SEMrush API Guide for 2023- Everything You Need to Know!

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What is SEMrush API? What Data Does it Offer?

SEMrush API (Application Program Interface) is a software intermediary that allows applications to communicate with each other. It’s an intermediary service you can use to connect different platforms and enhance your marketing.

Semrush has three main API packages.

These are:

The Standard Semrush API:

  • Analytics API (Keyword Research, Domain Analytics and Backlinks Report,);
  • Projects API (Position Tracking and Site Audit)

Accounts API:

  • Remaining API units, query history and export query history)

Traffic Analytics API:

  • A separate API for Traffic Analytics data

SEMrush API Pricing Overview

SEMrush API is an add-on that’s only available when you purchase the SEMrush Business plan ($449.95/mo, or $ paid in a single yearly installment. Learn about SEMrush pricing here).

However, API units cost extra and are not included with your SEMrush Business subscription.

This means you need to purchase those units (API credits) separately with a rate of $1 for 20 000 credits. So, if you wanted to have 10 000 000 API units, that would cost you $500 on top of your SEMrush Business subscription fee.

Note: there are no daily limits for API usage and how much you can spend in the 24h period.

SEMrush API FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

SEMrush API FAQ- your questions answered!

My SEMrush API guide would be incomplete without a thorough FAQ section, agree?

#1- Can I Build Custom Dashboards with SEMrush Traffic Analytics API?

You can build custom dashboards with SEMrush Traffic Analytics API.

For example, let’s say you promote your business heavily on Facebook while not neglecting Google SEO.

You can use SEMrush Traffic Analytics to pull reports from SEMrush and Google Analytics and combine it in one dashboard.

Then you can compare and see where you perform great, and what can be improved further.

#2- Can I Resell Traffic Data Through  SEMrush API?

You can use and resell data through SEMrush API. You can use their data to build up your product or service and modify it.

For example, if you’re offering a SaaS platform for marketers to do competitive research, analyze business performance or check market trends, adding Semrush Traffic Analytics to your data pool can bring powerful insights that can enhance any marketing strategy.

#3- Where Can I Find My SEMrush API Key?

You can find your SEMrush API key in the API Units tab on your SEMrush subscription page.

#4- Where Can I Buy More SEMrush API Units?

You can buy more SEMruxh API units via the SEMrush subscription info page.

Alternatively, you can contact SEMrush via this email address and ask them to assign you the API units you need.

#5- How to Check how Many API Units I Have Left?

You can check how many PI units you have via the SEMrush subscription page. That number instantly updates as you spend the credits you already had.

#6- Do I Get API Access With Each SEMrush Subscription Page?

You do not get API access with each SEMrush Plan.

SEMrush API is only available as an add-on to the Business plan.

#7- Where Can I Find the SEMrush API Documentation?

You can find the SEMrush API documentation here:


#8- Do I Get Access to SEMrush API While on a Free Trial?

You do not get access to SEMrush API while on a free trial? This is because SEMrush free trial offer can only be activated for SEMrush Pro and Guru plans. You can’t start a free trial for SEMrush Business and SEMrush API is only available on that tier. And that too as a paid add-on.

#9- Will I Get Access to SEMrush API if I Take Advantage of the SEMrush Lifetime Deal?

You will get access to SEMrush API if you take advantage of the SEMrush lifetime deal. That’s because this 17% lifetime discount is available for all paid SEMrush plans.

#10- Will I Get Access to SEMrush API if I Take Advantage of the SEMrush Cracked Version?

You will not get access to SEMrush API if you take advantage of the SEMrush cracked version.

This is because SEMrush cracked version does not exist. Sites offering you a downloadable version f SEMrush are lying.

“SEMrush cracked” (in quotes as it doesn’t; exist) is not a way to get access to SEMrush API.

SEMrush API Guide (Conclusion)

My SEMrush API guide is over.

Have you learned everything you wanted to know?

If not, ask me a question in the comment section below, and I’ll be happy to respond

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