Grammarly Student Discount- Legit 2024 Discount for Students That Works!

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Are you a student looking for a Grammarly student discount?

You’re in luck.

My guide to Grammarly’s discounts for students will tell you everything you need to know.

Grammarly Student Discount 2024- Get 20% off Price Today!

  • Name: Grammarly
  • Student discount code– coupon code attached to my link.
  • Description: This is the real Grammarly discount for students. By clicking the promo link on above you’ll get 20% off the price on Grammarly Premium. It’s the best Grammarly discount you can find online and the only genuine coupon code available.

Grammarly student discount 2024
My Grammarly student discount coupon code for 2024 gives you 20% off the price!

How to Get Grammarly Discount for Students (Tutorial)?

It’s easy to seize my Grammarly student discount, and let me show you how.

First, use my special promo link to go and go to Grammarly’s homepage.

Once there click on “Log in“.

claim your student discount via the Grammarly homepage

Second, create a new account either using your email or your Google account.

Grammarly create new account
Third, after you’ve logged into Grammarly’s free account, to get my Grammarly premium discount you need to go and click on the “premium” button inside the Grammarly dashboard.

Because you used my affiliate coupon link, you will get 20% discount on the regular Grammarly premium price.

Upgrade to Grammarly Premium

Fourth, pick the plan you want and need as a student.  As you can see at the bottom of the image, it says 20% discount is waiting for you, applicable to all plans:)

Buy Grammarly Premium plan

And that’s it.

Enjoy Grammarly Premium.

Claim your discount for students here!

What is the Grammarly Premium Price for Students?

Grammarly student price is the same as for anyone else, no matter which subscription you pick.

But with my 20% discount applied, you get to save one-fifth of the money you’d normally spend to get a Grammarly Premium subscription.

How much is Grammarly premium for students? regular pricing vs coupon -code-applied pricing
Compare the Grammarly price for students (with a 20% discount) and the regular price everyone else gets!

Grammarly has 3 plans:

  • Free;
  • Premium ($11.66/mo);
  • Business ($12.50/mo);

With my Grammarly student discount code, you get a 20% discount on all paid plans.

Let’s calculate how much you can save.


Use my Grammarly discount today! You don’t have to be a student to take advantage of it.

Plus a 10-day money-back guarantee for your initial payment is available.

Note: payments can be made via both all types of credit cards and PayPal.

Grammarly Benefits for Students

Hey, I get it. No one wants to spend money on stuff they clearly don’t need.

First things first, Grammarly is not as good as hiring a human proofreader. Nothing can replace us, humans…yet.

However, it’s the second-best thing, and definitely cheaper, especially if you use my Grammarly discount for students.

A while back Grammarly conducted a user and student survey that demonstrated the following:

  • 99% of students reported improved writing grades;
  • 84% of students reported improved grades in general.
  • 70% of students reported an increased level of writing confidence

They determined that Grammarly is especially effective in boosting writing confidence for students (70%+).

This makes perfect sense if you’re a student who’s not satisfied with buying cheap essays, and instead, you write college essays and research papers personally, Grammarly will help you avoid plagiarized content and will bring your grammar error count to almost 0%.

Additionally, and do this as a last resort if you think Grammarly can’t help you write better, using essay writing services (a good example is EssayPro MBA essay writing services) can provide further guidance and support, ensuring your work meets academic standards and is well-structured. By leveraging these tools, you can enhance your writing skills and produce high-quality, original essays that reflect your understanding and effort.

Having a Grammarly premium license removes completely the need for having professional proofreaders proof and edit your content. Knowing you ran your content through Grammarly boosts your self-confidence and consequently your grades.

Here’s how Grammarly can help a student:

  • Grammarly speeds up your writing by giving optimal sentence structure and word choice. This also helps break any writer’s block you’re having.
  • A student premium Grammarly subscription is not only a grammar and spell checker but also your personal thesaurus. Grammarly can also point out to you over-used words and recommend more concise language.
  • Grammarly will warn you of excessive use of passive voice which makes your writing weak, dull, and uninspiring. It will also suggest active voice substitutes.
  • Grammarly can cut short your proofreading time by polishing your word choice and grammar and by preventing you from misplacing common homophones such as “their” and “there”. Grammarly will easily notice mistakes even a human editor might overlook, especially if they’re in a hurry.
  • Grammarly cleans up your writing by pointing out unnecessary filler words, flagging passive voice, and tidying up choppy expressions.
  • Grammarly can paraphrase your sentences to make them leaner and less verbose.
  • Grammarly works on all browsers (they have a dedicated Chrome extension, Safari extension, Firefox extension, and Edge extension…).
  • Grammarly works with all email clients as well, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, and others.
  • Grammarly works with Google Docs, Microsoft Office, WordPress websites, and pretty much anywhere online where you can write, Grammarly can help you write error free. Grammarly even works with the Hemingway App, which is another helpful and free tool for students.

Finally, here’s a comparison table where you can see the differences between Grammarly Free and Grammarly Premium.

Remember, some features are paid, while others are completely free (unlimited usage). So think hard about whether you need a Grammarly Premium license, and if you decide that you do, use my discount link to get the official Grammarly discount for students.

Grammar, spelling and punctuationyesyesyes
Consistency in spelling and punctuationnoyesyes
clarity-focused sentence rewritesnoyesyes
Compelling vocabularynoyesyes
Lively sentence varietynoyesyes
Tone detectionyesyesyes
Confident writingnoyesyes
Formality levelnoyesyes
Inclusive languagenoyesyes
Plagiarism detectionnoyesyes
works on desktop appsyesyesyes
works on all browsersyesyesyes
works on iPhone and iPadyesyesyes
Works on Android devicesYesYesYes
Number of licenses1 user1 user3 users
Individual accountsyesyesyes
Style guidenonoyes
Brand tonesnonoyes
Analytics dashboardnonoyes
Priority email supportno noyes
Account roles and permissionsnonoyes
SAML SSO (for accounts with 50+ users)nonoyes (for accounts with 50+ users)

What Do Students Say About Using Grammarly, Is it Really Helpful to Them?

An Indonesian study focusing on the experiences of Indonesian students writing college papers in English (read the extract here) reviewed students’ experiences using Grammarly.

The researchers found that student’s perception of the Grammarly app was extremely positive. They report the students’ claimed Grammarly helped them improve their writing significantly, and that it boosted their self-confidence in their own writing.

The biggest drawback they reported was that Grammarly occasionally recommends grammar suggestions and word substitutes that were inappropriate to the content of their text.

Another smaller drawback was that Grammarly needs an internet connection to work, and without it, Grammarly can’t help them improve their writing.

If your interest is piqued, grab the Grammarly student discount here.

Grammarly Student Discount FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

Grammarly student discount 2024 FAQ
Grammarly student discount 2024 FAQ- all your questions answered!

Grammarly is an insanely popular grammar tool and software, and people online have hundreds of questions on the topic.

I dove deep into the SERPS and extracted questions related to Grammarly student discount and their coupon policy in general.

Let’s get started, and if I missed your question, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

#1- Is Grammarly Premium Free For University Students?

Grammarly Premium is not free for university students.

Grammarly’s free Chrome extension is free for all including teachers, writers, bloggers, and college, university and middle school students.

However, the free version lacks important features like style check and improvement, plagiarism check, and advanced punctuation check.

#2- Does Grammarly Have a Student Discount?

Grammarly does have a student discount.

Click this link and you can get a 20% discount on Grammarly Premium for any duration (monthly, quarterly, yearly).

It’s a special coupon link that offers you a discount you can’t normally get just by visiting the Grammarly site directly.

3- How Do I Get Grammarly Premium as a Student?

There are 2 ways to get Grammarly Premium as a student.

First, you can use my special Grammarly student coupon link and get a 20% discount on monthly, quarterly, and even annual plans.

This is the best deal you can find online and the only true Grammarly discount for students on the web.

The second way is to use the Grammarly Edu discount.

What is it?

It’s when colleges purchase Grammarly educational licenses which allow the students of those colleges to use Grammarly Premium for free.

So my advice for you is to go and inquire whether your school has purchased Grammarly educational license.

Grammarly education discount for college students
Grammarly education discount for select universities

#4- Is Grammarly Student Discount the Same as Grammarly Free Trial?

Grammarly student discount and Grammarly free trial are not the same things.

Grammarly student offer is a way to get a Grammarly Premium license (monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans) with a  20% discount; while Grammarly free trial is a way to try Grammarly Premium for free for a limited time duration (you can get either a 7-day trial or 30-day trial).

#5- Is Grammarly Student Discount Available to Students from the Entire World?

This Grammarly student discount is available to students from all parts of the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, France, India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Serbia, Russia, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Qatar, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Korea or any other country in the world, you can still use it.

#6- Is Your Student Discount Legit? When Does it Expire?

This Grammarly student discount is legit and verified and it doesn’t have an expiration date.

#7- Is There a Special Grammarly Student Discount for People of Color?

There is no special Grammarly student discount for people of color.

#8- Is There a Special Grammarly Student Discount for Students With Disabilities?

There is no special Grammarly student discount for students with disabilities.

However, you might be able to request a special discount just for you. You can contact Grammarly support here and make sure you explain to them why you need Grammarly Premium and why you can’t pay the full price.

There’s a good chance you can get a higher discount than what’s offered on this page.

#9- Does Grammarly Have Different Student Discounts Based on Different School Grades?

No, Grammarly doesn’t have different student discounts based on different school grades.

Everyone can get the same 20% discount.

#10- Is Grammarly Premium Worth it for Students?

Grammarly Premium is worth it for students who don’t want to simply go and buy cheap essays, and who instead want to write them personally.

This tool will help them write error-free essays, research papers, and other types of content. Plus their proofreading software is one of the best on the market, comparable to Turnitin, which is used by teachers to check for plagiarism and grade the student’s work.

Yes, it’s a paid service but so worth it if the student in question can get better grades and successfully graduate.

#11- Besides Grammarly’s What Other Student Discount Should I Use (SEMrush)?

What is SEMrush?
Have you tried SEMrush?

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO software that can help you with all aspects of marketing and SEO.

It’s by far the best SEO tool and a perfect complimentary tool to Grammarly. While you use Grammarly to proof your post, if you want to rank in Google you still need SEMrush to do on-page SO, build links, spy on your competitors, etc.

The good news is that the SEMrush student discount can be gotten via the SEMrush coupon code.

Click the link above to learn more about it.

Note: SEMrush also gives a free trial with any plan and with all new purchases.

Note: before you use my Grammarly discount for students, make sure to check if your college doesn’t have a Grammarly edu license to offer to you. Perhaps you won’t need to pay to use Grammarly Premium.

Finally, Quillbot student discount is a thing, and you can save a lot of money on this excellent AI-powered writing assistant. Read my Quillbot review to learn more about it.

Concluding My Grammarly Student Discount Guide for This Year…


whether you’re a student, teacher blogger, writer, or just a regular blogger, you need a Grammarly Premium account and it’s a fact.

This grammar and anti-plagiarism software can transform your writing and bring you benefits far beyond those you get with increased readability.

Web users are spoiled and they have millions of websites on any topic to choose from. They will leave if you give them a reason,  and subpar writing is reason enough.

Don’t give them one.

Grammarly Student Discount 2024- Use My Coupon and Get 20% off Price Today!

  • Name: Grammarly
  • Student discount code– attached to my link.
  • Description: This is the legitimate Grammarly coupon code for students (and anyone else really). If you use my link you’ll get to buy a Grammarly Premium account with 20% off the price. It’s currently the best savings deal you can get anywhere and the only genuine Grammarly discount code for students available online.

Pro tip: hey, if you’re a student and need a discount check out my tutorial on the best AI paraphrasing apps and software. This is because these AI paraphrasers nearly always come with either a Grammarly Premium extension or their own Grammar checker which are either on par, or even better than Grammarly.

And if you intend to paraphrase content and paraphrase a lot, you’ll want it to be undetectable to Turnitin and other pro plagiarism checkers.

So go ahead and check either my guide to the best plagiarism checker apps or my guide to the best AI content detection software (these tools can also detect AI content)

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