10 Best Quiz Software in 2022- Which Quiz Builder Will You Pick?

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If there’s one thing that virtually all learners despise, it’s testing. Regardless of how well-prepared they are, taking a test is a nerve-wracking experience that shakes up even the most confident learners.

Still, educational exams are critical for the learning experience. Whether we’re talking about school or corporate learning, testing can help improve knowledge recollection and retention, but only if it’s done right.

To ensure that your testing process goes smoothly, you need to make your quizzes immersive, engaging, and interactive. That’s best achieved with reliable quiz software.

Due to the rapidly expanding e-learning market, which is expected to be worth $660.8 bn by 2027, you now have access to an array of advanced quiz makers that can improve the testing process for everyone involved.

Take a look at some of the best quiz software, and choose a solution suited to your needs.

#1- Jotform Quiz Maker

Jotform’s free online quiz maker is a simple tool that is great for building interactive, multiple-choice quizzes for classes.

Users can show or hide form fields to make a great custom experience for everyone. You can embed forms in your website easily, view and handle feedback with the Form Analytics feature.

Jotform has all the features you need to make your quizzes more interactive and easy to use for your users. Choose from tons of readymade quiz templates and customize them to your liking. Integrate with over 100 apps and instantly send results to other accounts.

#2- ProProfs quiz maker


ProProfs is a comprehensive learning management system that’s becoming increasingly more popular in classrooms and offices alike.

Its quiz maker is an intuitive solution that requires no coding or programming knowledge to master. Even a complete beginner can use it to create immersive quizzes with ease.

Whether you need to create a high school physics test, a college literature exam, a corporate compliance test, or a lead generation personality quiz, ProProfs allows you to do it with ease.

The quiz software supports all media types, has an automatic grader, an advanced cheating prevention system, provides real-time feedback, and allows for question branching, among other things.

Additionally, it creates automatic reports that give you insight into the test-takers performance and progress.

#3- TryInteract


Interact is a quiz software solution primarily created for businesses needing to improve their lead generation.

Commonly used for segmenting audiences, driving website traffic, and building brand awareness, it’s easy to use and allows for almost complete quiz customization.

Within a few clicks, you can add your brand logo, change the fonts and colors, and embed relevant images that’ll make your quizzes recognizable.

Interact has over 800 unique quiz templates that’ll ensure your quizzes are in line with your brand aesthetics.

#4- Riddle


Like Interact, Riddle’s primary purpose is to help you better generate leads.

It boasts 15 different quiz formats, including personality quizzes, trivia tests, polls, surveys, ranked lists, reaction polls, and more.

To make your quizzes easier to publish, Riddle offers a WordPress plugin. Moreover, it’s compatible with most popular marketing tools, including MailChimp, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, and Zapier, to name but a few.

Although it does have some basic features that could make it useful for educational settings and corporate training, this quiz software is best suited for marketers.

#5- GoConqr


GoConqr is an e-learning platform that offers everything from quiz to full-blown course creation. You can use it to create a quiz of any kind, develop virtual flashcards, make mindmaps, flowcharts, notes, and more.

Its variety of features make it suitable for various purposes, including employee training, lead generation, and teaching.

To create a quiz, you can use GoConqr’s vast library of over 25 million resources. Within a few clicks, you can create a quiz that’s ready to launch.

You’ll also enjoy automatic grading and reporting, instant feedback, and easy test scheduling.

#6- Easy Test Maker


Easy Test Maker stays true to its name, allowing you to create immersive quizzes without breaking a sweat.

Designed for schools and educational institutions, it enables seamless quiz creation that streamlines testing and simplifies grading. This means teachers won’t need to contact their school help desk to use this tool.

You can build your own question pools and create a quiz within a single click, give students alternate versions to prevent cheating, get accurate question analysis reporting, enjoy automated grading, and more.

Easy Test Maker is one of the simplest quiz software solutions you’ll come across. Although it has a slightly outdated design, it boasts all the essential features to improve the learning experience.

#7- Outgrow


Designed for businesses, Outgrow is an intuitive platform that enables you to create detailed quizzes and assessments that are just as useful for employee training as they are for lead generation.

The user-friendly interface allows even a complete novice to create a quiz that draws attention and improves website traffic.

Outgrow has you covered even if you don’t have time to develop authentic quizzes. You can take advantage of its vast library of pre-made quizzes ready for launch. Customize the appearance to suit your brand image, and upload the quiz to your site or social media accounts in seconds.

#8- PlayBuzz


PlayBuzz is a unique entry on this list. Not exactly a quiz maker, per se; it’s developed as a storytelling platform with all the quiz maker functionality you’ll need.

It can help you create content that attracts audiences and builds your brand’s online presence with ease.

All the basic features are there – choose different quiz formats, come up with catchy questions, use the existing templates, include CTAs, embed media files, and more. All of this is available for free.

The only drawback is that you’ll encounter a lot of ads as you build your quizzes.

#9- BrandQuiz


BrandQuiz is ideal for businesses that want to make a lasting impression on their audiences. It features several templates that enable you to brand your quiz with ease – all with logos, brand imagery, and relevant quotes.

Use the drag-and-drop feature to create mesmerizing quizzes, ensure that they’re mobile-optimized, create any question type, and embed interactive media to make quizzes more engaging.

BrandQuiz has all the necessary integrations to improve your lead generation and help you establish an impeccable online presence.

#10- ClassMarker


ClassMarker is online quiz software that has a simple yet functional design. While it seems a bit too minimalistic at first, it has everything you need to streamline the testing process.

Its test settings are easy to use, so you’ll have your timed quiz ready to go in a jiffy. Create private and public exams, develop custom certificates for completion, create quiz groups or share the test link, make question banks, get automated grades, and even sell your quizzes to boost your passive income.

#11- LeadQuizzes


As its name would suggest, LeadQuizzes could be an excellent choice for building lead generation quizzes.

Its unique features and capabilities allow you to create irresistible, shareable quizzes that can improve your social media presence and help you attract new, prospective clients.

If we consider its abundance of features, the quiz software could also be useful for testing of any kind – educational exams, employee assessments, customer quizzes, and more.

You can enjoy LeadQuizzs’ automatically generated URLs to go around building a landing page for your quizzes, embed media of all types, create surveys, and receive automatic reports on the quiz-takers performance.

Final thoughts

The right quiz maker can make all the difference for all your test-takers. Whether you need educational, corporate, or lead generation quizzes, you’ll save time, money, and effort by using the leading quiz software that suits your needs.

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