Grammarly Student Discount- 20% Off Promo Code Waiting to Be Used in 2022 (Working Coupon for Anyone, Not Just Students)

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Are you a student looking for a Grammarly student discount? Or maybe you’re a blogger looking for a  regular Grammarly discount?

Or maybe you’re an aspiring writer who knows you’ll have great use of Grammarly Premium in the near future?

So you’re looking to seize Grammarly premium discount and save some money.

Whatever your answer is, you’re in the right place.

So keep reading to learn how to shave 20% off Grammarly’s full price!

Grammarly Student Discount 2022- Get 20% off Price Today!
  • Name: Grammarly
  • Discount code– coupon code attached to my link.
  • Description: This is the real Grammarly discount for students. By clicking this coupon link you will get a 20% off price on Grammarly Premium. It’s the best Grammarly discount you can find online and the only genuine coupon code available.

Get Grammarly Premium Discount Today!

Again, my promo code coupon link gives you 20% off the regular price.

Grammarly student discount
My Grammarly student discount coupon code gives you 20% off price!

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a Ukrainian technology company (based in the US) that provides a digital writing assistance tool that can detect punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors in online texts.

Grammarly was first released in July 2009 in Kyiv, Ukraine, and is now the world’s leading writing assistance software company with over 4 million bloggers using it every day to improve their writing.

Company Profile

  • Name- Grammarly.Inc
  • Founded- 2009
  • Headquarters- San Francisco, California, the US
  • Founders- Myx Lytvyn and Alex Schevchenko.

How Good is Grammarly- Features Explained

Hey, I get it. No one wants to spend money on stuff they clearly don’t need.

First things first, Grammarly is not as good as hiring a human proofreader. Nothing can replace use humans…yet.

However, it’s the second-best thing, and definitely cheaper, especially if you use our Grammarly discount for students.

Grammarly can spot most punctuation and grammar errors; it helps you detect plagiarism with a high degree of accuracy, and it can even check for grammatical errors based on your writing style or the genre.

Grammarly is a multi-platform tool that’s there whenever you need it and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any serious writer, webmaster, student, teacher, and blogger on the web.

And of course, if you’re a student writing college essays, Grammarly will help you bring your grammar error count to almost 0%

But, before you decide that you need or don’t need Grammarly, take a look at its most important features below.

#1- Grammarly Premium Checks for Over 400 Grammatical/Spelling Errors

Grammarly Premium checks for over 400 common grammatical and spelling mistakes.

If you have it on your side you’ll never again have to worry about using:

  • quite instead of quiet;
  • or lets instead of let’s;
  • or principle instead of principal…

Those tiny mistakes destroy your credibility as a hard-working student and with Grammarly, you can prevent unnecessary embarrassment.

#2- Grammarly is Better than MS Word at Catching Punctuation Errors

MS Word is a great tool and I use it almost daily.

And it has an inbuilt spell checking feature. However that feature is not as good as Grammarly, in fact, even Grammarly Free destroys MS Word in a head-to-head comparison on how many mistakes it catches.

And not to mention Grammarly Premium…

Get a Grammarly discount here! 20% off the price promo.

#3- Grammarly Helps You Become a Better Writer

Grammarly doesn’t just correct errors in the background without you even noticing.

It also doesn’t just tell you something is wrong so you better fix it.

Instead, they tell you you made a mistake, and then they give a tooltip on why something is a mistake.

A great little feature that will help you become a better writer over time.

#4- Grammarly is an Excellent Online Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly Premium is one of the best tools on the market to check for online plagiarism.

They have in their database an almost unlimited amount of content scraped from the web which they compare with your article as you write it.

If you notice some parts of your text are very similar or identical to some other piece of writing on the web, you know you need to fix it before turning in your essay, especially since your college professor is probably using Grammarly Premium too 😀

Try Grammarly Premium here!

Our Grammarly coupon code link gives you a 20% off price on all Grammarly plans.

#5- In-Built Proofreading + Professional Human Help

Grammarly uses smart AI to proofread your content. They’re the best in the business. But if that’s not enough, as a premium Grammarly user you can ask for help from a real human proofreader who’ll take a look at your content and give you an honest review and suggestions.

#6- Advanced Punctuation Checker

I already talked about it above so I won’t waste your time here.

I just want to say that Grammarly Premium is the best punctuation error catcher tool in the world, and it catches more than 99% of mistakes found in the text.

However, it’s not perfect and there is that 1% margin for error.

#7- Multi Platform Tool

Grammarly works pretty much on any platform you can think of.

  • Gmail;
  • Outlook;
  • Apple Mail;
  • Slack;
  • Gooogle Doc;
  • Word;
  • Salesforce;
  • Evernote;
  • Discord;
  • WordPress;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • etc…

Grammarly works on multiple platforms

Grammarly User Reviews

More than 4 million bloggers and students use Grammarly to boost the quality of their writing and eliminate amateur writing mistakes.

And there are tens of thousands of genuine positive Grammarly reviews from real users and verified buyers.

Here are only a couple of them plucked up from G2 review agregator.

Grammarly user review 1

Grammarly user review 2

Grammarly user review 3

How Much is Grammarly Premium for Students? Regular Pricing vs Grammarly Promo Code Discount

Grammarly student price is the same as for anyone else. But with my 20% discount applied, you get to save one firth of the money you’d normally spend to get Grammarly Premium.

How much is Grammarly premium for students? regular pricing vs coupon -code-applied pricing
Compare the Grammarly price for students (with 20% discount) and the regular price everyone else gets!

Grammarly has 3 plans:

  • Free;
  • Premium ($11.66/mo);
  • Business ($12.50/mo);

With my Grammarly discount code, you get a 20% discount on all plans.

Let’s calculate how much you can save.


Use my Grammarly discount today! You don’t have to be a student to take advantage of it.

Plus a 10-day money-back guarantee is available.

How to Get Grammarly Discount for Students (Tutorial)?

It’s easy to seize my Grammarly student discount, and here are the steps.

First, use my special coupon promo link to go and go to Grammarly’s homepage.

Once there click on “Log in“.

Grammarly log in

Second, create a new account either using email or your Google account.

Grammarly create new account
Third, after you’ve logged into Grammarly’s free account, to get my Grammarly premium discount you need to go and click on the “premium” button inside the Grammarly dashboard.

Because you used my affiliate coupon link, you will get 20% discount on the regular Grammarly premium price.

Upgrade to Grammarly Premium

Fourth, pick the plan you want and need as a student.  As you can see at the bottom of the image, it says 20% discount is waiting for you, applicable to all plans:)

Buy Grammarly Premium plan

And that’s it.

Enjoy Grammarly Premium.

Grammarly Pros and Cons- I Leave Nothing Hidden! + Alternatives

My Grammarly student coupon guide wouldn’t be complete without a pros and cons section, agree?

Grammarly is an excellent tool and I could talk about its pros for the whole day (but I won’t)

Instead, I’ll cover the essentials you need to know + major cons that might even stop you from using my Grammarly discount.

Grammarly Pros 

#1- Very Simple to Use

Grammarly is super easy to use.

All you have to do is install the plugin or Chrome extension and the tool will automatically start to scan your content and highlight words with errors.

Really, it is as simple as that.

#2- Highly Accurate

Grammarly is not perfect, but it is darn near so. The tool rarely makes a blunder, and my guesstimate is that around 95% of the time, its suggestions are spot on.

Just never relax thinking Grammarly is perfect and you’ll be fine without doing your due diligence.

#3- Real-Time Grammar Correcting

It is very helpful that Grammarly works in real-time.

That way you get to correct errors as you go, instead of first writing the whole document thinking everything is dandy, but then you turn on Grammarly to see the tool has highlighted 21 percent of your text as ridden with errors.

#4- Easy to Understand Explanations

Grammarly doesn’t just tell you what’s wrong so you can correct it.

If they did that, they’d be yet another average grammar checking tool. Instead, Grammarly highlights the wrongly written word, gives you the correct alternative, and explains what’s wrong with the word you wrote.

That way, not only will your written content be error-free, but you will also gradually become a better writer.

Grammarly helpful mistake correction advice

#5- Customization

Grammarly, even in its free edition, lets you do some cool things with it.

For example, when you use a brand name like Moz, Grammarly will highlight it as it is an unknown word.

But then you just add it to the dictionary and Grammarly will never highlight that word again.

And there’s lots more of where that came from.

Grammarly Cons

#1- Doesn’t Work on Everything

Grammarly works pretty much anywhere you can write online, but… it doesn’t work with Google Doc, which is a major drawback considering the popularity of Google Doc.

Update- Grammarly now works with Google doc too. And seamlessly too:)

#2- Grammarly Free Can’t Compare With Grammarly Premium

Remember all those cool features I mentioned above? How Grammarly is super versatile and helpful with writing in any kind of style?

Well, that holds true for Grammarly Premium.

Grammarly Free is just a glorified spell/grammar checker.

#4- Aggressive Advertising

A fair warning, Grammarly is keen on getting you to buy their tool. So expect many adverts inside your Grammarly dashboard+ a bunch of sales emails hitting your inbox.

Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal and you quickly learn to ignore it.

Grammarly Alternatives- Can Something Replace Grammarly?

If Grammarly is not your cup of tea, or if can’t afford the premium version, (even with my promo code and offer) then here are a few Grammarly alternatives, some free and some paid.

Microsoft Office$79.99
Google DocsFree
Hemingway AppFree
Open OfficeFree

Use my Grammarly discount here! 20% off price!

Grammarly Student Discount 2022 FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

Grammarly student discount FAQ
Grammarly student discount FAQ- all your questions answered!

Grammarly is an insanely popular grammar tool and software.

How do I know?

I know because Quora is littered with thousands upon thousands of questions about Grammarly.

I dove deep and extracted questions related to Grammarly student discount and their coupon policy in general.

Let’s get started, and if I missed your question, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

#1- Does Grammarly Have a Student Discount?

Grammarly does not have a student discount. However, whether you’re a student or not you can get a 20% discount and price reduction off Grammarly Premium by using this link.

It’s a special coupon link that offers you a discount you can’t normally get just by visiting the Grammarly site directly.

#2- Is Grammarly Free For University Students?

Grammarly Premium is not free for university students.

Grammarly’s free Chrome extension is free for all including teachers, college, and university students.

However, the free version lacks important features like style check and improvement, plagiarism check, and advanced punctuation check.

Bottom line: Free Grammarly is not suitable for students doing important writing work that can impact their future.

But there are 2 ways to get a Grammarly discount.

First, you can use my special Grammarly coupon link and get a 20% discount on monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.

This is the best deal you can find online and the only true Grammarly discount for students on the web.

The second way is to use Grammarly Edu discount.

What is it?

It’s when colleges purchase Grammarly educational licenses which allow the students of those colleges to use Grammarly Premium for free.

So my advice for you is to go and inquire whether your school has purchased Grammarly educational license.

Grammarly education discount
Grammarly education discount for select universities

#3- Is There a Grammarly Military Discount?


Grammarly military discount does not exist.

Sites that are advertising those are just trying to get you to use their affiliate link. They aren’t being honest with you.

If you’re a military man or woman, the only legit discount you can get is via my special promo link.

You’ll save 20% off Grammarly Premium.

#4- Is There a Grammarly Affiliate Discount?

There is no Grammarly affiliate discount.

I’m an affiliate for Grammarly and I didn’t get any special discount.

In fact, I bought Grammarly Premium with 20% discount by using the link of one of my blogger friends.

However, when you get accepted as a Grammarly affiliate, you can get 1 month free of Grammarly premium so that you can write a thorough and legit Grammarly review.

Here’s a message sent by their affiliate manager.

Grammarly affiliate acceptance email

#5- Is There Grammarly Quarterly Discount?

You can take advantage of Grammarly quarterly discount by using my link. My link provides a 20% discount on all Grammarly plans, and for any duration, month, quarter, or the whole year.

To do it, simply sign up for Grammarly, and once inside the dashboard navigate to the Grammarly pricing page. There you will have the option of picking a quarterly plan with the 20% discount already applied.

Grammarly quarterly discount

#6- What is Grammarly Discount $69?

In 2020, there were official Grammarly coupons web users could use to get Grammarly Premium yearly plan for just $69, instead of the standard $140 price.

Those coupon codes are no longer valid.

#7- Will Grammarly Ever Offer New Discounts?

They probably will bring new, exclusive offers on the table, because coupons are a surefire way to boost sales. But it’s impossible to predict when. So make sure you bookmark this page as I regularly update it with the newest info.

#8- How Do I Ge a Grammarly Free Trial?

2 quick ways.

First, Grammarly has a 10-day refund guarantee. So you could buy a Grammarly plan of any duration, try it for a few days, and request and receive your refund. A little bit sneaky, but it works.

Second, if you sign up for Grammarly free account and you use it for a week, after that first week you will get your own Grammarly referral link which you can give to your friends. If 2 of your friends sign up, you will get a 6 week Grammarly free trial.

#9- Are Cracked Versions of Grammarly Any Good?

No, they’re not.

You can get hacked through those and they don’t work as they should anyways. Because Grammarly is updated all the time to be even smarter and faster.

It’s an amateur blogging mistake to use a nulled version of Grammarly instead of using my legit Grammarly promo code.

#10- What are the Differences Between Grammarly Edu and Premium?

Grammarly edu and Grammarly Premium offer the same features.

The difference is that Grammarly EDu is a special license given to a college or university so they can offer it to their students for free.

These students can get a discount on Grammarly by applying for an Edu Grammarly license.

Grammarly edu license

Bottom line: you’ll get the same awesome Grammarly whether you get it via your university or you decide to purchase the premium version by yourself.

If it’s the latter, use my Grammarly coupon code for maximum discount.

#11- How Do I Get Discounts on Grammarly?

Currently, the only valid Grammarly discount is one you can get through affiliate links from their official partners.

My affiliate link gives you a 20% discount and that’s the highest Grammarly discount that you can get at the moment.

It’s equally applicable on monthly quarterly and yearly plans.

#12- How Do I Get Get Grammarly as a Student?

There are 2 ways to get Grammarly as a student.

First, you can apply for a free Grammarly license via your college or university;  second, you can use my discount coupon to get a 20% off price.

Concluding My Grammarly Student Discount Guide for 2022…


It doesn’t matter if you searched for:

  • “Grammarly student discount”;
  • “Grammarly discount for students”;
  • “Grammarly Premium discount”;
  • or just “Grammarly discount”.

You’ve landed on the right page.

whether you’re a student, teacher blogger, writer, or just a regular blogger, you need Grammarly Premium and it’s a fact.

This tool can transform your writing and bring you benefits far beyond those you get with increased readability.

Web users are super spoiled and they have millions of websites on any topic to choose from. They will leave if you give them a reason,  and subpar writing is reason enough.

Don’t give them one.

Get Grammarly Premium discounted and sleep well knowing your writing is rock solid and improving by the day.

Grammarly Student Discount 2022- Use My Coupon and Get 20% off Price Today!
  • Name: Grammarly
  • Discount code– attached to my link.
  • Description: This is the legitimate Grammarly coupon code for students (and anyone else really). If you use my link you’ll get to buy Grammarly Premium with 20% off price. It’s currently the best savings deal you can get anywhere and the only genuine Grammarly discount code available online.

Get Grammarly Premium Today!

My coupon code gives you 20% off the regular price.

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