(Ultimate Guide) How To Start a Dropshipping Business Using Fiverr in 2024?

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Ready to learn how to start your dropshipping business using Fiverr?



My guide is all you need to get started fast, and to keep going strong till you cross that finish line called “success” 🙂

Let’s go!

Start dropshipping business with Fiverr
Can you REALLY start a dropshipping business using Fiverr in 2024?

What is Fiverr Exactly? And Why Start My Dropshipping Business With it?

Fiverr homepage

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers across the globe offer their services to global audience.

Services widely vary in price with cheapest ones starting at $5 (hence the name Fiverr) and most expensive ones capped at $995 (without extras that some sellers are allowed to offer).

While most of the services are legitimate and business related (like helping you launch an e-commerce business) some are just crazy where you don’t now whether to laugh or take them seriously.

For example if you buy thig gig for (only $5) you can get anything you want said in a robotic, daft punk voice. Who wouldn’t want that?

Or if you are looking  to stare at your caricaturized (is that a word?) self in the face, get this gig and you won’t be disappointed

Finally let’s not forget that you can get you ex boyfriend back with some good old white magic. And it’s cheap to boot because this gig costs only $23.

Now that’s a bargain!

As you can see, Fiverr is like a big flea market- it has everything.

Why Should I Use Fiverr To Launch My Dropshipping Store?

Good question! I mean, why not do it yourself?

Here’s why:

#1- Professionalism- Fiverr freelancers are experts at services they offer. They can do things way better than you could.

And this is important because a poorly done e-commerce store that is not optimized for SEO is barely better than no store at all.

And you certainly wouldn’t be profitable if you stitched a store together yourself.

#2- Speed- Fiverr pros know what they’re doing and they do it as fast as they can while keeping the quality level high.

It’s partly because they’re fully calibrated to their craft, and partly because they want to get over it quickly so they can accept more gigs and earn more money.

#3- Security- Fiverr as a platform vet their freelancers and regularly weed out scammers and fraudulent gigs. If you were to go with an independent freelancer you might get scammed.

With Fiverr, while not impossible, it’s highly unlikely.

#4- E-commerce profitability.- Due to the unprecedented events of 2020 online shopping is exploding and so is the demand for e-commerce/dropshipping services.

People shop online more than ever and the time to join the party is now.

For example, examine this Google trends graphs for “online shopping“.

Online shopping google trends

You can clearly see the interest was at low 35 points at the beginning of the year, and then exploded at 100 in April, right around the time when COVID scare was at its peak, and people had to turn to the internet to buy.

Interest in online shopping has dropped off quite a bit as summer and warmer months hit (less and weaker virus in hotter months);

but here we are in late December and interest stands at strong 56 points which is almost 60% higher demand than this time last year.

#5- Convenience- Having other people build out your business is both convenient and effective.

Perhaps you’re a successful affiliate marketer who doesn’t want to put all their eggs in Google’s organic traffic basket?

Maybe you’re looking to diversify your income streams but don’t have time to pick Shopify themes and build Shopify stores by yourself?

That’s where Fiverr shines because you can get qualified help to take those tasks off your already full plate.

There are even more good reasons than just these 5, but now it’s time to learn…

Note: Before truly diving into the specifics of setting up your dropshipping business, it’s important to address the legal foundations required for a smooth operation. One essential step is obtaining a resale certificate, which allows you to purchase inventory without paying sales tax, significantly impacting your budget and compliance.

For detailed guidance on obtaining a resale certificate, check out this comprehensive resource on how to get a resale certificate in each state.

Starting with the right legal foot forward ensures that you focus on growing your business without unnecessary setbacks.

How To Start a Dropshipping Business Using Fiverr Freelancers (A 7-Step Master Guide)

The best way to build a dropshipping business using Fiverr is to first break down the process into manageable steps, and second to assign a different freelancer for each step.

That way you get speedy execution combined with having true professionals for each task on the list.

Here are the steps:

  1. Decide on the type of store you want to build;
  2. Pick a winning product;
  3. Build a website;
  4. Get a logo and branding;
  5. Create a video ad;
  6. Business marketing with Fiverr;
  7. Build a team so you can scale and automate;

Let’s get to it then.

Step #1- Deciding on a Type of Store You Want To Build

The 3 types of dropshipping websites are:

  • General store;
  • Niche store;
  • One product store;

All 3 types have their pros and cons and all 3 can work wonderfully.

However, since you’re just starting out with your first dropshipping business (probably) I advise you to go with a one-product store.

They won’t cost an arm and a leg to build; they’re easy to manage, simple to scale and market; and overall are the best bet for newbies and for those who don’t want to be overwhelmed dealing with dozens or even hundreds of products at one.

Step #2- Picking a Winning Product

The second step to building a dropshipping business with Fiverr is picking a winning product.

This step is actually the most important one because the product you pick to promote and sell is going to make or break your store.

It’s that important that you choose wisely and that’s why it’s an intelligent move on your part to get a true pro from Fiverr to help you.

Don’t do it on your own because if you’ve never done it before you’ll probably fail and with a wrong product nothing else you do will matter.

So, go to Fiverr.com and search for “Shopify product research“.

Next use the filters which you can find right above the first row of results and apply to get only level 2 sellers and for example freelancers charging less than $100 for product research.

Shopify product research

  • Service- Do product research for Shopify store;
  • Freelancer- this one;
  • Price- 25.80 € (Basic)
  • Estimated time- 2-days delivery.

Note: she will deliver 7 wining product across many niches and then we can isolate THE ONE product to rule them all 🙂

Pick a winning product

Note: I was pondering whether to go with the first or second result.

I went with the second one, not because it’s slightly cheaper, but because they boast 231 customer reviews (average rating 4.9) compared to only 27 reviews the first one has.

This tells me the second freelancer is more experienced and will give me more bang for my buck.

And if you want to automate the process of finding winning products from vetted suppliers, you can leverage the Spocket dropshipping app for this purpose. You can find and install this app from Shopify app store for free. After you fully understand how it works, you can proceed to pay for a suitable plan.

Alternatively, you can try a tool like Peeksta that gives you access to manually curated winning products daily by a team of experts.

Step #3- Building a Shopify Store

The third step to creating a dropshipping business with Fiverr is creating a Shopify website. We’ll go with Shopify because it’s in my opinion the easiest platform for newbies to start dropshipping on. Other options are WordPress+ Woocommerce or some other Woocommerce alternative.

Plus, the cost of Shopify is something anyone can bear.

So, go to Fiverr.com and enter “one product Shopify store” into the search bar.

one product Shopify store Fiverr.

Here’s the deal, when shopping on Fiverr you want to avoid those sellers who offer their services for extremely cheap price, as they’re probably not high quality gigs.

But you also want to NOT GO with those asking hundreds of $$$ for their services.

Because a store that you pay $40 for is not going to be significantly different than the one you paid $500 for, especially since you have other freelancers managing other parts of setting up your dropshipping business.

So, in this case I’m looking for something in the $30-$70 range and level 2 seller if possible.

And I found it easily (the first result from the image above).

  • Service- Build one product Shopify store;
  • Freelancer- this one;
  • Price- 30.10 € (Basic)
  • Estimated time- 2-days delivery.

Fiverr freelancer one product creation

Step #4- Getting a Logo

The fourth step is a simple one, but rather important.

Dropshipping has a very low barrier to entry and often it seems like you’re competing against the whole world.

You need to stand out and one of the easiest way to do so is to get a nice looking logo to go with your shop.

However, this step must come after you’ve built your store and chosen a product. Because your logo will be a visual presentation of your brand’s name and domain name.

Go to Fiverr.com and type “vector graphic” or “Shopify store logo“. Pick the seller with decent pricing and a bunch of positive reviews, and whose logo design style you like and envision for your store’s branding. Pro tip: Another popular option is to utilize online logo makers where you can experiment, create and remove background for an aesthetic look for your brand. They’re customizable, easy and inexpensive.

I went with the second option.

Shopify store logo

  • Service- Create a logo for a Shopify store;
  • Freelancer- this one;
  • Price- 21.50 € (Basic)
  • Estimated time- 3-days delivery.

Logo design Fiverr

Step #5- Creating a Video Ad

The fifth step to building a dropshipping store using Fiverr is a creating a video advertisement which you’ll use to promote your product on Facebook and Instagram.

After picking a wining product this is the second most important step and something you need to nail no matter what.

Because your ad is going to be the first piece of your website that you audience will see as they scroll through their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

So it must be captivating, eye catching, it must give an average web user an irresistible itch to click and later want to subscribe for updates from your site. And it also must be within your budget (agree on that last part?  😉 )

So, go to Fiverr.com and search “dropshipping video ad

Again, filter for level 2 sellers and price range between $50-$100.

Create video ad for Facebook and Instagram

  • Service- Create a video ad for Facebook and Instagram marketing;
  • Freelancer- this one;
  • Price- 77.41 € (Basic)
  • Estimated time- 4-days delivery.

Step #6- Marketing Your Business With Fiverr

Ah, marketing your dropshipping business with Fiverr… this step is optional for me, and I hope it is for you.

Let me explain…

I know marketing, been doing it for 6+ years and I won’t let anyone handle my marketing budget promoting my dropshipping store.

Are you in the same boat?

If yes, great?

If no, then you better keep reading.

Why it’s Not a Good Idea to Hire Freelancers to Promote Your Site?

Wrap your head around this.

Someone knows Instagram and Facebook ads like the palm of their hands.

They made hundreds of thousands of dollars with their dropshipping campaigns, they became millionaires already…

And yet here they are selling their precious knowledge and skills for $50 per gig.

Something doesn’t feel right here, at least to me.

It’s an equivalent to someone having found a loophole in Google’s secretive algorithm that lets them rank in 24h for any keyword they want.  And then they go and expose their “secret sauce” for $20.

It’s illogical and if something’s too good to be true  it probably is.

I’m not saying that Fiverr can’t help you and that there isn’t quality help to be found. I’m saying you need to thread carefully.

I advise you to get a seller that is at least level 2 but maybe even a top rated seller and with a whole lot of super positive reviews.

Lets’ go find such a person right now

Go to Fiverr.com and type “Facebook ads” in the search bar and see what you can find.

I chose the third result. Not a top rated seller, but affordable and is labeled “Fiverr’s choice”

According to  Fiverr, “Fiverr choice listings” are:

“Services that people love for superb work and delivery.”

I like me the sound of that 😀

Facebook ads manager found on Fiverr

  • Service- Facebook and Instagram marketing;
  • Freelancer- this one;
  • Price- 103.21 € (Basic)
  • Estimated time- 4-days delivery.

Facebook ad manager hired on Fiverr

Step #7- Building a Team So You Can Scale and Automate

This is another optional step as you won’t be needing to build a team in the beginning.

However, let’s say everything goes according to plan or even better and you find yourself as the chief of a booming dropshipping business. Hundreds of sales coming in daily and hundreds of orders fulfilled and going out, also daily.

Then you’re definitely going to need at least one virtual administrative assistant to help you scale and communicate with customers.

Luckily Fiverr is just the place to find affordable and efficient help.

Go to Fiverr.com and search for “virtual assistant dropshipping

I went with the fourth listing.

Fiverr dropshipping virtual assistant

  • Service- Dropshipping virtual assistant;
  • Freelancer- this one;
  • Price- 163.42 € (Basic)
  • Estimated time- 7-days delivery.

Note:  monthly plans work best here because you want to have someone in charge of your store every day of the month.

It seems pricey, but if the VA delivers, you will see returns on your investments in no time and your store will be able to grow without losing momentum.

Note: once you get going, don’t forget to register your Shopify store and business as LLC, as this will give you legal protection and secure your personal property no matter what.

How Much Does it Cost To Build a Dropshipping Business With Fiverr (Pricing Breakdown)?

Ok, there are 7 tasks and 6 freelancers assigned to them.

Prices wary, but we made sure that they all fall in the middle bracket (not too cheap; not too expensive).

They are:

  • Product research- 25.80€;
  • Store build out- 30.10€;
  • Logo creation- 21.50€;
  • Creating a video ad- 77.41€;
  • Marketing services- 103.21€
  • Hiring a VA (optional)- 163.42€

Total cost= 421.44€

Note:I know that a good chunk of my audience are visual types who love to learn from pretty imagery.

So I made a pleasant-to-behold, instructive infographic outlining the 7 steps needed to build a dropshipping business with the help of Fiverr freelancers.

How to start a dropshipping business using Fiverr- a 7-step master guide

Here’s an Alternative Way Of Building a Shopify Store Using Fiverr

If you think that shelling out 400+ euros is a bit too much for your budget. then there’s still a way forward.

You need to find Fiverr freelancers who offer bundle packages and then combine their services if needed.

For example, I found this gig that offers Shopify product research+ video ads for each product selected.

And it’s only 34.42€.

Fiverr product research and video ad creation

Then I found this gig which offers a combo of Shopify store creation + free logo.

And it costs only 38.72€

One product store creation

As for store marketing part, we can use the gig we found earlier, or find another cheaper gig.

Pricing Breakdown

  • Product research+ads-34.42€ (gig)
  • One product store+ logo 38.72€ (gig)
  • Marketing 103.21 (gig)
  • Hiring a VA- not needed

Total cost= 176€

As you can see, there’s a big difference if you get freelancers who can cover several steps of the process for you.

Do I Recommend the Alternative Method to Using Fiverr To Create a Dropshipping Business?

Yes and no.

YES if you really don’t have the budget. Then go ahead with the second approach because you want to start dropshipping sooner rather than later.

The store built this way probably won’t be the unique dropshipping store that’s truly YOU. But it’s preferable to having nothing on your hands and waiting.

Don’t wait till you have just enough money because you could be waiting for a while.

NO if you have a bit of a budget to spare. It’s because you’ll get higher quality work when you hire individual freelancers for each step of building out a dropshipping business.

Think about it, someone who only does logos is going to deliver better work than someone who builds stores for a living and throws in free logos just to bait you into buying their gig.

I mean, I’m sure you can image that free logo won’t be up to snuff compared to the one you paid for?

But…. free logo is better than no logo and both approaches can work for you.

So let’s get cracking!

That store won’t build itself.

Fiverr Dropshipping FAQ- Everything You Need To Know

#1- What are the Pros and Cons of Dropshipping?


#1- Low Barrier to Entry (and FAST)

Dropshipping has an insanely low barrier to entry. Dropshippers don’t need to create their own products, they don’t even need to own the product they’re selling.

What they need is a laptop for remote work, internet connection and a tiny budget for marketing and buying a domain name+ Shopify subscription.

It’s very easy to start with dropshipping and that’s it’s biggest pro, but also the biggest con as you’ll see further below.

#2- No Inventory Management

Traditionally, retailers are supposed to buy the product they want to sell, stock it in a warehouse ((perhaps administered with a yard management solution) and ship to their customers as the orders come in. However, the landscape of retail is shifting, and the focus is not solely on distribution but also on retail product development, where businesses are actively involved in creating innovative and customer-focused products that resonate with their target market.

As a dropshipper you can avoid all that because the supplier is the one who’s handling inventory and doing the shipping.

You just make sales happen as the middleman between the customers and supplier.

#3- No Need for a Physical Store or Warehouse

Since you won’t be handling the product you won’t need to rent a warehouse, which is instant huge savings for you. No paying for lease, or for staff.

No construction cost, no mortgage, no upkeep.

#4- Improved Cash Flow

Unlike with wholesale where  you first stock up with products which you then proceed to try to sell to get your investment back+ turn a profit;

with dropshipping you get your money immediately via PayPal as soon as the customer pays.

This improved cash flow let’s you reinvest that money into scaling your business faster.

#5- Scalable

Dropshipping is easily scalable because all you have to do is import new products to your store and if they work out- keep them. If not, remove and find new ones. These are mass-produced in China and there are so many to pick from.

 #6- (Near) Passive Income

I say it’s “near passive” because true passive income doesn’t exist, with dropshipping or with any other online venture (unless of course, you decide to sell your online business)

However, successful dropshipping usually means you’ve automated most of your business and you’ve delegated the rest to your team and V.A.’s.

As a business owner your main job will be to monitor the situation, scale your business and build new ones, maybe lying on a beach somewhere :-).

Dropshipping CONS

#1- Low Barrier to Entry

In other words, very competitive.

Similar to affiliate marketing, everyone and their mother are dabbling in dropshipping which makes it hard to build a wining store.

Dropshipping is crowded

This is something you can’t control so I advise you not to pay too much attention to it.

You can still succeed with dropshipping. All you need is to catch a product that’s on the rise, but has not become mainstream yet.

That’s why you’re hiring Fiverr pros to research product for you. It’s a smart move.

#2- Race to the Bottom

This one is related to the previous point.

Because dropshipping is such a crowded space, people try all sorts of gimmicks to stand out. And the easiest one and most deadly is competing on price and undercutting each other.

However, that’s a race to the bottom because as stores lower their margins they end up selling products not for profit, but to break even.

#3- Lack of Quality Control

The beauty of dropshipping is that you don’t need to stock the products you sell. In fact you don’t even need to have ever seen or touched your product.

It greatly simplifies things but on the other hand in introduces an element of uncertainty.

What if the product you’re promoting is actually pure crap? Your store’s reputation will suffer. What if your customer get a knockoff, a cheap imitation, a fraudulent product?

Your store will suffer again.

What if there’s a lot of chargeback because of poor product quality? That’s up to you to solve as the store who sold it to them…

#4- Disjointed and Messy Orders

If you have a general store with lots of products, then often those products will come from different suppliers with different packaging.

So when a customer orders several things at once they’ll get multiple packages for the same order which will results in the increased shipping cost for them and branding confusion and annoyed customers for you. To prevent this from happening you can use sustainable packaging and tools like My Package Tracking to help your customers learn more about their order status.

#2- Is Dropshipping Worth It?

If you read some success stores you found online, or you some YouTube watched videos, you’re going to explode with excitement and enthusiasm.

Dropshipping, it’s easy, it WORKS! I CAN DO IT!

Yes you can!

But… it’s not all roses.

Success articles only show you those who succeeded, but don’t show you those who failed.

And most people will fail as average success rate for dropshipping is ~10%, maybe even closer to 2%.

So what gives?

I say that if you’re willing to work at becoming a successful dropshipper- you CAN do it.

So go and learn and build your store and fail and then try again and again, and do it until you gain enough calibration to start doing the right thing persistently.

And then success will become inevitable.

Dropshipping can be worth your time and investment if you stick with it till it works.

Pro tip: you can shorten the path to success significantly by hiring pros from Fiverr. Remember, these people have already made their share of mistakes and know what they’re doing.

By hiring them you’re borrowing their knowledge and setting yourself up for a much faster success.

#3- Is Dropshipping Legal?

Yes, dropshipping is generally legal. It is a business model where a retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

However, the legality can depend on the specific practices used in the dropshipping arrangement, such as ensuring accurate representation of products and compliance with consumer protection laws.

Retailers must also ensure they adhere to tax laws and regulations in their operating regions. Violations of these standards, such as engaging in deceptive practices or selling counterfeit goods, can render dropshipping illegal.”




#3- Is Dropshipping Oversaturated?

The answer to that is NO, because of 2 reasons.

First, as long as people shop online there will be dropshipping and there will be people who flourish with this business model.

Second, more and more people are buying online which means that the opportunity is there and it’s growing.

However, dropshipping is changing fast, mainly because it’s much more competitive then it used to be. That’s why you need to be relentless, persistent and daring to succeed.

In fact, one of the daring things you do is pay Fiverr freelancers to create a shop for you.

I mean, you don’t know how it’ll turn out.

It might flop but you’re willing to take a chance and that kind of attitude will take you far in dropshipping.

Let me conclude with an ancient Chinese saying:

“The best time to start a dropshipping business was 10 years ago. The second best time is now”.


#4- Where Can I Find Dropshipping Suppliers?


You can search Google, or you can use paid directories that carefully curate reliable suppliers in all niches.

However, I suggest you keep it simple and use either DSers or Sell The Trend. Both of these platforms let you import products from AliExpress directly to your store.

About DSers…

DSers is AliExpress official dropshipping tool for e-commerce.

With the Supplier Optimizer feature, you can easily find a replacement for your current supplier, with just an AliExpress link and a few clicks.

You can also place unlimited orders to AliExpress in seconds. DSers is one of the best choices for the dropshipping novice who wants every penny to be well spent because their free plan is enough for most dropshippers, especially newbies just starting out.

Desers homepage

#5- Is Dropshipping Legal?


You are allowed to sell products you never owned. It’s a legit practice that as much as 33% or business partake in.

Also, did you know that Zappos, a famous shoe brand started as a dropshipping company? Or that as much as 50% of all products sold by Amazon is via dropshipping?

Bottom line- the big boys are doing it and so should you.

#6- Is Shopify the Best E-commerce and Dropshipping Platform?


“Best” is subjective and depends on whom you ask.

All I can say is that Shopify is a newbie friendly platform that allows for ample customization via a myriad of apps you can install.

I built my store on Shopify and never had problem with it.

#7- Should My Store Be Mobile Friendly? Is it a Must?

Yes it is.

The two main ways of promoting your store will be with Instagram theme pages and Facebook ads.

And guess what?

Most people browse those platforms on their mobile devices.

#8- What are some Dropshipping Success Stories I Can Learn From?

Here’s a curated list below. However, I just want to say that success stories often show the good and positive while neglecting to show the negative.

Don’t let it hit your head. Be logical and reasonable and understand that dropshipping as a business model works and will work for you if you decide to work at it.

Now go get inspired!

  • https://crazylister.com/blog/dropshipping-success-stories/
  • https://www.oberlo.com/blog/one-product-business-entrepreneurs-simple-formula-success
  • https://sixads.net/blog/shopify-dropshipping-success-from-0-to-1k-day/
  • https://pagefly.io/blogs/shopify/5-real-shopify-success-stories-in-dropshipping-to-inspire-you
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFsMVixT7JI
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dowiPcKJjU
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbKNHoAzPFM

(Conclusion) Building a Dropshipping Business With Fiverr…A Viable Option?

We’re at the end of my Fiverr dropshipping guide.

I want to thank you for reading this far, you’re awesome.

And before I sign off I want to ask…

Are you going to use Fiverr to start your dropshipping business?

If yes, tell me all about it in the comment section below so I can be happy my guide helped and encouraged you to take a plunge into this excellent online business opportunity.

If no, tell me what’s stopping you in the comment section below, perhaps I can help you somehow?

And if you have any question whatsoever, you know what to do…



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    • Hi Rosey,
      the truth is that dropshipping is a business model that works, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll work for everyone . What if someone’s lazy and doesn’t want to put in the time and effort to figure it out? Should they succeed too?
      No, dropshipping works best for learners and doers and persistent folks who never give up. Just like pretty much any other legit business model.


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