How to Set up Missinglettr So You Get Maximum Value From It- A Simple Step-by-Step Guide!

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So, you bought Missinglettr and now want to set it up correctly, right?


My guide has everything you need to know.

Let’s go!

Missinglettr setup guide

How To Set Up Missinglettr To Maximize The Value You Get From It?

Hey, it’s easy and here are the steps.

First, log in to Missinglettr and click on “Settings”

Missinglettr settingsSecond, it’s time to set up Missinglettr correctly.

First we start with the “Campaigns” tab.

Here you can change options like:

  • Default hashtags; choose #’s that should always be included with your tweets’
  • URL shorteners; choose Ittr because Missinglettr analytics feature only works with this one;
  • Hashtag suggestions; let Missinglettr suggest hashtags for you;
  • Meta keywords/description hashtag suggestions; enable it
  • Allow quote truncation; enable because longer quotes won’t be posted on Twitter where there’s a strict character limit..
  • Generate quote bubbles; yes, they look fancy and are effective.
  • etc.

Missinglettr campaigns

Third, connect your social profiles with Missinglettr.

How many you can connect depends on the plan you have.

  • Free- 1 social profile;
  • Solo- 3 social profiles;
  • Pro- 9 social profiles;

Connect social profiles

Fourth, set your time zone and the days you would like content to be sent.

If you want to make sure that content is never sent out on a specific day of the year (such as Christmas day), add a blacklist date here.

Missinglettr dates and time

Fifth, schedule templates. This feature is not enabled on Solo plan but here you can change campaign templates, meaning their durations, post frequency and auto repeat rules.

If you’re on Solo plan then don’t worry about this, it’s not a big deal as default settings are great as they are.

Schedule templates

Sixth, content template. Again, this feature is not enabled on Free and Solo Missinglettr plans.

Here you can change content templates to use your local language or introduce your own writing style. Also, you can simply remove templates you don’t want to use.

Content templates

Seventh, branding. Here you can change the way your quotes are represented on social media.

My favorite is the penultimate one.

Branding Missinglettr

Eight, blacklists.

Here you can add words and phrase to be ignored next time Missinglettr creates a campaign for you.

Missinglettr blacklist phrases

Ninth, workspace details. Keep you workspace details up to date, especially your RSS feed which Missinglettr uses to fetch your articles.

Missinglettr workspace details

And that was the rundown of important setting you need to have so Missinglettr runs at full speed.

Simple, no?


Back to Missinglettr Dashboard…

While we’re at it, let’s quickly give you a run down of Missinglettr dashboard proper.

Campaigns, here you can se your campaigns that Missinglettr automatically created for you and the ones you already pushed live.

You can also make new campaigns by clicking on the “Create Drip Campaign” button in bottom left corner.

Missinglettr dashboardCurate, Curate is a new tool by the Missinglettr team. With it you can tap into a community of bloggers and marketers who all share each other’s stuff on regular basis.

Powerful stuff!

I won’t talk about it here too much, but read my Missinglettr Curate review to learn more.

Missinglettr Curate

Calendar, here you can see see all the posts you’ve scheduled with Missinglettr. You can also manipulate the schedule by adding new posts, removing posts, shifting them around…

Missinglettr calendar

Analyticshere you can see how many clicks you got from each campaign Missinglettr run. Some powerful insights here as you can see which posts performed well, and which were a dud.

Learn and improve.

Missinglettr analytics

Settings, I already ran you through settings in the first part of this guide.


You have Missinglettr which is great. But you also need to set it up correctly so that it gives you the maximum value for your money.

And now you know how?

Have questions?

Tell me all about it in the comment section below.

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