Wealthy Affiliate FAQ and Wiki- Everything You Need to Know to Succeed!

Disclosure (full version- https://nikolaroza.com/affiliate-disclosure/): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I will get a commission. Thank you! 

Of course, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have a real Wikipedia page. But I like to think my review as a whole, and this section here are second best.

#1- What is Wealthy Affiliate all about?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches newbies affiliate marketing.

By becoming a free member you get access to:

  • Elite Wealthy Affiliate websites built on WordPress (+ free hosting)
  • Newbie-friendly training that teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing
  • Further, unlimited training and tutorials made by WA members.
  • Advanced Webinars which cover all topics of digital marketing, and are led by Jay Neil, the Super Affiliate

The Biggest advantage WA has over anyone else, is that it’s a community. It has more than a million active members, and, once inside, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with both millionaires, and newbie affiliates just like you.

Wealthy Affiliate is an experience above all.

But perhaps you should try their Starter membership for yourself; it’s free to join, and you might love it there:

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#2- Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate? And Where are They Located?

Wealthy Affiliate is a joint partnership between co-owners, Kyle and Carson.

They’re based in Vancouver, Canada. Their servers and hosting installations are there.

But WA is actually a website, an online training academy for affiliates, especially newbies.

As such- it’s everywhere- 24/7  😀

#3- How Should I join Wealthy Affiliate?


Be informed and really know what you’re getting into. WA can help you build a stable online business, but you must realize it’ll take time and serious effort.

You need to know this so you don’t get disappointed and quit too fast.

I suggest you read my review from start to finish.

Note: if you’re already certain Wealthy Affiliate Online Platform is right for you,  click here and I’ll greet you on the other side.

#4- Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or Not?

You mean:

Are they a legitimate business? Yes they are, they’ve been in  it for the last 14 years!


Do they teach a legitimate method to making money online? Yes they do.  Affiliate marketing is the most newbie-friendly and honest method there is.

Important caveat:

Remember that legitimacy is not insurance of success. You are guaranteed not to be cheated at Wealthy Affiliate in any way- their service is impeccable.

But you’re responsible for making it happen for you.

Hard work is all you need. (Click here to learn what you’ll be doing if you join today)

#5- Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM?

First, what is an MLM?

Multi-Level Marketing is a business model where services and products are sold through direct and referral marketing, and where retailers get bypassed in the process.

In MLM type of business you can earn money by buying and then reselling the company’s products, and by recruiting new members to the  scheme.

Often, the second venture is far more lucrative that the former, and here’s why exactly.

When you join an MLM program, you have a person who referred you, and they’re your upline.

So whenever you make a sale or recruit a new member- that person gets a cut.

That is actually very good for you and here’s why. Because when people join through you and they make sales- YOU get a cut.

They are your downlines.

And when folks join under those who joined through you, you STILL get a cut.

They too are you downlines.

And it goes on and on.

Here’s an apt illustration:

Is Wealthy Affiliate University an MLM Scheme or not?
Image Source: https://egonsarvreviews.com/is-wealthy-affiliate-a-mlm

So I’m sure you can see why Multi Level Marketing can be extremely lucrative if you’re high in the food chain.

However, Wealthy Affiliate is NOT an MLM, and here are 3 reasons why:

#1- No downline commissions

Within Wealthy Affiliate, members that join though you are free to attract their own referrals without worrying that you’ll get an undeserved cut.

That is affiliate marketing in its essence.

#2- You don’t earn commissions from their affiliate sales

Everything your referrals earn goes to them.

Simple as that- you don’t get a cut.

#3- MLM requires you to promote them; Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t

This means that folks just joining Wealthy Affiliate are not asked, or pushed towards promoting them.

Yes, WA have their Affiliate Bootcamp Program, but folks are actively pushed from MMO niche (make money online) and into something they love and are passionate about.

That’s because Kyle and Carson (the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University) know that folks who write about what they truly love rarely give up; and those that never give up ultimately succeed online.

That’s the long-term nature of affiliate marketing, a stable business model…

Unlike, for example multi level marketing, which tends to crash sooner or later, leaving everybody burned but a few people on the top.

Bottom Line

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT an MLM scheme!

#6- Is Wealthy Affiliate Accredited by the BBB? What is Their Rating?

Their Rating is A+

So Better Business Bureau don’t think Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.

And why should they?

Through Wealthy Affiliate is not accredited with them (not a requirement to be a legitimate business), they’ve successfully responded and resolved all charges filed by former members.

All 13 of them.

Yes, 13 is the number, and remember that Wealthy Affiliate at the moment I’m writing this has 1.3 million members.

So on every 100 000 members, comes one that’s deeply unsatisfied with the service.

That’s a terrific result if you ask me.

BBB score for Wealthy Affiliate is A+

#7- Is Wealthy Affiliate Membership Available in all Countries of The World?

Alas, no.

Due to widespread abuse, citizens of the following countries are banned from joining the awesome Wealthy Affiliate community.

  • Nigeria
  • Bangladesh
  • Vietnam
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Ghana
  • Morocco
  • Kenya
  • The Philippines
  • Pakistan

“I’m from country X. Does that mean I’ can’t ever join? Isn’t there a way for me to subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate”?

Yes, there is. In fact, there are two ways to join Wealthy Affiliate if you’re from one of these banned countries.

I answer exactly how in the next question in this FAQ,

right below this one 🙂 

#8- My Country is Not Supported- Can I Still Join Wealthy Affiliate? And How?

Yes, you can.

There are two ways to join Wealthy Affiliate if you come from one of the prohibited countries.

#1- Become a Premium member

Remember, only free Starter accounts are banned, mainly because once upon a time a bunch of people joined and then spammed the community to death. And spam is a big NO over at Wealthy Affiliate.

So you can’t be a free member but you can pay and join.

Because, they reason, if you’re willing to shell out some money, you’re probably not going to spam and risk getting kicked out, without a refund.

Of course, whether you join is totally up to you. And I understand if you don’t have money for premium membership.

Heck, $359 yearly, of $49 monthly, is a LOT of money for someone from a poor country.

I know because I had that problem too. In Serbia, average pay is $200 and no way I could’ve afford it at the time.

I solved that problem by borrowing money from a friend, who, ironically at the time was working in the USA.

But there’s a different and much cheaper way you can go about it.

#2- Use a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is basically a way for you to mask your IP in a way that no one can tell you’re coming from a banned country.

What VPN does is hide that you come from, for example, Nigeria, and assigns a new IP address to you, for example from the US. And that’s how you can join WA for free.

And worry not- VPN’s are totally legitimate stuff.

If you’re interested, here’s an article you should read:

  • https://www.techradar.com/vpn/best-free-vpn
  • https://www.privacyjournal.net/top-best-vpn/ (Privacyjournal)

VPN’s can be gotten for free, you know 😛 

#9- Is Your Review Honest? Aren’t You Being Biased Just a Bit?

Yes and Yes!

My review is both honest and biased.

“How’s that even possible” ?

Let me quickly explain.

My review is dead honest because I tell you what Wealthy Affiliate is; what it gives and what it offers.

And I also say what it doesn’t give; what it doesn’t offer and who should avoid them at all cost.

You don’t get it more honest than that, because I lay it all out for you on a silver platter. But it’s still up to you to digest this loooooong review and get the info you need.

I can’t do that for you. I WON’T do it for you because only you can decide what’s best for you.

My review is also a bit biased. I can’t help it, really, because Wealthy Affiliate did help me a lot.

Hey, they taught me how to write for the web and with that knowledge I was able to earn my $1 online, and from that point forward, I was able to survive here in my jobless Serbia.

So of course, they hold a special place in my heart and I can’t help writing with fondness about them.

I’m not a robot, DESPITE what some people say claim about me 😛

A quick note about product reviews, honesty and transparency.

If you’ve searched just a bit in Google for any popular Wealthy Affiliate keyword, you’ve probably noticed that many reviews brag about how they’re totally honest and unbiased.

That’s bullishit!

I put it mildly so you wouldn’t be offended at me cursing.

Here’s the simple truth about ALL Wealthy Affiliate reviews:

People either want you to sign up using their affiliate link;

or they want to get you to sign up for some other product, and they try to do this by telling you how Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work, how it’s fake and a scam.

Again. NOT ONE review you’ll find in Google is  truly unbiased.

The best you can hope for is that they’re honest in the same vein mine is. That they tell you what you can and can’t expect  expect from WA.

But the decision to join or not join is still left to you. And so are the consequences you’ll endure if you join or do not join.

How scary, no?  😉

#10- So, is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

No! Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam!
They’re a legitimate website (online since 2005) and they teach a real, and legitimate earning method- affiliate marketing

Again- they’re not fake or fraudsters. Yet, some people say they are.

Wanna know why they say it?

Because they failed. Not because of Wealthy Affiliate but because of themselves.

Affiliate marketing is hard work. Yes, It’s very rewarding but also extremely demanding, especially in the beginning.

And most people fail because they quit too soon. They don’t have the discipline to wait out the storm and bad times.

But that’s exactly what Google, affiliate marketing as a business model, and every other type of online business expect you to do.

It’s the famous triple W:

  1. Work
  2. Wait
  3. and Win

Here’s what you’d be doing if you join Wealthy Affiliate today.

#11- Why no income proof, Nikola?

Because of two simple reasons:

#1- I despise people who brag about their success. And especially those that make it a point to point out the checks they’ve received and how “fat” they are.

I’m not like that.

Because- it’s utterly distasteful.

Also- it’s meaningless info to you.

Yes, it shows you that I earn online; but what does it really do for you?

#2- It doesn’t help you at all!  in fact- it’s a big disservice to you. It makes you think all that’s necessary is that you join some program, throw some cash, and lo and behold- you get money, lots and lots of it!


Those people that brag about how much they’re earning, don’t tell you how long it took them to get there, and how much effort and time they put into it.

Oh no, that nasty surprise is left for the end, as always.

I’m not like that.

At the start of this Wealthy Affiliate review- I promised to be honest with you.

And I’m keeping that promise here and how.

Note– I know what you excepted coming here, so here you go, Nikola Roza style…

You know that online business depends on the keyword you rank for, right. You rank and you bank- it’s that simple.

Well, to prove a point I will tell you I rank for many Wealthy Affiliate keywords, including the most lucrative ones.

  • Wealthy Affiliate review 2019
  • Wealthy Affiliate review
  • Wealthy Affiliate scam
  • is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?
  • Does Wealthy Affiliate Really work or not?

And many more

  • Rank for just one- and you have an online business.
  • Two- and you can survive with it quite comfortably.
  • Three- you’re not surviving- You’re thriving!

Are you happy now?


#12- Why can’t I find any Negative Wealthy Affiliate Reviews? It’ smells fishy, to me, fake!

Because of two reasons:

#1- There aren’t many to begin with. Wealthy Affiliate University has it’s share of flaws, but it’s still by far the best training academy for those who want to learn affiliate and internet marketing.

#2- There are many more positive reviews. Let me explain. Google tends to follow the people, so if the sentiment about Wealthy Affiliate platform is positive (which it overwhelmingly is) then that is what you’ll see in the SERP’s.

As a result of that, you’d be hard pressed to find a truly negative review of Wealthy Affiliate Program.

For good or for bad.

#13- Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme?

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a pyramid scheme. You can promote them if you want… but you don’t have to.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build out authority niche websites monetized with affiliate marketing. How to get organic traffic from Google; and how to properly monetize that traffic.

And that is it, really!

Pro tip. You can recognize a pyramid scheme easily, because they will literally demand that you promote them and that is the only way for you to earn a buck.

Wealthy Affiliate will never demand that you promote them, and in fact, they have an entire training on choosing a niche based on what you’re passionate about.

HERE it is.

#14- Is Wealthy Affiliate a Legitimate Website?

Yes, of course it is. And here are 3 reasons why:

#1- Google loves them

When you’re not a legitimate business, Google hates you because you’re destroying their ideal SERP’s. So they try to banish you for good.

In other words- they simply won’t index your site and pages.

Look how many pages Wealthy Affiliate has indexed in Google:

Indexed pages of WA


But indexed pages without traffic are nothing…

#2- Traffic

According to SimilarWeb, Wealthy Affiliates get 1.4 Million visitors per month!

Traffic estimate for Wealthy Affiliate Platform- Google trusts them with their traffic

#3- Wealthy Affiliate is a trusted site

I say that because thousands of sites link to them.

Here’s their DR (Domain Rating), according to Ahrefs:

Domain Strength for Wealthy Affiliate Platform, by Ahrefs


I don’t want to say anything else because these 3 images are worth 3000 words.

But I want to ask you:

What do YOU think- is Wealthy Affiliate a legitimate site?


#15- Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama?

Wealthy Affiliate.

Affilorama is a very good choice but can’t compare with WA.

Wealthy Affiliate University is:

  • Cheaper
  • More up to date

And it has:

  • The largest community in the world
  • Entire set of free tool built to help you cut down on costs

Affilorama is second best, but really, there’s no comparison.

#16- Wealthy Affiliate Cost? How Much is Premium Membership?

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

There are 4 levels of payed membership:

  1. Your first month is always just $19
  2. Monthly membership is $49
  3. 6-Month membership is $234
  4. Yearly Membership is $359- less than $1 per day

I always suggest folks to go slow and not jump the gun.

Don’t join Wealthy Affiliate premium!

Instead, join as a free member and they will give you one week of premium membership to see if WA is for you.

Then, if you really like it, you can upgrade. It’s the easiest thing in the world and you will know you’ve made the right decision.

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#17- How Does Wealthy Affiliate Pay its Members?

You are paid via PayPal. Just add your email and on every 1st of the month- you get paid commissions for the previous month

You also choose a threshold, anywhere from a measly $10 to $5000.

Wealthy Affiliate pays you via paypal, on the 1st of every month

#18- Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?

The real question you should be asking is- “is Wealthy Affiliate worth it for me”?

And the answer is- depends.

If you have the discipline to work yourself to the bone; for no pay and for several months- then you will see that not just Wealthy Affiliate, but affiliate marketing in general is worth your time, your effort and your money.

At first, you’ll witness your first trickles of income; then they’ll turn into solid raindrops; and then you’ll have a stream to drink from it to your heart’s content;

Than you will build a river.

And it’ll take many years to swim over it, but trust me, once you see the unlimited potential of affiliate marketing and that YOU can have success with it- You won’t ever look back.

On the other hand…

If you’re thoroughly undisciplined, and prefer rest to work; complaining to doing; and yawning to learning and writing- then WA will be a horrendous experience for you and I advise you NOT to join.

I’m being honest here!

Full guide here:

  • Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Your Time and Money- Should You Join or Not?

#19- How Can I Earn From Wealthy Affiliate?

There are two ways you can earn with Wealthy Affiliate:

First– you earn by referring people. Your’re given your personal affiliate link and when someone clicks and join premium you get %50 of the profit.


  • Premium Monthly Membership is $49- you get $25
  • Premium 6 Months Membership is $234- you get $117
  • Premium Yearly Membership is $359- you get $179

Note– when someone joins but as a  starter member, you don’t get payed right away… until they add a profile image and description. Then you receive a $1.

Wealthy Affiliate premium membership options

Second– you can also learn by creating helpful videos tutorials and courses inside the platform. Then, when people use and like your stuff, they give it likes and shares (like on Facebook); and those popularity votes are converted into credits that you can cash out anytime.

Since Wealthy Affiliate has thousand of paying members it’s possible to earn a few hundred dollars just from your tutorials being shared, and I know of few folks who earn more than a $1000 each, per month.

Note- To learn more about earning with Wealthy Affiliate- go HERE!

This is the end of my Wealthy Affiliate FAQ and wiki page. Hopefully I answered all you questions. If I didn’t, don’t hesitated to shoot me a question in the comment section below.

I promise to respond:)

Nikola Roza

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