Goldco Affiliate Program: Should You Be Promoting This Gold IRA Company?

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Are you an affiliate looking to enter the gold IRA niche?

Looking to join the Goldco affiliate program, but wondering whether it’s worth promoting them?

My guide below has the answers you need.

Let’s get started.

Goldco affiliate program guide for 2023
Goldco affiliate program guide for 2023

What is Goldco’s Affiliate Program?

Goldco affiliate program
Goldco affiliate program

Goldco affiliate program is one of the best gold IRA affiliate programs on the market.

They’ve been in business since 2006, and even though they didn’t have their affiliate program at the beginning, so far successful affiliates have referred thousands of customers to Goldco and made millions of dollars in the process.

You can become an affiliate for Goldco too, but first, keep reading my guide to learn everything about it.

How Does Goldco’s Affiliate Program Work?

Goldco’s affiliate program works like this.

First, to join you need to have an active blog with some content posted on it. The content needs to be relevant to gold and silver IRA niches and aimed at helping American savers and investors diversify their portfolios.

Having an active social media presence is not a requirement, but it’s a bonus that will help you get accepted into their referral program.

Once you join you will have access to your dedicated affiliate manager+ advertising banners, landing pages and affiliate links.

What is Goldco’s Affiliate Program’s Commission Structure?

Goldco’s affiliate structure is that you as their affiliate get an 8% commission on every sale and this rises to 10% commissions on high-ticket customers you bring to Goldco.

Goldco also gives you $165 per every lead you send to them. A lead as defined by Goldco is a potential customer who went through an affiliate’s link and requested a free kit from them.

Goldco wealth protection kit

What Kind of Marketing Material Does a Goldco Affiliate Get?

These are the marketing assets you’ll get as an official affiliate for Goldco.

  • Affiliate links– your referral link that will get you sales.
  • Deep linking ability– you’ll be able to create deep links to any page on the Goldco website.
  • Landing pages– different landing pages optimized for conversions.
  • Banner ads– high converting banner ads.
  • Email creatives– high-converting email swipes.

Besides the above, you also get a dedicated affiliate manager and an elaborate affiliate dashboard that will help you track your referrals, conversions and sales.

How To Join the Goldco Affiliate Program?

Goldco affiliate program application form

Here’s how to join the Goldco affiliate program in 2023:

  1. Go to the Goldco landing page.
  2. Click the “affiliate application” button to sign up.
  3. Fill out the form to apply for the Goldco affiliate program.
  4. Click the “Apply” button.
  5. Wait for the approval.

Pro tip: be honest when submitting your application to join Goldco’s partner program.

All the information you give will be independently checked by their affiliate manager so if something seems very wrong, your chances of acceptance will be much lower.

Goldco Affiliate Program FAQ

Goldco affiliate program FAQ
Goldco affiliate program FAQ

Do I Get a Commission Per Qualified Lead With Goldco Affiliate Program?

You do get a commission per qualified lead with the Goldco affiliate program.

Every person who downloads Goldco’s free info kit (this counts as a lead) will earn you $165.

Will I Get Lifetime Credit for Each Referral I Bring to Goldco?

You will get lifetime credit for each referral you bring to Goldco. This means you’ll get a certain percentage as many times as the customer you referred invests in gold and silver.

What is the Cookie Duration With Goldco Affiliate Program?

The cookie duration within Goldco affiliate program is 30 days.

This means you have 30 days to convert a lead into a sale.

Can I Join the Goldco Affiliate Program From Any Country in the World?

You can join the Goldco affiliate program from any country in the world. However, only the US traffic will be eligible to earn you commissions.

This is because Goldco is a gold and silver IRA company that operates exclusively on the US market.

How Often Will I Be Paid as a Goldco Affiliate?

As a Goldco affiliate, you will be paid via Paypal once per month on the 15th of the current month.

Is it Hard to Join the Goldco Affiliate Program?

It is not hard to join the Goldco affiliate program. All you need to do is submit your application and wait to be accepted or denied.

Can I Trust Goldco to Honor Their Affiliate Agreement With Me?

You can 100% trust Goldco to honour their affiliate agreement with you. As long as you comply with the rules they impose on you with their partnership program.

Are Goldco Official Ambassadors the Same as Being Their Affiliates?

Being an ambassador for Goldco is not the same as being their affiliate. An official ambassador can also be an affiliate, but an affiliate can’t be an ambassador for Goldco.

In general, you need to be someone of note to become an ambassador for GOldoc. That’s how Sean Hannity was picked.

Is Goldco’s Affiliate Program Better than Augusta Precious Metals’ Affiliate Program?

Goldco’s affiliate program is not better than the affiliate program of Augusta Precious Metals. This is because Augusta Precious Metals gives you 10% off every sale you make for them, and you also get $200 for every qualified lead.

I suggest you read my Augusta Precios Metals affiliate program guide to learn more about this referral program.

To learn more about Augusta Precious Metals you can read my Augusta Precious Metals review and my guides to Augusta Precious Metals complaints and Augusta Precious Metals fees next.

You can also read my Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals guide to learn how these two excellent gold IRA investment companies truly compare.

Join Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program
Join the Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program

Goldco Affiliate Program Guide for 2023 (Conclusion)

My Goldco affiliate program analysis is done.

Have you learned something new?

Are you going to join Goldco’s referral program and promote their gold IRA services to your audience?

LMK in the comment section below.

Or read my Goldco lawsuit guide next!

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