Semrush vs SE Ranking 2023: Which is a better SEO Tool?

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Probably you were looking for the best SEO tool and confused between Semrush and SE Ranking. Don’t worry; you have landed in the right place, and after the end of this article, you’ll have a clear mindset to choose the best among Semrush vs SE Ranking.

My Pick: Overall, I choose SE Ranking over Semrush as it is a complete suite of SEO tools. No doubt, Semrush is an SEO giant but it offers the same features at a premium price. Whereas, in SE Ranking you get the same tools at affordable pricing.

It is interesting to note that Google provides everything for free to its users, but SEO suites are not available cheaply to everyone.

Only big digital marketing agencies and marketing consulting firms can afford these expensive tools, and I’ll say multiple SEO tools to grow their business. It’s not easy for a standard blogger or affiliate marketer to switch between SEO tools frequently.

I’ve been there, so I can tell that it’s not so easy to pick an SEO tool among several other similar tools.

In this case, both SE Ranking and Semrush are all-in-one SEO tools. Choosing the best becomes challenging when you see that both offer more or less the same features, and each one is claiming itself as the All-in-One SEO Tool.

Confused, right?

Let’s make it simple. Semrush is a leading toolkit that fulfills the needs of every blogger and marketer. But, it doesn’t mean that SE Ranking does not stand anywhere in front of it. It has over 3,00,000 users and achieved quite good ratings online.

So, it is necessary to choose the best; otherwise, you’d be compromising your website’s SEO on significant search engines.

That’s why I’ve created this post to precisely compare SE Ranking vs Semrush in detail.

SE Ranking vs Semrush in 2023: Overview

SE Ranking and Semrush are both cloud-based SEO tools that are used by bloggers and affiliate marketers all around the world.

Semrush was introduced in 2008, while SE Ranking started in 2013. Semrush has gathered many audiences and is a pretty favorite of all; on the other hand, SE Ranking has comparatively less user database but garnered positive word of mouth from all.

Both tools are used by bloggers, affiliate marketers, and web admins to improve their search visibility.

Semrush vs SE Ranking: A Quick Comparison

Features Semrush SE Ranking
Keyword Research It offers the largest keyword database; i.e. 20 billion keywords It offers a comparatively low keyword database; i.e. 7 billion keywords
Keyword Search Intent Yes, provides search intent with keyword research Not available
Competitive Analysis It offers a tremendous competitive research tool to spy on your competitors It also offers an excellent competitive analysis tool
Backlinks Monitoring It allows you to check how many backlinks are pointing to your site, along with toxic link scores It also offers quite a great backlinks monitoring tool with no toxic link scores
Website Audit Analyze your website for technical issues It also offers a complete site audit tool with suggestions to improve
ON-Page SEO Checker Detailed On-Page SEO check Detailed On-Page SEO check
Page Changes Monitoring Not available Yes, detailed analysis if you change something on your webpage
Social Media Management Yes, easily integrates with most social channels Yes, integrates only with Facebook and Twitter
SEO Writing Assistant Yes, assists in creating SEO-optimized content Not available
Rank Tracking Yes, gives you reports on keywords position change Yes, provides a more accurate report than Semrush
Lead Generator Not available Yes; places a widget on your site to offer a website audit to your audience
SERP Checker Yes Not available
Reporting Generates white-labeled Reports Generates white-labeled Reports
API Access Yes Yes
Pricing $199.95/month $31.8/month
Free Trial 7-Days 14-Days


Key Features: Semrush vs SE Ranking

Let’s compare SE Ranking vs Semrush in terms of their key features and consider which is better.

Keyword Research

Search engine optimization mostly depends on how well you have done the keyword research. It is a practice to pick keywords that are most relevant to your topic and have a high potential to drive traffic to your site.

It is a vital feature in any SEO tool, and each tool offers a different user experience to the audience. Let’s look at the keyword analysis tool regarding Semrush vs SE Ranking.


Semrush keyword research tool offers you the following metrics:

· Search volume in the target country

· Gross search volume

· Keyword difficulty score

· CPC (cost-per-click)

· Keyword search intent

· Keyword search trend

· Related keywords in questions

· SERP features

· Ads research

· Top 100 URLs on the SERPs for the selected keyword

If you’re looking to discover relevant keywords, Semrush provides you with the dedicated Keyword Magic Tool.

Enter the search term, select the target country, and hit the “Enter” button.

You’ll see the relevant keyword suggestions along with search intent, search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC. Also, it will show you the related key phrases in the question forms, if there exist any.

Semrush has a keyword database of over 20 billion keywords, which means you get several related search terms more than any other keyword research tool.

SE Ranking

Like Semrush, SE Ranking also provides a similar keyword research tool. It offers you the following metrics:

· Search volume of the keyword for the target location

· Keyword difficulty score


· Keyword search trends

· SERP features

· Paid search results

· Top 200 URLs for the target keyword

· Keyword search history

When you enter a keyword, it shows you all related keywords, their search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, etc.

SE Ranking has an extensive keyword database of about 7 billion but is comparatively lower than Semrush. Also, its keyword search intent is missing in SE Ranking keyword research tool.

However, you can group similar keywords to discover more targeted keywords. It is pretty helpful if you are building your website’s SEO architecture. As you have grouped similar keywords, you can re-target them based on your audience queries.

Winner: Semrush

Though both tools offer good organic research, Semrush has a more robust keyword analysis tool. It provides a dedicated Keyword Magic Tool that shows keyword search intent and other metrics. Also, it has the most prominent keyword database that gives you more keyword suggestions.

Competitive Analysis

If you want to over-rank your competitor on search engines like Google, you must spy on your competitor’s website to build a robust strategy accordingly.

Competitive analysis includes the number of backlinks pointing to your competitor’s site, the prime keywords he is ranking for, and the top pages driving traffic to his website.

Fortunately, SE Ranking and Semrush provide you with extensive competitive analysis tools.


Semrush competitive analysis tool offers you the following metrics in respect of a domain name:

· Domain strength

· Page authority score

· Organic search traffic

· Organic keywords

· Top-performing pages

· Paid search traffic

· Backlinks insights

· Historical data analysis

You need to enter any domain name in the “Domain Overview” tab, which will provide you with all the information related to that domain.

The information includes its authority score, organic and paid search traffic, backlinks and display advertising.

It also shows the top-performing pages and top-ranking keywords in the same dashboard. You can see the historical data of such keywords collected since 2012 in their GURU plan.

Being the highest data collector, Semrush shows you the maximum number of keywords the website ranks for.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking also provides an extensive analysis of your competitor’s domain. It offers you the following metrics:

· Domain trust (Domain strength)

· Page trust

· Organic traffic

· Paid traffic

· Organic keywords

· Paid keywords

· Total traffic cost

· Referring domains

· Backlinks

· Historical data

SE Ranking also requires you to enter the domain name, which would provide you with complete information related to that domain.

It shows you all crucial metrics on a single page and doesn’t redirect you to other pages for data analysis.

You get historical data analysis (traffic, keywords, backlinks) for the last three years.

SE Ranking is a competitive research tool that provides you with domain trust, top-performing keywords, traffic, backlinks, etc.

So, if you are starting a new website, this is the most efficient and affordable tool for competitive research.

Winner: Both

Though both tools offer detailed competitor research, Semrush offers a more extensive analysis report. Semrush gives you historical data since 2012 (but in the GURU plan); on the other hand, SE Ranking gives you data for the last three years in the starter plans.

So, SE Ranking is a cost-efficient tool for competitive analysis.

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking is vital for any blog’s improvement. If you are not tracking your keywords position on Google, you are ignoring a significant factor to rank your blog higher on SERPs.

Keywords rank tracking allows you to improve the position of low-hanging fruits. If you don’t know which keywords are weak on SERPs, you can’t improve them.

Fortunately, both Semrush and SE Ranking offer rank tracking tools.


Semrush provides daily reports showing the increasing or decreasing keywords on SERPs.

You get your domain’s visibility reports on search engines, estimated traffic and the average position of your keywords on all major search engines.

The dashboard shows you the top performing keywords and the keywords with their positive/negative impact on search engines.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is my favorite keyword rank checker. I have been using it for the last two years, and it is the most authentic keyword position checker.

Its dedicated SERP tracker tool offers a detailed analysis of how your keywords perform on significant search engines.

In a single dashboard, you see the average position of your blog on search engines, daily keywords rank tracking, SERP visibility, estimated traffic and % of keywords in the top 10 on SERP.

It also provides you with demand rank checking of your keywords. You can check the keyword’s rank up to the last six months and organize your keywords in groups and folders.

Winner: SE Ranking

Though both tools offer keyword rank tracking features, SE Ranking offers quite a detailed and accurate keywords rank tracker. If you want to check your keywords position at any time, you can access an on-demand rank check of keywords.

On-Page SEO Checker

Usually, you follow standard SEO practices to rank your blog posts. But, in a hurry, we often forget some vital areas in search engine optimization.

On-Page SEO Checker analyzes your web pages and provides a detailed analysis report on the areas you need to work on.

Semrush and SE Ranking both offer this tool, let’s see how they are different from each other.


Semrush’s On-page SEO tool categorizes the most common issues and shows you the analysis report accordingly.

The “idea tasks” tab offers a perfectly sorted list of possible optimizations, thus making it easy for you to take action to improve your blog’s ranking on Google.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking, on the other hand, also offers well On-page analysis reports. It shows the analysis in a visual form, making it easy to find out where you need to work to optimize your page for search engines.

It also shows the top competitors for your selected web page and gives you suggestions to improve your page to sustain the top position on Google.

Winner: Both

Though both tools offer detailed On-page SEO analysis, Semrush offers you the in-depth report for a GURU plan subscriber, while SE Ranking offers this tool for $0.01 per check if you’ve completed the allowed access.

In all, both tools are helpful and let you build actionable strategies to over-rank your competitors.

Social Media Management

SE Ranking and Semrush offer a social media management tool that lets you publish your posts automatically on popular social media channels.

SE Ranking lets you publish the posts on Facebook and Twitter automatically, while Semrush offers you more social media channels for auto-posting.

Semrush allows you to publish posts on the following platforms automatically:

· Facebook

· Twitter

· Instagram

· LinkedIn

· Pinterest

· Google Business Profile

This tool helps you analyze the best time to publish content on social platforms to increase your social engagement.

It will ultimately help you to run a successful paid ads campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Winner: Semrush

Semrush offers a more comprehensive range of social platforms for auto-posting content, thus increasing opportunities to get more benefits from social networks.


Though both tools are suitable for bloggers and marketers, it is also necessary to see what features are included in which pricing plans.

Let’s look at the pricing plans of Semrush and the SE Ranking tool to ensure which plan offers you the best value at affordable pricing.


Semrush offers mainly three types of pricing plans:

PRO: $119.95/month

GURU: $229.95/month

BUSINESS: $449.95/month

You get a flat 17% discount if you choose to bill annually.

In addition to this, a custom plan is also available if you need more resources than what it offers:

Daily Keyword Rank Tracking 500 1500 5000
Keyword & Domain Research 10,000 30,000 50,000
Backlinks Analysis 3000 5000 10000
Social Media Management (profiles) 10 30 50
Social Media Tracking 50 100 300
Pages to crawl 100,000 300,000 1000,000
Projects 5 15 40
Historical Data Yes Yes
Share of voice metric Yes


SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers three different pricing plans to its users:

· ESSENTIAL: $31.20/month

· PRO: $71.20/month

· BUSINESS: $151.20/month

You get up to a 40% discount if you change your daily rank checking frequency into weekly.

Daily Keyword Rank Tracking 250 1000 2500
Keyword & Domain Research (Results per report) 1000 50,000 100,000
Backlinks Analysis 6000 30,000 90,000
Page Changes Monitoring 100 250
White Label Yes Yes
Pages to crawl 40,000 250,000 700,000
Projects 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Historical Data Yes, up to 3 previous months Yes, up to any available months
SERP Analyzer (Keywords/Pages) 10 30 100


Winner: SE Ranking

SE Ranking is more affordable than Semrush and offers almost the same features as you get in Semrush. Some features like keyword analysis, SEO writing assistant, and Social Media Management are better in Semrush, but if you see which tool is cost-efficient, then it is SE Ranking.

Semrush is best for all SEO experts, while SE Ranking is most suitable for beginners and agencies.

Customer Support

Fortunately, both tools offer excellent support from experts.

You may contact their support via chat, email and phone. It includes free demos and onboard assistance.

In Semrush, you get their contact info like chat email and phone number straight on their page. On the other hand, in SE Ranking, you get the same email address; you have to use their “contact us” page to connect them over the mail.

Both tools share valuable guides and documentation that are helpful for their users.


Semrush vs SE Ranking 2023 FAQ

· Is SE Ranking accurate?

Yes, I am an active user of SE Ranking and use its keyword rank tracking feature to check my keyword ranking daily. It provides the most accurate position of keywords I have ever tested with SEO tools.

· Is Semrush the best SEO tool?

Semrush is an SEO giant and the best SEO tool for any blogger or marketer. But, it is expensive to use; we have the best Semrush alternative available, i.e. SE Ranking.

· Which SEO tool is the best?

Of course, if you want to improve your blog SEO and have a sufficient budget to invest in an SEO tool, Semrush is your first choice. As, both tools offer more or less the same features but Semrush keyword research tool is more efficient.

Whereas, if you have a limited budget, SE Ranking is your best tool.

· Do SEMrush and SE Ranking Offer Free Trials of Their Services?

Both SEMrush and SE Ranking offer free trials of their services.

Read my SEMrush free trial guide here.

· Do SEMrush and SE Ranking Offer Coupon Codes?

SE Ranking don’t offer a coupon code.

SEMrush does offer a coupon code.

Verdict: Semrush vs SE Ranking

Semrush is more potent than SE Ranking in keyword research but at a premium price.

I recommend Semrush to the users who are more serious about their blogging career and have sufficient budget to get insights into the keyword research and competitor’s analysis.

Learn more about the tool in this Semrush review covering all features and pricing in detail.

On the other hand, SE Ranking is a well-suited and affordable SEO platform with similar features to Semrush’s.

Learn more about the tool in this SE Ranking review covering all features and pricing.

Both tools are well-suited for keyword research, competitive analysis, rank tracking and SEO reporting. The critical point is what fulfills your requirement at the best price.

Alternatives to SE Ranking and Semrush

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When it comes to all-in-one SEO tools, these are not the only tools. You may test the following tools also:

· SEO Powersuite

· Ahrefs

· Moz

· Mangools

· Serpstat

· SpyFu

· Majestic

SEMrush vs SE Ranking 2023 (Conclusion)

I hope this comparison of Semrush vs SE Ranking helped you to find the key differences between the tools.

If you liked the article, feel free to share it with others.

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