Augusta Precious Metals BBB Score, Complaints and Lawsuits

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Looking to learn how Augusta Precious Metals fares on BBB (Better Business Bureau)?

Want to know what are the main complaints about Augusta Precious Metals? And whether there are any active lawsuits against them.

Keep reading to find out.

Augusta Precious Metals BBB sore, complaints and lawsuit complained

What is Augusta Precious Metals’s BBB Score?

Augusta Precious Metals’ BBB score is 4.93/5 stars based on 121 customer reviews. This gives them an A+ rating on BBB.

Most of the customer reviews give 5-star and 4-star ratings with only a handful of people complaining of the service Augusta Precious Metals provided to them.

Augusta Precious Metals BBB rating and score
Augusta Precious Metals have an A+ BBB rating

What are Some Complaints About Augusta Precious Metals?

It’s hard to find legitimate complaints about Augusta Precios Metals.

Below are the examples I discovered after doing thorough research.

Complaint 1

Here’s someone complaining about Augusta Precious Metals’ sales representative being aggressive and trying to convince them to buy.

The person feels cheated and as if they overpaid for their gold and silver bullion.

Complaint about Augusta Precious Metals on BBB

This complaint comes directly from the BBB profile of Augusta Precious Metals and there’s no reason to doubt its veracity.

That said, it’s the only clearly negative comment on APM on their BBB profile. Other negative comments are actually complaints about what was good when dealing with APM and what could be better.

Complaint 2

Here’s another example of a potential APM customer giving up because they didn’t get important information from Augusta Precious Metals.

Information like:

  • price over spot for metals;
  • buyback price;
  • the procedure for cashing out some or all;
  • the procedure for receiving metals…

Note: this is the info you receive after you sign up for their free ebook on how to avoid gold IRA scams.

Second complaint found on Augusta Precious Metals BBB profile

Complaint 3

Here’s another example of a complaint about Augusta Precious Metals. This time a customer of APM complained that their precious metal shipment was lost.

Then they got in touch with Augusta Precious Metals and the company was able to locate and deliver the shipment.

Note: every order from Augusta Precious Metals is insured so anything missing or lost will be covered by this insurance. Meaning that even if your gold or silver bullion was lost during shipment, you wouldn’t incur any damage because everything is insured.

Complaint about Augusta Precious Metals on Consumer Affairs

Is Augusta Precious Metals Involved in Any Long-Standing Lawsuits?

The short answer is no. Augusta Precious Metals is not involved in any long-standing lawsuits.

The longer answer is that there are some articles on the web purporting APM was sued over duplicitous advertising, and these articles give references from Forbes and Reuters.

However, I visited those URL’s and they’re all 404, dead pages, no longer alive on the web.

Either it happened a long time ago, or it never happened and those “reference links” were invented by a chatbot tool like ChatGPT.

The only other mention of any lawsuit I found is in the Washington Post.

Namely, Dale Whitaker, a former chief financial officer for Augusta Precious Metals (until 2017) filed a whistleblower complaint to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

However, the CFTC has not taken public action and the case was dropped.

Isaac Nuriani, Augusta Precious Metals’ chief executive, said in an official statement that Whitaker “never had any visibility into Augusta’s business operations”.

Washington Post report on gold and silver IRA companies

What are Augusta Precious Metals’ Scores on Other Consumer Watchdog Websites?

Augusta Precious Metals is a highly beloved precious metal IRA company and most customers are extremely satisfied with the services provided to them.

This reflects in the ratings Augusta Precious Metals has, as you can see right below.

  • Google My Business– 5 stars based on 301 reviews.
  • Business Consumer Alliance– AAA rating based on 96 reviews.

Augusta Precious Metals watchdog websites- Google My Businesses and Business Consumer Alliance

  • Facebook– 4.8/5 based on 124 reviews;
  •– Augusta Precious Metals holds membership in professional associations that help ensure consumers work with companies that meet the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Augusta Precious Metals scores on watchdog websites- Facebook and

  • Stevie Rewards– Augusta Precious Metals has won two Stevie Awards for Customer Service Success and Sales Distinction of the Year. The Stevie awards are some of the world’s most coveted business awards. They are judged by respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and business educators.
  • Consumer Affairs– 4.9/5 score based on 129 reviews.

Augusta Precious Metals scores on watchdog websites- Stevie Awards and Consumer Affairs

Finally, here are some positive testimonials about Augusta Precious Metals from BBB and other consumer watchdog websites.

Augusta Precious Metals positive review on BBB

Augusta Precious Metals positive review on Consumer Affairs

Augusta Precious Metals BBB Score, Complaints and Lawsuit (Conclusion)

Augusta Precious Metals is a top silver IRA company. has a shining BBB rating with barely any negative reviews or complaints. Their reviews on other watchdog websites are likewise stellar.

There are only a handful of genuine complaints about the company and out of the 3 examples I cover in my article, 2 were just nuisances that APM successfully solved.

Do you have experience with Augusta Precious Metals?

Was it positive or do you have a genuine complaint?

LMK in the comment section below.

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