How To Setup Free MailChimp Autoresponders (Tutorial)- Take FULL Advantage of MailChimp Free Account!

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Want to get a free MailChimp account, but are worried you won’t know how to set up autoresponders?


Then you’re on the right page.

Because my tutorial is going to show you how to set up an autoresponder with free MailChimp account today.

Let’s go!

How to setup autoresponders in Free MailChimp account
Set up autoresponders in free MailChimp the RIGHT way!

What is MailChimp Exactly

MailChimp is a software which helps you create and manage email lists, automated campaigns, newsletters and more.

With it you have full control over your email marketing efforts from start to finish whether you built a lead list through lead magnets or an email finder tool, for example.

This is also the reason why MailChimp is among the best email marketing platforms out there today.

Now, most newbies to email marketing start with MailChimp first, go with them for a while, and then move to some other email service, for example ConvertKit for their ease of use (related– ConvertKit pricing and cost explained) or Sales.Rocks for email automation + lead generation services altogether.

They do this because of Mailchimp’s severe lack of features.

However, what most newbies don’t realize is that MailChimp lets you use every automation feature on the forever free account too.

So, you CAN set up an autoresponder with free account and the only things that are limited are the number of subscribers you can have (2000), the number of emails you can send in a day (2000) and a total number of emails you can send per month (12 000).

MailChimp Forever Free account is excellent value for those starting out with email marketing. MailChimp to Looker Studio integration expands the capabilities even further, allowing you to gain deeper insights and leverage advanced analytics for your email marketing campaigns.”

How To Setup Free MailChimp Autoresponder (Step-by-Step Guide)

Step 1- Sign Up For A Free MailChimp Account

The first thing you need to do is to create a MailChimp account.

Go to their website and click on “Start Free“.

Enter in your email and remember to pick a  really strong password because you are going to store your subscriber’s emails in this account.

Mailchimp sign up process

Step 2- Click On Start A Campaign Button And Select Email

Click on the “Create” button right beneath the MailChimp logo.

Once a new window popups choose “Email”.

MailChimp pick email

Step 3 – Select “Automated” From The Popup Menu

Now you have a choice of types of email campaigns.

  • Regular;
  • Automated;
  • Plain text.

Pick “Automated”

MailChimp automated email campaigns

Step 4 – Select The Welcome Message Option

On the same page click on “Welcome New Subscribers”.

This welcome email will be completely automated so that whenever a new subscriber joins your list, they get your e-book or some other type of lead magnet delivered in their inbox.

MailChimp automated campaigns

Next, name your welcome email campaign.

This name will help you differentiate between multiple emails and it’s up to you how you want to call this particular email sequence. Just pick something that’ll immediately jog your memory when you see it (for example, “Welcome Aboard”).

Welcome Aboard email campaign

Step 5 – Design Your Campaign And Welcome Email

Now it’s time to design your email and include your lead magnet in it.

Prep your email campaign and ensure it looks great by using complementary colors and pretty imagery.

Also, (crucial stuff) make sure to personalize your emails as much as possible. Start with a great first impression, continue building a strong relationship with them so that in the third and final stage you can market to them and earn money.

It’s email affiliate marketing done right!

Once you’ve customized as much as you could, click on “Start Sending” button in the top right corner and get your campaign started.

Send off campaign in MailChimp



Now you know how to set up free MailChimp autoresponder.

There’s no doubt my guide has helped you.

The only question is:

are you going to use this newly acquired knowledge to your advantage?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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