AutoLinks Manager Pro Review 2021- Best Internal Link Automation Plugin Around?

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Internal linking can either be a HUGE pain in the ass…

Or a powerful SEO lever you get to pull anytime you publish a new post on your blog.

If you want the latter and not the former- then I have a treat for you.

In my Autolinks Manager Pro review you’ll learn why this plugin is a must for both big blogs with lots of content; and growing blogs who’ll soon have lots of content.

Without wasting your time, let’s get started!

AutoLinks Manager Pro Review
Is Autolinks Manager Pro the BEST internal linking automation plugin?

What is Autolinks Manager Pro?

Auto Links Manager Pro

Autolinks Manager Pro (ALMP) is a premium WordPress plugin that can help you automate internal link building on your WordPress site.

It works by scanning your blog posts looking for keywords you set up to be turned into internal links.

Once it finds them it automatically converts them into followed, keyword-rich internal links that help you rank higher in Google.

I installed this plugin for testing purposes and I have to admit that I’m thoroughly impressed.

It’s a very elegant solution to the nagging problem I have of constantly adding internal links (I publish a lot of content)

Let’s discus the most important features below.

AutoLinks Manger Pro Features- A Quick Break Down 

This plugin is feature rich, yet so simple to use.

Let me show you what I mean…

#1- Autolinks

AutoLinks feature

Autolinks features is the heart and core part of ALMP.

Here you can add add internal links by defining a keyword and a corresponding internal link to it.

And afterwards the plugin will automatically add internal links with desired anchor text to all future and previous posts.

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Name– give your autolink a name. This is for your internal reference and won’t be shown live on the site
  • Category– categorize your autolinks
  • Keyword– add a keyword that will become internal anchor text
  • URL– add post URL that will receive those internal links
  • Title– this will be a title of the link once you hover over with a mouse. (similar to image titles)
  • Open in new tab– YES. Better for SEO
  • Use nofollow– NO for internal links. YES for affiliate links.
  • Post type- choose posts
  • Categories– if you pick a category then Autolinks Manager Pro will build internal links only from posts in the same category (great for internal sitestructure siloing)

#2- Wizard

Wizard feature

ALMP is a beginner friendly plugin that’s built for speed and convenience.

This is best shown in the “Wizard” feature where you can add add internal links to all your posts at once.


Well, you have a table with 2 fields (keyword and URL)

In the keyword field you enter a keyword you want converted into an internal link.

In the URL field you enter the URL of the post you’re building links to.

And that’s it.

#3- Terms

Terms group feature

If you want to creates automatic internal links on a more granular level then “Terms Group” section is where you need to go.

Here you can specify that ALMP should add internal links only from posts that have the exact specified keyword and belongs to select category.

This feature is super useful when you want to vary internal anchor text.

#4- Tracking

Autolinks Tracking

I have a whole blog post about making links more clickable, so I know the difference between a link that gets clicked and a link that doesn’t.

Autolinks Manager Pro has a link tracking dashboard where you can see the CTR of each internal links added and which anchor texts drew clicks in, and which one’s fell flat.

Learn and improve!

#5- Import/Export

If you’re doing a 301 redirect and moving from one domain to new one then suddenly all your internal links are going to pass through a redirect which will make them weaker and will add up to your page load time.

The good news is that ALMP has an import function where you can import your links from domain A to domain B and they’ll automatically be added without a redirect.

#6- Maintenance

AutoLinks Manager Pro Maintenance

In “Maintenance” section you can delete the links you no longer need.

Let’s say you set up an anchor for post X and then ALMP added all those internal links automatically.

But then you discovered an even better keyword and now you want that keyword to be you internal anchor text.

Simply go Autolinks>Maintenance and delete the old links and add in new one.

And that one quick change will propagate the new anchor across your entire site, without you lifting a finger.

it’s 100% automation.

Autolinks Manager Pros and Cons


Autolinks Manager Pro is a great addition to content rich websites with hundreds or even thousands of blog posts.

Internal linking is a pain to do properly, but it’s also a necessity because by adding internal links you help distribute valuable PageRank and you help Google crawl and understand your site better.

ALMP can help you do all of it effortlessly and it’s a plugin that’s essential for better SEO of your WordPress site.

With it you can:

  • Automate internal links in an intelligent manner;
  • Add relevant internal links in bulk;
  • Track the performance of your links;
  • Enable/disable autolinks on individual blog posts
  • Works with custom post types in WordPress.

Finally,  ALMP is very affordable as you’ll see below.


There are only a few cons to this plugin.

First, there are no internal link suggestions within the post editor. No big deal but it means that to add internal links automatically you have to load up the plugin inside your WP dashboard and do it from there (from Autolinks or Wizard area)

Second, the plugin is so simple to use, but at a first glance looks complicated. Some newbie is bound to be intimidated if they never dealt with WordPress before.

Third, no link suggestions like with Link Whisper. Actually, this is both a pro and a con. Because, as obsessed with SEO as I am, I know I want to manually assign internal links anchor text for any post on my site.

But other people might feel differently and for them it’s going to be a chore to remember which keywords go for each post.

AutoLinks Manager Pro Tutorial (Add You First Internal Link Now)

ALMP is very simple to use and you can get you first campaign up and running in 3 m or less.

First, go and buy the plugin on

Second, upload and install it. Just as you would with any other WordPress plugin.

Third, on the left sidebar there will be a new Autolink tab.

Click on the “Autolinks”

Autolinks add internal link tutorial

Now add your first link by adding in crucial details.

  • Name– give your autolink a name. This is for internal reference and won’t be shown live on the site
  • Category– categorize your autolink
  • Keyword– add a keyword that will become internal anchor text
  • URL– add post URL that you’ll send internal links to
  • Title– this will be a title of the link once you hover over with a mouse. (Add for more relevance and better SEO)
  • Open in new tab– Yes- increase time on site and lower bounce rate.
  • Use nofollow– NO for internal links. You want PageRank to flow freely.
  • Post type- choose posts so that all posts where there’s an exact match keyword send internal links to your target page.
  • Categories– if you pick a category then AutoLinks Manager Pro will build internal links only from posts in the same category (great for internal link equity/relevance siloing)

Add AutoLink

Autolinks Manager Pro Pricing- How Much Does It Cost?

AutoLinks Manager Pro Pricing Plans

Autolinks Manager Pro is a premium plugin with 3 paid plans.

They are:

#1- Personal

  • Price- $29/yr;
  • 1 website;
  • 1 year of support;
  • 30 day money back guarantee

#2- Business

  • Price- $49/yr;
  • 3 websites;
  • 1 year of support;
  • 30 day money back guarantee

#3- Developer

  • Price- $119/yr;
  • 10 websites;
  • 1 year of support;
  • 30 day money back guarantee

However, I have asked Danilo for a discount code so that I can offer it to my readers. He obliged me and the promo code is NikolaRoza. With it you get a $20 discount on any plan you pick.

Personal$29$20 discount
Business$49$20 discount
Developer$119$20 discount

Try Autolinks Manager Pro now!

Autolinks Pro Manager FAQ

#1- Who Created Autolinks Manager Pro?

Danilo Andreini of DAEXT created Autolinks Manager Pro.

DAEXT is an acronym for “Danilo Andreini Extensions”.

#2- Is it Dangerous if All My Internal Links Have The Same Anchor Text?

It’s not dangerous. In fact it’s highly beneficial.

Because internal links are dozens of times weaker that external backlinks. And you need more of them to see results in Google.

So, if you have a really lucrative keyword you want to rank for, the best way to help your site rank is to send as many internal anchors as you can targeting that keyword.

Autolinks Manager Pro is perfect for the task because it’ll create and add those links automatically.

#3- Can I Remove Internal Links With This Plugin?

Yes you can.

Just go Autolinks>Maintenance and there you can delete internal links the plugin built in bulk.

AutoLinks Manager Pro Maintenance

#4- Is There A Free Trial?

No there’s not. However, you do get a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you don’t like this plugin you can request a refund within the first 30 days.

#5- Is There a Coupon Code I Can Use?

Yes there is. I procured one for my readers.

At checkout enter coupon code “NikolaRoza” and you’ll get a $20 discount.

Concluding My Autolinks Manager Pro Review…

Before discovering this plugin, I thought Link Whisper is the best internal link building plugin.

Now, I’m not so sure.

I love how simple ALMP is to use and how effective it is at building internal links at scale.

I’ve been using it for a week and it has automated 99.9% of my internal links building.

Yes, I still build internal links manually from the posts I’m writing. For example, this internal link leads to my Link Whisper alternatives post.

But now I no longer go back to add internal links as I know that ALMP adds them for me.

I like this plugin and let that statement be the end of my review.

What about you?

Are you going to try  Autolinks Manager Pro?

Remember, you can use my coupon code (NikolaRoza) to get $20 off price and you also get a 30 day money back guarantee.

It’s a no risk deal for you.

Try Autolinks Manager Pro today!

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