Instagram Threads Statistics Facts and Trends Guide for 2023

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Are you looking for the latest Instagram Threads statistics facts and trends for 2023?

You’re in the right place.

Though Instagram Thread is a new app there are already plenty of interesting facts to know about it.

Let’s get started immediately.

Instagram Threads statistics facts and trends for 2023 (September update)
Instagram Threads statistics facts and trends for 2023 (September update)

Key Instagram Threads Stats for 2023

  • Instagram Threads was first teased on July 5th, 2023. The app went live on the web for a few hours before getting pulled back in anticipation of the official release.
  • Instagram Threads was officially released on July 6th, 2023.
  • Instagram Threads is currently available in 100 countries and 30 languages. 
  • Instagram Threads is currently not available in the European Union due to privacy concerns.
  • Instagram Threads support both user-generated and AI-generated image descriptions.
  • As a user, you can convert your Thread into a link which you can then share on Instagram Stories or as a link on any other platform.
  • Instagram Threads reached 2 million users just 2h after going live. After 7h there were already 10 million users and 24h after launch Instagram Threads has 30+ million registered users. After 5 days Instagram Threads officially surpassed a 100 million user mark. This growth far surpasses even the early growth rate of ChatGPT which reached “only” 1 million users in 5 days.
  • In fewer than 24 hours of being live, Threads users have shared over 95 million Threads and placed around 190 million likes on Threads.
  • The Meta Threads app already holds the top position in the Apple app store.
  • The app has 100 million+ sign-ups as per Meta’s official data.
  • The Meta team is trying to make Threads compatible with ActivityPub, which is  an open social networking protocol established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  • You need to have an Instagram account if you want to create Threads.
  • Currently, the character limit for Threads is 500 characters, which is nearly double Twitter post 280-character limit. S tweets are actually more limited compared to threads.
  • You can include multiple images and videos (up to 5m long) in your Threads.
  • In order to delete Threads you will have to delete your Instagram account. 

Owned byMeta
Anouncment dateJuly 5th, 2023
Releasment dateJuly 6th, 2023
Available regions100+ countries
Number of users48+ million
Core featuresScreen reader support & AI-generated image descriptions


Instagram Statistics Facts Trends 2023 FAQ

Instagram statistics facts and trends 2023 FAQ
Instagram statistics facts and trends 2023 FAQ

What is Instagram Threads?

Instagram Threads is Meta’s answer to Twitter. It’s an app that’s tied to your Instagram account where you can post Threads of textual content instead of the more visual Instagram.

When was Instagram Threads Launched?

Instagram Threads was launched on July 6th 2023.

How Many Users Does Instagram Threads Have?

Instagram Threads reached 2 million users just 2h after going live. After 7h there were already 10 million users and 24h after launch Instagram Threads has 30+ million registered users.

After 5 days Instagram Threads officially surpassed a 100 million user mark. This growth far surpasses even the early growth rate of ChatGPT, TikTok and Instagram.

For example:

  • ChatGPT reached 100 million users in two months.
  • TikTok reached 100 million users in nine months.
  • Instagram reached 100 million users in two and a half years.

Mark Zuckerberg claims Thread got 100 million+ users in just 5 days

How Do You Open an Instagram Threads Account?

You can open your Instagram Threads account right from within your Instagram account.

How is Instagram Threads Different From Twitter?

Superficially, Instagram Threads looks like a clone of Twitter. However, the app currently lacks many features Twitter has.

Things like the ability to post long videos (longer than 5m), direct messages, and live audio rooms are currently missing from Instagram Threads.

Share limit 10 media per thread
4 media per tweet
Post character limit500 characters
280 characters
Messaging Instagram messaging
In-app messaging
Multiple media view Swipe view
Collage view
Device compatibilityiOS and Android
iOS, Android and Web App.
Price Free$8/ month. (Twitter Blue)
Account Verification Instagram verification
Twitter Blue subscription
Delete account Unavailable

Can I Open an Instagram Threads Account Without Having an Instagram Account?

Currently, you can’t open an Instagram Threads account without having opened an Instagram account as well. This might change in the future though there’s a chance it won’t because Threads could be another way to get more users for Instagram as well.

Is Instagram Threads Available in the EU?

Instagram Threads is currently unavailable in EU. This is because of privacy concerns and EU’s strict policies on web user data usage and protection.

Where is Instagram Threads Available?

Instagram Threads is currently available in 100 countries and 30 languages.

Is Instagram Threads available on Android and iOS?

Instagram Threads is available on both Android and iOS.

What are the Limitations of Posting in Instagram Threads?

Users can post 500 characters in one Thread post on the app. The post supports GIFs, regular images (all image formats supported) and videos.

One Thread post supports up to 10 media items.

Can You Delete Your Instagram Threads Account Without Deleting Your Instagram Account?

Currently, it’s not possible to delete your Instagram Threads account without also deleting your entire Instagram account. However, this is likely to change in the future given that early Threads users are already complaining about this.

Does Instagram Thread Have a Following Timeline?

Instagram Threads currently doesn’t have any timeline that shows posts only from accounts that you follow.

There’s a “home” timeline that algorithmically delivers content from the account in your circle and from other popular accounts.

Can You DM people on Instagram Threads?

You currently can’t send DM’s on Instagram Threads.

DM’ing as a feature will probably be added at a later date.

Does Instagram Threads Allow OpenAI ChatGPT Content?

Currently, there’s no information on whether OpenAI generative AI ChatGPT content is allowed on Threads or not.

My educated guess is that ChatGPT content will be allowed and people will use it. After all OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an incredibly popular app and nearly everyone is using it to generate textual content.

Who knows?

Maybe OpenAI and Instagram Threads will develop a business relationship in the future.

To learn more about OpenAI and ChatGPT read my OpenAI statistics and ChatGPT statistics posts next.

Did Twitter Engineers Really Build Instagram Threads?

Meta spokesperson denies it but Meta really did hire dozens of ex-Twitter engineers to help them build an app similar to Twitter, but better.

That’s probably the reason Threads look very similar to Twitter.

And Elon Musk is threatening to sue Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta for creating a Twitter clone with stole insider knowledge from former Twitter employees.

What are Threads Data Collection Practices?

Here’s the data that Instagram Threads may collect from you being an Instagram Threads user.

  • Health & Fitness
  • Purchases
  • Financial Info
  • Location
  • Contact Info
  • Contacts
  • User Content
  • Search History
  • Browsing History
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Sensitive Info
  • Diagnostics
  • Other Data

Instagram Threads Statistics Facts and Trends for 2023 (Conclusion)

There you have it.

My Instagram Threads statistics facts and trends post for 2023 is over.

Have you learned something new?

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