Advantage Gold Lawsuit and Complaints- Has This Gold IRA Company Ever Been Sued?

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Advantage Gold is an excellent gold IRA company.

But are there any lawsuits and complaints against them?

My Advantage Gold lawsuit and complaints guide tells you everything to know.

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Advantage Gold Lawsuit and complaints guide
Advantage Gold lawsuit and complaints guide

Advantage Gold Lawsuits

There aren’t many lawsuits against Advantage Gold. They’re an excellent precious metals IRA company.

Below are the details of the one lawsuit I was able to find, with links to the full case if you want to read it.

Daschbach v. Advantage Gold, LLC

Daschbach vs Advantage Gold lawsuit image 1

On July 28, 2022 Richard Daschbach filed a class action lawsuit against Advantage Gold, LLC.

The plaintiff accused Advantage Gold of making unsolicited phone calls to people who are on the National Do Not Call Registry. The goal of the lawsuit was to stop Advantage Gold from continuing this practice and to obtain compensation for people who have received these unwanted calls.

The lawsuit asked for statutory damages for members of the class, as well as court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees.

The allegations are based on Daschbach’s personal experiences and knowledge. For the other matters in the lawsuit, the allegations are based on information, belief, and investigation conducted by the attorneys.

You can read the whole lawsuit against Advantage Gold here.

Daschbach vs Advantage Gold image 2 lawsuit

Is Advantage Gold Legit? Why Aren’t There More Lawsuits Against This Gold IRA Company?

Advantage Gold is a legitimate gold IRA company. They’ve been in business since 2014 and since then hundreds of American savers and investors have invested in precious metals thanks to this company.

Here are Advantage Gold’s scores on popular consumer watchdog websites:

  • BBB- no profile;
  • ConsumerAffairs- 5/5;
  • Trustpilot- 5/5;
  • Trustlink- 5/5.
Advantage Gold positive reviews on ConsumerAffairs
Advantage Gold positive customer reviews on Trustpilot
Advantage Gold positive reviews on Trustlink

Advantage Gold Complaints

Like all other gold IRA companies operating in the USA Advantage Gold has also received a handful of complaints about their service.

I picked some of those and detailed them below.

Here’s someone who is generally happy doing business with Advantage Gold, but wishes they didn’t have to pay in advance and also wish to have been more promptly informed about the status of their precious metals shipment.

Advantage Gold complaint example 1
Advantage Gold complaint example 1- source

Here’s someone who’s also happy with Advantage Gold’s service, but complains about relentless calling from Advantage Gold’s representative. I guess Advantage Gold came on a bit too hard with their marketing in this case.

Advantage Gold complaint example 2
Advantage Gold complaint example 2- source

Here’s another example of someone happy with the service, but wishing things were faster.

In their own words:

“My only observation was that it was more time consuming that it needed to be and could have been shortened when presented to someone that had already decided that investing in a precious metal IRA was the right thing to do.”

Advantage Gold complaint example 3
Advantage Gold complaint example 3- source

As you can see there actually weren’t any major complaints or problems with Advantage Gold. Instead, it’s people mostly nitpicking or complaining about the price of precious metals on the market, and not about the company per se.

Advantage Gold Lawsuit and Complaints (Conclusion)

Advantage Gold is an excellent gold and silver IRA company.

They have hundreds of positive customer reviews and only a handful of complaints, mostly solved without issues.

There’s also one lawsuit which I covered in my article above.

LMK if you have questions in the comments section below.

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