Is Augusta Precious Metals a Scam? Is This Gold IRA Company Legit?

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Is Augusta Precious Metals a scam?

Or are they a legit gold IRA company?

My guide below tells you everything you need to know.

Augusta Precious Metals- Scam or Legit?
Augusta Precious Metals- Scam or Legit?

7 Reasons Why Augusta Precious Metals is Not a Scam

  • Strong Focus on Customer Education Instead of Trying to Sell Immediately;
  • Perfect Score on BBB With Zero Serious Complaints;
  • Excellent Scores on Other Watchdogs Sites;
  • Affordable pricing+ No Management Fees;
  • Offer Buybacks With Low Spread;
  • Security and Privacy;
  • Supported By Celebrities.

Strong Focus on Customer Education Instead of Trying to Sell Immediately

Augusta Precious Metals is a different god IRA company compared to its major competitors in the precious metals IRA space.

Instead of trying to sell to you as fast as possible, they first educate you about the current state of the economy and whether you really need a gold or silver IRA.

For example, they have an entire video where Devlyn Steele (Augusta’s Harward-rained director of education) goes through all the reasons why buying gold and silver might be a bad idea for you.

No other IRA company gives both sides of the gold IRA coin because they want you as a customer too much.

Note: to be even able to see the fees and pricing for Augusta Precious Metals you need to get in touch with them and arrange a one-to-one virtual meeting where an agent from Augusta will listen to your story and your retirement goals and advise you whether to invest in gold and silver or not.

Contact Augusta Precious Metals to get a quote

Perfect Score on BBB With Zero Serious Complaints

Augusta Precious Metals have a perfect A+ score on BBB.

You can visit their BBB profile and verify that there are no serious complaints left by disgruntled customers.

It’s totally opposite and their profile is brimming with positive reviews and positive experiences with Augusta Precious Metals.

Augusta Precious Metals BBB Profile- they have an A+ score
Augusta Precious Metals BBB Profile

Excellent Scores on Other Watchdogs Sites

Augusta Precious Metals shines in honest customer reviews across a wide range of consumer watchdog websites.

  • BBB (Better Business Bureau)– score is 4.95/5 based on 111 reviews.
  • TrustLink– score is 5 stars based on 284 reviews.

Augusta Precious Metals scores on watchdog websites- Better Business Bureau and TrustLink

  • Google My Business– 5 stars based on 301 reviews.
  • Business Consumer Alliance– AAA rating based on 96 reviews.

Augusta Precious Metals watchdog websites- Google My Businesses and Business Consumer Alliance

  • Facebook– 4.8/5 based on 124 reviews;
  •– Augusta Precious Metals holds membership in professional associations that help ensure consumers work with companies that meet the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Augusta Precious Metals scores on watchdog websites- Facebook and

  • Stevie Rewards– Augusta Precious Metals has won two Stevie Awards for Customer Service Success and Sales Distinction of the Year. The Stevie awards are some of the world’s most coveted business awards. They are judged by respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and business educators.
  • Consumer Affairs– 4.9/5 score based on 129 reviews.

Affordable Pricing+ No Management Fees;

Augusta Precious Metals fees are more than affordable. For only $250/yr you can get your account opened and your gold IRA created.

Here’s the pricing breakdown:

  • One-time set up fee- $50;
  • Annual custodian fee- $100;
  • Annual depository fee- $100.

In total, you’ll pay $250 for your first year. Afterwards, the fee is flat at $200 per year, as the $50 set-up fee was a one-time expense only.

Augusta Precious Metals FeeRecurring Yearly Payment
One-time set up fee- $50;No
Annual custodian fee- $100;Yes
Annual depository fee- $100.Yes

Offer Buybacks With Low Spread

If you decide to sell your gold and silver back to Augusta Precious Metals you’ll receive 5% less money than what you paid.

This is because Augusta’s spread is 5% but it can go up to 33% on premium coins (note: nearly all other gold IRA companies have much larger spreads making you lose significantly more money during the buyback process)

Augusta Precious Metals spread percentage

Note: A “spread” is the difference between the price that a precious metals IRA company sells gold and silver to you and the price they pay you when you sell that gold and silver back to them.

For example, Augusta Precious Metals’ spread is just 5% which is considered one of the lowest among the gold IRA companies operating on the American market.

This means if you buy gold and silver from Augusta for $50 000 and then suddenly you need to sell those assets back to them, you’ll be able to sell back those assets to Augusta for $47 500 (because the spread is 5% and $2500 is 5% of $50 000).

Keep in mind that according to their Risk Disclosure page Augusta Precious Metals can (but is not obliged to) buy back the metals you bought from them.

However, the good news is that ever since they started in 2012 they’ve never refused their customers’ request for a buyback.

Security and Privacy

Augusta Precious Metals takes the security and privacy of its users very seriously.

Data Security: Augusta Precious Metals adheres to strict data security protocols, including strong encryption (all purchases are done via the strongest, HTTPS encryption protocol), to ensure that customer information is protected at all times.

Account Protection: Augusta partners with leading physical gold and silver (and other precious metals) storage providers like the International Depository Services Group and Delaware Depository to ensure their customers’ assets stay secure and insured at all times. against theft and damage.

Privacy Policy: Augusta Precious Metals has a transparent privacy policy clearly outlining how the company collects, uses, and safeguards customer information.

They have never and will never sell their customer’s data to any third parties regardless of the amount of money offered to them.

Augusta Privacy policy

Supported By Celebrities

Celebrities like Mark Levin, Joe Montana, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Ben Ferguson (a prominent political commentator and talk radio host) are all happy customers and official ambassadors for Augusta Precious Metals.

All of them chose Augusta after their financial team researched the market looking for the best gold IRA company.

They found and settled on Augusta Precious Metals.

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Augusta Precious Metals- Scam or Legit Gold IRA Company (Conclusion)?

You’ve read through my guide and now you know that Augusta Precious Metals is not a scam.

Instead, they’re a legit gold IRA company that can help you diversify your retirement savings and get financial peace of mind.

If you have further questions, leave them in the comment section below.

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