Goldco Lawsuit- Has This Gold and Silver IRA Company Ever Been Sued?

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Has Goldco gold and silver IRA company ever been sued?

Is Goldco a legitimate precious metals dealer company?

The answers to these questions are in my Goldco lawsuit article below.

Goldco lawsuit guide
Goldco lawsuit guide

Goldco Lawsuit: Has Goldco Ever Been Sued?

Goldco is one of the best gold IRA companies operating on the US market.

They’re a legitimate company that people rave about online. However, Goldco has been sued 1 times (based on my thorough research on the internet).

See it below:

First, there’s Jodi Judson v. Goldco Direct, LLC (2019-2021): This class action lawsuit alleged Goldco violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by sending text messages to telephone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry, which is against the law.

Goldco settled this lawsuit in 2021 for $1.5 million and you can read the court documents for this case on the CourtListener website.

Goldco Lawsuit 1

Second, there’s Goldco Direct, LLC v. Wilson (2018-2021): this is not a lawsuit against Goldco. Instead, Goldco filed this lawsuit against a former employee and his wife, who allegedly created a website that defamed Goldco.

Goldco won this lawsuit and was awarded damages. You can find the court documents for this case on the Casetext website.

Goldco lawsuit 2

Why are There No More Lawsuits Against Goldco Gold IRA Company?

There are no more lawsuits against Goldco because Goldco is an excellent gold IRA company.

They have an A+ score on BBB with hundreds of 5-star reviews from happy customers.

Take a look:

Goldco BBB score
And here are some positive reviews posted on BBB by previous Goldco customers.

Goldco BBB positive customer reviews

Goldco is also a highly rated IRA company on popular consumer watchdog websites:

  • ConsumerAffairs- 4.9 out of 5 based on 1685 reviews.
  • TrustPilot- 4.8 out of 5 based on 1240 
  • Trustlink- 5 stars based on 254 reviews.

Bottom line: Goldco are a legitimate gold IRA company with barely any lawsuits and complaints and with tons of positive reviews from previous customers.

Goldco Lawsuit Guide (Conclusion)

My Goldco lawsuit guide is over.

Goldco is an excellent gold and silver IRA company. They barely have any complaints online and they have a total of one lawsuit filed against them in the past.

I suggest you go and read my Goldco review to learn more about this precious metals IRA company.

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