9 Best Paraphrasing Tools and Websites in 2023- Which of These Online AI Rephrasing Apps Will be the Best Pick for You?

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Which are the best paraphrasing tools, apps and websites in 2023?

I curated the 6 best ones and they’re right below.

Let’s get started!


Best paraprasing tools, software and websites for 2023
Best paraphrasing tools and websites for 2023- which paraphraser tool and app will be best for you?

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Best 2023 Paraphrasing Tools and Websites to Avoid Plagiarism

Best 2023 Paraphrasing Websites to Avoid Plagiarism

Paraphrasing ToolFree/PaidBest for
Quillbot AIFree and PaidStudents, bloggers, journalists...
Jasper AIFree and PaidBloggers and Marketers
WordtuneLimited free versioncopywriters, journalists and students
HypotenuseLimited free versionBloggers
WritesonicLimited free versionBloggers
RytrLimited free versionMarketers and copywriters
Paraphrase-OnlineFreeBloggers and marketers
SpinbotFreeBloggers and marketers
DuplicheckerFree and PaidBloggers and students

#1- Quillbot AI Online Paraphraser

Quillbot is an online paraphrasing tool, website and app
Quillbot AI can rephrase paragraphs, change sentences, and reword entire articles (100% plagiarism-free)

Quillbot is one of the most popular and best paraphrasing tools on the market. More than 50 million people (students, pupils, bloggers, marketers, copywriters) use Quillbot daily to speed up content writing and rephrase paragraphs, sentences, essays, research papers, and entire blog articles to make them their own.

Quillbot AI uses advanced NLP (natural language processing) NLU (natural language understanding) algorithms to paraphrase the content you input into it and gives you an output that is 100% original.

Quillbot features are:

  • Paraphrasing style toggles (formal, creative, simple, expand, fluent, and shorten)
  • Synonym toggle;
  • Huge thesaurus;
  • Freeze words;
  • Grammar checker (no need for a premium Grammarly subscription);
  • Plagiarism checker;
  • Citation generator
  • Co-writer
  • Summarizer
  • and more.

QuillBot’s free account is an excellent start for anyone.

With it, you can paraphrase as much content as you want, but you have a 125-word paraphrase limit. This means you can only paraphrase sentences and smaller paragraphs (but you have unlimited usage, it’s just cumbersome).

With Quillbot Premium you can paraphrase an unlimited amount of content per day, you get up to 6,000 words and phrases in Quillbot Summarizer, + everything else Quillbot has to offer.

Quillbot also has a free Chrome and Microsoft Word extension that you can use to rephrase paragraphs and any content on the web, within Google Docs, and within Ms Word.

Whether you want to publish blog posts faster, check the grammar, punctuation, and style of your writing, or change the tone of it, Quillbot is the tool for the job.

With Quillbot everything is done within their dashboard and you won’t need to switch between multiple browser tabs when paraphrasing content.

Who is Quillbot Best for?

Anyone who needs to paraphrase a lot of content needs to get their hands on Quillbot. It’s an extremely affordable tool that uses advanced AI to give you 100% unique content out of anything you feed into it.

Quillbot is especially useful for students and pupils and millions of students across the world use Quillbot to improve their writing.

Here’s how I paraphrased the paragraph above in Quillbot’s Fluency mode:

“Quillbot is essential for anyone who needs to paraphrase a lot of content. It’s a low-cost tool that uses advanced AI to generate 100% unique content from whatever you feed it.

Quillbot is especially beneficial to students, and millions of students around the world use it to improve their writing skills.”

example of paraphrased paragraph with Quillbot's Fluency mode
example of a paraphrased paragraph with Quillbot’s Fluency mode. Other paraphrasing modes are Standard, Formal, Creative, Shorten, Expand, and Simple.

Quillbot Pricing

Quillbot has a forever free plan, and 3 paid tiers.

  • Quillbot Monthly– $19.95/mo;
  • Quillbot Semi-Annual Plan – $13.33/mo; $79.95 billed every 6 months;
  • Quillbot Yearly Plan– $8.33/mo;  $99.95 billed every 12 months.
Quillbot planMonthlySemi-annuallyAnnually
Quillbot Free///
Quillbot Premium$19.95/mo$13.33/mo ($79.95 billed every 6 months)Best Value
$8.33/mo ($99.95 billed every 12 months)

Try Quillbot today!

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#2- Jasper AI Paraphraser App

Jasper AI online paraphrasing tool, website and app
Jasper AI has a paragraph rephrase feature that can shorten, expand and rewrite whole paragraphs and entire articles (100% plagiarism-free).

Jasper AI is an all-in-one AI paraphrasing, writing, and copywriting tool that can help you create everything from smaller types of content (social media posts, meta descriptions, product descriptions for e-commerce, and everything else)  to complete blog posts and YouTube video scripts (+ every other type of content in between).

Jasper AI features include:

  • paraphrasing entire articles with a push of a button;
  • Rewriting and rephrasing individual sentences and paragraphs;
  • Summarizing content;
  • Generating outlines,
  • Creating marketing copy using dozens of famous copywriting formulas (including the most famous one- AIDA)
  • Creating unique custom images with Jasper Art;
  • Grammarly integration that works right within the Jasper AI dashboard;
  • Jasper Chat- conversational AI assistant powered by ChatGPT.
  • etc.

I must admit…

I love Jasper AI. It’s my AI paraphrasing tool of choice and I use it daily. In fact, parts of this comparison guide Jasper crafted for me.

Try to guess which ones are those:)

Who’s Jasper AI best for?

Anyone can use Jasper AI, but those who’ll get the most value out of it are large content marketing teams that need a lot of content output every month, or very prolific copywriters, bloggers, and marketers whose monthly demand for content is far above average.

If you just need a few rewrites here and there, I recommend you go for Jasper AI Starter, It’s affordable and will do the job just fine.

But for serious content production, you’ll need to pick the Jasper AI Boss Mode.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI has 2 paid plans that people can buy on their pricing page, Statter and Boss Mode. The third plan is Jasper AI Business and I won’t cover it here because it’s a custom plan that you can only get by directly talking to a Jasper AI team member.

Jasper AI Starter starts at $24/mo (when paid monthly) and with it, you can have Jasper AI generate 20 000 words of content. This plan is best suited for marketers and bloggers looking to produce short-form copy at scale. Or for those who need to paraphrase short-form content.

Boss Mode is the best Jasper AI plan. Not only does it produce far better and more coherent content, but with it you can generate long-form content to post on your blog at a speed you’d never get by writing it yourself.

Boss Mode starts at $49/mo (when paid yearly) and with it, you get 50 000 words of content Jasper can whip up for you.

Try Jasper AI today!

Jasper AI 5-day trial is available.

#3- Wordtune Online Paraphraser App

Wordtune online paraphrasing tool, app and website
Wordtune paraphrasing tool is your online solution to paraphrase any content you want with 100% uniqueness.

Wordtune is another excellent content rewriter that you need to try if you already haven’t.

It’s a free tool and you don’t even need an account. Simply go to the Wordtune website and paste your text. In return, you’ll receive excellent paraphrased content that’s 100% unique.

Of course, there’s a limit of 280 characters (about 3 medium sentences) but it is still a good taste of what Wordtune can do for you.

For example, I input the paragraph above in the Wordtune demo on their homepage and I got 3 rephrased versions, each one useable as it is with no editing needed.

Wordtune rewrote one paragraph and gave me 3 spun versions
Wordtune is an excellent content spinner- from one paragraph it produced 3 different version while 100% avoiding plagiarism

Similar to Quillbot, Wordtune lets you pick the paraphrasing style for the content you wish to reword, including options for expanding and shortening sentences, formal and casual tones, and full-paragraph rewrites.

One notable flaw Wordtune has is that it doesn’t have a plagiarism detector built into it, but from my testing and hundreds of paraphrased paragraphs and sentences, it never plagiarises.

Finally, Wordtune offers a Chrome extension that I advise you to install. It works nearly anywhere where people write online and is a great timesaver, especially if you struggle with frequent writer’s block.

Wordtune free Chrome extension works with Google Docs
Wordtune Chrome extension is free!

Wordtune Pricing

Wordtune is free to get started. You don’t even need an account. Their premium plan costs $9.99 and you can paraphrase unlimited content with it.

There’s also Wordtune Premium for Teams and the pricing here depends on the number of team users you plan to have.

Who is Wordtune Best for?

Wordtune is best for bloggers and marketers who need to produce large amounts of content. This is because Wordtune has the ability to keep the style, tone, and thread between paragraphs/sentences of reworded content. Meaning, if you paste 10 paragraphs from a blog post you want to rephrase, all 10 will come out as written by the same person and follow a certain logic inherent to the text.

Bottom line– I definitely recommend Wordtune, both free and paid versions.

Try Wordtune today!

#4- Hypotenuse AI Online Paraphraser

Hypotenuse AI online paraphrasing software and app
Hypotenuse AI paraphrasing tool- use it to change words, sentences, paragraphs, and articles while avoiding plagiarism

Hypotenuse AI is a new kid on the block when it comes to AI paraphrasing software and already it’s one of my favorite AI writing helpers.

I started using Hypotenuse when a client of mine in the e-commerce space tasked me with writing hundreds of unique product descriptions.

But nowadays I’m using it more and more to create long-form content and the output it delivers is on par with Jasper AI, which is currently the golden standard when it comes to GPT-3 AI tools.

A key differentiator of Hypotenuse among all other AI writing assistants is its unique “content detective” features.

Namely, this feature helps you research and gather facts for the article you’re writing. This solves a major problem all AI tools currently have, and it’s that they’re all based on GPT-3 which was trained on web data available up to 2019. This means the data is stale and the output is often plain wrong.

Hypotenuse AI tries to solve that by giving you the ability to research the facts live while creating content. You even get citations to use as external links or footnotes.

No other AI tool currently does that.

Hypotenuse AI content detective

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the content Hypotenuse AI generates is unique, well-written, and indistinguishable from human content.

Who is Hypotenuse Best for?

Hypotenuse AI can best serve:

  • e-commerce site owners who need to generate thousands of product descriptions quickly.
  • Bloggers looking to scale long-form content production;
  • People looking to up their social media game (Hypontenuse can create content for all major social platforms)
  • Students writing academic research papers, essay (or essays), and theses that require factual information and proper citations (proper citing is boring but necessary).

Hypotenuse Pricing

Hypotenuse offer 3 paid plans:

  • Starter- $24/mo when paid annually ($29/mo when paid monthly);
  • Growth – $49/mo when paid annually ($59/mo when paid monthly);
  • Enterprise– custom

Try Hypotenuse today!

#5- Writesonic AI Online Paraphraser App

Writesonic online AI paraphrasing tool and app
Writesonic uses AI to generate unique content at scale

Similar to Jasper AI, Writesonic is an AI paraphrasing assistant that’s built on GPT-3 technology that went through Y Combinator.

Writesonic is not just a content paraphraser. Instead, it’s an all-purpose AI writer that can generate unique content from the input you feed it.

Writesonic boasts many of the same templates Jasper AI has, and a few of my favorites are:

  • content rephrase;
  • Quora answers;
  • Sentence expander;
  • Sentence shortener;
  • AI article and blog writer;
  • product description.

Their content paraphrase tool is one of the easiest I’ve used. Just paste your text and it’ll spit out 3 new versions, and most of the time all 3 will be excellent and you’ll have a hard time picking just one:)

Using the Writesonic AI content reprase feature
Changing and rephrasing content with Writesonic AI is super easy!

Overall, Writesonic is an excellent GPT-3 AI writing and rephrasing tool and a worthwhile addition to this list.

The team behind Writesonic is constantly adding new features to it so I’m really excited about where things are going.

For example, recently they added Chatsonic a ChatGPT- powered feature (Chatsonic is powered by GPT-3.5 artificial intelligence technology) that lets you have a real conversation with AI almost as if it was a real person.

And yes, you can ask it to paraphrase content for you.

Here, I asked Chatsonic to paraphrase the paragraph above for me.

Writesonic Chatsonic feature can paraphrase anything you feed into it
Chatsonic as an excellent ChatGPT alternative. If you’re interested, read my guide to the best ChatGPT alternatives next.


Finally, Writesonic has a generous free version of the tool (2500 free words) which is more than enough for you to see what this tool can do. I invite you to give it a try. No credit card is needed to get started.

Who is Writesonic Best for?

Writesonic is like a training ground for Jasper AI. It has many of the same templates, but they’re simpler to grasp, more streamlined, and easier to use.

As such, Writesonic is best suited for marketing teams who’re just getting started with AI writing and paraphrasing software. The quality of output is on par with Jasper AI, and the best GPT-3 has to offer.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic paid plans start at $12.67 /mo (and the word count you get with each plan varies depending on the quality of content generation you picked).

Annual billing gives you a 33% savings.

Try Writesonic today!

#6- Rytr Paraphraser App

Rytr AI paraphrasing app and software
Rytr AI paraphrasing app and software- an affordable choice for 2023

Rytr is a popular AI writing software (2.5m+ users) that is a number #1 choice for many bloggers, marketers, and freelance writers…

It’s also popular with students as it’s very affordable and helps tremendously with writing and rewriting essays, research papers, and homework assignments.

Rytr as an AI tool also has a bright future. I say it because recently Rytr was acquired by Copysmith who also owns Frase and a bunch of other AI tools. This tells me Rytr is here to stay and investing in the subscription to the tool now won’t be money wasted for you.

Who is Rytr best suited for?

Rytr has a generous free plan and I recommend it to anyone who can’t afford a paid AI paraphraser.

With 40+ templates and use cases, Rytr is best suited for bloggers, marketers, students, writers, copywriters, and anyone who’s writing and paraphrasing online.

For example, here’s how I rephrased the paragraph above  (starting with “Rytr as an AI tool also has a bright future“).

You can see the sentences are changed and reworded, but the meaning and readability were preserved.

effective paragraph rephrasing with Rytr
Rephrasing paragraphs with Rytr is effective and done with a click of a button. Available rewording modes are: shorten, expand, reword, sentence rephraser, append, paragraph rephraser, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker.

Besides rephrasing content within the Rytr editor, I especially like to do content research with Rytr and the outlines I generate with it are often far better than what I can come up with on my own.

For example, here’s the outline I got for the keyword “best paraphrasing tools”. This time it didn’t come out perfect, but it is 70% done and I can easily fill in the rest.

Rytr generated outline for the keyword "best paraphrasing tools"

I also use Rytr to generate entire articles with a push of a button, and the output is very decent. However, it’s not perfect and I do have to do a lot of editing afterward.

No GPT-3 AI content generators can write entire articles from scratch and Rytr is no different.

Bottom line: Rytr is easy to use and very cheap and affordable. I use it and I recommend it.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr offers a generous free plan which serves as an excellent start to get to know this AI paraphrasing tool. It has a forever-free plan and the only limit is that you can generate up to 10 000 characters per month.

There are also 2 paid plans.

Rytr paid plans:

  • Saver plan– $9/mo or $90/yr if you pay at once;
  • Unlimited plan– $29/mo or $290/yr if you pay at once.

Try Rytr today!

#7- Paraphrase-Online App (Free; Best for Beginner Bloggers)




































Paraphrase-Online is another online paraphrasing website that lets you reword sentences, paragraphs, and even entire articles while preserving the meaning and readability of the text.

The tool is simple to use and you don’t need a master’s degree to learn to use it. Simply take the content you want to paraphrase and paste it into the designated field. Hit the big “Paraphrase” button and let it do its thing. If you aren’t happy with the output (I’ve occasionally noticed quite a few grammar and spelling errors in the paraphrased text) hit the button again and repeat until you’re satisfied.

Paraphrase-Online is a free AI-powered paraphrasing tool that gives you unlimited usage during the day. The maximum you can rephrase in one go is 1000 words (roughly 10 000 characters),  so if you had a 2 000-word article you wanted to spin, you’d need to run the tool two times.

Paraphrase-Online example of paraphrased content

Who is Paraphrase-Online for?

Paraphrase-Online is a free tool and it’s best suited for beginner bloggers and marketers who need to spin a lot of content for free, and who can’t afford to pay for a premium tool. These folks can get a lot of value from this tool because the output is decent, you get unlimited usage, and it’s all for free.

The downside to this free paraphrasing tool is that it’s not as accurate and reliable as other apps on this list.

For example, from my testing every time I paraphrased something (a few paragraphs or even just a few sentences) there were always some weird spelling mistakes that any tool nowadays should be able to automatically fix. But Paraphrase-Online didn’t.

Here’s an example.

Paraphrase-Online output is riddled with spelling mistakes
Paraphrase-Online is not a perfect paraphrasing tool, but it’s good enough, especially since it’s free.

As for students, it’s not ideal because students who write research papers and essays need to cite their sources a lot and for them, something like a combo of Quillbot AI Paraphraser+ Quillbot Citation Generator would be of better use.

Paraphrase-Online Pricing

Paraphrase-Online is free!

Try Paraphrase-Online today!

#8- Spinbot (Free, Paid; Best for Marketers Who Own PBN’s)

Spinbot online paraphrasing tool

Spinbot is a free online paraphrasing tool that you can use to rewrite any text into unique but similar content. It works pretty much the same way as all other paraphrasing websites on this list.

You feed some text into it, tell it to paraphrase, and it does.

However, Spinbot offers 2 paraphrasing modes. The “Basic Paraphrase” mode seems to be nothing more than a glorified text spinner. I tested it and all it does is switch most words around for their close synonyms with some minor sentence order switching.

The end result is readable but unlike what any human would write. In my opinion, basic spinning is not enough for human consumption, and you’d still need to give it a human touch if you intend to post it on your blog.

Here’s an example below. I underlined words you normally wouldn’t use when writing.

Spinbot sometimes produces weird output

The “Advanced Paraphrase” mode takes you to Quillbot AI (obviously Spinbot is an affiliate for Quillbot, or Quillbot owns them) so Quillbot can reword the content properly.

Spinbot Advanced Paraphrase mode takes you to Quillbot AI premium paraphraser

Who is Spinbot for?

Spinbot is free and gives you unlimited usage as long as you have your adblocker turned off. This is because the site lives off advertisements served by Google and other search engines.

Since it’s free it’s best for bloggers and marketers who can’t afford to pay for a premium, quality paraphrasing tool.

Additionally, PBN owners who need volumes of content for their site can benefit from Spinbot because the tool lets you reword 1000 words (roughly 10 000 characters at once). And you can use Spinbot all day long.

Spinbot Pricing

Spinbot is free!

Try Spinbot today!

#9- Duplichecker (Free, Paid; Best for Bloggers)

Duplichecker online paraphraser app

Duplichecker is better known as an excellent plagiarism checker. However, the tool also offers a grammar checker, spell checker, and online paraphraser.

All tools are available on the website and you don’t even need to register to start using Duplichecker.

The way Duplichecker’s paraphrasing app works is similar to other tools on this list. You take a snippet of text you want to add, you paste it in the designated field, and then let the tool paraphrase for you.

And in just a few short seconds you’ll have the rewritten text in front of you to either use immediately or change based on how happy you are with it.

Duplichecker paraphrased output

The output Duplichecker serves is decent or a grade above it. Yes, there are some weird words and occasional nonsense, but you can fix it easily and you end up with excellent output. you can use on your blog. As a bonus, you can run the text through Duplichecker’s plagiarism and grammar/spelling checkers.

Who is Duplichecker Paraphraser Best for?

Duplichecher is both a free online plagiarism checker and a free content paraphraser.

As such it’s it’s mostly used by students to write research papers, theses, and essays while teachers use them to check their student’s work for plagiarism.

Bloggers and marketers also use Duplichecker because, though neither the best plagiarism checker nor paraphraser, it’s free and does the job well enough.

Duplichecker Paraphraser Pricing

Dulichecker is a free tool with a paid plan.

  • Lite– free
  • Basic plan– weekly ($12/wk); monthly ($10/mo); quarterly ($30/mo).

Best Paraphrasing Tools and Websites 2023 FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!


Best AI paraphrasing tools, apps and websites 2023 FAQ
Best AI paraphrasing tools, websites, and apps 2023 FAQ- all your questions answered!

My best paraphrasing tools guide for 2023 would be incomplete without a thorough FAQ section, agree?

#1- What are the 10 Best and Greatest Paraphrasing Tools?

There are no 10 best and greatest paraphrasing tools. There are way more than 10 on the market but not all of them are “best” “great” or even “good”. Some of them are crap and some of them are plain bad.

My list lists the 9 best, leading, curated paraphrasing tools and websites that can help you paraphrase content with good results.

#2- What are the Best Free Paraphrasing Tools?

The best free paraphrasing tools are Quillbot, Writesonic, and Rytr. Even though Quillbot, Witesonic, and Rytr have paid plans for their software, their free versions are very helpful for people who want to paraphrase content but don’t have the budget to pay for a premium tool.

And out of the three, Quillbot is the best because it has a forever-free plan, while Writesonic gives you only 2500 words to play with, while Rytr is even worse with just 10 000 characters of free content generation.

#3- What are the Best Online Websites for Rephrasing Content?

The best online websites for rephrasing content are the ones found in my list here.

These tools are actually all cloud apps/websites hosted on the cloud and you can access them via your favorite browser.

#4- What is the Best Paraphrasing Tool that Can Beat Turnitin?

All the tools on his list can beat Turnitin because these paraphrasing tools don’t just make superficial changes to the content.

Instead, they completely reword it and spit out 100% unique and unrecognizable content.

Turnitin won’t be able to flag it.

Pro tip: Turnitin is an advanced plagiarism checker and simple paraphrasing, i.e., using synonyms and barely changing a sentence simply won’t cut it.

Instead, to be on the safe side you need to move the sentences around while preserving the meaning of the paragraph and your work overall.

The good news is that these rephrasing software tools are built to make substation changes to the text while preserving meaning and syntax. And all you need to do after you’ve gotten paraphrased content is make minor edits to make it even more different than the original version.

Good edits are:

  • Use more synonyms;
  • Use more transition words;
  • use more quotes as proper quoting with references always get a pass from Turnitin.

Finally, this is the extreme step. After you’ve made all the changes, and you’re still not 100% sure it’s Turnitin undetectable, you can take the text again and put it the second time through a paraphrasing tool of your choice.

It’ll work!

#5- What is the Best Paraphrasing Tool that uses AI?

The best paraphrasing tools that use AI are those that are built on GPT-3 technology.

This means you need to avoid AI tools built with obsolete GPT-2, even if they’re free.

I recommend you try Jasper AI, as the most robust tool on this list.

#6- What is the Best Paraphrasing Tool for Thesis Creation?

Quillbot is the best paraphrasing tool for thesis creation.

Quillbot is a research paper paraphrasing tool that millions of students use to write their papers and theses with less hassle.

It has an inbuilt plagiarism checker, grammar checker (no need for Grammarly), and citation generator to make citing sources as painless as it can be.

Quillbot is free to get started, but the premium version is the way to go to have Quilbot help you write your thesis.

Check out my Quillbot pricing guide here!

#7- What is the Best Paraphrasing Tool to Shorten Sentences and Paragraphs?

The best paraphrasing tool to shorten sentences and paragraphs is Quillbot.

I say that because Quillbot has the “shorten” paraphrasing mode that takes any text you feed it and then shortens it while preserving the meaning and syntax of paraphrased content.

For example, I took a paragraph about Quillbot from this guide (64 words of content) and pasted it into Quillbot’s paraphraser “shorten” more.

I got an excellent rewrite that was only 40 words long.

Quillbot is a top paraphraser. Students, pupils, bloggers, marketers, and copywriters use Quillbot daily to speed up content production and rework paragraphs, sentence and full pieces.

Quillbot employs an AI system to paraphrase your input and generate 100% original material.”

Quillbot paraphraser "shorten" mode

#8- What is the Best Paraphrasing Tool to Expand Sentences and Paragraphs?

The best paraphrasing tool to expand sentences and paragraphs is Quillbot.

I say that because Quillbot has the “expand” paraphrasing mode that takes any text you feed it and then expands it while preserving the meaning of paraphrased content.

For example, I took a paragraph about Quillbot from this guide (64 words of content) and pasted it into Quillbot’s paraphraser “shorten” more.

I got an excellent rewrite that was 84 words long.

“Quillbot is widely regarded as one of the most effective paraphrasing tools currently available. More than fifty million people, including students, pupils, bloggers, marketers, and copywriters, use Quillbot on a daily basis to speed up the process of content production and to rework paragraphs, sentences, and entire articles so that they sound more like their own writing.

The content that you feed into Quillbot is placed through a powerful artificial intelligence system, which causes it to generate output that is 100% unique to you.”

Quillbot paraphraser "expand" feature

#9- What Online Paraphrasing Tools Come With Inbuilt Grammar Checkers?

Plenty of online paraphrasing tools come with inbuilt grammar checkers.

Jasper AI has an inbuilt Grammarly integration. All other paraphrasing software works seamlessly with the Grammarly Chrome extension enabled.

However, I’d like to single out Quillbot as the best paraphrasing tool on this list, and one that also comes with an inbuilt grammar checker that’s on par in quality with Grammarly’s.

You simply can’t go wrong with Quillbot, it’s my favorite tool by far.

Check out my guide to best grammar checkers to learn more about this.

#10- What is the Best Paraphrasing Tool for the Tagalog Language?

Paraphrasing tools on this list are built to handle English content only and don’t work with other world languages.

As for Tagalog, the one paraphraser I found is Paraphrase Tool. They claim they can paraphrase the content in any language and for free.

Here’s them paraphrasing Tagalog content.

Paraphrase Tool can rephrase Tagalog content

#11- What is the Best Paraphrasing Tool for the Spanish Language?

Paraphrasing tools on this list are built to handle English content only and don’t work with other world languages.

As for Spanish, the one paraphraser I found is Paraphrase Tool. They claim they can paraphrase the content in any language and for free.

Here’s them paraphrasing Spanish content.

Paraphrase Tool can reword Spanish content

#12- What is the Best Paraphrasing Tool for the French Language?

Paraphrasing tools on this list are built to handle English content only and don’t work with other world languages.

As for French, the one paraphraser I found is Paraphrase Tool. They claim they can paraphrase the content in any language and for free.

Here’s them paraphrasing French content.

Paraphrase Tool can rephrase French content

#13- What is the Best Paraphrasing Tool for the Malay Language?

Paraphrasing tools on this list are built to handle English content only and don’t work with other world languages.

As for Malay, the one paraphraser I found is Paraphrase Tool. They claim they can paraphrase the content in any language and for free.

Here’s them paraphrasing Malay content.

Paraphrase tool can rewrote content in Malay

#14- Can Grammarly Paraphrase?

Grammarly is not a paraphrasing tool. You can’t use Grammarly to paraphrase content as it simply doesn’t have that capability. The best Grammarly Premium can do is paraphrase certain sentences within paragraphs and the rewording criteria are length and ” sentence clumsiness”.

If Grammarly Premium determines that a certain sentence is clumsy and overly long, it’ll offer to rephrase it for you.

#15- Do The Paraphrasing Tools on This List Produce Original, Non-Plagiarized Output?

All the paraphrasing tools on this list produce original and non-plagiarized content. The content is still paraphrased from the input you fed into the tool, but it can’t be detected as plagiarized content.

Some of these online paraphraser tools on this list also offer plagiarism checkers, but if you’re really worried about it, then take a look at my guide to the best plagiarism checkers next!

#16- Do The Paraphrasing Tools on This List Produce Content Detectable by AI Content Detectors?

Paraphrasing tools on this list produce content that can’t be detected by AI content detectors. This is because most AI content generators produce content with the help of GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-J, and GPT-NEO artificial intelligence technologies.

While AI paraphrasing tools on this list use different NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technologies to produce non-detectable output.

Check out my guide to the best AI content detection tools next!

#17- Are Paraphrasing Tools Cheating?  Is it a Type of Academic Dishonesty?

Using paraphrasing tools is not cheating and it’s not a type of academic dishonesty.

This is true provided that you only use a paraphrasing tool or a website to help you beat writer’s block or to make your life a little bit user while still doing most of the work by yourself.

However, if all you do is paraphrase someone else’s research papers, theses, essays, or anything else and you try to pass it on as yours, then that’s academic dishonesty.

#18- Can I Get in Trouble for Using Rewording Tools? Can Professors Tell?

You can get in trouble for using rewording tools if you rewrite someone else’s work and try to pass it off as your own. That’s called plagiarizing.

You can’t get in trouble for using rewording toosl if you use it moderately and intelligently. It’s just a tool to help you get things done faster.

And your professors use Turnitin to tell if you’ve copied from someone else without crediting them.

Best Paraphrasing Tools and Websites to Avoid Plagiarism in 2023 (Conclusion)

Best paraphrasing tools and websites for 2023…

You came here wanting to know which tools are worth your money and which are best avoided.

And which online paraphraser apps can help you avoid plagiarism while boosting your content output?

Now you know, so please let me know which tool you picked in the comment section below.

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