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Welcome to my Missinglettr review.

  • What it is?
  • What it does?
  • How it can help you?

My Missinglettr guide and tutorial answers it all, and much more!

Without wasting your precious time;

let’s get started!

Missinglettr review and tutorial

What is Missinglettr Social Automation Tool Exactly?

Well, that question kind of gave you away, no?

I mean, you obviously know that Missinglettr is a social media automation drip tool that automates most of your social media activity, leaving your hands free to tackle other important levers of your affiliate (I presume it’s affiliate) website’s growth.

(That was a helluva long sentence- I know!)

Before I go into Missinglettr features I want to quickly sidetrack into reasons why you need to have a social media strategy from the get go;

and why that strategy needs to be dead simple (automated)

3 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs Social Media Automation, Why it needs it Badly!

#1- Build Trust With Google

Google is forever on the hunt for rouge webmasters who are trying to game their algorithm.

And one of the easiest way to show them you’re legit is to have active social media accounts with genuine activity.

So, even though those social media posts (and their links) won’t boost your rank immediately and directly, they will give you legitimacy and will indirectly help you rank better in Google.

#2- More Traffic


More of your social posts that get projected into the social stratosphere, more people will see them and some of them will click.

This includes your friends who maybe have not yet subscribed to your list are not aware of your new awesome post.

And of course, let’s not forget total strangers on the web who’re browsing Twitter or Facebook looking for great content to find.

Missinglettr HELPS YOU get found.

#3- Increased Brand Awareness

More social postings you have out there and enriched with appropriate hashtags, more more folks are going to see your brand’s name..

And even if they don’t click then and there, they’ll still learn to recognize your brand.

And you should remember the classic rule of 7 in internet marketing– cold traffic needs to notice your brand 7 times before they become warm traffic and potential leads and sales down the line.

Missinglettr Features- Crazy-Simple to Use, Yet You Can Conquer the World With it

Missinglettr has many features that are baked into the final product and that make it what it is- awesome.

Here are the main one’s:

a) NLP + A.I. algorithms.

These advanced programs work together to make Missinglettr a superb product that helps you get more traffic through genuine social media automation.

b) Automatic postings… that can be edited

 Missinglettr first automatically builds promotional campaigns for you. But then it lets you change them and make them even better.

If you can make them better, of course.

I rarely find there’s anything to change.

c) Intuitive dashboard

Missinglettr’s dashboard is your starting point with Missinglettr. There you can track your analytics and also review campaigns Missinglettr created for you, before you shoot them into your social networks.

Here’s what it looks like:

Missinglettr dashboard


d) Ability to fine-tune campaigns

Promotional campaigns are excellent as they are, under their default settings.

But if you’re a pro and you know what you’re doing, you can go deeper into the “Settings” tab:

Missinglettr settings

As you can see, there’s a whole host of things to tinker with:

  • Website details
  • Social Profiles
  • Dates and times
  • Schedule template
  • Campaign settings
  • Content templates
  • Quote bubble template
  • Blacklist phrases

These are all pretty self-explanatory but more interesting ones are:

#1-  Schedule templates

Here you can change how Misinglettr promotes your content.

For example, a year’s worth of campaign is 9 posts spread out across the year. But you can add days to make a 9-post campaign a 15-post campaign.

Or you can keep 9 posts but have the first 6 be posted in the first month while the rest spread out across eleven months.

You can also reverse that…

Missinglettr Schedule Templates

#2- Campaign settings

Here you can change how campaigns work.

You can, for example, opt in to exclude hashtags from your posts (I don’t recommend it).

Or you can also choose a different link shortener, or you can add meta keywords…

Basically, you need to be careful here because one wrong move could negatively affect your link CTR.

Missinglettr campaign settings

#3- Quote bubble templates

Quote bubbles are attractive and draw in clicks. But you need to make sure you do them right and this basically means adding inyour Gravatar image, or image of your brand.

The key is for folks to learn to recognize you over time.

Quote bubble templates

Missinglettr Pricing- What Does Real Social Media Automation Cost?

Missinglettr pricing and cost

Missinglettr offers two tiers:

  • Solo
  • Pro

Largely the same in functionalities. The main difference between the two is that Pro lets you connect 3 content sources, for example, your WordPress blog Medium and Ghost, while Solo only lets you have one.

Also, with Solo, you’re limited to 1000 social media posts.

That might seem small but that is 1000 posts per month and that is at least 150 blog posts, so a hefty amount of content.

Finally, with Solo plan you only have access to basic analytics, which look like this

Missinglettr basic analytics

Really basic, I know!

Note: advanced plan gives you access to advanced analytics where you can track in detail how your campaigns are performing across various social media channels

Here are some other differences between these two tiers:

Missinglettr plans comparison

Missinglettr Pros and Cons


#1- Easy to use

I remember it took me 10m to grasp how it works and I went in with no preparation whatsoever.

I was simply assigned a task to write a Missinglettr review and that was that.

Note: before turning an affiliate marketer, I was a freelance writer for hire.

And fun fact  I had a really tight deadline for the article so I remember how I worried in advance whether I’d make it in time.

I also remember how I laughed at myself when I first logged in into Missinglettr’s dashboard and saw how simple and elegant int all is.

#2- Excellent campaigns

Missinglettr lets you change campaigns it builds for you. But most of the time you won’t need it because out of the box they’re pretty darn good.

You just need 2m to review to make sure and that for me is social media automation at its finest.

#3- Very cheap

Missinglettr is dirt cheap based on what it provides and value it gives to me as an online business owner.

Missinglettr Cons

#1- Basic analytics

Basic analytics are a little too basic as all you can see is how many clicks you got.

I wish I got a bit more info to work with, but I guess that’s what the Pro plan is for.

#2- Only one content source for Solo plan

I’m proud of my work and like to promote it wherever I publish it. Be it my blog, LinkedIn Pulse, Medium…

However, with a Solo plan i can only hook up my WordPress blog to Missinglettr.

#3- No custom schedule for solo Plan

Let me explain.

The Solo plan allows you to schedule posts based on the predefined template schedule.

That’s fine and all, but what if you have 300 posts?

And they’re all scheduled at the same  time.

Then there’s bound to be overlap and you run the risk of having your Twitter feed (for example, it could also be Facebook) be full with your content only, which would annoy and repel your followers.

It is crucial to space out your postings and fill that space with generous promotion of others.

Food for thought, that’s all.

(Tutorial) How to Create a New Campaign in Missinglettr?

Step #1-  go and quickly sign up, and set up your account.

Sign up to Missinglettr

Just add your email, set a password and add your blog’s URL and make sure you add in all your social media profiles.

Note: Currently, Missinglettr supports LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter integrations.

Step #2- once you’ve verified and set up your account, Missinglettr will run in the background, in perpetual ON mode scanning your site and awaiting new posts.

And when you publish a new blog post, it will automatically create a new promotional campaign that will then be in stand-by mode waiting for you to approve it.

And what about posts from the past?

Missinglettr will create campaigns for them too.

For example, as soon as I singed-up and set-up my Missinglettr account, it created campaigns for all my blog posts.

Automatic campaigns Missinglettr

By default Missinglettr builds campaigns for 14 days. And those are good because they’re intensive so your post receives a social boost.

Here’s what it looks like for my Wealthy Affiliate Review:

Missinglettr 14-day campaign

But what about if you want a year’s worth of promotions?

Let’s quickly create one and our target will be my awesome AccuRanker guide/review.

First, Missinglettr automatically created a 14 day campaign for me. So I need to go in and tell it to re-create this campaign, but this time for one whole year.

Missinglettr reschedule campaigns

Second, now I need to review the campaign before I approve it.

First come hashtags. Missinglettr will generate those it thinks are best suited for your post, but of course you can change them, add some and remove some too.

What’ neat is that Missinglettr also shows you hashtag popularity.

So if you see a hashtag that has lot’s of stars and is relevant to your post, then you better keep it.

Here’s what the whole thing looks like:

Missinglettr chosen hashtags

Thirdly, you want to see the campign Missinglettr created and whether there are things you want to change.

For example, you can:

  • change image
  • change image quote
  • change the quote
  • exclude or add social media channel

Missinglettr- change post's settings

And that is it really. This campaign will now develop over the course of 14 days and 4 Twitter postings.

Nice 😀

Missinglettr FAQ- Everything You Need to Know

a) How Does Missinglettr Work?

Missinglettr is a social media drip tool.

It works by automatically scanning your blog looking for new blog posts.

Once it finds them it creates (again automatically) promotional campaigns for you. Then you just need to review and green-light them.

b) Does Missinglettr Only Work With WordPress?

No, it also works with

  • Ghost
  • Medium
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Blogger

Missinglettr pulls content from several platforms

c) Is There a Missinglettr Plugin I Can Add to My Site?

No, there is not, and you don’t need one.

Plugins make your WordPress site slow and your dashboard difficult to navigate.

Instead, Missinglettr is cloud-based service and thus much better and more efficient.

d) Can I Use Missinglettr With Pinterest and Instagram?


For now it’s only:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • and LinkedIn.

e) Is Missinglettr Worth it? Do I Really Need Social Media Automation for My Blog?

That depends.

Do you need more traffic flowing to your affiliate site?


Then you need Missinglettr

Do you need more sales from your affiliate site?


Then you need Missinglettr.

Do you have an employee who handles your social media and that’s all they do all day long?


Then you need Misssinglettr

Need I keep going?

f) Does Missinglettr Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, they do.

Click here test drive Missinglettr for 14 days, for free.

g) Is There a Missinglettr Black Friday deal?

Yes, but not now.

Black Friday is far into the future and if you’re looking for a deal when Black Friday comes, pay my Missinglettr Black Friday deal post a visit.

h) Is There a Missinglettr Coupon Code I can Use?

Normally, Missinglettr don’t offer coupon codes. However, since I’m an affiliate for them, they supplied me with a coupon code you can use.

It’s a code that you can use to get a 3-months 50% discount on yearly plan, whether Solo or Pro.

Click here to get the discount now!

Or read my Missinglettr coupon article for more info.

Conclusion- Is Missinglettr Really Worth it for You?

When traffic is scarce and competition is high, the easiest and most sensible way to get some people onto your site is to pick off the long hanging fruit first, and then once those branches are dried up to go for the more competitive ones.

Missinglettr is just that, sweet easy fruit, ready to be picked. Coincidentally, it is also social media automation at it’s finest.

Nothing more to say except to end my Missinglettr review with a call to action.

Try it 14 days for free!

You ain’t got nothing to lose and you might win yourself an easy source of new website traffic.

Nikola Roza is a freelance writer, SEO and affiliate marketer. Uff hat’s a lot! Yes it is is but he earned it. He’s come a lot since his humble beginnings with Wealthy Affiliate and now he’s living the laptop lifestyle, and enjoying it too. If YOU to want start online then there’s no better place than Wealthy Affiliate. Newbie-friendly and affordable to everyone.

Missinglettr review and guide conclusion