI writing assistant.

But is really better than ShortlyAI?

Well, it depends on what you need. In regards to output, ShortlyAI and Jasper AI produce similar quality content. ShortlyAI is easier to use because of its simplistic interface, while Jasper AI boasts 50 templates that make writing short-form content a breeze.

Jasper AI templates

So, if you need to produce long-form content with minimum distractions to your workflow, then ShortlyAI is the tool for you.

But, if you need to write shorter marketing and copywriting material Jasper AI might be a better choice for you. Technically, when using ShotylAI commands you can write anything you want just like with Jasper, but it’s a tad harder and a lot more tedious.

Jasper AI templates make writing shorter content a joke, and the tool is really proficient at it.

There’s also a difference in pricing. Jasper AI is a much more expensive tool; for example, they give you 50 000 words for $59/mo, while ShortlyAi gives you unlimited words for $79/mo.

Something to think about.

Monthly plan pricing$29/mo$79/mo
Monthly plan word usage20 000/moUnlimited
Monthly plan Free trial5-day free trial. 10 000 free credits.3-day free trial. Use the tool 4 time per 24h
Yearly plan pricing$59/mo$65/mo
Yearly plan word usage50 000/moUnlimited
Yearly plan Free trial5-day free trial. 10 000 free credits.3-day free trial. Use the tool 4 time per 24h
If you’re intrigued, you can read my Jasper AI review here.

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ShortlyAI Vs Quillbot- Which Tool is Better?

ShortlyAI and Quillbot don’t compare as they are different types of tools.

ShortlyAI is a GPT-3 powered AI content generator, while Quillbot is a tool that can paraphrase and summarize existing content on the web.

As such, ShortlyAI and Quillbot serve different purposes and can’t really be compared. If you can, you should get both, but if not, then pick ShortlyAI if you need new content and lots of it; or pick Quillbot if you need to paraphrase existing content found on the web.

To learn more about Quillbot, read my Quillbot review.

Or get a Quillbot discount code guide here!

Or if you know you aren’t interested in Quillbot paraphraser, check out instead my guide on the best paraphrasing tools to find a paraphraser that best suits your needs.

ShortlyAI Vs Grammarly and Hemingway App

ShortlyAI vs Grammarly vs Hemingway App

Grammarly app and Hemingway editor are not AI writing software. Instead, they’re apps that check your content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and writing style errors.

As such they complement ShortlyAI, but they can’t replace it.

For example, I use ShortlyAI to create content fast, but then I use Grammarly Premium’s plagiarism checker to check for plagiarized content and also for typoes, and grammar errors.

And after that, I copy/paste the content into the Hemingway editor to fix glaring writing style mistakes.

It’s an involved process with lots of back and forth, but the end result is excellent content that converts like crazy. An excellent example of this method is this ShortlyAI review 🙂

ShortlyAI Review and Free Trial 2023 FAQ- Your Questions Answered!

ShortlyAI review and free trial 2023 FAQ
ShortlyAI review and free trial 2023 FAQ- your burning questions answered!

People have plenty of questions about AI content generation, including about ShortlyAI and their free trial offer.

I’ve gathered them below with their respective answers.

#1- How to Get ShortlyAI Free Trial?

To get a ShortlyAI free trial please follow the instructions in my tutorial at the beginning of this guide.

#2- How to Cancel ShortlyAI Free Trial?

ShortlyAI never asks you for your credit card information when you first set up a free trial with them.

So you don’t need to be concerned about canceling your ShortlyAI free trial.

You won’t be charged and you can just leave.

#3- Are ShortlyAI Coupons or Discounts Available?

No, there are no special offers, discounts, or coupons available for ShortlyAI at the moment. However, you may use my unique link to test this software for free for the next three days without paying a dime.

It’s the only legit promotion “coupon” officially available online.

#4- Is There a ShortlyAI Lifetime Deal?

No, there is no ShortlyAI lifetime deal. According to Qasim Munye on this Reddit thread, it costs a lot of money to use the OpenAI API and it’s simply not economically feasible.

ShortlyAI lifetime deal Reddit discussion

#5- Can You Write Whole Articles Using ShortlyAI?

Yes, you can write whole articles using ShortlyAI.

However, since ShortlyAI is based on Open AI GPT-3, and GPT-3 can’t write whole articles upon instruction, neither can ShortlyAI and you’ll have to go paragraph by paragraph.

#6- What is the Word Limit of ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI allows you to generate unlimited copy while on its premium plan. This is what makes it unique among all other AI writers which usually charge per word.

This means with ShortlyAI you can literally generate 500 articles in one month. Imagine having to pay writers to produce 500 articles.

How much would that cost you?

#7- Can You Write a Boo With ShortlyAI?

You can write a book with ShortlyAI. It’s feasible and doable as long as you’re willing to put in the work. This is because  ShortlyAI can’t write the book without you guiding it by feeding it inputs and by telling it exactly what to write.

You will also have to do ample fact checking plus writing style improvements.

#8- Does ShortlyAI Detect Content Plagiarism?

ShortlyAI doesn’t detect content plagiarism because it doesn’t have an inbuilt plagiarism checker.

However, this software is trained to put out unique content about any topic you give it, so the chances of receiving duplicate output are slim to none.

For added peace of mind, you might want to consider getting Quillbot, which does have an inbuilt plagiarism checker.

#9- Does ShortlyAI Work With Languages Other Than English?

ShortlyAI works only with the English language. So you can’t use ShortlyAI to generate content in any language besides English.

#10- Is ShortlyAI Better Than Other AI Writing Assistants?

ShortlyAI is one of the best tools on the market.

Its output is great, pricing is optimal, and you can generate unlimited content with it, which is the feature that puts it above all other similar tools on the market.

At the very least it’s a very competitive tool based on its output and optimal pricing.

#11- Is ShortlyAI Safe to use?

ShortlyAI is safe to use, and you have nothing to worry about on that front. The content you generate with it is safely stored within your account and only you have access to it.

ShortlyAI also doesn’t read or permanently record your outputs in any way. You’re also able to delete your outputs at any time.

Bottom line- ShortlyAI is completely safe and privacy is guaranteed.

However, ShortlyAI content is GPT-3 generated. This means it can be detected by AI content detection software like (you can read my review to learn more about this tool)

#12- Can Articles ShortlyAI Write Rank on Google? Are They Plagiarized Content?

Articles written by ShortlyAI can rank on Google just fine. They are not plagiarized content and you can use one of the best plagiarism checkers on this list to check and make sure. Google can’t detect AI-generated content, and even if they could, they don’t care whether AI was used, as long as the content matches the search intent, is informative, helpful well structured, and accessible to disabled users…

#13- Is it True That ShortlyAI Was Acquired by JasperAI (JarvisAI)?

Yes, it’s true. According to Qasim Munye, the creator of ShortlyAI,  the transaction happened in late 2021. the owner of Jasper Dave Rogennmoser bought Shortly because of its advanced long-form content writing ability.

They later used that technology to create JasperAI Boss mode.

#14- How Can I Pay for a ShortlyAI Subscription?

You can pay for a ShortlyAI subscription via PayPal, credit, or debit card. You’re free to cancel your plan whenever you want and you won’t be charged at the beginning of the next billing cycle. But you’ll still be able to use the remaining allowance you already paid for.

#15- Does ShortlyAI App Offer a Refund Guarantee?

Besides the 5-day ShortlyAI free trial which you can use to try it for free, there’s no refund guarantee for ShortlyAI. Instead, the 5-day ShortlyAI free trial is all you get and enough to learn what this tool is about. Remember, you don’t need to add a credit card to activate the free trial, so you can just leave without paying a penny.

#16- What are Some Similar ShortlyAI Tools and Websites?

Similar tools to ShortlyAI are:

  • Quillbot;
  • JasperAI;
  • Writesonic;
  • Rytr;
  • Writecream;
  • WordAI;
  • Nichesss;
  • etc

ShortlyAI Review and Free Trial Conclusion

My ShortlyAI review is over, so look:

If you want to experiment with an AI writing assistant tool, I highly suggest you give ShortlyAI a whirl. It can write amazing content, generate any type of copywriting framework, and even create an entire book for you.

And you don’t need to worry about quality or plagiarism because it’ll be 100% unique content for you.

This is a great tool overall and luckily ShortlyAI free trial is a legit thing and you can get it via this link.

No credit card is required so nothing to worry about.

ShortlyAI Review and Free Trial Guide for 2022

ShortlyAI is one of the best AI writing assistants on the market. With an intuitive interface, affordable pricing model and unlmited word count on any plan, it's a logical choice for any blogger looking to scale content production. Try it out! 3-day free trial available. No credit card required!

Product Brand: ShortlyAI

Product Currency: $

Product Price: $79

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

ShortlyAI Review and Free Trial 2023

  • Review of- ShortlyAI;
  • Best Used for- writing and copywriting;
  • Best Suited for- everyone who’s creating written content on the web;
  • Pricing- $79/mo for unlimited content); yearly plan also available and you get ShortlyAI 2 months for free;
  • Free Trial- available;
  • Coupon code- not available;
  • My Rating- 4.7/5.

Description- ShortlyAI is a GPT-3 powered AI copywriting service that can help you create quality content at a much faster rate. This includes blog posts, copywriting material, social media posts, books, YouTube video scripts, and more.

You can try ShortlyAI without paying by activating their free trial, no credit card is required.

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