Originality.ai Review 2023- Worth Investing in This AI Content Detection Software?

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Wondering whether Originality.ai is any good?

And can AI content really be detected?

Read my Originality.ai review for 2023 to learn whether this tool is worth the money.

Let’s go!

Originality.ai review and guide 2023
Originality.ai review and guide for 2023

What is Originality.ai?

What is Originality.ai?
What is Originality.ai?

Originality.ai is an AI content and plagiarism detection tool built for large web content publishers.

This tool promises to give you back control of the content you publish on your blog and websites as it’s built to spot any AI content (GPT-2 GPT3- GPT-J GPT-Neo and ChatGPT) in addition to monitoring for plagiarized content.

Even though it’s currently in beta I opened a premium account to test Originality.ai and see whether it can really catch AI content spam effectively.

The results are right below.

Use cases for Originality.ai

  • Detect AI Content from your writers: Use Originality.ai to check whether the content you received from your freelance writer was written with help of AI.
  • Detect AI content percentage– if you decide to publish AI content on your site, but want it to be less detectable, Originality AI can help benchmark your starting position and then measure your progress towards fully human content.
  • Quality filter: I didn’t use Originaliy.ai all that much but according to the preliminary research I did in preparation for writing this review, I noticed that articles on my site that score the highest are also the ones I subjectively think are the best, and the ones that get the most traffic. It’s an interesting correlation.
  • (Future use) Boost your humanness and originality scores– in the near future, Originality.ai will be able to give you actionable tips on improving your score.

Can Originality.ai Detect AI Content (3 Examples)?

Having opened my Originality.ai premium account I decided to try it with 3 popular AI writing and paraphrasing tools.

The first one is Quillbot

Can Originality.ai Detect Content Paraphrased by Quillbot?

To test whether Originality.ai can detect content paraphrased by Quillbot, I took 150 words of content from my Quillbot discount code guide and pasted it into Originality.ai (via their Chrome extension).

Here are the results.

Originality.ai can't detect content that Quillbot paraphrased
My test showed that Quillbot paraphrased so well that Originality.ai can’t detect it. Read my Quillbot review to learn more about it.

You can also learn about Quillbot pricing and Quillbot free trial here.

Can Originality.ai Detect Content Created by Jasper AI?

To test whether Originality.ai can detect content written by Jasper AI (which runs on GPT-3), I had it write 200 words on the topic of Jasper AI review, and then I pasted it into Originality.ai (via their Chrome extension).

Originality.ai easily spotted this 100% GPT-3 generated content.

Originality.ai can easily detect AI content written by Jasper AI

If you want to learn more about Jasper AI read my Jasper AI discount code next. Other good reads are my Jasper AI free trial guide and Jasper AI pricing tutorial.

Can Originality.ai Detect Content Created by Writesonic?

To test whether Originality.ai can detect content written by Writesonic (I tested Writesonic which runs on ChatGPT), I had it write 200 words on the topic of Grammarly free trial, and then I pasted it into Originality.ai (via their Chrome extension).

Originality.ai can detect ChatGPT and Writesonic
As you can see Originality.ai can detect Chat-GPT-like content that Writesonic generated.

Originality.ai Review 2023 FAQ

Originality.ai review FAQ 2023
Originality.ai review FAQ 2023

#1- Does Originality.ai Offer a Free Trial?

Originality.ai offers a free trial. All you have to do is install their Chrome extension and you will get 10 free searches to try out this tool.

Note: currently Originality.ai doesn’t offer browser extensions for Mozilla, Opera, or Microsoft Edge…

#2- Is There a Cracked Version of Originality.ai I Can use?

Originality.ai is a brand-new tool and there is no cracked version of it. But even when the tool matures, it won’t be cracked.

#3- Is There a Lifetime Deal of Originality.ai I Can use?

Currently, there is no lifetime deal of Originality.ai you can use. There might be in the future though as new startups like to push out lifetime deals as bait.

#4- Are There Premium Cookies of Originality.ai I Can use?

Originality.ai is a brand new tool and there are no premium cookies on it. But even when the tool matures, there won’t be as premium user cookies is an ineffective way of getting a paid tool for free.

#5- Is There a Chrome Extension of Originality.ai I Can use?

Originality.ai has a Chrome extension you can download and use whenever and wherever you write.

Originality.ai Chrome extension

#6- What Types of AI Content Can Originality.ai Detect?

Originality.ai can detect content created by GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-J, GPT-Neo, and ChatGPT.

#7- Does Originality.ai Offer Suggestions on How to Fix Plagiarism and Turn AI Content Into Human?

Currently, Originality.ai only detects AI and plagiarized content, but it does not offer suggestions on how to fix these issues.

It’s a missed opportunity for them but it’s highly likely these features will be introduced down the line.

#8- What is the Minimum Number of Words Originality.ai Needs to Detect AI Content?

Originality.ai needs at least 50 words to reliably detect AI content. But the more input you give it the output will be better and with higher confidence.

#9- How Many Team Members Can I add to My Originality.ai Account?

You can add as many team members as you need to your Originality.ai account. There is no limit.

This however does not mean you can share this account with other people who want to use this tool for free.

#10- Can I See Which Pages AI Already Scanned with Originality.ai?

Yes, you can easily see which pages you already checked with Originality.ai as the tool keeps the record.

#11- Which Languages Does Originality.ai Work With?

Originality.ai currently only works with English content. In the future, other languages will be introduced.

#12- Does Originality.ai Check the Grammar of the Content I Submitted?

Originality.ai does not check the grammar of the content you submitted. If you need a pro grammar checker, take a look at my guide on the best grammar checkers on the market.

#13- Can Originality.ai Paraphrase the AI Content it Found and Make it Unique?

Originality.ai can’t paraphrase AI content it found to make it unique.

If you need a paraphrasing tool check out my guide on the best online AI paraphrasing tools to pick the one that suits you best.

#14- Is Originality.ai the Best Online Plagiarism Checker?

Originality.ai is not the best online plagiarism checker. First, there’s plenty of excellent competition on the market.

Second, Originality.ai is still a new tool that needs to prove itself with its first batch of users.

I’ll let you know if it’s the best plagiarism checker in a year:)

#15- Is Originality.ai the Best AI Content Checker on the Market?

Originality.ai is one of the best AI content detection tools, but it’s hard to say if it’s the very best. This is because the tool is pretty new at this point and it still has to prove its worth. However, the people behind Originality.ai are investing heavily and the tool is improving week after week.

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Originality.ai Review 2023 (Conclusion)

There you go. Mo Originalty.ai review for 2023 is over and based on my initial testing, Originality.ai is a decent tool that reliably detects GPT content.

It failed with Quillbot paraphrased content but no doubt it’ll get better soon.

Remember, Originality.ai is still in beta.

LMK your thoughts in the comment section below.

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