Missinglettr Review 2023- Intelligent Social Media Automation That Simply Works! (+Missinglettr Curate Guide)

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Welcome to my Missinglettr review for 2023.

  • What is Missinglettr?
  • What does it do?
  • How it can HELP you?

My Missinglettr review answers it all, and much more!

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let’s get started now!

Missinglettr review 2023
Missinglettr review 2023- worth buying or not?

Note: within this Missinglettr review I also cover Missinglettr Curate, a new tool that just recently hit the market.

If you already use Missinglettr and wish to educate yourself on Curate, use the table of content to scroll to that section.

Thank you! 🙂

What is Missinglettr Social Automation Tool Exactly?

What is Missinglettr?
What is Missinglettr?

Well, that question kind of gave you away, no?

I mean, you obviously know that Missinglettr is a social media automation drip tool that automates most of your social media activity so that your hands are free to pull other important levers of your online business’s growth.

(That was one loooooong sentence- I know!)

Missinglettr Review- Features Explained! 

Missinglettr offers many features that make it a unique tool on the market.

Here are the main one’s below.

 #1- NLP + A.I. algorithms.

These advanced programs work together to make Missinglettr a superb product that helps you get more traffic through genuine social media automation.

#2- Automatic postings… that can be edited

 When you set up Missinglettr correctly, it automatically builds campaigns for you. But before they are sent out you get a chance to review them and make them even better.

I mean if you can make them better of course…

I rarely find there’s anything to change.

#3- Intuitive dashboard

Missinglettr dashboard is your starting point with this tool.

Here you can track your track your current campaigns, build new ones and access every feature Missinglettr has to offer through the left sidebar menu.

Missinglettr dashboard

#4- Ability to fine-tune campaign settings

Promotional campaigns are excellent as they are, under their default settings.

But if you’re a pro and you know what you’re doing, you can go deeper into the “Settings” tab:

Missinglettr settings

As you can see, there’s a whole host of things to tinker with:

  • Website details;
  • Social Profiles;
  • Dates and times;
  • Schedule template;
  • Campaign settings;
  • Content templates;
  • Quote bubble template;
  • Blacklist phrases.

These are all pretty self-explanatory, but the more interesting ones are:

#1-  Schedule templates

Here you can change how Missinglettr promotes your content.

For example, a year’s worth campaign consists of 9 posts spread out across the year. But you can add days to turn a 9-post campaign a 15-post campaign for example.

Or you can keep 9 posts but have the first 6 be posted in the first month while the rest spread out across eleven months.

You can also reverse that…

Missinglettr Schedule Templates

#2- Campaign settings

Here you can change how campaigns work.

You can, for example, opt in to exclude hashtags from your posts (I don’t recommend it).

Or you can also choose a different link shortener, or you can add meta keywords…

Basically, you need to be careful here because one wrong move could negatively affect your link CTR.

Note: I recommend you use Ittr.ai link shortener for your social posts.

It’s because this is Missinglettr custom link shortener and the advanced analytics feature works only with that one.

Missinglettr campaign settings

#3- Quote bubble templates

Quote bubbles are attractive and draw in clicks.

But you need to make sure you do them right and this basically means adding in your Gravatar image, or image of your brand.

The key is to avoid your social quotes looking bland, and you also want users to learn to recognize you over time in their social feeds.

Quote bubble templates

Missinglettr Pricing- What Does Real Social Media Automation Cost?


Missinglettr pricing plans

Missinglettr offer 3 pricing tiers:

  • Free;
  • Solo ($9/mo; or $7/mo with a yearly plan)
  • Pro ($39/mo; or $32/mo with a yearly plan)


Note: you see above the regular Missinglettr pricing.

But if you use my coupon code (coupon attached to the link) you get 50% off price for the first 3 months.

So the pricing changes and you pay less.

Solo$9/mo$4.50/mo50% off price for the first 3 months.
Pro$39/mo$19.59/mo50% off price for the first 3 months.

[maxbutton id=”14″]

Largely the same in functionalities, the main difference between the two is that Pro lets you connect 3 content sources, for example, your WordPress blog Medium and Ghost, while Solo only lets you have one content source.

Also, with Solo, you’re limited to 500 social media posts.

That number might seem small, but that’s 500 posts per month and that’s at least 50 blog posts worth of promotion, so plenty.

However, Solo might be inadequate for big blogs with hundreds of articles and for blogs who want to create campaigns for all their content at once.

They’d need to go for the Pro plan which allows for 5000 posts per month.

Finally, Solo plan is handicapped because you don’t have access to the advanced analytics features so you can’t really tell how your campaigns are doing.

However, you do get basic reports which is Missinglettr emailing you once per week to inform you how many clicks your campaigns generated.

Missinglettr basic analytics

Note: Pro plan gives you access to advanced analytics where you can track in detail how your campaigns are performing across various social media channels

Here are the main differences between Solo and Pro plans.

Missinglettr plans comparison

Missinglettr Pros and Cons

My Missinglettr review wouldn’t be complete without the pros and cons section.



#1- Easy to use

I remember it took me 10m to grasp how it works and I went in with no preparation whatsoever.

As a freelance writer for hire I was simply assigned a task to write a Missinglettr review and that was that.

Fun fact:  I had a really tight deadline for the article so I remember how I worried in advance whether I’d make it in time.

It was the first time I heard of Missinglettr and simply didn’t know what to expect.

I also remember how I laughed at myself when I first logged in into the Missinglettr dashboard and saw how simple it all was

#2- Excellent automatic campaigns

Missinglettr lets you change the campaigns it builds for you. But most of the time you won’t need to change anything because out of the box they’re pretty darn good.

You’ll just need 2m to review to make sure and that for me is social media automation at its finest.

#3- Very affordable

Missinglettr is dirt cheap based on what it provides and the value it gives to me as an online business owner.

#4- Excellent Customer Support

Missinglettr support is excellent. You can contact them via live chat any day of the week, but their response will come during Monday-Friday, UK office hours.

Missinglettr customer support

For example, I recently had problems with Missinglettr.

I had just switched hosts and my new host was blocking the Missinglettr bot and their ip’s from crawling my site.

I was getting “connection error” and “content not found” errors and it was driving me nuts.

Luckily, Benjamin Dell, the owner of Missinglettr, was able to help me through live chat.

I turned out I had to add theirs ip’s in my .htaccess file.

Did it and Missinglettr again works day and night for me.

Missinglettr live chat

#5- Access To Missinglettr Curate

I should’ve said limited access to Missinglettr Curate.

With any Missinglettr subscription you can access the Curate library to share other people’s content, but you won’t be able to promote yourself.

I wish we got full access to Curate, but it is what it is.

#6- Works With Grammarly

I use Grammarly on pretty much anything and I’m happy to say Grammarly integrates well with Missingletr. No more annoying typos for me.

If you want to use Grammarly Premium, make sure you use my Grammarly student discount to get it 20% cheaper.

The Grammarly student coupon code works for everyone, not just students.

You can also learn about Grammarly pricing and Grammarly Premium free trial and Grammarly statistics here.

Worth the read if you intend to buy a premium Grammarly subscription.

Also if you’re looking for a premium grammar checker app, make sure you read my guide to the best grammar checkers next.

Missinglettr CONS

#1- Basic analytics

Basic analytics are a little too basic as all you can see is how many clicks you got.

I wish I got a bit more info to work with, but I guess that’s what the Pro plan is for.

#2- Only one content source for Solo plan

I’m proud of my work and like to promote it wherever I publish it. Be it my blog, LinkedIn Pulse, Medium…

However, with a Solo plan I can only hook up my WordPress blog to Missinglettr.

#3- No custom scheduling for solo Plan

Let me explain.

The Solo plan allows you to schedule posts based on the predefined template schedule.

That’s fine and all, but what if you have 300 posts?

And they’re all scheduled at the same time.

Then there’s bound to be overlap and you run the risk of having your Twitter feed (for example, it could also be Facebook) be filled with your content only, which would annoy and repel your followers.

It is crucial to space out your postings and fill that space with the generous promotion of others.

Food for thought, that’s all.

(Tutorial) How to Create a New Campaign in Missinglettr?

First, go and quickly sign up, and set up your account.

Sign up to Missinglettr

Just add your email, set a password and add your blog’s URL and make sure you add in all your social media profiles.

Next, once you’ve verified and set up your account, Missinglettr will run in the background, in perpetual ON mode scanning your site and awaiting new posts.

And when you publish a new blog post, it will automatically create a new promotional campaign that will then be in stand-by mode waiting for you to approve it.

This 100% automation is what sets Missinglettr apart from other social media automation platforms.

Missinglettr campaigns

And what about posts from the past?

Missinglettr will create campaigns for them too.

However, because Missinglettr is hooked up to your blog’s RSS feed, it will create campaigns for as many posts it finds in your feed (usually that’s your 10 most recent posts).

Let’s quickly build a campaign manually and our target will be my awesome Smart Podcast Player review.

First, I go “Create Drip Campaign” and add in the target post’s URL.

Second, now I need to review the campaign before I approve it.

First come hashtags. Missinglettr will generate those it thinks are best suited for your target post, but of course I can change them, add some and remove some too.

Missinglettr hashtags


Thirdly, I can add @mentions to my social posting. This isn’t a requirement but it’s good to tag people that helped create the article or to whom you linked to.

Because they will feel obliged to return the favor and will re-share your post thus giving you access to their audience.

Missinglettr mention feature

Fourth, now I need to select images to be used for social posts Missinglettr built.

Generally, all images are fine, but I need to remove Gravatar images pulled from the comment section.

Missinglettr pick images for quotes

Fifth (last step), now I need to select quotes to pair with my images.

Missinglettr has already picked the most relevant stuff for me, but I can remove what I don’t like or add new one’s I do like.

Missinglettr quote selection

And that’s it. Now I need to click “Launch Campaign” and Missinglettr will handle the rest.

Nice 😀

Campaign done

Missinglettr Curate Review- Is This New Addition to Missinglettr Worth it?

Welcome to the second part of my comprehensive Missinglettr review.

Here I review Missinglettr Curate+ show you how to take full advantage of this awesome tool.

Without further ado, let’s get started immediately.

Missinglettr Curate Review 2021
Missinglettr Curate- Worth Buying or Not?

What is Missinglettr Curate Exactly?

Missinglettr Curate is a new tool developed by Missinglettr team.

With Curate you can get more shares and traffic to your site simply by curating your best content and offering it to others for sharing.

And of course you can share their stuff as well, preventing your social feed from being overly self-promotional.

3 Quick Reasons Why You Need To Consider Missinglettr Curate 

#1- Build Rapport Between Bloggers

Using Missinglettr Curate is a nice way to passively (and effectively) build rapport with other bloggers in your industry.

Because, as you share other people’s content they are going to be notified and they will take notice of you and your brand.

So not only will they be more likely to share your stuff when Curate recommends it to them;

but they might be willing to have other business deals with you, whether it be guest post opportunities, link exchanges, invitations to be a guest on their podcast etc…

Networking is key for successful blogging and using Curate can help tremendously.

#2- Build Brand Recognition

Again, getting more shares via Curate will get you noticed.

First, influencers and linkerati who use Curate will notice your helpful posts and over time will learn to know you.

Second, common web users will also learn to recognize your brand in their social feed leading to higher link CTR.

This is all passive benefit which is what I really like.

I’m incredibly busy as it is and I’m guessing so are you.

#3- More Traffic

I put this reason as third even though t’s probably most important to you. The thing is, you will never be able to promote yourself as much as other people combined can.

When you have Curate working for you, other users will be working hard on building your brand and getting you more traffic.

And the “price” you pay for it is that you’ll have to do the same for them.

But as I already explained in the previous two points, sharing other people’s content ultimately benefits you.

So why not try Curate today?

You get 14-day free trial to test it out.

How To Use Missinglettr Curate (Tutorial)

I admit it, when you first log in into the Curate dashboard, it looks slightly clunky and intimidating. However first impressions CAN be deceiving as Missinglettr Curate dashboard is actually very intuitive and easy to use.

Here’s how to promote your content inside it.

First, inside the dashboard, click on the “Promote” button.


Missinglettr dashboard

Second, choose the post you’re going to promote. For me, it’s going to be my awesome HostGator Black Friday guide.

Click on the “Create New Post” button.

Missinglettr Curate add new post

Third, you’ll be taken inside a content editor. Here you will make your post, tag it, categorize…

  • Name- Give your campaign a name;
  • URL- paste the URL you wish to promote;
  • Categories- categorize your post so that Curate knows to whom to recommend it;
  • Tags- Add relevant hashtags.
  • Language- Like Missinglettr, Curate works with all languages people blog in. Choose the one your post is written in.

HostGator Black Friday Missinglettr Curate

Fourth, publish your post.

Fifth, rinse and repeat.

How to Promote Other User’s Content in Curate (Tutorial)

Curate really works, but only if you become a member of the community and share other users’ content and not just your own.

Here’s how!

First, go to the dashboard section of Curate.

There Curate will show you relevant posts based on the language and categories you picked when you opened your account.

Curate shows me curated suggeestions

Second, scroll down till you see a list of posts Curate pulled out of their library.

Choose the one you want to share and schedule them. If you don’t like the first 10, you can use the pagination below to move beyond the first 10 posts.

On the far right, next to each result there’s a “three dots” button you can click.

Further options you get are:

  • Preview post- to see how it’ll look when posted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn;
  • Block website- block offending content nd Curate won’t suggest it to you anymore;
  • Block publisher- block all content from the specific publishers;
  • Report post- if you find something really egregious, you can report it here.

share other people content
a Click on the image to expand (opens in new tab)

Curate also lets you share content from all content categories is has, regardless of which categories you chose when signing up.

To access this feature click the “Browse” tab inside the dashboard.

Once there you can browse content from all categories.

You can also use the search function if you know exactly what you’re looking for, or if you want to narrow down your choices.

Curate browse

Missinglettr Curate Pricing. What Does It Cost?

Missinglettr Curate comes in two plans:

  • Monthly ($49/mo);
  • Yearly ($490/yr).

Buying a yearly plan gives you a $98 discount.

Missinglettr Curate$49/mo; or $490/yr

Missinglettr Curate Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use;
  • Easier and faster way to find and promote new content;
  • Connect with people in your industry;
  • More traffic and social shares;
  • Free Missinglettr account;
  • Cheap;


  • Occasional junk posts you should never share if you want to keep your reputation;
  • Only 10 given suggestions make it cumbersome to scroll through Curate’s infinite content library;
  • Clunky dashboard;
  • No coupon codes or promo prices.

Missinglettr and Missinglettr Curate 2023 FAQ- Everything You Need to Know

Missinglettr review and guide FAQ 2023
Missinglettr review and guide FAQ 2023

#1- How Does Missinglettr Work?

Missinglettr is a social media drip tool.

It works by automatically scanning your blog looking for new blog posts.

Once it finds them it creates (again automatically) promotional campaigns for you. Then you just need to review and green-light them.

#2- Can I Buy Missinglettr Curate Without Missinglettr?

Yes you can. Curate can work on its own just fine.

Monthly price is $49/mo but if you buy a yearly plan you can get it for $490, which means you save $98.

#3- Does Missinglettr Only Work With WordPress?

No, Missinglettr also works with:

  • Ghost;
  • Medium;
  • Wix;
  • Weebly;
  • Squarespace;
  • Blogger.

#4- Do I Get Curate For Free With Missinglettr Subscription

With all versions of Missinglettr, even the free one, you get limited access to Curate.

This means you’ll be able to share other people’s content, but you won’t be able to promote your stuff.

Missinglettr pulls content from several platforms

#5- What’s The Content Quality Like On Curate?

As you start, most of the content is going to be very decent and share-worthy. I say 8 out of 10 posts easily.

However, if you use the “block website” and “block publisher” buttons you can make your feed full with high-quality content only.

#6- Is There a Missinglettr Plugin I Can Add to My Site?

No, there is not, and you don’t need one.

Plugins make your WordPress site slow and your dashboard difficult to navigate.

Instead, Missinglettr is a cloud-based service that is better and more efficient.

#7- Can I Use Missinglettr With Pinterest and Instagram?

Missinglettr doesn’t work with Pinterest.

Missinglettr does work with Instagram and also:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • and LinkedIn.

#8- Does Missinglettr Work With Instagram Threads?

Missinglettr currently doesn’t work with Instagram Threads. This is because Threads is a new app released by Instagram just recently.

No doubt Threads will be added to Missinglettr as soon as possible. But in the meantime, learn more about Instagram Threads by reading my Instagram Threads statistics guide here.

#9- Is Missinglettr Worth it? Do I Really Need Social Media Automation for My Blog?

That depends.

Do you need more traffic flowing to your affiliate site?


Then you need Missinglettr

Do you need more sales from your affiliate site?


Then you need Missinglettr.

Do you have an employee who handles your social media and that’s all they do all day long?


Then you need Missinglettr.

Finally, most people focus on organic growth in Google. That’s nice and they should be doing it. But they forget that a brand can grow its presence on social too.

Yes, it (used) to be a lot of manual work and grind but now with Missinglettr, it’s all automatic.

And it’s definitely worth it.

Databox organic social media growth
Source- 46 Expert Tips for Boosting Organic Social Growth- Databox

#10- Is Missinglettr Curate Worth it? Is It Legit?

Curate is a natural and excellent addition to Missinglettr.

With it you can promote your content to the broad but relevant audience. You can get more shares, and clicks (sales?). And you can even use it to build a name for yourself in the industry.

No, Curate won’t suddenly open the floodgate of limitless traffic, but it will help you grow your business further.

Every little bit helps and Curate helps more than a little bit.

#11- Does Missinglettr Offer a Free Trial? What About Curate?

Yes, both Missinglettr and Curate offer a 14-day free trial on all plans.

Click here to test drive Missinglettr for 14 days, for free.

#12- Is There a Missinglettr Black Friday deal?

Yes, but not now.

Black Friday is far into the future and if you’re looking for a deal when Black Friday comes, pay my Missinglettr Black Friday deal post a visit.

#13- Is There a Missinglettr Coupon Code I can Use?

Normally, Missinglettr doesn’t offer coupon codes. However, since I’m an affiliate for them, they supplied me with a coupon code you can use.

It’s a code that you can use to get a 3-month 50% discount on a yearly plan, whether Solo or Pro.

Solo$9/mo$4.50/mo50% off price for the first 3 months.
Pro$39/mo$19.59/mo50% off price for the first 3 months.

#14- Does Missinglettr Have an Affiliate Program I Can Join?

Yes, they do.

Here are important details you must know.

  • Missinglettr affiliate program is served over their custom platform.
  • The commission rate is 30% for every sale generated through your paid link.
  • The cookie duration is 90 days, which is a significant time period for you to make those sales happen.
  • The minimum payment threshold is $50;
  • You don’t need to use Missinglettr to take part in their affiliate program;
  • Payment is via PayPal.

Bottom line: If you’re an affiliate marketer and you use and like Missinglettr, then join their affiliate program and start promoting them.

The earning potential is great, and it’s free to join.

#15- Can I use Missinglettr to Promote My Affiliate Content?

You can use Missinglettr to promote affiliate content.

For example, I’m an affiliate for SEMrush. SEMrush is the best SEO all-in-one platform on the market and promoting them is a cinch. It’s because SEMrush is an awesome SEO tool and because you get tremendous help from their affiliate manager,

But back to the point

Here’s how I promote my SEMrush free trial tutorial inside Missinglettr.

Promoting my SEMrush free trial guide within Missinglettr
SEMrush free trial promotion within Missinglettr

SEMrush offers a generous trial and by automating my promotion in Missinglettr I’m getting natural shares, reshares (retweets), and social referral traffic.

This off-page activity helps my SEMrush trial page rank higher over time.

Note: SEMrush affiliate program pays their affiliates $200 per sale, so promoting my SEMrush free trial page with Missinglettr also has the potential to make me serious money.

#16- Can I use Missinglettr Curate to Promote My Affiliate Content?

You can use Missinglettr Curate to promote affiliate content.

For example (again with my SEMrush content), here’s how I promote my SEMrush pricing guide.

Promoting my SEMrush pricing guide within Missinglettr Curate
SEMrush annual pricing guide promotion with Missinglettr Curate.

My SEMrush cost tutorial is my money page promoting SEMrush, so promoting it with Missinglettr Curate helps me get more shares, referral traffic, and affiliate sales.

And all extremely affordable.

#17- Does Missinglettr use OpenAI ChatGPT Technology to Create AI Social Posts?

Missinglettr doesn’t use OpenAI ChatGPT technology to create AI social posts. Instead of using ChatGPT API Missinglettr uses its proprietary blend of generative AI, NLP and NLU technologies to create snippets of shareable text extracted from the blogger’s articles and blog posts.

If you want to learn more about OpenAI make sure you read my OpenAI statistics, ChatGPT statistics, GPT-4 statistics and GPT-3 statistics guides next.

#18- Can I use Jasper AI instead of Missinglettr?

You can’t use Jasper AI instead of Missinglettr because Jasper AI is an AI writing tool while Missinglettr is a social media automation tool that uses AI to generate social media posts for users to share.

If you want to learn about Jasper AI make sure you read my guides to Jasper AI pricing, Jasper AI free trial, Jasper AI coupon code, and Jasper AI review next.

#19- Can I Use Writesonic Instead of Missinglettr?

You can’t use Writesonic instead of Missinglettr because Writesonic is an AI-powered AI writing tool while Missinglettr is a social media automation tool that uses AI to generate social media posts for users to share.

If you want to learn about Writesonic make sure you read my guides to Writesonic pricing and Writesonic free trial next.

#20- Can I use Quillbot Instead of Missinglettr?

You can’t use Quillbot instead of Missinglettr because Quillbot is an AI-powered rephrasing tool while Missinglettr is a social media automation tool that uses AI to generate social media posts for users to share.

If you want to learn about Quillbot make sure you read my guides to Quillbot pricing, Quillbot free trial, Quillbot coupon code, and Quillbot review next.

#21- Does Missinglettr Paraphrase Content from My Blog?

Missinglettr doesn’t paraphrase content from your blog posts. Instead, it uses generative AI, NLP and NLU technologies to create snippets of shareable text pulled indirectly from your blog post.

If you’re interested in getting a paraphrasing tool you can read my guide to the best paraphrasing apps next.

#22- Will Missinglettr AI Social Posts be Flagged as AI Content on Twitter and Other Social Media Platforms?

Missinglett AI social posts will not be flagged as AI content on Twitter or any other social media platform.

This is because the shareable snippets Missinglettr creates are too short to be deemed as AI content (AI-generated content can only be discovered from a decent number of words 100>).

Also worth noting is that no social platforms have rules against AI content.

If you’re worried about generative AI you need to read my article on the best AI content detectors next.

Missinglett Review 2023 (Conclusion)

When traffic is scarce and competition is high, the easiest and most sensible way to get some people quickly onto your site is to pick off the long hanging fruit first;

and then once those branches are dried up go for the more competitive ones.

Social traffic via Missinglettr is just that, sweet easy fruit, ready to be picked. Coincidentally, it is also social media automation at it’s finest.

Nothing more to say except to end my Missinglettr review for 2023 with a call to action.

You ain’t got nothing to lose and you might win yourself an easy source of new website traffic.

Drop me a comment below, and let me know what you think…

Missinglettr review and guide for 2023
Missinglettr review and guide for 2023
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