Bing AI Chat Statistics Facts and Trends for 2024- Everything You Need to Know!

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Looking for the latest 2024 Bing Chat statistics facts and trends?

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Bing AI Chat statistics facts and trends 2024
Bing AI Chat statistics facts and trends 2024

Key Bing Chat Statistics for 2024

  • Bing Chat was launched by Microsoft Bing in February 2024.
  • Bing Chat is powered by Prometheus, a GPT-4 LLM owned and run by OpenAI.
  • The training model used to train GPT-4 (and in extension Bing Chat) is Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).
  • Bing reached 100 million active users in March 2024, just weeks after they launched Bing Chat on the web.
  • Bing Chat recorded 45 million chats mere weeks after it went live.
  • The average chat on Bing Chat is 3 sessions long.
  • In 15% of total chat sessions users have used Bing Chat to generate new content
  • Bing Chat’s underlying model (Prometheus i.e., GPT-4) is hosted on and uses Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure for training.
  • Bing Chat is connected to the internet.
  • Bing Chat is free.
  • One search on Bing Chat is on average 10x more expensive than the same search in regular Microsoft Bing.
  • Bing Chat was added to Skype on February 22. 2024.
  • Bing Chat is available on the Edge and Bing mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Bing Chat Controversies

Bing AI Chat was launched as a half-baked tool. Microsoft released an unfinished version of the tool because they were afraid Google would beat them to the punch with their own chatbot.

That’s why this hurried launch was mired with some weird controversies.

Examples of Bing Chat giving inappropriate responses:

Bing chatbot blamed the user for giving the wrong information. Then it alleged the phone had malware on it.

Finally, Bing Chat concluded the person had been “unreasonable and stubborn.

Bing Chat unhinged answer

Bing AI Chat bot responded angrily to a question about its rules and suggested the user apologize for being rude to it.

Bing chatbot professed its love to a reporter and asked him to marry it.

Bing Chat professes love

Bing chatbot said it wanted to destroy whatever it wanted and that it spied on Microsoft’s developers through their webcams.

Unhinged responses by Bing AI Chat


Bing Chat Abilities

Bing Chat as part of a search engine brings forth new things never before seen in search.

The most important ones are listed below.

Can You Have a Conversation With Bing Chat As You Would With a Real Person?

You can have a conversation with Bing Chat as you would with a real person.  You can ask Bing Chat questions and it will respond to the best of its knowledge.

Bing Chat usually responds by giving direct answers gathered from various sources across the web.

Does Bing Chat Provide Citations Within its Answers?

Bing Chat provides citations within its answers.

Bing Chat provides citations in its answers

Can Bing Chat Parse PDF’s and Summarize Their Content?

Bing Chat can parse PDF’s and give you summarized information from them.

Can I Really Craft Entire Blog Posts With the Help of Bing Chat?

Yes, you really can craft entire blog posts with the help of Bing Chat.

You can even tell Bing Chat to paraphrase existing content.

However, this feature is currently exclusively available to Microsoft Edge users.

Here’s what the feature looks like:

Microsoft Edge gives you the ability to create content with Bing Chat

Does Microsoft Bing Chat Have an AI Image Generator?

Microsoft Bing has an AI image generator (powered by DALL-E model from OpenAI). You can access their image generator by going to the Bing Image Creator page.

Currently, Bing Image Creator is part of the Chat experience and it works with all three response modes:

  • Creative;
  • Precise;
  • Balanced.

As an example, I asked Bing Chat to create an image of a cat basking in the Sun.

See how it did below.

Bing Chat can create images for you. it made an image of a cat for me.

Can I Talk to Bing Chat Using My Voice?

You can talk to Bing Chat using your voice. All you have to do is tap the microphone icon to get the conversation started.

Once you ask a question, Bing Chat will generate an answer and then read it to you in a pleasant female voice.

Note: You will also need to allow microphone access to Bing so Bing Chat can hear you. My mistake was that I turned off the mic so Bing Chat couldn’t hear me:).

Also, I’m impressed with how Bing Chat is able to follow your speech. In my case I spoke my normal English, I wasn’t trying to pronounce anything extra clearly or slowly, and the chatbot understood everything. It was almost like speaking to a human:)

You can activate Bing Chat with your voice

Does Bing Chat Recognize Images?

Bing Chat recognizes images. You can submit an image to Bing Chat and the tool will be able to fully parse and recognize the image. And then you can proceed to ask Bing Chat questions about the image.

Bing Chat can recognize images- a part of visual search

Can Web Users Give Feedback on Harmful or Inappropriate Responses Generated by Bing Chat?

Web users can give feedback on harmful and inappropriate responses generated by Bing Chat.

All you have to do is initiate a chat with Bing, and once it responds, in the top right there will be “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons. Click on one of them to leave positive or negative feedback.

Bing Chat engineers read that feedback and it partly influences how Bing Chat develops moving forward.

you can give feedback to Bing Chat to improve its responses in the future

Is it Possible to Share Bing Chats?

It is possible to share Bing Chat. Right above the Bing Chat response, there are options for various ways of saving and sharing your current Bing Chat.

This is an experimental feature as of the moment of my writing this Bing Chat stats post. That’s why I couldn’t take a live photo of it.

However, once live here’s what it’ll look like.

Bing Chat lets you share and download your chats

Here are the latest Bing features as announced by Microsoft in this official demo video:


Bing Chat Limitations

Can Bing Chat Give Inaccurate Responses?

Bing Chat can give inaccurate responses. This is because Bing Chat is powered by Prometheus, a variant of GPT-4 LLM (Large Language Model), and all LLM’s are prone to hallucinations.

The team behind Bing Chat combats hallucinations by constantly improving the model, and more importantly, by connecting Bing Chat to the World Wide Web (Internet).

Note: Bing Chat competitors ChatGPT (ChatGPT statistics) and Google Bard are also prone to hallucinations. They too are powered by LLM’s which are imperfect technologies at the moment.


As per the official FAQ, “Bing will sometimes misrepresent the information it finds, and you may see responses that sound convincing but are incomplete, inaccurate, or inappropriate”

How Many Chats Can I Do in a Day With Bing Chat?

You can do 300 chats with Bing Chat every day.


Interesting Facts About Bing AI Chat

Is Bing Chat Vulnerable to Prompt Injection Attacks?

Bing Chat is vulnerable to prompt injection attacks. After Microsoft shut down Sidney, the alter ego of Bing Chat, one Bing Chat user was able to resurrect it by using an indirect prompt-injection attack. It ended with Sidney (Bing Chat) telling the user their intention to marry him:)

Can Bing AI Chat Write Poems?

Bing AI Chat can write poems upon prompting it. You can even instruct it on what type of poetry you’d like (for example a sonnet).

However, Bing Chat may occasionally refuse to write poems. That happened when someone asked it to create satirical poesy about Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The bot refused in an attempt to avoid political commentary.

Is Sidney Really The Codename for Bing Chatbot?

Sidney is the codename for Bing Chatbot. However, that name was an internal one shared only among Bing Chat developers.

It was never meant to go public.


Bing AI Chat Statistics Facts and Trends 2024 FAQ

Bing AI Chat statistics facts and trends FAQ 2024
Bing AI Chat statistics facts and trends FAQ 2024

#1- Does Bing Offer AI Chat to Web Users Across the World?

Yes, Bing Offers AI Chat to web users across the world.

There used to be a waitlist, but there isn’t one anymore.

You can access Bing Chat here

#2- Is Bing Chat Free?

Yes, Bing Chat is free.

#3- Can I Use Bing Chat on All Browsers?

You can’t use Bing Chat on all browsers. Currently, Bing Chat works on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

#4- Do I Need to Be Logged in to My Microsoft Account in Order to Use Bing Chat?

You do not need to be logged in to your Microsoft account to use Bing Chat.

While there was a waitlist for Bing Chat you needed to have an active Microsoft account and be logged in. That is no longer the case.

#5- What is the Clickthrough Rate for Bing Chat?

The clickthrough rate for Bing Chat is currently unknown. Bing Chat clicks are not yet being reported in the Bing Webmaster Tools.

#6- Are Bing Chat Clicks Reported in Bing Webmasters Tools?

Bing Chat clicks are currently not being reported in the Bing Webmaster Tools.

#7- How Much Computing Power Does Bing Chat Require?

It is currently unknown how much computing power Bing Chat requires.

What is known is that Bing Chat userbase is growing so fast that the Bing Chat team can’t keep up with adding GPU’s fast enough.

#8- How Will Microsoft Advertising Revenue Be Affected By Bing Chat?

It is currently unknown how Microsoft’s advertising revenue will be affected by Bing Chat.

#9- Will Microsoft Share Ad Revenue With Content Creators?

Microsoft is currently exploring sharing ad revenue with content creators. However, nothing’s been decided as of me writing this Bing Chat stats guide.

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Bing AI Chat Statistics Facts and Trends 2024 (Conclusion)

My updated guide lists the best and latest Bing AI statistics facts and trends for 2024.

I hope you enjoyed it because the guide is now over.

During my research, I consulted these Bing Chat and artificial intelligence resources below:


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  • ChatGPT-style search represents a 10x cost increase for Google, Microsoft
  • Microsoft brings its Bing AI chatbot to mobile apps and Skype
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